New Social Networks & Features to Try in the New Year: What You Need to Know

Ignite Social Media

Have you started planning your 2020 social media strategy? 2019 has brought plenty of changes to the social media landscape, and we anticipate similar growth in 2020! Here’s the top new social networks or features you should be considering as you finalize your 2020 strategy. Definitely consider a heavy focus on Instagram Stories for your brand in your 2020 social strategy.

Friendgiftr Lets You Send Gift Cards on Any Social Network or Social Media Website

Bill Hartzer

If you are like me and you spend quite a bit of time hanging out on social networks and social media websites online, then you know that your friends’ and family members’ birthdays and other special occasions tend to pop up out of nowhere, and you are left to scramble and purchase something online and send it to them. You can now use the same social network or social media website that you are on all day long to buy and send gift cards online securely.


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How Brands Use Vine


How to videos: This is also in line with product demos, where you can either show how to make great use of your products, short cooking tips, or home improvement tips. 10 Social Media Trends for 2013 – Get Started! Brands Content Marketing Marketing & Communication Social Network App Branding creativity Instagram Marketing Video vine visual storytelling The video app Vine is moving into a golden age.

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SalesForce Marketing Cloud – The Next Step In Social Media Engagement?

SocMed Sean

I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted last, but that’s what happens when your full-time job is leading a social media team. So…apologies for the break, but the good news is there a LOT of great posts and social media comics coming soon. What this signals is that Salesforce is serious about social media. Is the Marketing Cloud the next step in business social engagement? No…I haven’t gone off the radar.

What Is A Social Intranet And Is It Right For My Company?

SocMed Sean

Thanks to Karleen for sharing her thoughts on how social media capabilities and intranets can be combined to help businesses succeed! The question about using social features on an intranet is always a highly debatable topic of conversation, and every business will offer different pros and cons of implementing social features on their intranet. Whether social features will benefit your organization largely depends on your requirements, structure and company culture.

Do You Know Your Employees? Social Intranets As The New Talent Management System

SocMed Sean

But what many execs don’t realize is that they actually have the potential for this exact type of information at their disposal…if they were to invest in a social Intranet platform. Classic Talent Management Systems vs. Social Intranet For years, Intranet and HR professionals have been working to implement successful “Talent Management systems” with very little measurable success. Tweet Sean R.

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31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info? Find out if the username or vanity URL you want is still available across dozens of social sites? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website? Search for a brand name or keyword across all of the most popular social networks at once? Monitor social media discussions of your company or product in real time?

Tools 173

Google+ and World Domination

Janet Fouts

If you’re as into social media networks as I am you’d have to have your head in the sand to miss the launch of Google+ , a shiny new social network from Google. If you weren’t lucky enough to score an invite, here’s a demo to tease you. Scoble makes the point that a network that isn’t really even in beta yet is a playground for us geeks and early adopters. After all, how many networks can real people manage at one time?

Google 105

Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Word spreads quickly in Social Media – sometimes more quickly than you can keep up with. In the last post we covered Social Media Listening for B2B Marketing and while providing outstanding customer support is always a good choice when it comes to building a business case that will stand up in the boardroom, another very fertile area to consider is creating a stream of leads from all those conversations out there.

B2B 170

How to Take Charge of Your Personal Brand

Convince & Convert

Dorie Clark , Forbes contributor and author of Reinventing You , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss avoiding being pigeonholed in your current job, how to make a career change organically that will make sense, and accurately representing yourself in your personal brand. This week: From ExactTarget , a free white paper called “ Designing for the Mobile Inbox “ From Expion , a free demo of their centralized platform. Putting Your Social Foot Forward.

Social Media Budget Ratio in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The question is – What is the appropriate level of budget to support social media for a B2B company? Which prompted a question by Scott Zosel about how much should you allocate for Social Media in your budget – and so I created the Social Media Budget Ratio (SMBR) post back in 2008 which was good but it lacked historical data like I have now. Related posts: The 4 P’s to Social Media Marketing Ok ok – based on the great response I got.

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SVAMA Presents: Online Video Show and Tell

Bare Feet Studios

Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Speaking > SVAMA Presents: Online Video Show and Tell SVAMA Presents: Online Video Show and Tell by Roxanne Darling on January 19, 2009 Online video continues to be one of the most powerful, fastest growing, and least understood forms of communication.

