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Four Metrics for Measuring Social ROI


The confusion on social ROI might remain the same unless social media professionals stop trying to evaluate their online efforts the same way they measure the success of their other marketing activities. Following are four of those metrics for measuring social media ROI, which we see as of great importance. Social media is all about interactions. Brand Awareness. Crowdsourcing.

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How to Calculate the ROI of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Webbiquity SMM

There remains some debate about whether social media ROI can be measured. ROI skeptics point to several issues, among them: Social media is very poor at directly driving purchases, accounting for just 1% of ecommerce sales. It costs money to curate content, and it does provide value—in terms of building an audience and brand reputation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

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Social media ROI is one of the most heavily debated topics in the online marketing world. A separate study gives some insight as to why companies aren’t measuring their social media ROI. With that being said, measuring the ROI of your social media marketing efforts isn’t impossible. In this post, you’re going to learn: What social media ROI really is. Trials.

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Understanding Social Media ROI Cycle


Tweet On our blog, we have several times written about how to calculate ROI of your social media campaigns. In this post, we will look at ROI on social media with a different perspective, starting from the launch stage of a brand till it becomes matured in the industry. Similar Posts: How to Measure Your Social Media ROI [Infographic]. Stage 1: Launch.

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5 Reasons Your Social Media ROI Sucks


Emails are portable and cost less later on, given the need in Facebook to pay to promote your posts to your fans. I’d like to see you use cost per lead or lead per impression or revenue or ROI. The post 5 Reasons Your Social Media ROI Sucks appeared first on SocialFish. It originally appeared here at the Brian Carter Group blog. ————-.

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4 Key Ways to Impress Clients with Your Social ROI

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Return on Investment, otherwise known as ROI, is the cornerstone of your business. In this post, I’ll show you how you can prove your social ROI to your customers. To look at this more closely, I’ve asked the opinions of three agency experts who have plenty of hands-on experience in measuring social ROI and the challenges that it presents. Those elements are: objectives.

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Social Media ROI: 5 Must-Reads


Here are 5 must-reads on social media ROI that we don’t want you to miss. By Debra Donston-Miller As businesses get more sophisticated in their use of social networking, so too are the metrics by which they measure social business ROI. Measure Social Media ROI with Google Analytics Social. ROI: Are Your Social Media Efforts Worth the Money?

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What’s the ROI of Social Media Silence?

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Regardless of the measurement opportunities, we still hear the same questions over and over again, “what’s the ROI of a social media?” What is the ROI of silence? Exactly how does that help increase sales, develop brand awareness, decrease customer service costs or any of the other goals you’ve set forth? ” What’s the ROI of THAT message?

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How to Measure Your Social Media ROI [Infographic]


Thus, the calculation of ROI on social media gets calculated accordingly. Facebook Social Media Twitter campaign CMOs Infographic KPI qualitative approach qualitative approach to ROI return on investment return on online investment shool of thought social media costTweet. An important part of social media is about building valuable and sustainable relations.

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Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps

Convince & Convert

Thus, blogging presents a serious opportunity cost to the company. What do those hours cost the company in salary? What do those hours cost the company in overhead and benefits? Take your monthly salary costs figure ($1405) and multiply it by your company’s standard overhead calculation. The total labor cost for your blog per month is $2037 ($1405 + $632).

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Facebook Ads: 9 Factors That Impact Cost Per Conversion

Jon Loomer

And by “results,” note that I’m focusing on Cost Per Conversion. Your focus is on the cost per desired action. There are nine main factors that impact the cost per conversion of Facebook ads… Click To Tweet. As competition goes up, the cost to reach people in that placement increases. As competition goes down, so does the cost. Product.

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How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

Simply Measured

In addition to offering massive reach, social media is a cost-effective marketing channel. What if you could further leverage this marketing channel and boost your ROI while getting ahead of your competitors? The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download. Take a look at some of these ideas to help you boost your social media ROI using influencer marketing. .

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20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

Webbiquity SMM

The “ROI of social media&# (or lack thereof) is a hot, and still hotly contested, topic. I summarized arguments from both sides a few months ago in The Social Media ROI Debate. More recently, numerous writers including Olivier Blanchard , Neil Glassman and Mark Schaefer have tried to make the case that social media ROI is real, can be measured, and must be measured.

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Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

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Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group published the Social Media ROI Cookbook. click here to view and download the Social Media ROI Cookbook on Slideshare). If you’re looking to place blame for why you can’t measure social media ROI in your company, grab a mirror. Track Social Media ROI by Giving Customers Trackable Assignments. ” white paper.

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ROI and Social CRM Use Case 1: Using LinkedIn for Member Recruitment


Our (SocialFish) definition of Social CRM is “ the discipline of applying social media to membership management “, and the 12 use cases in our white paper, ROI and the Impact of Social CRM , show this in action. In ALL cases, you should be building your community on social media sites before you even think about ROI. ROI = low-cost, high-quality leads.

