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Seven Effective DIY Market Research Tactics

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By Francois Bondiguel Market research can be pretty expensive. DIY Market Research: Use Mystery Shoppers If you want to research how your company is doing, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through mystery shopping. Use Your Government The government maintains a census office and website to access the latest jobs and market data. Market research at its finest!

The Impact of Data, Research for PR

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One of the biggest ways technology has changed the practice of PR is the use of data to drive strategy. PR practitioners today mus tknow how to find, mine and analyze relevant data sets. Research before you start a campaign. In fact, data is vital from start to finish for PR today. In order to analyze data you have to have the data. Tracking progress.

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2

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We’re all hungry for data. 53% of employers now research candidates on social networks before hiring. • Researchers To Marketers: Go Social, Mobile by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Les Luchter looks at research showing that 10% of all website visits to the top 1,000 web properties come from social sharing, half as much as from search. SEO Research and Stats.

Global Social Media Usage Patterns

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At work, that translates into tracking down companies globally; it's one way my research is different. So when somebody takes a good look at social media patterns beyond the US, I'm usually interested. The full research is subscriber-only, but the site offers free summary data on 16 countries. Global view. Dec 2010). Dec 2010). Regional view. Country-level view.

The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research

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This is known by many as Keyword Research. It is this keyword research that has allowed me to get 981,000 unique organic search visitors to a 3 month old website, grow blogs faster than I ever thought was possible and – more than anything – allowed me to be free from a boss and the 9-5 grind. In reality though, keyword research involves so much more than that.

Facebook Reach and Impressions Data within Unmetric


Social networks give you the data on Reach and Impressions for your own brand, but you never know how well your competitors are doing. Combine that with data on Promoted Post detection , you’ll be able to parse through any brand’s Facebook strategy. Unmetric’s newest feature gives you the data on the number of Impressions each Facebook Post has received.

10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

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It happens in all industries, but lately I’ve seen retail companies keep their “Consumer Insight&# group focused on traditional insight like mall traffic patterns and planograms. Consumer segmentation models are typically owned in these groups, and often they are leveraged for behavioral patterns that help with the proverbial 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Invest in Data Measuring the impact of social media campaigns is systemically different from that of traditional marketing campaigns. While data is abundant, it is by nature unstructured. They need to understand that social networks emulate real-world interactions, and excessive policing of user generated content can be detrimental to the natural growth patterns of a network.

Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. These areas have been somewhat excluded in the past by more traditional information systems research. Facebook data was collected from over 60k users and 1.5m

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


We spoke with Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, who is the lead researcher on the study to learn more. As community leaders implement more advanced analytical systems and integrate the community into operations, we anticipate that usage patterns will change. Community leaders’ biggest obstacles are data analysis and reporting. Invest more in analytical tools.

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106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

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76% of marketers say they need to be more data-focused to succeed, and 74% agree that “capturing and applying data to inform and drive marketing activities is the new reality.” ” Yet only 39% report using customer data and behavior patterns to shape marketing strategy in the past year. Pew Research Center ). Pew Research Center ). CMO ).

Weekend Project: Research the Audience You Want … but Don’t Have


Instead, take the preemptive approach and spend some time doing the research that no one has the guts to do. Spend some time browsing through the members and writing down any patterns you notice. You give them your URL, they give you the data. You can still use Quantcast by analyzing the data of websites that are similar to the one you’re planning to create. Sweet.

Global Social Media Adoption In 2011 [White Paper]


Technographic segmentation is a market research analysis tool used to identify and profile the characteristics and behaviors of consumers through the process of market segmentation. The report is based on Consumer Technographics data in 18 countries across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia in order to examine social media behaviors around the world.

What Do We Need to Teach About Knowledge Work? | Computer Writing and Research Lab

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Computer Writing and Research Lab. demand and afford different, complementary but also conflicting cognitive tools, rules, and patterns of social interactionâ?? in which individuals characterize parts of a large data set for their own use. Writing the learning organization: A framework for teaching and research. Main home page for Computer Writing and Research Lab.

