30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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Content marketing has become ubiquitous, with 93% of B2B marketers now using it. And it continues to expand: 82% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for content marketing in 2014. Nevertheless, challenges remain; many marketers struggle to produce engaging content, and though buyers have embraced content generally as a influence on vendor selection, they remain frustrated with content they see as blatantly promotional, too self-serving, and not well informed.

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle. In response, marketers are producing an increasing amount and variety of content to support all stages of the decision process. And although digital is taking an increasing share of marketing budgets, the move to online is paradoxically making some old-school tactics even more valuable. Target Marketing ).


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What Fresh Statistics Tell Us About Twitter’s Decline

Convince & Convert

The social networking space is showing signs of being an actual, you know, market , with a wider variety of players all developing significant user bases. Clearly, as you’ve read here for some time on Convince and Convert , Visual Marketing is a thing. Remember that received wisdom that 80% of us were consumers, 19% curators, and 1% creators?

Affiliate Marketing Success: 4 Tips for Affiliate Niche Marketing

Twenty4 Social

Affiliate Marketing Success: 4 Tips for Affiliate Niche Marketing Affiliate marketing can be a great way to start making money online. However, if you want to be… Affiliate Marketing Success: 4 Tips for Affiliate Niche Marketing. Digital Marketing Niche.

How to Effectively Curate Content

Social Selling Masters

Many marketers tend to overlook curation in favor of creation — and that’s a shame. The most successful companies have learned how to do content curation well to engage an online audience. If you’re worried that your customers and online followers won’t appreciate curated content, consider the following statistics: 74 percent of Americans are on social media sites, and they curate every day.

3 Ways Every Business Can Benefit From Passive Income

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Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have at least seven income streams? With a consistent, robust marketing plan , you can easily earn money on these passive income streams without much effort, even while you sleep! 3 Ways Every Business Can Benefit From Passive Income.

Let’s Talk Content Curation and Creation for Social Content

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What is content curation? The Content Creation versus Content Curation debate has been around a while. But first, let’s be clear on content creation vs Content Curation. Now, let’s look at content creation vs content curation in terms of the pros and cons.

3 Ways Every Business Can Benefit From Passive Income

Twenty4 Social

Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have at least seven income streams? Traditionally, passive income often means affiliate marketing, writing a book, or creating courses based on your coaching specialty.

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

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Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers. Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads (see below), they also close at higher rate (again, see below). While prospective buyers are using search and social to research products and services before making purchase decisions, marketers and PR professionals can use those same tools to research buyer wants and needs.

Five content marketing tricks of a great social media consultant

Sherrilynne Starkie

Here’s five content marketing tricks to improve content marketing initiatives. As in most professions, an experienced social media consultant knows certain tricks of the trade to content marketing work better, faster, easier. If the brief is PR, the goal is awareness, and if it’s marketing the goal is more likely conversions. If the brief is PR, the goal is awareness and if it’s marketing the goal is more likely conversions. Special Tricks.

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers. Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads (see below), they also close at higher rate (again, see below). While prospective buyers are using search and social to research products and services before making purchase decisions, marketers and PR professionals can use those same tools to research buyer wants and needs.

LinkedIn Marketing Guide – How to grow your business using LinkedIn


Along with being a preeminent social network for hiring top talent, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect and sell to potential customers. Both marketing and sales departments are using LinkedIn to attract and convert new business.

New Features Added to B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer

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Several great new features were recently added to the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer by co-founder Tony Karrer. For example, included in the July 25 th edition on Social Media Informer are these posts (among others): • How Small Businesses Can Use LinkedIn to Grow. • Fifteen Incredible Mobile Statistics. • Web Presence Optimization, Reloaded. Topics on B2B Marketing Zone include social media , inbound marketing and business blogging.

B2B 142

Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

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Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. But where do you start with curation? With our community’s help, we put together an ultimate list of content curation sources across multiple industries. From design to education, marketing to remote work, and beyond. I hope you’ll find some great websites for your content curation strategy. Marketing. Resources content curation

How to Use Reddit to Boost Your Marketing through the Roof

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Although Reddit is dwarfed by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, its influence on the internet is huge, and its potential for marketers as a way to reach customers is incredible. Despite all of this, Reddit has been almost completely abandoned by marketers, largely due to its reputation of apathy and even hostility towards marketing efforts in the past. Reddit is a content curation and sharing site. Honest Marketing. Guest post by Scott Masson.

