Socialympics: How Social Media and Blogging Has Boosted Sports Media

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Sports have been played, enjoyed by spectators and covered by the media since well before the advent of smartphones and social media. But it’s no question that the development of social platforms has changed how we play, enjoy and cover sports. Twitter is the new sports ticker. Dump your local sports section in the paper and hop on your iPad to read sports opinions from your favorite bloggers. Sports will never the be same and it’s quite exciting.

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

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This act of finding good content and sharing it is known as content curation. This creation-vs-curation paradox inspired me to look for some answers in the data. In short, 30% of the companies in our sample are curation-focused : 75% or more of their posts link to third-party websites. Which Works Best, Curation or Creation? What is the optimal content strategy, creating or curating? When looking at clicks, curation clearly dominates.


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Why Human-Curated Content Outstrips Computers Every Time

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to discuss the undeniable power of excellent curation, delivering content to users that is perfect for the moment, and what makes people hit the “share” button. This is your music experience, curated. Songza also brings on high-profile curators to create playlists and interact with their listeners. Elias says, “That’s the whole point of a human curator: to be dynamic and responsive.” Elias Roman, Songza @eliasroman.

Behind the Curtain of a Sports Social Media Giant

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A 12-foot-by-4-foot screen shows realtime social media updates from around the world, curated by Giants staff. Baseball is different from other sports because of the frequency of games (almost every day during the season), so that means there is new information to push out to fans almost every day, as well: time and place of the game, the lineup, sponsored messages, photos or videos, ticket availability, and updates within the game. Bryan Srabian, The SF Giants @srabe.

Introducing Blekko, the Self-curated Search Engine


It’s the search engine that prides itself on human curation. After all, “human curation” sounds kind of hard. Human curation has already helped Blekko completely block out the top 20 sites voted as spam by human users— these are all mainly content farms (sorry eHow). All you have to do is type in a search query, like “ sports /date ” and your query results will automatically be sorted by date, from the most recent results.

Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

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Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. But where do you start with curation? With our community’s help, we put together an ultimate list of content curation sources across multiple industries. I hope you’ll find some great websites for your content curation strategy. The big list of content curation sources across multiple topics. What’s your favorite content curation source?

Going for gold: How brands are successfully navigating the 2021 summer games

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Sports fans, rejoice: The summer games are officially underway in Tokyo, Japan. Your favorite Olympic sports are here. Watch The Olympics on NBC Sports and Peacock with the Apple TV app. — Front Office Sports (@FOS) July 8, 2021. This is bigger than sports.

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Weekly Reads: Facebook, Marketing Trends and Social Media’s Effect on Stereotypes

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As part of my new approach to creating content , I’m going to begin curating the best for you. Million Facebook Friends Body Slam Sports Broadcasting. UFC – the hot sport of the moment – bypasses the mainstream media and takes to Facebook to broadcast some of its fights. Alongside my ongoing book reading challenge , I start off every day by reading the latest goings-on in the public relations, social media and tech blogosphere.

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Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Comprehensive Comparison


It’s geared towards increasing brand familiarity and brand storytelling , curating brand introductions to new potential customers, as well as highlighting why your service or product is essential and unique. . Potential customers rarely grow on trees. .

Facebook Filed for a Trademark on the Word Meta. You Should See the Description.

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On October 28, 2021 Facebook filed for a trademark on the word Meta. Of course, that’s not surprising, since Facebook announced that they are changing the company name to Meta. If you go to the website you’ll be redirected to this web page on

Social Media Strategist Jobs: Twitter Sydney Australia

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Head of Curation, APAC (Tokyo & Sydney) . The Twitter Curation team, which is responsible for Moments, sits within Twitter’s Global Business & Product Partnerships team, which works directly with media companies and high-profile users across sports, politics, entertainment, music, and news and delivers the best content that reaches, engages, and delights the largest daily audience in the world.

Instagram Reels 101: Everything Your Brand Needs to Know to Get Started

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Once you’ve done all that, hit the big blue button to share it to your Instagram Stories, Explore Feed, and the dedicated Reels tab, which looks like this: Don’t want your Reel messing up your beautifully curated grid? Instagram is the world’s fifth-largest social media site.

12 Boosts That Actually Speed Up Your Campaign Content Delivery [Infographic]

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Marketing is a sport — speed of delivery matters. Curate relevant content: Use intent data to understand your buyers’ needs and curate relevant content collections for them using your tagged content.

