4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

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While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group?

Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?

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Journal post focused mostly on small businesses, and they will certainly be hardest hit by the push towards ads because of three factors: Lack of resources to create effective ads and optimize them for clicks so you ads convert to the goals you’ve set for your campaign.

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On Research, Measurement’s Oft-Forgotten Sibling

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On how to decide which research method to use: Steve said that they use a mix of tools on almost every project, with surveys, focus groups and interviews being the most common. Try out Slideshare’s recent addition, Zipcast, for online focus groups (it’s free).

What is Market Research?


The main types of qualitative research are focus groups (e.g. Qualitative marketing research stands out from quantitative marketing research in that data is gathered from a small group of respondents and that that data is not put through statistical analysis. Focus Groups.

How to Make the Zero Moment of Truth Work for You

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Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes? 4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on.

[INTERVIEW] How TV producers are bridging the gap between social data, risk, and creativity (and how you can too)


This wariness of risk is amplified in the high cost TV industry, where shows can easily cost millions to produce, and audience reaction can be tough to predict. How does social data analysis differ from conducting focus groups with those audiences?

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6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway

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Ultimately, both sides need to come to an understanding, with management conceding that not all of that peer interaction is a waste of time and employees focusing primarily on achieving business goals through social media activity during work hours.

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Social Media Is CRM

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At little cost or effort, a business now potentially can reach far more customers or prospects. Opinionated social networking users become a virtual focus group, praising or complaining about a company's offerings, and coming up with suggestions for improvements or new products or brands. To accomplish this, companies should create customer-focused online communities with well-established components like blogs, forums, chats and wikis.

How To Use Consumer Insights For Product Inspiration and Development

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The primary benefits are being able to focus on specific information and target questions to specific audiences. It can be incredibly time efficient, however, this approach can be costly when you hire specialists to create and execute surveys.

Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business

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Marketers no longer have to rely on expensive, contrived focus groups; social media provides a vastly larger, richer, more real-world source of information. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, community sites (e.g.

Google+ for Apps - the Perfect Competition for Yammer and SalesForce Chatter

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It can also be a great way to get external feedback from a select group of people outside your organization - perhaps you could involve a focus group in the release of a new product before you launch it to the public. Now you'll have the ability to get the attention of a group of people in your company and start conversations around topics you need their participation in. I've always suggested that the business collaboration space is a very saturated one.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


Chances are, there are smaller influencers or groups who have far more clout in your area. Whereas, when we were in Zambia, where it’s quite fashion focused, we sent the video to fashionistas, fashion bloggers and retail stores.”.

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One of our primary measures of success is media cost, and when it started, we paid the equivalent of $250 per order. We’d do a focus group and find out people didn’t understand what equipment they’d need, so we’d add that.

3 Free Online Tools for Customer Insights + Win a Copy of Youtility [GIVEAWAY]


This is a special guest spot by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert. Stop trying to be amazing online and start being useful. I don’t mean this in a Trojan-horse, “tweet that pretends to be useful but is actually a sales pitch” way. I mean a genuine, “how can we actually help you?”

How To Promote Your Content Through Social Ads Effectively


Protect It At All Costs. But your main focus has to be your website. Please note, it’s better to have a more focused group of individuals even if they are fewer in numbers than to be targeting a massive audience loosely connected to your topic. #2.

Don’t Ignore Social Media’s Research Value

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Our intrinsic understanding of opportunity cost is what defines us as people. Is this notion of opportunity cost sometimes the key to successfully determining the value and ROI of social media? According to a Google source, the cost breakdown for market research is as follows (all figures shown are minimums): Eight person focus group = $6,000 ($750/participant). That would be the equivalent of 230 interviews or roughly 78 focus groups.

10 Marketing Techniques for Content Marketers from Traditional Advertising

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We’re specifically referring to focus groups, scheduled panels of carefully-selected consumers who would provide feedback over the course of a few hours on a potential marketing campaign. It’s a pretty terrible time to be in the traditional advertising sector.

How to Write a Bare-Bones Content Strategy for Small Business

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It’s whether you’re able to successfully translate your company’s customer focus to your content marketing. Think of the costly and time-consuming focus groups huge companies often utilize just to figure out what their customers think.

Strategy Lessons: The Fire Book

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Achieving marketshare usually comes down to a single or a combination of critical differentiators with a product or service, such as quality, cost, or ease of use. This can take the form of focus groups, invite only alpha groups, announcement of intent, etc.

25 Compelling Reasons to Blog for Business Yesterday

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One of the reasons to blog is that it’s an avenue to provide value to your prospects without cost. Remember when corporations had to spend thousands of dollars on focus groups to compile consumer insights?