Reddit 160

Building An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog


At Firebelly, we make sure our posts cover anything and everything relating to social media marketing. Develop messaging that is supported by curated or created content. Everything you collect (curate) or write about (create) needs to be geared toward your blog’s theme. Curation is very important as well because it establishes you and your company as a knowledgeable resource. Infographics, articles, and even videos are all suitable curated content.

8 Black Marketers Who Are Making Their Mark on the Industry


However, when it comes to leadership positions, the statistics are different. Here are some innovative, trailblazing marketers who continue to inspire us with the work they’re doing for their companies and for the world. Chief Marketing Officer, Truist (formerly SunTrust).

Video Marketing For Your Business


This year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing” as businesses find new ways to reach customers. Where to use video marketing in social media networks: Facebook and Facebook Video Advertising. This was unheard of just a few years back as YouTube had massive market share of online videos, but 2015 looks to be the year that Facebook changes that. With Facebook you are relying on the service to curate videos for you. Statistics for Videos.

Video 122

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013

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Content marketing is a hot topic, primarily in the B2B world but increasingly in consumer marketing as well. And as noted here yesterday , 93% of B2B marketers are now using content marketing, with more than half calling it their biggest priority this year. The first step toward content marketing success begins with (or at least should begin with) creation of a content marketing strategy. Content Marketing Strategy Guides. by GO Marketing.

How to Create Winning Content & Measure Results

Writtent Blog

When it comes to online marketing, many of us continue to hear that content is still King and with over 60 trillion web pages on the internet, it appears as though the deck is stacked against us. This open source, web analytics software is installed directly onto your web server and by installing a Java Script onto the pages you wish to track, they offer valuable web visitor’s statistical information to their users as long as they remain a client.

How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun Online

Buffer Social

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. The difficult part is that there is a lot that goes into a world class content curation strategy. We’ll be talking a lot about great curation tools in this post. Click to jump to any section: The one-a-day formula for great content curation. Content curation tools.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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Looking at the most significant social networks for the coming year, Upfluence contends that “Twitter remains a must-use for content distribution to boost visibility and drive follower growth in niche or specific communities,” and that while both B2C and B2B marketers extensively use the platform, its performance is slightly stronger on the B2B side. ” — Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal). Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal). Marketing Insider Group (Startup).

Tools 179

Marketing Automation Discussion at SFAMA

Janet Fouts

Last night I moderated a very interesting panel for the San Francisco American Marketing Association on marketing automation. Anyone interested in digital marketing needs to understand these concepts, whether you use automation tools or not. Content Marketing. Overall everyone on the panel agreed that content is crucial to your automated marketing, but not just any content will do. The content must be relevant to the target market it’s intended for.

15 Things Smart, Social Savvy Business Marketers Never do on Facebook

Pam Moore

Check out these statistics published by Facebook as of March, 2016. Here are 15 things that smart, social savvy business marketers never do on Facebook. . Your online community will respect and thank you for the valuable information that you are taking time to curate for them. Launch & Influencer Marketing Strategies for Startups, Entrepreneur s (episode 35). It’s no surprise that Facebook is still one of the hottest social networks around.

FAQ 95

Is Marketing Education Keeping Up With Social Media?


Now that we’re well over a decade into social media, some marketers do plan to work in the field from the start of their careers. the "blue" market, circa 2013. Even social media managers who took marketing or business programs aren’t fully prepared for the chaos on social.

SEO & Blogging = a Match Made in Heaven?

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SEO and blogging form the backbone of content marketing, something that every serious business and marketer should be doing today to grow their online presence. Are you taking full advantage of these marketing practices? Here’s a closer look at why you should be using SEO and blog content writing as a marketing strategy and how leveraging them can be beneficial. Now look at some SEO statistics to get the full picture.

SEO 78

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides

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Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of? How are social media marketing best practices evolving? How can marketers make the best use of visual content?

The 6 Things Marketers Expect from Social Media Management Tools (but don’t have yet)

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As with every crowded market, the early players who raised massive VC money dominate the awareness game. Most tools provide statistics and reportings on most social profiles. They range in style and in the amount of statistics they provide. Some have tried to offer curation tools to help you find content ideas you’d like to publish, but most have failed. Even heavyweights like Buffer and Hootsuite have sunsetted their curation features.