Send Tweet: Insights From the #PixleePros with Andrew Stallings


Andrew Stallings: I spent about 15 years in the sports and entertainment industry. All in all, I’ve always kind of known that I wanted to work in sports. Today, we manage about 25 professional athletes across a variety of different sports verticals.

8 Black Marketers Who Are Making Their Mark on the Industry


On the topic of diversity, he says : “It’s like sports. She also just announced her newest project, The Badass Workshop , where she intends to curate and share the knowledge she’s amassed in her career, style, health and wellness, parenthood, perseverance, goals, and so much more.

How to Get Started With One-to-One Social Media Engagement


“When customer service becomes public, it becomes a spectator sport. To learn more about how you can maximize content curation , check out this video. One of the big problems with social media today is that too many individuals and businesses are using it as a push channel.

Generational POVs: Favorite Social Platform


I still enjoy Instagram for the curated, pretty pictures and keeping up on what my friends and family are up to.”. One that we talked to explained, “ I can choose who I want to follow based on political and sports views.

SkyPixel And DJI Kick Off The Biggest Aerial Photo & Video Contest of 2018

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Sport: Capture moments in movement and the power and energy of humans doing sports. Creative: With your aerial techniques or intelligent features on your drone, curate a visual story to showcase your creative skills and extraordinary visual effects. Sport: Capture the energy and excitement of an athlete pursuing their dreams. SkyPixel And DJI Kick Off The Biggest Aerial Photo & Video Contest of 2018.

15 New Social Media Apps & Platforms You Might Not Know About


But other communities use the video, audio, and text features to chat about all kinds of topics, from dating shows to sports. It’s also expanded into sports, streaming professional fighting and boxing events as part of Triller Fight Club.

The best brand marketing we’ve seen on social media in the last 5 years

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Similar to the sports world , brand marketing is a highly competitive arena. For example, Nike is one of the world’s well-known sports brands.

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Announcing the Winners of the B2B Social Media Awards 2022!


The judges were spoiled for choice with the campaigns submitted, from curation programs to original thought leadership content and viral videos. Honorable Mention “Cultural values and sport”, Luciana Cemerka , Teleperformance.

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19 Twitter Best Practices That Show the Real You

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You may not know I curate a Twitter list that includes over 300 social media managers and marketing professionals at some of the world’s most well-known organizations. Relate to sports. Dan McLaren founded the UK Sports Network. I frequently peruse the list to get inspiration. Among those represented are Jetblue, Sony, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Keurig, Walmart, MTV, and Coca-Cola.

10 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Guides for Marketing


Run a national sports league draft? Everlane recruited actor Tommy Dorfman , actress Olivia Sui , and model and actress Lenya Bloom to curate gift guides with its products. Instagram’s Act for Racial Justice guide curates important explainers that have been shared by the community.

The Next Big Thing in Social: Top 7 Brands Embracing TikTok

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TikTok’s content is also a sharp departure from the perfectly curated images made popular by the rise of Instagram. You may not think of The Washington Post as a fit for an emerging platform full of music videos and memes, but the news organization curates its content in a way that works on TikTok. The campaign was the first on TikTok that tied into a live sporting event and incorporated the use of custom content and influencer activation in partnership with TikTok content creators.

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5 Ways To Conduct Effective WordPress Developer Test


Here we have curated five resourceful tips to not only test the skill set but also the personality and aptitude of your developer. Hiring a professional web developer is not unlike buying a high-powered sports car.

How To Get More Out Of Post Purchase Communications


Collecting and curating UGC may seem daunting, but Pixlee’s platform automatically pulls in content featuring your brand from the social media channels you select, using hashtags, mentions, and comments.

UGC 52

Why We Still Love Twitter


The platform gives users the freedom to curate their feed around their interests, however diverse or narrow they might be, and the one thing they all have in common: Twitter is where news breaks and conversation happens first. Whichever cultural niche you’re tapped into (music, politics, sports, The Bachelorette , comedy), this platform is where you’re hearing about it. Ah, Twitter.

The Biggest Success of Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign May Be User-Generated Content


Through the PHOTOiD campaign, Nike curated and monetized images that included easily recognizable products that could be tagged for photo galleries. The sports apparel brand can also leverage these photos directly on social media platforms. For the 30th anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, the sneaker brand made a risky move by taking a stance on a fraught cultural topic.

