WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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There’s one area within today’s creative industry that is not only comparatively new (when compared to more traditional disciplines), but is taking a growing foothold via a clear aptitude for maximizing effective use of the ever-expanding world of social technology.

3 Reasons List Posts Are Guaranteed Blog Traffic Boosters


Why are list posts so good? List posts create order out of chaos. But a list post promises us something easier to digest and understand. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Italian novelist and all around smart guy Umberto Eco said this about lists. Lists are easy to read.

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Weekly Roundup: Paloozas And Palominos

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Image: Derrick Coetzee via Flickr , Creative Commons Seems to me both are somewhat extraordinary, perhaps exaggerated and possibly exciting. I’m back to the wired world has been checking a few of my favorite lists of the top PR and Social Media [.]

Google Penalizes Copyright Infringers: Are You At Risk?


But recently, when I Googled the keywords related to that post, I’ve found that it’s no longer listed even in the first ten result. Use materials licensed under Creative Commons. As you might know, Creative Commons (cc) enables you to license your own writing, photos, videos, or anything you’ve created for reuse by others, and it’s free. Here are the different types of Creative Commons licenses.

Put Learning on Your To Do List " Experiencing E-Learning

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Daily Bookmarks 07/01/2008 » Put Learning on Your To Do List. To do list from beth77’s. She was surprised when I said that I have a recurring reminder on my to do list to set a goal for my own learning for the week. Creative Think. Creative Commons.

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New Year's Resolutions for Job Seekers

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Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers December 2nd, 2010 Tweet Are you planning to add job seeking to your list of New Year’s resolutions?

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Weekly Roundup: Refreshingly Different

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Why: great ideas that might spur your creative juices, even if you don’t have an e-newsletter… or get you started thinking about one. Creating keyword opportunity lists with Excel Custom Sort , from SEOmoz’ The YOUmoz Blog.

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Inbound Marketing – Video Book Review

Justin Levy

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone gave you a task list that that would help you “get found&# online? Did it give you a list of things to go do? JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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Social Media: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Myrland Marketing

If it’s Twitter, we have our favorites put into a list or two that we can easily scan to catch up. We need to create a List of prospects and their companies on Twitter, then talk to them. Photo Credit to Wikipedia under a Creative Commons License. FIND AND BE FOUND.

12 of the Best Guides and Sources for Free Stock Images

Webbiquity SMM

Matt Clark presents his list of “some of the better stock photo sites” he’s come across, which are also “completely free.” Sig Ueland shares “a list of resources to find free stock photos for commercial use.

5 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Ace Social Listening in 2019

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List at #5 below. You can also try common misspellings and abbreviations of business names. Here is an alphabetical list of 20 highly recommended social listening tools to help you sharpen your social ears. Image via Pixabay , Creative Commons CC0.

Trust Me, I’m a Communicator

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However, it is common that people find themselves unable to make that kind of decision and therefore may “go along” until they can find another source income. Image: rawpixel via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by John Friedman.

Putting the Art in Article, Part I: Beginner Thou ART, Teach I Shall

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Creative web content is all the rage in the marketing world. Below I’ve collected a list of tools to help you put the “art” in your article. I’ve separated the list into a “pyramid” based on your expertise. Guest Post by Alicia Lawrence.

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15 Metrics You Should Measure in Content Marketing

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Following is a list of 15 content marketing metrics that you should measure: 1. One of the most commonly used metrics to measure the success of any content marketing campaign is the number of unique visitors who view the content in a given timeframe. Guest Post by Brandon Brown.

The One Tip That Took My Blog To New Levels. Stop Caring.

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When I first started blogging, I was so worried about driving readership, getting listed in the search engines, becoming popular, being liked. –Sean **Stop Caring image via Daquella Maner on Flickr via Creative Commons license.

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Career Development Tips for the 2018 Professional

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Remember to add work related webinars and education on the list. Image: Alexis Brown via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Makeda Waterman. At the end of the year, most professionals spend time contemplating achievements and areas of opportunity in their career.

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Where to Get Awesome Free Images for Your Social Media (Without Stealing Them)

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CC0 (Creative Commons Zero). When you search online for free stock image sites, the same three always top the lists: Pixabay , Unsplash , and Pexels. Flickr Commons. You could spend hours browsing the weird, wonderful, and vintage images on Flickr Commons.

10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

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It could be an inspiring quote (from you or someone else), a question (“What’s the top thing on your bucket list for this year?”), or a tip. Image: Twenty20 via Pexels, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Monika Jansen. There’s a lot of noise out there.

25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

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The life of a communications pro for a nonprofit organization is one that seems to require a daily mix of magic tricks, extreme sport level time management and creativity. This list is of free digital marketing tools for non-profits is a great place to start.

