Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know


Let’s review some of the most important clauses in the terms of the embed feature and we’ll do this by comparing this with another very popular image source (images under a Creative Commons license) for bloggers. Wikimedia Commons.

How Google Instant Might Impact Your Small Non-Profit

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Image: Greig Christie via Flickr, Creative Commons Since Google Instant’s launch just over a month ago, digital marketers have been scrambling to figure out how search engine marketing strategies might need to change.

How Reading Fairy Tales Can Improve Public Relations

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Also… Image: Thom Watson via Flickr, Creative Commons OK, I’ll stop now, I can see you rolling your eyes, going, “Come on, act your age.&#

Talking The Social Media Walk

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Image: Lars Plougmann via Flickr, Creative Commons Really, if you just read through the comments, there’s your follow-up blog post… but since I promised you one, you’re getting one.

Public Relations Lessons From Jesus, The Apostles And The Bible

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Image: Martin LaBar via Flickr, Creative Commons And even many non-Christians will be relaxing, perhaps joining in the revelry (as many of my friends did when I was growing up in India). What do they have in common?

WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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There’s one area within today’s creative industry that is not only comparatively new (when compared to more traditional disciplines), but is taking a growing foothold via a clear aptitude for maximizing effective use of the ever-expanding world of social technology.

The Value Of A Fire Drill

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Image: Stephen Korecky via Flickr , Creative Commons I was finger painting in kindergarten and having a good ole time. How you handle the crisis and this negative response will help determine how well you come out of the issue on the other side.

Simply The Best

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Image: sahmeepee via Flickr , Creative Commons The Best means that you are indubitably, unequivocally, indisputably the best in who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, no matter who – or what – else you are compared with, or what others might be exposed to.

So What Will You Have For Lunch?

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Image: Ranjit Bhatnagar via Flickr , Creative Commons And thanks to , I can share it with you. Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali So What Will You Have For Lunch?

Conch and Drum

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Image: Arindam Bhattacharjee via Flickr, Creative Commons If I were back in Kolkata, I’d be hearing conchs and drums from dusk till dawn.

Weekly Roundup: The Holly And The Ivy

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Image: Cornelia Kopp via Flickr, Creative Commons My husband is… well, I’m not quite sure what he’s doing, but he’s probably puttering around happily (that’s what married couples do, we putter companionably).

Weekly Roundup: Paloozas And Palominos

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Image: Derrick Coetzee via Flickr , Creative Commons Seems to me both are somewhat extraordinary, perhaps exaggerated and possibly exciting.

Google Penalizes Copyright Infringers: Are You At Risk?


Use materials licensed under Creative Commons. As you might know, Creative Commons (cc) enables you to license your own writing, photos, videos, or anything you’ve created for reuse by others, and it’s free. Creative Commons is not a license that allows the reuse of any work, but it is less restrictive than standard copyright. Here are the different types of Creative Commons licenses.

Target's PR issue

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If the company plans to back a candidate, it needs to do its research and be ready for any scandal surrounding hot button issues. Lobbying to one side or the other of the issue will always alienate some portion of your customer base.

Are We Addicted to Interruptions?

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An issue in many offices is that the real work gets done outside of the office, either early in the morning, at nights or on the weekends because team members are in meeting after meeting during regular work hours.

iPhone 4 First Impressions

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My overall reaction: it’s an amazing device and I’m not experiencing (knock on wood) the issues that are being reported across the blogosphere. by Justin Levy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

iPhone 141

[COMIC] Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

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Image courtesy of bbaunach via Creative Commons. During the teen years, we have to worry about sex, drugs, and peer pressure and now the digital era has brought along new issues like sexting, online bullying and a host of other problems that come with social media.

13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

Buffer Social

Licensing: Free (public domain) & Creative Commons. Price range: Public domain & Creative Commons. Licensing: Public domain & Creative Commons. Licensing: Creative Commons. Licensing: Creative Commons.

Rules of Engagement


However, thanks to a perceived misstep by the issue of terms of service is getting greater attention. For example, rarely will an attorney even mention Creative Commons when discussing copyright issues.

Trust Me, I’m a Communicator

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Establishing trust and a working relationship is important – so that when issues do crop up you have a foundation on which to work together. Image: rawpixel via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by John Friedman. It is a difficult time to be a professional communicator.

It’s As If Those Parkland Kids Learned from a Pro

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I do hope they go on to become more than one-issue people. I fully understand why their focus is on one issue right now, but it will be a loss for all of us if they don’t expand their advocacy into other areas. The one who showed up without makeup on to talk us through some issues.

Sex, Drugs, and Social Media – Do You Talk To Your Kids About Their Digital Behaviors?

