I Just bought Bill.Ninja Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

As you may be aware, I am a big fan of the new gTLD domain name extensions, there are hundreds of them already in General Availability. So, I was hunting around today, using the technique below, to find available domain names and names that I wish to pre-register.

Never Use a Hyphenated Domain Name for Your Website

Bill Hartzer

It’s solid proof that the right keyword rich domain name will out-rank a hyphenated domain name in the search results every time. They used three different domain names: – frictionlessowls.com – site had content rich with relevant keywords.

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How to Know if You Should Renew Your Domain Name?

Bill Hartzer

If you own domain names, then you are inevitably going to have answer the question: should I renew this domain name? Here are fourteen questions to ask yourself to help you decide on whether your should renew your domain name or not. Domain Names

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: Why UDRP Reform is Needed

Bill Hartzer

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is “a disgusting practice…”, according to Rick Schwartz (aka the Domain King), and co-founder of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. “I always think about the mom and pop with one domain and their entire lives wrapped up in it.

Prove You’re Rich with a Dot Rich Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

I’ve been writing a lot about the new gTLD domain names , and many of them I really like as an alternative to the dot com domain TLD. the registry for the.rich gTLD, has decided to price the.rich domain names at $3,0000 US dollars each. Domain Names

Big Reddit Changes Coming? Conde Nast Purchases 285 Reddit Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

As you may or may not know, I typically watch the domain name purchases of many of the web’s biggest brands online. When a large group of domain names is purchases by an organization that is popular on the web, it usually indicates something big is coming.

High Profile Domain Names Suspended Due to Invalid WHOIS Data

Bill Hartzer

After further investigation into the issue, she learned that the domain names had been suspended by the registrar due to invalid WHOIS data on the domain name WHOIS record–here web server was not down. Craft is among many domain name owners whose domain names have been suspended due to invalid WHOIS data. I spoke with Camille Ede, Go Daddy Director of Domain Services. Domain Names

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name


When there’s more than 284 million registered domain names online, you’re going to want yours to stand out. It’s very easy to buy a domain name that you come to regret later. Domain Extensions. 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name.

Why I Gave a Domain Name Back to Its Former Owner

Bill Hartzer

I gave a domain name back to its former owner. The former owner called me on the phone, told me that the domain name I bought several years ago at a Godaddy TDNAM domain name auction, was their former family-owned website. Tags: Domain Names

Domain Names, Developed Domains, and Expired Domains

Bill Hartzer

When it comes to search engine marketing, one issue that many people struggle with is the domain name. There’s some confusion out there regarding domain names and how they effect a site’s ability (or inability) to rank well in the search engines. Domain Names

Google Calls New gTLDs Domain Endings, Offers Web Hosting

Bill Hartzer

Google is getting ready to launch Google Domains , where you can get a website, web hosting, and a website editor like Wix.com (which is very SEO-unfriendly, by the way). And, Google is pitching the purchase of a shiny, new gTLD (Top Level Domain). But “domain endings”?

217: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name


4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog. Today I’m talking about what to consider when naming your blog and choosing a domain name for it. I’ll share four things to consider when choosing a domain name. Domain names have an impact on SEO.). I’ll also talk about legal implications of choosing a domain name, because it’s important to stay within the law.


Why’d You Choose That Domain Name?


It all dates back to the mid 1970s, when a man name Albert Bandura, the guy behind Social Cognitive Theory , examined how we seek to replicate success we see in our surroundings and in media, often at all costs. Now I’ve got my first domain and I have no idea how to use it.”

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Infoseek Trademark and Domain Name to Be Auctioned December 8th

Bill Hartzer

Do you want to own the trademark and domain name of a former search engine? The trademark and domain name of Infoseek , a search engine originally founded in 1994 by Steve Kirsch and the first search engine to sell advertising on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) basis, will be put up for auction on December 8, 2010. The Infoseek trademark and domain name will be part of a brand name auction being held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City.

Network Solutions Auto Enrolls Customer in WebLock Program, To Tune of $1,850

Bill Hartzer

This is for two domain names that the customer owns. According to Simmons, this is for 2 domains that have been registered since the 1990s. Domain Names

Would An Online Presence Save Your Business?

Small Business Mavericks

Many business owners have a misconception about the cost of setting up an online presence. It doesn’t cost tens of thousands, you can set up a reasonable online presence for around a thousand dollars. That’s a domain name, hosting, a decent web site and blog thrown in. A small business Internet adviser costs a lot less than you imagine and if it saves your business, could be the best investment you ever make.