The Wave System: How to Get Your Facebook Page Updates Seen By More People


It costs me $1,000 to promote a SINGLE POST to the followers on one of my pages. In addition, I’ve included a bonus section at the bottom where I show you how to identify specific groups within your page and target them, also for free. Did you just write a killer blog post?

How To Measure Your Social Media Efforts

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There is lot of research and discussion going on in the area of 'how to arrive at a ROI for Social Media' There are two unique groups at the two ends of a spectrum. Yes if corporates are accountable towards costs incurred then we too need to search a method on this.

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Monitoring Your Company’s Brand Online with MutualMind

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Some people think they can just send out a couple of surveys , or do a few focus groups , and gather all the information they need about the public’s opinion about their products. How Much Does Online Reputation Management Cost?

3 Ways to Use Social Media for New Product Development


The ability that social media gives you to understand the marketplace, supplies you with an opportunity to reduce your product development costs and outperform your competition. By contributing to conversations and requesting feedback on your ideas, you can build a focus group that can supply you with a steady stream of new ideas and help grow your company. Product development can seem like a cryptic process that gives unpredictable results.

How Size Matters in the Social Media ROI Debate

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Social media taps into the causal swirl of the fish pond, but if an executive across the table says he’ll need to see ‘solid ROI on that’ he’s might as well be asking to do a focus group with a group of golden carp.


Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble | social crm.

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Here are a few reasons identified in the study that the focus we put on Twitter may be entirely appropriate, and perhaps not even intent enough: The Iceberg Effect. Now, companies ought to focus on wowing their customers – and avoid giving them an awful experience – but for most companies, particularly those that have many customers they don't get a chance to interact with 1:1, the third segment is the easiest to reach at any kind of scale.

Barcamp Delhi 5: Spreading the Word out !

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So as our oldies said, money saved is money earned holds particularly true in today’s scenario, when cost cutting is the new mantra. The research which their focus group discussions revealed was that Indian customers are not price sensitive, they are value sensitive. Not only Moneysaver, but other companies are also trying to utilize SMS, Bluetooth, mobile websites, to cost effectively reach customers.

Social Media a CRM perspective

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At little cost or effort, a business now potentially can reach far more customers or prospects. Opinionated social networking users become a virtual focus group, praising or complaining about a company's offerings, and coming up with suggestions for improvements or new products or brands.

Curating, not moderating, the flow of content and participation


It is, to me, a giant leap in the direction of resolving the issue many have grappled with in the past, which is how to find and reflect the content and opinions of a wide range of participants, without being overwhelmed, as is so often the case, by the flood of content and rising moderation costs.

Best of #SMAZ – Blogging Tips, Social Media ROI, & SEO


Holdout Groups – taking two demographically similar groups and sending an ad to one, but not the other, and measuring the result of the group who received the ad compared to the one that didn’t.


Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

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What is the outside-in approach at each phase in the lifecycle today and then focus on how to make that better (and connect that to business measures that matter). So, don’t get paralyzed by the cross group challenges - move it forward and determine where the opportunities to improve customer experience are for what “you control&# and drive progress there - then fan out with your early successes. © 2008 Community Group Therapy. Upcoming Events. About.

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An Enormous Opportunity The huge (and expanding) reach of social media, and its relatively low cost (at least from a production fees perspective) makes it an incredibly attractive proposition for marketers. Agencies should also be working with clients on using social media as a market research tool, by surveying fans or creating dedicated, invite-only brand communities that serve as a living focus group.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Total cost of this incredibly helpful marketing effort is very low, and Mike even offsets that by including ads from sponsors! Website surveys, email surveys, Facebook inquiries, focus groups, telephone calls to 25 customers each month. Taxi service is one thing we generally don't think much about (unless the car smells or the driver is rude), instead focusing on the basic utility of our needs.

Get Your Social Media Story Straight | Blogging and Content.

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Talk about a focus group… I can tell you as a fan that David Kahn’s transparency and approach to fans in general is a lot better than Kevin McHale’s ever was, but I still think it would be easy to embed somebody from the Wolves front office, PR, or Marketing department into communities like Twolvescentral.com to give die hard fans as much of the behind the scenes insight allowable, while also just being a fan amongst other fans.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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They focus on fostering customer behaviors that lead to profitability. In return, it gets access to intimate needs-focused information on the customer or prospect him/herself. Consider: low-cost item ($1) providing high-impact in a new, LARGE and un-tapped market (weddings). Yes, many use things like focus groups, gut instinct (entrepreneurs are notorious for this!),