50+ Social Media Comics And Cartoons For Use Your Presentations

SocMed Sean

I have been publishing my social media cartoons and comics for a while now and I often get emails or tweets asking whether someone can use one of my comics in their book or presentation.

Public Relations Lessons From Jesus, The Apostles And The Bible

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Martin LaBar via Flickr, Creative Commons And even many non-Christians will be relaxing, perhaps joining in the revelry (as many of my friends did when I was growing up in India). What do they have in common?

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The artefacts operated upon through PLEs include the digital resources and references with which individuals wish to engage presently and perhaps recall in the future. This wiki entry about Personal Learning Environments is presented by a customised implementation of plone.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: cvrcak1 via Flickr , Creative Commons Bats in the belfry? Quite frankly, it got me a little nervous presenting this information in that kind of way. I also knew that I was going to be part of one of the last presenters for the day, so I had to punch up the presentation.

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It's Not the Tools, It's What You Do With Them

Justin Levy

One of the most inspiring and captivating presentations of the Inbound Marketing Summit was the keynote that Chris Brogan delivered. No, that is not why I feel the need to pimp the hell out of this presentation. I highly encourage you to take the 20 minutes to watch/listen to the entire presentation. What did you think of this presentation? JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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Weekly Roundup: The Boxing Day Edition

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No more presents, great food and holiday cheer, you think? Traditionally, it’s been the day when people would give one of their “nice&# presents to “the poor.&#

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Determining Social Media ROI

Justin Levy

Of that discussion came the decision to do the presentation on how to determine the ROI of social media. As part of his presentation Chris asked if he could use the restaurant as an example and do an analysis of our ROI. You can check out Chris’ presentation, both slides and videos below: Video Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Blip.tv JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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Rules of Engagement


For example, rarely will an attorney even mention Creative Commons when discussing copyright issues. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative copyright licenses to encourage and foster the sharing of information.

PR Ethics … “You CAN Handle the Truth”

Waxing UnLyrical

It most often bubbles up when I find myself confronted by a situation that presents an ethical challenge. Image: James & Carol Lee via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Kirk Hazlett.

Social Media Integration for Non-Profits

Jeff Esposito

Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Social Media Integration for Non-Profits Written on August 26, 2010 by Espo in Company , social media I always like to share presentations that I find interesting.

12 of the Best Guides and Sources for Free Stock Images

Webbiquity SMM

Interesting visuals add value beyond blog posts as well, of course: they’re useful in presentations, videos, e-books, and other types of content at the core of an effective web presence optimization strategy.

Creative Storytelling: Picture This: It’s Not Just the Words – It’s What You Do with Them

Waxing UnLyrical

The great Brian Solis, who I had the pleasure of seeing live in 2013 as keynote speaker at the PRSA’s International Conference, recently published this article on LinkedIn about creative storytelling. Lots of resources are out there to guide us on our creative journeys.

Daring PR Professionals and the Lawyers Who Love Them: A Primer for Avoiding Legal Problems

Waxing UnLyrical

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers do not enjoy making your job harder by nixing your creative campaign ideas. Let’s explore a few common legal problems (and their solutions) so that you and your clients can stay on the right side of the law! The most creative photo.

The Social Media Train – is it too late to catch it?

Akamai Marketing

View more presentations from Tara Coomans. Image courtesy of FreeFoto.com under Creative Commons.

Content marketing: feeling ripped off?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Official Creative Commons logo. Just last week an organization wholly-unconnected to a recent client project presented Thornley Fallis produced videos as their own work. Your content marketing program is taking off. You’ve spent the time, resources and effort required to develop original, compelling stories, videos, podcasts and photographs and it’s starting to pay off in terms of website traffic, enhanced reputation and sales enquiries. Good for you.

Curation is Not Aggregation


Curation is the big new buzzword this year in social media circles — collecting information in a strategic amassing of selected information that’s presented in a new way to draw out the subtleties and patterns that might not otherwise be noticed when looking at the group in toto.

Command Attention by Telling Your Company’s Story

Waxing UnLyrical

In the seminal book on influence Made to Stick , the authors performed a study that found that after a presentation, audience members were far more likely to recall the stories they heard than the statistics presented — by a factor of more than 12 to 1! Guest Post by Rob Biesenbach.

Video book review of UnMarketing | Strategic thoughts on using.

Jeff Esposito

Cartoon of the day Offline Spam Recent Tweets Powered By Headway Go To Top Copyright © 2010 Strategic thoughts on using social media and public relations in business from Jeff Esposito This work by Jeff Esposito is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

5 growth challenges your business will face


As it continues to grow, some inevitable challenges will present themselves. 2 When your company is successful, others see the opportunity that presents itself and enter the industry. Image at top: Octav Vladu / Creative Commons BY NC ND. Post by Megan Totka.