5 things to measure in social media ROI

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As evidenced by this video created by the Unmarketing Team of Scott Stratton, which tickled the funny bone of lots of social media peeps last week: Social Media ROI by UnMarketing. Social Media Metrics and ROI for You. Because social media ROI is really a combination of many different types of valuations. What we can measure for social media ROI.

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Social Media ROI’s Missing Ingredient

Convince & Convert

We spend almost no time figuring out how much does it actually cost us to do these things in social media? You cannot figure out ROI without first knowing the “I.” How to Quickly Figure Out Your Social Media Costs and Get Closer to Social Media ROI. Let’s say that costs your organization an average of $4,000 per month. Now You Know Your Costs.

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There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

SocialTimes Facebook

But when the system came around to bill you, it would notice the lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bid, assume there was an error and credit you back. Even if you could get the targeting spot on, trying to do CPM and CPC (cost per click) bids against a range of placements was too hard. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo? Keyword <> Facebook interests (2007-11).

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27 Writing Mistakes that Are Costing You Clients and Cash

Writtent Blog

I have less ROI. The post 27 Writing Mistakes that Are Costing You Clients and Cash appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. Forget about all your blog marketing and traffic generation efforts. In short, these careless errors (that pretty much all new bloggers make) could be a major obstacle in your efforts to scale your business online. Typos. You should. Long Words.

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Olivier Blanchard owes me a highlighter, Social Media ROI Review

Josh S Peters

With his book, Social Media ROI (aff), Olivier Blanchard makes the case for social media a sa company wide initiative and then follows up that case with examples, case studies, frameworks, and measurement tips. It truly is the best book out there on the subject, and it’s not even 100% about ROI. In fact ROI is only covered in a few pages at the end of the book. WARNING!

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The Real ROI of Social Media is Revenue

Koka Sexton

ROI or Return on Investment is the calculation of time, money and resources against what you gain in return. In marketing we want to see 4X to 5X ROI on a campaign, if we could hit 10X then it was a home run. Return on investment ( ROI ) is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource. ” when he was responding to social ROI. Full stop.

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How To Generate Three Times As Many Leads At One Third The Cost

The Social Media Hat

Blogging How To Generate Three Times As Many Leads At One Third The Cost. According to DemandMetric , content marketing costs a whopping 62% less than traditional marketing! they all cost substantially more than a regular marketing strategy that's based on content. Measure ROI. The Real Power Of Content Marketing. Far from it. Where do you begin? Identify Objectives.

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Should Advertising Cost Less?

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Shouldn''t the cost of advertising go down? As you get better at it, as your testing and learning, you are able to lower your cost per acquisition and get laser-focused on what works and how to optimize it. We expect marketing spending to come in below prior-year levels due to productivity movements in marketing and advertising costs." We''re enhancing marketing ROI analytics and capabilities to ensure our marketing investments are giving us maximum return and value,'' the spokesman said." marketing roi. Perceived value, if you will. Gone forever.

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How to Measure Your Facebook Ad ROI

The Social Media Incubator

What neither of these scenarios take into account is the cost of your campaign – what you spent to attract those sales. To figure ROI on your Facebook advertising, you need to calculate your cost per desired action. Let’s say those 1,000 ad views in both scenarios above cost you $100. ROI whilst $10 of revenue against $100 of ad spend amounts to 10% ROI.

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What's Your Social ROI ?

Engaging Brand

In the "old days' advertising was judged on the cost of impressions , but in social marketing. Haven't we moved from cost of impressions. So it is not about the cost of creating those impressions that you should measure. Social Business cost of impressions social marketing revenue from impression advertising brand social businessI have been reading about the concept of return on influence - clue to new show coming up! It hasgot me thinking about the measurement of impressions. I believe that has now REVENUE FROM IMPRESSION.

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Measuring Social Media ROI

Akamai Marketing

Another year of measuring social media ROI. Because first, we should dispel some myths about measuring social media ROI. I’m an advocate for social media ROI, but before we can measure social media ROI, we have to kick these myths to the curb. If you hope to measure ROI, you must first have an investment. There is no single way to measure social media ROI.

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The Social Media ROI Debate

Webbiquity SMM

Can social media costs be justified on the P&L, so that as belts get ever tighter in this stagnant economy, these projects and tasks can be spared the budget axe? You wouldn’t buy a new machine tool or enterprise software application without an ROI analysis, so why should social media be any different? Is social media ROI measurable? Social Media ROI — No.

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26 Blogging Mistakes That Are Costing You Time, Money, and Credibility


The amount of effort you put in especially in the beginning is directly proportional to your ROI. Those costs add up. Do you know which of the above gives you more ROI? It doesn’t mean guest posting is bad or produces poor ROI. Don’t waste time doing stuff you’re just not good at or stuff that bring you low ROI. You’re slaving at your blog.