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During my teen years, the big issues facing parents were the topics of “sex, drugs and rock and roll”. I’m pretty sure that social media has replaced rock and roll as the complex issues facing parents, today. sex, drugs rock and roll sign image courtesy of Creative Commons license at [link] **texting photo image courtesy of Creative Commons license via PictureYouth at [link] –Sean. This blog post was originally posted over at PopGoesDad.

Putting the Art in Article, Part I: Beginner Thou ART, Teach I Shall

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Creative web content is all the rage in the marketing world. Before we get our hands dirty in digital paint… Let’s look at some of the basic terms you’ll hear when it comes to creative web content. Guest Post by Alicia Lawrence.

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Thumper’s Rule – Knowing When And How To Avoid An Online Argument

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4) Think about the community – Is your argument about gun control really beneficial to a community focused on helping solve technology-related issues? Maybe they have significantly more experience with the issue.

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Daring PR Professionals and the Lawyers Who Love Them: A Primer for Avoiding Legal Problems

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Contrary to popular belief, lawyers do not enjoy making your job harder by nixing your creative campaign ideas. Let’s explore a few common legal problems (and their solutions) so that you and your clients can stay on the right side of the law! The most creative photo.

Inspiring Communications: What You Make Is Not What You Do

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It’s not just an issue with for-profit companies. Image: via Unsplash , Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by John Friedman. Inspiring communications focuses people on the real value in your products or services.

8 creative ways to use customer feedback to improve your business

Lindsay Bremner / Creative Commons BY. Fix product issues. 1 A pattern of product issue dissatisfaction may indicate a problem with your product or simply a problem with your advertising. How to evaluate & act on the information you gather.

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Prospecting for new clients with social media

Photo by mkhmarketing / Creative Commons BY. However, startups often face serious issues that can prevent them from growing further, such as a lack of clients. If you face the issue of finding customers, exploring what social media can do for your business just makes sense.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Peer Pressure Can Be Multiplied Through the Social Media

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In effect, peer pressure Photo used via Creative Commons license often gets the best of people. The Issue The perpetual struggle to keep young individuals away from bad influences have moved into a new landscape – the Internet.

Bad Grammar Can Affect Your Brand, Your Career, Your Company


But if it’s an ongoing problem, then you’re going to have a lot of issues and miss some great opportunities if you can’t get it under control. Photo credit: Infomatique (Flickr, Creative Commons).

5 growth challenges your business will face

It’s common for small business owners to be ill prepared for the realities of intense competition, and they lose their footing when they try to respond. 3 Research from CB Insights says that cash flow issues are the number two cause of small business failure. Post by Megan Totka.

Command Attention by Telling Your Company’s Story

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And I’m picking on PR people here, but this issue is by no means limited to our profession. Image: rawpixel via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0. Guest Post by Rob Biesenbach. It’s an old story: PR people are often terrible when it comes to our own PR.

The Biggest Social Media Scandals, Fails, and Blunders of 2013


The real issue came in when followers pointed out that the company recently posted a photo on Facebook of a guests’ note that showed their name. Guest post by Yazmin Gray. ——-.

Bloggers Block – When The Words Just Won’t Come

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Frustrated courtesy of M artinaK15 on Flickr via Creative Commons Writer’s block sucks. Probably not, but if taking a week off from posting means the death of my blog, then I have bigger issues to worry about.

Content Creation? Curation? Focus on Publishing Instead


What are the issues they’re facing and the problems they’re dealing with? Most importantly, what terms and keywords are they using to talk about those issues? Photo credit: Chris Devers (Flickr, Creative Commons).

The Case for Nonprofit Storytelling

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Most successful stories are moral—they teach us how to live, whether explicitly or implicitly, and bind us together around common values. For example, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) in Toronto, Canada, had an identity issue. Image: David Kennedy via Unsplash, Creative Commons CC0.

Improve your Google search results today

Photo by Oriol Lladó / Creative Commons BY NC ND. Not only do CDNs help quicken up your site, they also make proximity to the server a non-issue. You can find plenty of free ones at Pixabay and on Flickr under a Creative Commons license and on dozens of other sites.

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What Famous TV Catchphrases Can Teach You About Enterprise SEO

Adam Sherk

However the fact is that whenever there is a redesign, migration or new project there are bound to be SEO issues that require attention. SEO missteps from well-intentioned editorial and marketing teams are just a common, which is why ongoing training and oversight are needed.

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Help Bring Noor and Ramsay Home | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

There has been a US federal warrant issued for the arrest of Colin’s ex-wife, Mirvat el Nady on charges of kidnapping and there is also an outstanding international Interpol red notice which has been issued.

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Measuring Social Media ROI

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But that’s not your real issue. You’re real issue is that your really going to start appreciating those employees who have large social media communities.and you don’t even know who they are. Photo credit: Danny Guy via Creative Commons.

ROI 211