How to Create a TikTok Ad Campaign


Biddable ads are available for purchase in the form of cost-per-click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions, and cost-per-view. To optimize your TikTok engagement and share a video that resonates with your audience, you may want to consider user-generated content (UGC) for your first ad. .

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

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Cost per click (CPC). More information about CPC: Is Your Social Media Marketing Budget Ready for the New Year? The Battle of Facebook vs. Twitter Ads: Which One Has the Lower CPC? User-generated content (UGC). Brush up on your social media terminology, and even learn some new lingo via our helpful social media glossary. New to the world of social media? This glossary can help you better understand all the different social media terms.

We Interviewed 75 Top Social Media Marketers. Here’s What They’re Working On, Today

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Aimee Luongo , Rand Internet Marketing – Optimizing advertising campaigns on social media and lowering our CPC. Chloe Sayers , Buffini & Company – Creating and running engaging user generated content campaigns (UGC). I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I have the amazing privilege of speaking with social media managers from a variety of brands and industries around the world on a daily basis.

How to Create a Social Media Style Guide for Your Brand (Free Template)


Our CPC for that campaign is the lowest it’s ever been” or “Don’t forget to add those SEO keywords to that blog post” or “Uh oh, we’re running out of UGC”? ? Not sure where to start with your guidelines for UGC? Use search streams to find UGC you might have missed.

130 most important social media acronyms and slang you should know

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CPC – Cost per click. UGC – User-generated content. If you’ve been observing social media conversations, you might have come across a ton of lingo or acronyms that take you a while to figure out. Social media acronyms like TFW, TBH and LMK get thrown around very casually in comments, captions and conversations between people.

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The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


Cost per click (CPC). Cost per click (CPC) is a metric for how much each click costs in a pay-per-click advertising campaign. The amount that you pay for each click in a pay-per-click campaign is your cost per click (CPC). Social media is a constantly evolving field.

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