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The 3-Pronged Facebook Advertising Strategy That Cut Lead Costs by 80%


The campaign was costing them roughly $17 to acquire a new lead – which in this space was considered fairly good. Here’s how it looked: At a cost per lead of $19.07…that The first segment of the campaign ran for about three weeks, and although lead and sales objectives were being met, we knew Facebook was building data that we could then use to lower the lead costs even more.

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4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Mobile Facebook Ads

SocialTimes Facebook

Making sure you attribute call conversions from your Facebook ads to accurately measure cost per lead and prove (and improve) return on investment. Advertising/Marketing Facebook ad revenue Ad Targeting Address Blair Symes Call Conversions Call Now calls to action Conversions Cost Per Lead CPL daily active users DAUs DialogTech discounts eMarketer geo-targeting Incentives Local Awareness Ads Location mobile News Feed Phone Number Promotions retargeting Return On Investment ROI smartphones Targeted Ads travel wifiIt’s no secret that digital advertising has gone mobile.

What’s the ROI of Training Rides?

Waxing UnLyrical

ROI (a.k.a. They might also ask slightly less obvious questions like, “Have I met new suppliers who reduce my costs, via this Facebook community I am building?”. In both cases, if our “busy entrepreneur” could show a causal relationship between Facebook activity and driving sales, reducing costs, or both, she’d be on the way to figuring out the partial ROI of her Facebook activities.

Is Our Addiction to ROI Killing Social Media?

Convince & Convert

In that workshop, we discussed social media ROI realities. Our mutual friend has apparently emphasized the importance of well defined, realistic, ROI. The reason this prospective client was calling me was because the firms he had shortlisted did *not* have explicit ROI objectives, and he was now terrified since he believed he was dealing with snake oil salesmen. Louis.

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Tweeting of purchases is a plug that money can’t buy – Social Media ROI Monetization

Laurel Papworth

The customer is effectively signing up the next customer at zero cost. digital economy Monetization Money Online Communities press social media social networks The Australian donations Facebook Fundraising group buying laurel papworth ROI Twitter How much is a a Tweet worth, in dollar terms? How about a customer sharing a purchase on Facebook – can that make you money?

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Enterprises Struggle To Measure Social Media ROI

Proactive Report

According to a Hypatia Research report, “Benchmarking Social Community Platform Investments & ROI,&# only 40% of companies measure social media performance on a quarterly or annual basis, while almost 13% or the organizations surveyed do not measure ROI from social media at all, and another 18% said they do so only on an ad hoc basis. And I would agree with that.

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How to Use AIDA, ROI and KISS to Boost Your Sales


AIDA, ROI and KISS were first coined by advertisers and an engineer but have since been applied to the online marketing industry. Despite the debate, AIDA, ROI and KISS provide copywriters with valuable checklists, all of which ensure your copy is well written for maximum consumer engagement and ultimately, conversion. ROI is an acronym you may associate with Return on Investment.

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Measuring Social Media ROI


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Measuring Social Media ROI by Pam Dyer on December 21, 2009 Share Companies and brands are finally beginning to fully embrace social media. But many companies don’t have the faintest idea about where to begin when it comes to measuring the ROI of their social media campaigns and strategies. link] Urs E.

Business Blogging ROI in 3 Steps: Keep It Simple

Writtent Blog

Measuring the ROI of your business blogging can be difficult at times because of all the factors that come into play. This is what ROI stands for: Return on Investment… not Return on Influence or Return on Interaction or any other distraction. If you were to buy website visitors from some other place – they’d cost you money. ROI = (300 – 250)/250 = 20%. Traffic. Leads.

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Improving Marketing ROI – 3 Top Tips

Bill Hartzer

An online marketing strategy should never stop evolving and improving if it is to remain cost effective and successful. This is useful but to significantly improve ROI you would need to create a set of requirements to measure and analyse your results with by making use of advanced call tracking software as well as other detailed analytics software. Improving ROI is a linear process and cannot be achieved overnight. To get you started, here are 3 tips for you to consider when looking to improve your online marketing activity. Tip 1: forecast alternative solutions. Marketin

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Proving Value vs ROI in PR

Proactive Report

His panel was about measurement, proving value and ROI. The areas where PR can show ROI are: Revenue generation – One example is Rosetta Stone’s discovery of the over-50 market and their partnership with AARP. Avoiding or cutting costs in areas like R&D, customer service, support and advertising. 2014 will see more emphasis on reporting PR results. PR Actions.

The Missing Link Between Media and Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Disconnected and unable to adequately track and optimize media spend, marketing organizations struggle with lead velocity, mixed data quality and a lack of ability to attribute results back to the source or measure ROI. Validate prospect information in order to inject quality, actionable data, and thereby increase lead velocity and lower media costs.