Winning the Lottery Is Easier Than Finding Your Content

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Most marketers don’t have a documented strategy , but I’m saving that stat for another post. There isn’t a marketer in the world that is executing what they do perfectly. There isn’t a single marketing tool or solution that is used to the best of its ability. There seems to be a growing sense of frustration in the marketing industry around ineffectiveness and lack of results. Market your own marketing to make sure all your colleagues use content effectively.

6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: With Tips from Experts

Talkwalker SM

In a time where people of diverse ages and backgrounds take to social networks to post tweets, upload photos and write comments, it makes sense to track these public opinions for reasons ranging from reputation management and market research to customer service and campaign tracking. BuzzSumo: Create (and Curate) Better Content. Social media monitoring (often called social listening) is increasingly becoming a key part of a brand, company or organization’s business strategy.

Tools 128

3 UGC Marketing Trends on the Rise in 2018


User-generated content marketing has been on a growth trajectory within digital marketing in recent years. As more and more brands realize that their core market is more likely to respond to social and digital messaging over more traditional means, more attention is being given to UGC marketing. With the end of 2017 approaching, marketers are planning for 2018 with an eye on the key trends that will continue to be prominent. Influencer Marketing.

UGC 52

10 Marketing Techniques for Content Marketers from Traditional Advertising

Writtent Blog

The internet has severely disrupted traditional marketing techniques, including advertising and the newspaper industry. Inbound and content marketers are most definitely here to stay. You’re probably wondering why the dearth of job opportunities at traditional ad agencies has anything to do with your playbook of content marketing techniques. It’s up to the savviest content marketers to glean what they can from ad copywriters before the profession disappears.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Google , Industry News , Internet , Interviews , Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media , Viral Marketing , Web Design > Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 by Tamar Weinberg on January 5, 2010 Share It’s my birthday!

17 Instagram stats marketers need to know for 2019

Sprout Social

Knowing who uses Instagram and how they interact on the platform can help your business to craft a better Instagram marketing strategy. If you’ve ever wondered if social media marketing actually works, think about this statistic. So get started with Instagram marketing for your brand today. Although this statistic could certainly be due to the fact that video is much less common on the platform, the numbers don’t lie.

12 Solid Stats Surrounding Social Networking (Plus Four  Timely Tips)

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For B2C marketers, Pinterest (#6 overall) is probably the next most interesting site. And what does that mean for marketers? Here are four recommendations based on a dozen social networking stats and facts from recent research, customarily curated with a little alliteration. The Marketing Scope ). Marketing Profs). Which means that unless you’re capturing them on Facebook, LinkedIn users could be a completely untapped market for you.

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

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Content marketing success starts with developing a strategy and roadmap, but the rubber hits the road with the execution of tactics (and measurement of marketing results to support continual improvement). So it is with Content Marketing Week. Where do you find ideas and inspiration for content marketing topics? What pitfalls should content marketers avoid? What Can Disney Teach Manufacturers About Marketing? by Industry Market Trends.

The social media marketer’s guide to infographic marketing

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With the constant demand for bite-sized information and visual content, infographic marketing is only going to grow in popularity as a format for digital content marketing. This guide gives you an in-depth look at infographic marketing so you can successfully implement it.

Video Content Marketing Strategy, Email Painkillers and Expensive Mistakes

Writtent Blog

It’s been a pretty dramatic week in the marketing arena. Regardless of whether you’re an enterprise or SMB, make it your goal in the weeks to come to monitor, track and improve your marketing efforts. To inspire your content marketing strategy , we’ve curated five of the coolest stories we encountered in the past week: 17 Expensive Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers. 5 Insights into the Latest Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics.

36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

Though social media marketing has become ubiquitous, most companies and brands still struggle to achieve their desired results. Those are among the conclusions it’s fair to draw from the collection of social media marketing facts and statistics below. Eights years after social media marketing became a trending topic , marketers still struggle with tactics and metrics. 84% of marketers believe social media can enhance existing customer relationships.

Holy Twit – Increased Tweet Volume Drives Results

Convince & Convert

For people like me that do a lot of curation via Twitter, this is a real workflow advantage. Doing so allows me to focus my other Twitter interactions on engagement and response, rather than curation. I’ve used Buffer off and on for a while now (and I REALLY want Buffer to get together with my guys at Argyle Social , which I use most often for social media marketing due to their extraordinary statistical capabilities ).