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This weeks #socialmedia tweetchat topic: Engagement Through Customer Service: Your Contact Center & Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

We hear so much chatter that companies have to be participating in social media. So why don’t we ever hear about social media from the people who are responsible for managing direct customer experiences on a daily basis? The experience is what social media is all about. Every experience a customer has with your organization plays a part in developing not only that customer’s relationship with your company, but the relationship of that customer’s network too.

Yammer asks: What's Happening at Your Company?

Bare Feet Studios

Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > News , Productivity , Social Media , Tech Tools > Yammer asks: What’s Happening at Your Company? at the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset May 28-30: Social Media Skills for Musicians: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, & Podcasting at the N?

The Next “Facebook Platform” for the Modern Web, and Why Twitter’s Running the Wrong Way

Stay N' Alive

The hurdle we’ve got to get around is that of allowing a user’s social connections to also follow them wherever they go, uninhibited by any single corporation. I mentioned earlier on Twitter that something about Twitter’s new UI (which I’ve actually only seen screenshots and demos of since I’m not on their Press list) really bugged me but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Steve O’Dell: The King of Linkedin and Matcha

So Influential

Social accounts : Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram. When we were first getting started it wasn’t clear whether or not we had product-market fit, so a lot of our early sales came in-person demos. Steve O’Dell is the founder of Tenzo Tea.

25 WhatsApp Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2022


Running off a cellular network, WhatsApp also gives its users the ability to make and receive calls through audio or video channels. WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is the world’s favorite social media platform. Get a Free Demo.

How to Get the Most Out of the New LinkedIn Product Pages


Social media marketing is always changing. Not surprisingly, social networks do the same. Finally, make sure to customize your CTA button to drive valuable action – currently, LinkedIn offers six different options, from Learn more to Request a demo.

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Custom Posts Per Network, Month View, and More


As we look ahead to 2022, here is a recap of the key roadmap themes and the strategic initiatives we’re focused on to help you be successful on social: One Hootsuite: We’re working to provide a cohesive and streamlined user experience with the tools our customers need to be successful.

New Features from Talkwalker: Time Lapse Graphs, Improved Instagram KPI’s and LinkedIn Monitoring

Talkwalker SM

The world of social networks and online data is in constant flux. new networks emerge, changes are made to engagement options and businesses adjust their priorities. In our latest release, we’ve added new sources, enhanced our social media analytics and upgraded our data visualizations to further improve our data coverage and add deeper context to your data. Understanding the evolution of social discussions about trends, brands, events and more.

The 7 Best Hootsuite Alternatives for 2022


Social media management platforms are now an essential part of any business’ digital marketing toolkit. Without these tools, marketers would have to scramble trying to maintain all their social media profiles individually. Custom demo. Pure social listening needs. $

19 Facebook Tricks and Tips You Need To Know [2022]


Facebook is still the largest social media platform. Here’s how fashion brand Asos cross-promotes its social media channels on its website: You can also cross-promote your Facebook Page by including links to your Page in your other social media bios. Request a Heyday Demo.

OliveWoo – The First Location-based Date Service


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Foursquare Reaches 100 Million Checkins Strategic Initiatives to Engage in Social Media Within the Hospitality Industry » OliveWoo–The First Location-based Date Service Posted by Jonas Klit Nielsen Jul 22nd, 2010 Tweet On Friday, I am going to visit the SF New Tech – the Big Endless Summer Social event in Los Altos Hills, located in the San Francisco.

Native vs. third-party tools: Which is the most popular publishing tool for brands?


Brands leverage publishing tools to perform better on social. Publishing tools help you manage multiple social profiles from a single platform, schedule posts in advance, track your social performance, and much more. your boss or your client) before being shared on social media – helping you avoid any “oops!” Given that there are hundreds of publishing tools out there, we were curious about which social media publishing tools were the most popular.

Sysomos Audience Moves Towards Measuring Social Media ROI

Dave Fleet

Social media ROI is a hot topic right now, as social media begins to (slowly) mature. The purists who insisted that the conversation alone was and end, rather than a means, are diminishing in volume and a more rational, approach is emerging balancing the revolutionary aspects of social media with those that are simply evolutionary from existing business practices. The only question that worried me during the demo I received revolved around online privacy.

Coming Soon to Hootsuite: Advertising, Amplify, Impact Updates, and More


As the unofficial member of your social team, Hootsuite’s promise is to empower all organizations—large and small—to strategically grow your brand, business, and customer relationships with social media. Get a holistic view of your social calendar. Request a Demo.

LinkedIn Marketing Guide – How to grow your business using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network. Along with being a preeminent social network for hiring top talent, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect and sell to potential customers.

