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5 Easy Black Friday Marketing Tips You Still Have Time For

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Whether your business is a retail store, local restaurant, or complex B2B software provider, you can take advantage of the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012). Finding deals and discounts becomes a game and your marketing is useful research material! Content Marketing Email Marketing Lead Generation Mobile Marketing Online Advertising Paid Search Search Engine Optimization Social Media black friday cyber monday discounts marketing promotions sales special dealsWhy are these days important to your business? Customers are engaging with your marketing.

5 Tips: How Brands Can Use Foursquare to Grow


A Special is a kind of foursquare offer, which could be a discount or a give ways to encourage customers to engage with the brand through foursquare. Here are a few of the most successful types of offers: A discount with purchase (something like, ‘get 20% any orders over $10′). Tweet More and more people are using Foursquare to check in and share their location.

The Challenge of Online Selling for CPGs


From the graph above, it is easy to see why CPG online retailers believe that it is a simple matter of being a great online marketer. CPG online retailers have to deal with well established incumbent juggernauts:, and CPGs online retailers must rely on creative strategies to increase direct site sales. Great Outlook, Even Greater Task. price.

Get StudioPress Themes and Premise Landing Page Plugin for Big Discounts Today


StudioPress Themes: 25% Discount. Get Genesis plus every design they’ve made, plus every design they make in the future, and save more than $74 off the regular price and over $875 off the retail price — and that’s just the existing 43 designs! Premise Ultimate: 42% Discount. Get StudioPress Themes and Premise Landing Page Plugin for Big Discounts Today. I’m excited today to let you know of two great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals from the team at CopyBlogger. Note : For both deals the coupon code is ‘Thanks’ Don’t miss out!

The Future Of Personalized Pricing

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What about the consumer who buys a product only to find out that it has been heavily discounted a few months later? Once you are logged in, they probably know more about you (from personal data and buying habits) than any other retailer. This occurs if a retailer offers different prices depending on information they have collected about that customer. Firstly, retailers can collect details of a customer's previous purchases made on the website. Don't think for a second that the majority of online retailers don't currently engage in price testing experiences already.

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Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes?

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And if you’re a retailer, hopefully you haven’t just primed your in-store and online offers, but your mobile presence as well. While mobile commerce stats have been rising for quite some time, many retailers have yet to nail its optimal experience. Many holiday retail consumers use their handheld devices to compare prices and promotional offers. won’t return.

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Business and Marketing Tips for the Beginning of the Holiday Season


Any business or retailer who doesn’t make an effort to capitalize on the holiday season is frankly just silly! Here are a few examples of concepts that you might want to promote and how to make the most of them during the holiday season : Retail Establishment or Website – we all know that retail rules when it comes to the holiday season. Photo Source).

Don't Blame Groupon

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Don't blame Groupon for the results, blame the local retailers. While I'm sure that Groupon and other daily deal sites make a lot of promises in selling these opportunities to retailers, it's still - one hundred percent - the retailers opportunity to win over some new customers and build loyalty. While there are countless customers just looking for a quick bargain (and nothing more), retailers need to smarten up and wake-up to this reality (think of it as shrinkage). Discounts don't lead to life-long customers who are now willing to pay full price. retail.

Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies 08/07/2010 tags: Case Studies , Marketing , Social Media , Social media case studies by Annalisa Morgan In retail, social media is everywhere. and an unfathomable Facebook fan count of 7.5 million – and counting. Larry Danna). Einstein Bros.

The Next Great Marketing Disruption

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I was in New York speaking at the National Retail Federation ''s Big Show in New York City. Bush , was going to speak and then Costco co-founder, Jim Sinegal , would be awarded a lifetime achievement award during the NRF Retail Industry Awards Luncheon. " Is the next big disruption in marketing, retail and technology the sales receipt? national retail federation. nrf retail industry awards luncheon. retail. retail disruption. Last week was a weird week. That''s weird, right? that he was sitting at a tilt with it in his back pocket? chipotle.

The Pending Implosion Of Daily Deal Sites

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While Groupon sets its IPO (more on that here: Groupon IPO: It's Here! ), not a day passes without a new (or existing) company trying to replicate the model of offering a daily deal from a local merchant at a radically reduced discount. While there is no shortage of people trying to get a deep discount, the volume and flow of these daily deals site will soon reach the point of consumer fatigue. percent of deal users are returning for full-price purchases at restaurants, bars, salons, and other retailers. retail. It's getting a little crazy out there. What do you say?

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Email Still Trumps Social Media for Online Marketing


But a recent report from Custora , maker of a predictive analytics platform, reveals that online retailers are winning new customers via traditional email marketing at quadruple the rate they did four years ago. retailers across 14 industries and tracked the channels from which customers were clicking to e-commerce sites. The customer acquisition landscape is constantly in flux.