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What 1.5M Pins Taught Us About Pinterest Marketing: Common Words, Popular Times, Plus 4 Experiments to Try

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million pins, all sent in 2016, to see what patterns we could find: when pins were sent, when people were pinning, and what words they were using. About the data. Before we jump into our findings, I’d love to share some details about the data we used for this study: We analyzed 1,577,234 pins sent from 20,319 Pinterest profiles. And our data appears to back this up.

6 Timely Tips for Twitter Success

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Tweet New research from Sysomos shows that 92.4% Previous research by Dan Zarrella found that the best times to tweet in general are 10am – 3pm. data to see which of your Tweets are retweeted most frequently. What patterns emerge? Think About Daily Patterns. What patterns are there in your world that might dictate Twitter usage? Find Your Influencers.

How Social Media and Smart Devices Impact Consumers’ Buying Decisions [Infographic]


Half of the buyers consider social media sites as valuable and credible resources for researching products and services. As a result, review sites, social networking and mobile devices produce an incredible amount of data, which, if analyzed properly and in real-time, can significantly transform the retail experience and generate more targeted sales. Consumers go mobile.

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6 Reasons to Make Your Big Idea Small

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I met Brad and helped him with some Web strategy when he took an interest in sustainable energy (as a hobby) and taught himself C++ and a bunch of other programming languages to build a company called Sunwind Solutions that would automagically figure out the best solar or wind equipment for your home, based on a massive database that mapped wind and sunshine patterns against GPS data.

If You’re B2B, What Day You Tweet Doesn’t Matter

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One of my favorite findings from the research (which analyzed more than 250,000 social media messages sent via the Argyle Social platform in 2011), is that despite what you may have heard, for B2B companies it really doesn’t matter what day you send your tweets. We’ll also teach you how to run legitimate testing experiments on your own data, in your own company.

Making Social Media An ROI Positive Channel For B2B Businesses

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Social media activity data is a vast source of real time customer intelligence. You can search through social profiles, user generated content, and engagement patterns to identify your target prospects who are just entering a buying cycle. Your potential buyers are just starting out their research process and prefer to look to a variety of information sources to self educate.

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Mobile – from Strategy to Implementation


When trying to determine how to reach your goals using mobile, looking at data is an important place to start in order to gain an understanding of the landscape and context. This data gives associations the grounding to be aware of how their audiences are using these types of tools. Examining the data from their web properties (e.g. Enjoy! ” Your thoughts?

5 Elements Of Your Association’s Brand


This can be anything from your curated content newsletter to a research report to your annual conference. Look – This is your design, colors, patterns and tones that you use to establish a consistent image. During research studies big brands will often ask customers to describe the brand as if it’s a person to better understand this dynamic. Brand Elements.

Data: Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Screening Phase Examine data for five different kinds of possible errors: Lack of data – Do some questions have far fewer answers than surrounding questions? Excess of data – Are there duplicate responses? Strange patterns – Are there patterns that imply cheating rather than honest answers? Diagnosis Phase From the Screening Phase you have highlighted data that needs investigation. To clarify suspect data, you often must review all of a respondent's answers to determine if the data makes sense taken in context. What to do?

Case Study: How to Drive 300+ Backlinks to 1 Blog Post

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The Stats Post is very easy to put together, mainly because it doesn’t require much writing… But it does require good research skills and an understanding of your market. This blog post formula works for one main reason: It makes it incredibly easy for people creating content to make their writing sound authoritative and well-researched backed up by data. … You bet!

6 Science-Backed Strategies to Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and More

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There is a lot of great advice on how to grow your followers on social media (much of which I’ll relay below), and at Buffer we’ve always been interested in the research behind the advice. I went looking for data—and I think I found a few good answers. There’s a good blueprint in this data. I can relate. Quantity can’t be forgotten. Use hashtags.

Social Media Growth: 65% of Adults Online Now Use Sites [Infographic]


Drilling down further, the research also shows that social media use among Baby Boomers is growing at a faster clip — among users aged 50-64, 33% say they visit a social network daily , a 20% increase from last year. Search Engine Journal created the infographic below, which gives an excellent breakdown of social media usage growth and patterns. 70% of 30-49 year-olds.