25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Waxing UnLyrical

The life of a communications pro for a nonprofit organization is one that seems to require a daily mix of magic tricks, extreme sport level time management and creativity. Image: Kevin Bhagat via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Laura Petrolino.

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Resources for Small Staff Associations


This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information.

Informal learning & web 2.0: the mash-up

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This is my first mash-up of conference presentations. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Informal Learning Blog. ← Flipped to YouTube. Informal learning & web 2.0: the mash-up. June 30th, 2008 | informl2.

The Real-Life Social Network

Jeff Esposito

Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading The Real-Life Social Network Written on July 10, 2010 by Espo in social media I saw this presentation kicking around and was really struck by a lot of the metrics.

What the F is Social Media?

Jeff Esposito

Written on August 2, 2010 by Espo in social media This presentation may be 104 slides long, but it really flies by. link] frank barry Very well done y'all jeffespo It is a great presentation, I can't take credit for making it though.

Best YouTube Documentaries


A better understanding of the present word: Many of the available documentaries have happened around the world, while many have also affected it. His internet career helped him develop the world-wide popular forum network Reddit, as well as RSS and Creative Commons.

First Look: The Analyst's Canvas

Net-Savvy Executive

Explore potential new markets for existing assets, such as data sources, analytical methods and presentation vehicles (it doesn't take much looking to find examples of each).

Cool stuff I learned this week

Janet Fouts

Images for bloggers and presenters. I’m a stickler for making sure the images I use on the site are not violating any copyrights and I often buy images from sites like Fotolia for my presentations instead of pirating something from the interwebs.

The Case for Nonprofit Storytelling

Waxing UnLyrical

Because nonprofits are presented with a unique challenge and opportunity at the same time. Most successful stories are moral—they teach us how to live, whether explicitly or implicitly, and bind us together around common values. Image: David Kennedy via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0.

How to Get More Vimeo Views the Easy Way!


With the big competition over at the Google owned giant, the challenge to get more Vimeo views is always present. Using the Creative Commons to get more Vimeo views Vimeo allows you to add a copyright to your videos which prevents theft of your ideas, stealing, and downright copying.

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Full Circle Associates

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Online Facilitation: One Eye !@#$^& Winking - Powerpoint presentation from trAce Conference, UK 2000. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 About Full Circle. Resources. Contact Us. Full Circus. Full Circle Associates. connections for a changing world, online and offline… Online Facilitation Resources from IBM Workshop.

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The ABCs of Startup Marketing

Justin Levy

I think you’ll find this presentation really useful as it has all sorts of actionable nuggets hiding inside of it. JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

#measurePR Recap (June 2018): Lessons from Millennials and Generation X

Waxing UnLyrical

As Generation Z attends college and begins to enter the PR workforce, what better time than the present to reflect on how measurement has been taught and implemented by two generations prior. Image: Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Danielle Heiny.

How to Market like a Musician


The key to getting over that “ick factor” is to get creative. Branding is a process that never stops, and you will only need to get more creative as time goes on. Traditional marketing can feel so grossly salesy.

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Just Write

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Jeremy Brooks via Flickr, Creative Commons. And I continue to guest blog whenever I can, because it’s just such a terrific thing to do, to stretch one’s writing and creative muscles.

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10 Winnable Ways To Increase Blog Traffic (That You Haven’t Thought Of)

Small Business Mavericks

Create a slideshow presentation on video and submit it to YouTube. Use a Creative Commons license that requires people to link back to your website if they use the images. Increasing traffic to your blog is probably one of the most important things you should work on this year. Here are 10 uncanny ways to drive more traffic to your blog. Take posts from your blog and expand on them for an e-book. Create an e-book and self-publish it on the Kindle, ePub, and iBook formats.

How To Use Pinterest to Advance Your Organization


We kicked off our Think Tank Summer E-learning Series with a webinar presented by Heidi Hancock, CFRE & David Svet from Mosaic Non-Profit Development on Pinterest for nonprofits. It’s one of those things where you must be present to win.

5 Tricks to Win the Visual Content Game

Writtent Blog

This occurs when you take actions like putting paragraphs in text to improve the way information is presented, rather than overtly influencing the reader. Images cited under creative commons license. How do you feel about most of the websites you come across online?

How to Increase Reader Engagement with Images


Common sense will tell you that a dog training post don’t need a cat image and you need also, extra effort to ensure that the image you have chosen is not just there to occupy space but to explain and lay more emphasis on the post. This is a guest post by Steven Papas.

Reviews of Facebook Marketing | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

You can view it my blog, MethodMap.blogspot.com or slideboom.com/212243/ Three, At your suggestion, enjoy the David McChandless’s TED Presentation. JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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‘Fourth Transformation’ book: Brace for impact


14, technologist-futurist Robert Scoble held forth for 20 minutes wearing a mixed reality headset, allowing him to interact with the attendees (startup founders, angels and techies) while projecting a presentation behind him.

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