15 Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

The Social Media Hat

Social Media 15 Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. If you've been in the social media marketing business for long, you have probably been asked how to increase followers of the different social networks. There are tools like Hashtagify, Trendsmap, Sprout Social, RiteTag and more that will help you obtain a list of trending hashtags to set you on your way to tweets that will help you get more followers.

5 best Pinterest analytics tools


Social networks solely built for visual-sharing attract brands like a moth to a flame. In fact, e-commerce businesses benefit the most out of this network by creating an effective visual presence on Pinterest to reroute the audience to their own sites. While the network’s native analytics covers all the basic insights, other third-party tools in the market provide much more to help you go the extra mile with competitive intelligence. Sign up for a demo.

The Complete Guide to Using Facebook Chatbots for Business


First, let’s look at some quick stats to set the stage for how much of your potential audience is accessible through Facebook Messenger: Chat and messaging are the most-used types of websites and apps, followed by social networks. Request a Heyday Demo. Free Demo.

Instagram Hides Likes, What This Means for B2B


If keeping up to date with the latest social media news is one of your favorite pastimes, then you are most likely aware of the rumors circulating about the plan for Instagram to hide the like counter. While some are excited for the possibility to lessen social pressure and competition, others believe the update will do the exact opposite by forcing the inevitable creation of a new way to measure popularity. . B2B Marketing Content Marketing Social Media Marketing

B2B 83

DHL and F1: Proving Sponsorship Value with Social Listening and Image Recognition

Talkwalker SM

But despite this vast expenditure, measuring the ROI of sponsorship remains a tricky business , especially with social media changing the game when it comes to measuring the reach of a brand or logo. We’ve previously written about how brands can get some idea of sponsorship ROI through using text-based social listening. Social networks have extended sponsor reach even further with snapshots of key sporting moments shared instantly on social networks.

3 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019


Heading into next year, social media is projected to solidify its dominance with overall usage climbing up three percent to hit 204 million US users. For marketers, the key question is: What are the trends that can make my brand stand out and market more effectively on social media? TAKEAWAY: These short, impressionistic, POV/behind-the-scenes-type videos, shot vertically, are fast becoming the default way to share social content.

7 statistics that prove the importance of social media marketing in business

Sprout Social

Accelerated by the events of 2020, this wave of transformation marks a turn of the tide in how businesses and consumers view, use and value social media—and we’ve got the data to prove it. For businesses wondering when to start making greater investments in social, the time is now.


Buzz Marketing for Technology

A Social Network for Researchers to Share Recorded URLs, Track Websites, Review Notes Online, and Encourage Online Collaborative Research. View our demo and then sign up below: iBreadCrumbs is completely free to use for everyone. Login. iBreadCrumbs is. is a recording toolbar for your web browser. Similar to what a DVR does for tv, records all the web pages you visit while you research.

Class 186

Social CRM: What It Is and Why Your Social Strategy Needs It


Social CRM (customer relationship management) is becoming the expected standard for businesses of all sizes. Brands can no longer afford to use social media in isolation. The valuable insights gleaned from social interactions need to be available to all departments. Free Demo.

What Is Social Media Analytics In 2022 & Why Is It Important?

Do you know your social media efforts are hiding a wealth of information? And if you know how to analyze your social media, you can unearth this data. In fact, marketers use social data for various purposes. What is Social Media Analytics?

How Glympse Can Track Your Friends

Ari Herzog

If you understand why locational-based social networking sites, such as FourSquare , GoWalla , and Facebook Places are prone to cause paranoia and privacy concerns among its users, and if you comprehend the usefulness of sharing where you are to specific contacts in your rolodex (without announcing that location to the world), then you will love Glympse. Here is a demo screenshot from by Gabriella - The Stepford Wife Wow love the demo screen shot of Glympse.

GPS 70

Analyze earned and owned data to measure the true impact of social on your business

Sprout Social

Social data has become a critical source of strategic insights for businesses of every size and industry. Social data stands to have a monumental impact on businesses—but only if marketers start tapping into its potential now. Assess performance by network.

Brief is the new black: Why brands are tweeting just one or two words


Nowadays, brands have jumped onto a new social media bandwagon: tweeting single words or even seemingly random words. SIGN UP FOR A DEMO. But how exactly did they go about it to gain social attention? Most brands used it to relate to trends and pop culture references that social media was abuzz with at that time or to draw reference to their products. This famous gaming brand took a page out of the non-traditional social media posts playbook. SIGN UP FOR A DEMO.

Brands 102