The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Curation can take a variety of forms: Weekly “best of” compilations (example: V3*Broadsuite blog ). What’s more, the work of discovering and saving curation-worthy content—and in some cases, even displaying and sharing it—doesn’t have to be (entirely at least) a manual effort. 1) Storify.

Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

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Finding, curating, and sharing valuable content is a very time-consuming process. Content curation is the process of filtering through huge amounts of content from different online outlets to find the best content to share with your social media audience. The following chart is taken from a survey conducted by Curata (content curation and content marketing platform), showing how businesses share curated content with their customers and prospects.


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Tool Tuesday: Twitter curation tools

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Enter: Twitter curation. There are several services that curate or organize tweets based on Twitter lists or keywords. For those who track this sort of thing, I’ve noticed that in some cases using a curation service can increase the Klout Score. Unlike a Twitter stream, these curation tools offer a way to collect a lot of information in a single place. is to curate your Twitter list carefully. You can add Storify to your website, which I appreciate.

Advancing Nonprofits’ Missions With Storify and Quora – How MomsRising and charity: water Have Used These Tools for Success


We took a look at two organizations using two of these lesser known platforms to (successfully) advance their missions: Storify and Quora. MomsRising Expands Twitter Efforts With Storify Implementation. With more than a million members across the country, MomsRising began using Storify in November 2011 as a curation tool, collecting its Twitter hashtags: #WellnessWed and #FoodFri.

Everyone’s a curator now…

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How curation changes our lives: I recently went down to the war museum at Duxford for the second time this year to celebrate a family event with my parents and my son. How much more content is being produced already which isn’t being curated and tagged, and therefore lies undiscovered? And there seems to have been an increase in tools and services which attempt to help curation, whether it’s the more established universal shopping and fashion industries, or newer ideas.

8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media


Content curation describes the act of searching the web for awesome topics, blogs, quotes, news articles, videos, images, or other forms of content to share with your audience. Of course, in this case, we’re not talking about curating content to use on personal profile pages—we’re talking about content curation for the purpose of marketing on social media. The “art” of content curation, as I like to call it, is a lot more challenging than it may seem.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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Cindy King reviews a handful of fairly new tools, including Storify , a content curation tool that “gathers content from various social media platforms to create your own story. Innovation is alive and well in the development of cool free and low-cost web-based tools and apps. It’s great to find a tool that automates some little process or provides a new capability you’ve been looking for, and fun to find a tool you didn’t even know you needed.

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Do you know your content marketing basics?


Associations are publishing vehicles, at the end of the day, so this is relevant for you and a good reminder of the difference between paid, earned and owned media; original, repurposed and curated content; and transparency rules. Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Five Web Design Trends to Watch Digital Strategy 101 More on Content Strategy Tools for Digital Storytelling How MomsRising and charity: water have used Storify & Quora for success.

How To Use Agorapulse To Promote Your Next Event

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You’ll have your blog posts, curated content and most importantly calls to action to buy tickets. Look through the tweets that your Engagers, Ambassadors & Influencers shared about the event and create a blog post curated from the top tweets from the day. If you don’t have a blog, use Storify to curate a picture of the day from these tweets. Have you ever been tasked with the job of managing social media for events?

Monday Roundup: A Goodie Bag of #measurePR

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And don’t forget to join us for the next #measurePR chat on January 7, 2014, from 12-1 pm ET… and which I will be curating all the way from India! Why: If you prefer to view the entire transcript visually from December 3rd, Sandra Fernandez created a lovely Storify of the chat. Happy Monday! As many of you know, I started the #measurePR Twitter chat back in 2010.

15 Rocking Content Marketing Tools with Advice from Experts

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Content Discovery and Curation. No curation, just discovery and sharing. Curata is a content curation tool that helps you discover, refine, and analyze content you’ve curated. Storify. While this is a great tool to create content, there is one “but”: Since content is published on Storify initially, if you choose to share it on your website, the content won’t be considered unique.

How to Create Living Content to Boost Brand Reputation and Visibility

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If you can’t commit to updating your post regularly, you can turn it into living content by adding value through a curation tool that lets you embed content. Until they get a lot more sophisticated and allow you to fine-tune the parameters, aggregation tools just add more noise and erode your users’ trust in you as the curator. to curate SEO tools for small businesses. If you use a curation tool and embed it, make sure users can follow the embedded list, board, or story.

