Why User-Generated Content is More Eco-Friendly Than Traditional Content


This is where user-generated content (UGC), media created by regular customers and often shared on social media, comes in. Here’s where UGC comes in handy. This goes hand in hand with decreased costs and the trust you instill in prospects when sharing UGC content.

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How to Engage Eco-Friendly Customers on Instagram


Users on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram frequently express their concerns about the environment, urging companies take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) more seriously. One of the ways the brand does this is by promoting UGC from its biggest fans featuring their #GearForGood. .

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How to Develop an Authentic eCommerce Brand to Drive Holiday Sales


Take Advantage of User Generated Content (UGC). To inspire customers who are thinking about purchasing, add an Instagram homepage gallery or product visual review to your website, like the example below: Hylete, a community-backed athletic apparel company features UGC on their homepage. The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study found that: 78% of Americans want companies to address social justice issues.

The Joy of Six: Ideas for Your Blog Posts

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People love to read about ‘good works’ so talk about your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) particularly if you have a businessy image. Or how about some UGC (User-Generated Content)? This is a guest post by WordNerd Copywriter, Sally Mayor. You can read more about Sally at the bottom of this post. Websites with blogs get an average of 55% more visitors than those without them. That’s my favourite statistic at the moment, it speaks for itself.

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