The Power Of Direct Relationships

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As a customer, who would you prefer to share your personal information with in exchange for a discount or some value-add from a brand? On one hand, we're happy when retailers that we like provide us with discounts and bonuses because we're valued customers and, on the other hand, we're willfully sharing (some might argue over-sharing) so much information via social media that we're simply more comfortable there. retailer. The one with the direct relationship wins. Is it directly with the brand or with an online social network? So, who wins? You or Twitter? Oh yeah.

Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Most of the focus of the season goes to the big-box retailers, who manage to sell flat screen TVs for $10, or so it seems. Photo Courtesy of Houston Style MagazineThe rampant use of the internet has changed where retailers should be focusing when it comes to holiday advertising. For example, if you shop on one site, you get a discount code for another, or vice versa.

Finally – A Promising Buzz in the Social Media Marketing Atmosphere


In his ebook, Groupon: Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business , Bob Phibbs (“The Retail Doctor”) relates stories of Groupon disasters. Retailers might offer an $80 product or service for $40 but after their cut with Groupon they receive $20 for an $80 value. FreebeeCards bills itself as “the next generation of daily offers.” Digg Digg.

Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

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SMS messages allow retailers to deliver promotions and discount vouchers straight to their mobile, based on previous purchases from the brand. SMS enables delivery of offers via geo-fencing, which means a customer may only need to walk by a store or relevant location to receive a discount voucher via text, as long as they are opted in to the scheme. SMS, really? Why it Works.

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3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reward Customer Loyalty

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Just think of the last time you stopped at a convenience store or grocery and used your customer card to receive in-store discounts, or accumulated enough points on your key chain card to get a special discount at your favorite clothing store. Loyalty apps don’t just stop with members-only discounts, however. This is a guest post by Anita Brady, the President of 123Print.

Is Shazam the Future of Mobile Marketing

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The way an Apple iBeacon works is that a store, a retailer, a hotel or resort, has a little device that sends out offers to your smartphone if you have the appropriate app installed. As you were driving by a McDonald’s or walking by a McDonald’s, if you had the Piper app, it would say, “Hey, come on in for a discount on chicken nuggets.” Fantastic, right?

Beware Social Media Faux Pas During The Holidays

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Kmart and Auto-Reply In 2013, Kmart announced its stores would be open on Thanksgiving Day, offering discount-hungry consumers plenty of extra hours to buy gifts for Christmas. But the mega-retailer was caught flat-footed by indignant tweets concerning the burden these extra hours placed on Kmart employees, taken away from their families on this family-focused holiday.

How NOT to Run Your Social Media

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Additionally, in 2009 furniture retailer Habitat decided it might get more traction by including trending hashtags such as #trueblood, #iphone and even #mousavi (who was running in the Iranian presidential election at the time) in tweets about competitions and discounts. Guest Post by Josh Lyon. Social media is a great tool for engaging with consumers. Watch out for #fails.

It’s Time For CMOs To Tap Into The Power Of Personalization

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e-commerce sales are expected to hit $370 billion by 2017 – that’s 10 percent of retail sales. Others, bound by the unstable economy, prefer deep discounts and bargains. According to eMarketer, 15 percent of online retail sales this year will take place via mobile devices, which is up from 11 percent in 2012. Posted in eCommerce Optimization Personalization. Overall, U.S.

7 Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

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This type of behavior will ultimately lead to an increase in the importance of online reputation management, fair pricing and transparency from retail outlets. Smart retailers (like Target) are recognizing this trend and incentivizing the use of mobile phones within the store with discounts and coupons targeted at mobile users. Mobile marketing is the future.

Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

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Department & Discount Stores 80. Specialty Retail Stores 79. Internet Retail 78. Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. Released today, the study found that average website satisfaction is 78.2 Consumer Shipping 85. Banks 85.

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How To Write A Post That Will Rock Your Facebook


The ideal length for retail brand posts is a very crisp and concise 1 – 40 characters, for reader engagement up to 86% greater than average. Readers seem to like having a specific dollar amount for cash discounts over the more elusive ideas contained in “% Off”, “Discount” or “Bargain”. Guest post by Cari Bennette. ————-. Interested? Be yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Search Retargeting

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For example, if a user searches for “Discount Leather Handbags,” a Search Retargeting company can target the user with a display ad for great deals on leather handbags. Let’s say that Marketers A and B both represent large sporting goods retailers and are bidding to serve an impression to a visitor on and others. Main Characters. Agencies. Retargeting Companies. Prospecting.

7 Ways to Generate Leads from Social Media


Discounts/Coupons. Or let’s say you could score a sweet discount on something you’ve always wanted, or maybe even develop a want for something because you know you can get a discount on it? Society relishes in the idea of saving a buck, and if you can help bring about such savings through coupons or discounts, you’re genuinely on your way to attracting a good amount of leads.