Content Marketing That Wins: Making Brands, Readers AND Google Happy

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If you missed it, we’ve created a Storify for the event hashtag and embedded the livestream and presentation below. They’re even using automated content creation and curation platforms to feed the beast and stay at the top of search rankings.

Google 100

How a social media consultant can help your business


Content curation tools such as Feedly, Twitter, MailChimp, Storify, Curata,, When you figure that nine out of ten Canadian adults use social media, it’s clear where the best marketing opportunity is. Many organizations are on social media, yet they don’t see tangible business advantages. It can seem like social media is a waste of both time and resources in a world of competing priorities. Usually, the issue is a lack of strategy.

Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


You could also get some help from some of the content discovery tools listed below: Storify: From breaking news to live events, Storify helps you find stories through social media websites and other sources. a content curation tool that lets you discover content by using search functions. Twitter serves as a great marketing tool and has become increasingly useful for all types of businesses who are looking to expand their reach.

Hack Your Content Marketing With Facebook Interest Lists and Graph Search


A little known, but powerful way to curate content is with Facebook Interests lists. Below are four steps for using Facebook Interest Lists to curate high-quality content: 1. Don’t limit this curated content to Facebook. One of the biggest challenges nonprofits have is finding content that will resonate with their community. Interest Lists, if you don’t know, are lists of pages (or people) that Facebook users can create and access from their sidebar (shown below).

#LinkedIn GSK2014 was a Blast

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With that, here are some curated social updates from employees during the event and some pictures I took. Click on the “read next page” link to expand the Storify updates. Life at LinkedIn , it’s a lot of hard work with sprinkles of amazing experiances. That’s what Global Sales Kickoff was, an amazing experiance. Last week thousands of sales people from around the world decended on San Francisco to attend an event like no other I have ever been part of.

This Week in Social Media – 4/3/2013

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Storify is a platform that allows you to curate content from other social networks - videos, tweets, blog posts, etc. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. Each week at Ford, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep the wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs.

We Have Smart Homes and Smart Phones – What About Smart Blogs?


RSS Feeds and Creative Curating. One of the important ways bloggers publicize their content is by submitting posts to other sites that reprint or redirect to this material, such as Storify and Stumbleupon. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Automation has become such a pervasive feature in our day-to-day lives that we hardly even notice it anymore, and in fact, we even rely on it.

21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014

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Storify. Look no further than these content marketing tools, which allow you to assemble collections of curated and native content, which can be shared across social media. What if a marketer was only as good as their content marketing tools? I believe there’s actually much more truth to that statement than many of us realize. The brands that succeed at content marketing are those that take an agile stance.

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How to Serve Government A Shitstorm Online #SocialMedia #Auspol #LGBT

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Create a storify. Storify is what Fairfax are using instead of articles these days. Marketing have technical terms like “curating a database” or “connecting with key influencers” You just have to know which people, which crowds and which buttons to press. Share and curate other projects that share your values. Curate infographics and projects by others (sharing is caring). Ten Steps to Create a Shitstorm Online with Social Media.

26 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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How much time do you spend curating vs. creating content for Pinterest? Whether you’re a content creator or content curator, you’ll see value in a consistent Pinterest presence. Make sure to connect with me on Pinterest and learn more about #PinChat through Kelly’s detailed roundup found on Storify! Have you ever wondered what an effective Pinterest marketing strategy looks like? Or what details it should include?

This Week in Social Media – 5/29/2013

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Storify is partnering with Adobe''s Typekit to help brands customize their curated stories. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. Each week, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep our wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. These are those links.

How to Grow a Twitter Chat to Reach 1 Million People: Learnings From Two Years of #bufferchat

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7,297,416 reach – Content Curation with Matthew Knell. Afterward, Nicole would curate the tweets into a Storify story and blog recap and document the stats in an internal document. We currently curate a handful of tweets into a blog recap each week and no longer do a Storify for each chat. From productivity and social media strategy to self-care and reflecting — even gifs !