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Social Spotlight: How Tim Hortons puts people first in its social strategy

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But social is a more impactful playground where Tim Horton’s can join in the celebrations around beloved Canadian pop culture, sports wins and more with their followers. Overview. Tim Hortons and Canada have a symbiotic relationship.

15 most engaging Back-to-School social media posts


To help you with your back-to-school 2019 campaigns, we’ve curated a list below which shows the best back-to-school post ideas that brands have published in the past on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Dick’s Sporting Goods. Back-to-School is one of the biggest shopping events celebrated all over the world where brands bring their A-game to increase revenue in a short span of time.

RIP: Social Media Networks & Features that Died in 2016

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Local stories were curated stories of what was happening in large cities like New York and L.A. Snapchat decided to squash the feature in September and focus on Group Stories for larger events—holidays, sporting events, and red carpets. Needless to say, a lot of newsworthy events happened in 2016. The social media space saw many changes as well. Social media networks constantly have to improve and evolve in order to stay relevant.

The Social Newsroom: Pieces of the Puzzle


Not only do people want to know what is happening five minutes from now, they also want to zero in on the information that is important and relevant to them – as music lovers, sports enthusiasts, parents, consumers and political activists. The Social Newsroom relies less on planning and the creation of original campaign content, and more on content discovery, curation and sharing.

Sports 152

Pinterest for Business: How to Go Beyond Pretty Pins and Engage More Customers

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They can be used to create a step-by-step guide, show steps for a DIY project or recipe, tell a story, or curate a collection of products. Sporting Goods. Pinterest is much more than just do-it-yourself boards and gorgeous lifestyle layouts.

Editorial SEO Tactics for the Newsroom

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While this tactic is most applicable to sites that cover breaking news and popular topics like sports and entertainment it works in other areas too (see Search Trend Optimization for Evergreen Content ). This kind of curated approach is much more effective than automating the process. By now most editorial sites are employing basic SEO best practices in the newsroom but how many are taking full advantage of every opportunity?

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The Best Brands Utilizing Instagram Stories

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From beauty brands to vodka, sports shoes to drones, we’ve rounded the best and brightest of Instagram Stories so all you need to do is follow. By producing a mini series that curates and summarizes the best of the company’s website, fans are always kept in the loop and up-to-date with inspiring, quality content worth following. Oh, snap—our favorite disappearing video app is getting some serious competition!

How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Wow Your Customers


They’re like curated collections of Instagram Stories that your followers — both old and new — can tap into and watch any time they like. Instagram Stories Highlights are extremely valuable because they allow brands to easily curate and showcase the content they want users to see first. It’s also a great way to add value to your feed, explain what your business is about, and attract new Instagram followers with a curated Instagram aesthetic.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Marketing Mix

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A6) Curating/Sharing other people’s content allows you to reciprocate on social media, which helps in relationship building. Social media is a contact sport. A8) Spend 15 mins curating/scheduling content, 15 mins engaging, 10 mins contributing to community and 5 mins on stats. Did you know: by the year 2020, more than 85 percent of all buyer-seller interaction will occur online? And not just online, but through video and social media ?

New Twitter User Revamp: Plus 2 Bonus Pieces of News!


They opened up the Timeline to popular tweets from people you don’t follow, a big departure from the user curated Timeline of old. The Devumi Gorilla chose “Popular accounts,” “Music,” “Sport,” and “Art and Design” as his interests. Twitter are working hard to reward their shareholders…and finally turn a profit. This is, however, leading to a growing user base who are, *sigh*, flocking to Twitter as it begins to more closely resemble the Facebook they know.

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9 Popular Instagram Trends of 2019 (So Far)


While highly curated feeds with perfectly staged shots were all the rage in the past, more brands and influencers today are stepping out of their comfort zones and sharing honest, unfiltered content to their feeds and stories. This isn’t to say that curated feeds are no longer “in.” In other words, stepping back from perfectly curated feeds and stepping toward the “real-er” side of social media may even help your business! .

What is the Clubhouse App? And is it Right for Your Business?


Each club is essentially a conversation series curated by its creator. Some liken the compulsion to sports vs. TV: fans will drop everything to watch their team in real-time, whereas The Queen’s Gambit will still be there tomorrow.