Achieving Omnichannel Customer Loyalty: Tips and Infographic


Omnichannel marketing and omnichannel retail, as they are called now and then, are hot. And it continues: “it’s not about offering a discount, it’s about offering someone the right offer at the right time” That’s indeed what we often talked about on this blog. It’s as a I wrote in my previous post about customer empowerment.

Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

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Retail companies the world over are taking to holistic commerce and everything it brings to the table. Gamification is still a bit of a loose concept, in spite of the various coupon plays, discount systems, loyalty programs, punch cards, check-ins, mobile technology and other factors playing into new ways for brands to interact. Disclaimer: Pic-n-Post is a client of RedShift Writers.

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7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

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One or a few people may fill several of these roles, but you’ll need: an SMS marketing program expert, a retail expert, coordinators for on-location signage, digital creative designers, social media experts, a promotions specialist, an ROI and discount budget analyst, and more. Not all SMS marketing campaigns are created equal. Create an SMS Marketing Team. highlight to tweet).

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How to Develop a Successful Digital Coupon Campaign

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Consumer shopping habits have most certainly changed over the years, with many consumers becoming more price-conscious and opting to purchase one brand over another if they are offered some sort of a discount coupon. A staggering 91% of coupon redeemers have said they will purchase from a retailer again after they have been offered a coupon. Why Wednesday?

7 Reasons to Dare to Charge More

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The norm established through the manufacturing age of increasing volume through offers and discounts may seem an easy solution, however being a successful brand is not about taking the easy decisions, it is about making the right decision. It moves the focus from delighting the customer to pleasing the buyer at the retailer. One question you might ask about your business is.

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Why Social Media Matters for B2B Vendors

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social media games and contests, “checking in&# at retail locations, coupons and discounts) are inappropriate or flat-out inapplicable in the business world. Social media marketing has clearly been embraced by consumer brands. Pepsi famously dropped its Super Bowl advertising a year ago in favor of a social media campaign. Buyers thwarted from using these tools at work (e.g.,

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The 10 Commandments of Customer Engagement

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In addition to demanding trust in relationships with retailers with whom they do business, they demand those businesses be socially responsible. Perhaps it is a discount or a coupon for a discount that your customer must get by linking to your site; perhaps it is a free trial or an eGuide. By Andy Preisler. Customer engagement. It means lots of things to lots of people. There.

Lessons from Black Friday to Use in Your Communications Plan

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One important note about scarcity and urgency many marketers forget (and you are starting to see dilute some of retailers Black Friday efforts as well)—they must be authentic. One obstacle faced when including discounts and sales as a tactic in your communications plan is devaluation of product in the consumer’s mind. By Laura Petrolino. I’m not a Black Friday shopper.

Six Strategies to Boost eCommerce Conversions

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ITLY , a retailer that provides Italian made goods clearly illustrates their products by showcasing them in a chic yet simple style that draws the user’s direct attention. For instance, if a user just visited a coupon site and clicked for a five percent discount, the second they click on your page, the same ad banner will pop up, increasing your conversion rate. alone.

Social Commerce: What Is It?


The article that helped me to discover social commerce, or “s-ecommerce” as it is sometimes referred to, describes social commerce as new Internet retail outlets that rely on peer communication and social networks to gain sales. Group Discount Services – companies like Groupon or LivingSocial would absolutely fit into the social commerce group. Gibberish? Kind of.

How to Measure PR and Marketing Outcomes on Snapchat

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In gaming, Snapchat is looked at as a fad, where retail has embraced it. Campaign unique codes would be similar to what you hear on the radio: when you order flowers get a 10% discount when you mention the code jimandanimal. Elissa Nauful President/CEO BallywhoSocial. Snapchat is special. Texting and emailing are dinosaurs to them. We snap together over 100 times a day.”. Stories.

3 Website Metrics to Watch Daily

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Some retail sites tend to see an uptick on the weekends. Promote your deals and discounts on social media sites like Pinterest , LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you own a website or blog then naturally you should be monitoring whether it is accomplishing your goals or not. Of course, that’s easier said than done in today’s world of endless numbers. Do you monitor your bounce rate, number of page views, sites referring your traffic, views on mobile, inbound links, outbound links, page rank? Well yes, but not necessarily every day. What was this number yesterday?

5 Smart Marketing Strategies for Niche Businesses

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As marketers, we usually prefer popular brands or companies (such as those in the food, digital, or retail sector) whenever we handle advertising campaigns. There are plenty of ideas to get started, such as attending local events as a guest speaker or donating discount cards to a charity of choice. Image via User-Generated Content. Repeat customers. Partnerships.

Seven Effective DIY Market Research Tactics

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Most guides (but not all) on how to start a retail business don’t cover this crucial market research step and, when they do, they don’t give it the time and detail it deserves. Try to book people for dinner right then and there, perhaps with a small discount if they make a reservation. By Francois Bondiguel Market research can be pretty expensive. It can even take years to conduct.