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Resources for Small Staff Associations


This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. XML Site-maps.com is free but only generates a list of your site’s urls.

10 Words And Phrases Social Media Pros Should Help Their Clients Understand

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Below is a list of 10 terms that I think social media pros use or focus on that sometimes confuse our clients. 7) Creative Commons – Whether you like it or not, social media is beating the snot out of copyright law.

Free Comic Book Day – May 3


The Free Comic Book Day Committee picked a listing of Gold and Silver sponsors whose comic books include titles that are great for kids and adults. Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3 rd , 2014 .

Curation is Not Aggregation


Do you compile a list of the individuals whose values and behavior you’re comfortable with providing you with a lens into a specific area? Photo credit: Chuck_Heston (Flickr, Creative Commons).

4 ways to repurpose blog content in your email marketing strategy


Courtesy of Ben Seidelman / Creative Commons BY. It’s important to understand that segmenting your email list is crucial here. Rework your blog’s greatest hits to get extra mileage.

Best practices in nurturing leads into sales


jasonwoodhead23 / Creative Commons BY. The most common way to lose sales is through lack of data tracking. Your emails and offers have to be interesting, and for that, make sure your email list is properly segmented. Are you analyzing and optimizing your sales pipeline?

8 creative ways to use customer feedback to improve your business


Lindsay Bremner / Creative Commons BY. Conversely, once you find your detractors, figure out commonalities amongst this audience to see if you can turn them into promoters, or at least minimize the possible damage they might do to your business with negative word of mouth.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Blog – How A Little Work Can Drive Search Engine And Social Media Traffic

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"Spring" via promanex on Flickr under creative commons license. Would you have an addition to the list? Ahhhh Spring! The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and there’s a sense of renewal in the air.

Our Industry, Your Answers: Breaking Down the 2018 JOTW Communications Survey

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And 63% of survey respondents cited budget as their top challenge – even as business and employers expected them to do more with a rapidly increasing list of things to do. Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Scott Kaminski.

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How to Get More Vimeo Views the Easy Way!


You may be tempted to list it in every category even remotely related. If you do this, your Vimeo viewers may be tempted to include you on another list: a spam list. Get on the Vimeo Staff Picks list This is the ultimate way to get more Vimeo views, and one of the most difficult.

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How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


But don’t just aggregate by listing a bunch of articles – provide context and your own specific perspective as to why you are grouping things. Search Flickr for photos with a Creative Commons license.

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5 growth challenges your business will face


It’s common for small business owners to be ill prepared for the realities of intense competition, and they lose their footing when they try to respond. 4 The list of things entrepreneurs have to manage is not short. Image at top: Octav Vladu / Creative Commons BY NC ND.

Best YouTube Documentaries


We assure you that picking one of the listed documentaries will lead to interest, binge-watching, and learning more about the values each documentary delivers. His internet career helped him develop the world-wide popular forum network Reddit, as well as RSS and Creative Commons.

First Look: The Analyst's Canvas

Net-Savvy Executive

I was recently asked how I define media intelligence , which is a bit tricky because my definition starts with objectives rather than a list of capabilities. It's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution / ShareAlike license, so if you like it, you're free to continue using it.

4 ways to repurpose blog content in your email marketing strategy


Courtesy of Ben Seidelman / Creative Commons BY. It’s important to understand that segmenting your email list is crucial here. Rework your blog’s greatest hits to get extra mileage.

5 best growth marketing strategies for B2B


Image by TopRank Marketing / Creative Commons BY. Below is the list of the best growth marketing strategies used by the most successful B2B companies in the industry in 2016. Post by Michael Gorman.

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SEO Isn’t Dead. The New SEO


Imagine creating a book with no title, no keywords about what it’s about, no listed author, and nothing to give you an idea about what you can expect to read. You don’t need to count keywords, or come up with 20 different tags, or list every possible variation of keyword tag.

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Collaborating and Investing in Green Innovations | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

While you could probably rattle off a list of some immediate actions you could take within your office to go more green, there are more companies coming together to collaborate on other effective green innovations.

#measurePR Recap (June 2018): Lessons from Millennials and Generation X

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Image: Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Danielle Heiny. As Generation Z attends college and begins to enter the PR workforce, what better time than the present to reflect on how measurement has been taught and implemented by two generations prior.

New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers [Redux]

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Are you planning to add job seeking to your list of New Year’s resolutions? Image: Tania Gail via Flickr , Creative Commons. One of the most creative cover letters I received was one sentence; 14 words, to be exact. Creativity will only get you so far.

The ABCs of Startup Marketing

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List them in the comments below along with a short description. JustinRLevy.com by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0