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Four Free Tools Every Content Strategist Should Be Using

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We all know Google Analytics data is available to us, but it can be difficult to parse out what’s relevant to a content strategist. Demographics data allow you to segment your traffic by the following categories: Age. Internal Data. I was quickly able to see common patterns and issues in the purchasing process, and I made updates to our content to help alleviate pain points.

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ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016


Topics such as the use of social media data across marketing departments and agency pitching drew universal agreement (as we sat there feeling smugly vindicated), whereas topics such as the role of LAD publishers sparked heated debate. There are thousands of data points to capture, so find the ones that matter and build the picture from them. Find The Unexpected In Your Data.

Social Pros 6 – Instagram Lessons from a Giant B2B Company

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Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. This week, we’re going to talk a bit about a forth-coming report from Forrester Research. Social Pros Podcast facebook forrester research instagram jonathan wichmann maersk line pinterest Social Pros

11 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

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In a study on the impact of color on marketing , researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product. People read in an “F” pattern, an “E” pattern, and a “Z” pattern. Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. Let’s dive in! . Color. Orange = Aggressive.

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Benchmark Performance with the New Instagram Competitors Report

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In fact, research shows that 65% of the top performing posts feature products, and 7 out of 10 hashtags included in captions are branded. Interactive graphs and accompanying data charts showcase trends over time, making it easy for you to visualize growth patterns. Dig into Competitive Data. Benchmarking Success with Key Metrics. Understanding and Driving Growth.

Vanessa Fox Discusses Search, Siri and Social

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Rather than wax poetic about Vanessa’s strengths, I asked her some questions about voice search, semantic data, social networking and more. One day, I was doing research at the library on microfiche and suddenly, I was sitting at the bar, idly getting every question I ever had answered as I was drinking my manhattan and I don’t remember what happened in between). ranking).

Access Facebook Promoted Post Analytics with Unmetric


We’ve worked in record speed to make Facebook Reactions data available in the Unmetric Analyze Dashboard. Following many requests, and some long hours by our data scientists, we've added this feature directly to our Analyze product. Not only can you find this data in your Unmetric account, soon this data will also be available as a one-click presentable report. till now.

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready?

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This pattern makes “dark social” attribution even more important to better understand how, where, and what content audiences are engaging with, and that is converting. As this pattern plays out, visual apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are poised to gain more mainstream adoption, and visual content will become more important across all social channels. There are currently 2.6

Studies Determining The Value of a Facebook Fan


However, making some research on the subject, we found that the Danish company named Digital Works has recently published a great article about the actual value of a Facebook fan in their newsletter. Vitrue analysed Facebook data from its clients with a combined 41 million fans, and they found that the majority of fans yielded an extra impression. The monetary value of $3.60. Loyalty.

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101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

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This data is important because it shows you the most engaged visitors. You can access this data in GA under Audience > Mobile > Devices. Here you’ll be able to see which visitors are using which mobile devices to access your site, plus you’ll get the data on their average page views, time spent on the website, etc. Use KWFinder for keyword research. Social Media.

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Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


Are your members asking for access to the latest research? What good will it do you if you stock your library with cutting-edge data that is not easily searchable or accessible to busy executives who are constantly on the move? From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside. This has become the association’s fastest growing program. Read case in this free white paper.

Predicting the Future with Social Media

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Now even small businesses can tap into the trove of rich data and forward-looking insights. With costs dropping and social data continuing to grow, small businesses can consider adding these analytics to their social media arsenal. Forget predictions from Nostradamus or the Mayan Calendar. We can use that to predict things”, says Ahlberg.

Use Predictive Analytics to Create Valuable Content

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In fact, studying these behavior patterns is called predictive analytics , and can be very useful in predicting future outcomes and trends. Police officers use past data to prevent deadly confrontations. A classy move, but truly a testament to performing adequate research before using a particular hashtag. By Robert Conrad. Simple. And it isn’t just useful for PR pros, either.

4 Lessons from BuzzFeed’s Worst Headlines

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To explore how to formulate a headline that generates the most page views and shares , Buzzstream and Fractl decided to take a different approach: We looked at a set of low-performing headings to identify key patterns and distinctions. For our data set, we turned to BuzzFeed, a publisher that dominates in social shares. ” The biggest takeaway from our research?