On Making Your Own Cost Efficient Business WordPress Websites

Bill Hartzer

Years ago, that statement may have been true…but in recent years technology has advanced to the point that you can now setup your website with very little start-up costs and in about 30 minutes time. Now the average cost of web hosting is just under $10 a month. By Dean Chester.

Are Registrars Price Gouging Pre-Registration of New gTLDs?

Bill Hartzer

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to register new domain names that have a new extension. You have to buy a domain name from an approved domain name registrar, such as Dotster.com, Network Solutions, or GoDaddy. Domain Names

Update: Microsoft’s Synsup Labs Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Last month I first discovered that Microsoft had secretly acquired 47 domain names related to a brand called “Synsup Labs&#. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the Bing.com search results for a keyword search for SynsupLabs. Now, about a month later, the total count of domain names related to Synsup Labs that Microsoft owns is an even 50, and each of those domain names have been set to resolve to their own name server.

Are Web-Based Free Hosts Good For Business?

Small Business Mavericks

I won’t name names. If you remember a website by the name of Geocities where you could sign in and build a website, then you might remember that it was just a couple of years ago that Yahoo! It costs less than $20 per year for a domain name and less than $15 per month for good hosting. In many cases, you can have a domain name for $10 per year and hosting for less than $5 per month. There are plenty of them out there.

How to Remove Semalt.com in Google Analytics

Bill Hartzer

In fact, it’s not real visitors, it’s just a “bot” that is wasting your website bandwidth and costing you money. Enter the Domain Name of the website that you want to exclude.

The Cost Of Online Rebranding

Small Business Mavericks

If you’ve built a solid online brand and find yourself having to rebrand your business online for one of various reasons, then you should count the cost before you start. If it is, there are some definite costs, and I mean beyond the dollars and cents. For instance, if you have to get a new domain name to correspond with your new business domain, then when you redirect your old site to the new domain you’ll likely lose some search engine rankings.

How to Block Semalt.com from Accessing Your Website Using.htaccess

Bill Hartzer

There is a form on that page that allows you to enter your domain name and they apparently will stop crawling your website. I have entered a domain name as a test to see if it will keep coming back.

How Often Should You Write a Blog Post?

Bill Hartzer

The blog was just a placeholder for the domain name that I own, and I would rather have unique content on it than have it parked at a domain name parking company or other website. Image courtesy of hywards / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

15 Common Social Media Questions & Answers

Sprout Social

Asking the right questions can improve your chances of success and help you avoid costly mistakes. Inevitably, someone will tag your Twitter name on Instagram or your Instagram name on Twitter and you’ll miss opportunities for engagement.

TopSEOs.com Banned In Google

Bill Hartzer

At the Pubcon Conference today in Las Vegas, here’s the TopSEOs.com booth: A search in Google reveals that TopSEOs.com has been banned in Google: TopSEOs has been around or a long time, the domain name originally registered in 2002.

NamesCon 2014: Meet the New TLDs –.uno,luxury,bar,rest,ski,xyz,college

Bill Hartzer

They are trying to give people from emerging markets to register a domain that meets their needs.luxury is a different business model. Question: What is going to be different about this new names? CEO of.Luxury: Companies and brands are going to have multiple domains.

5 Ways to Improve your SEO Today

Puzzle Marketer

Therefore one of the most popular and cost effective tactics is targeting the search engines to position your website higher for a specific keyword phrase. Compare keywords about products, product categories, industry terms, and your own brand name.

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Triple X Niche Case Study Update: Expenses Report

Viper Chill

Here is a breakdown of my expenses to date: Domain name : $11. A domain name is necessary and while a.info domain is a lot cheaper, I went with a.com since it just seems more reputable. Domain Name : $10.69. Domain : $11.

Adnimation Ad Network Uses Animated Ads, Claims Higher CTR

Bill Hartzer

Adnimation is a new Cost Per Click (CPC) ad network that uses animated ads and claims that there’s a significantly higher CTR. The form, shown below, is fairly straight-forward and didn’t take much time to fill out: Enter your website, name, email address, and a password.

Beginner Week: Bite the Bullet and Start Your Blog with this Seven-Point Checklist


I’ll name a handful of them: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, Squarespace… Let’s make this decision easy. If you don’t buy your own domain name, you’ll have one like yourname.wordpress.com.). Day 3: Decide on Your Domain Name.

Search Engine Submission Now Officially a Scam

Bill Hartzer

Take a look at the UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email–spam) email that I received just recently, it looked like this: The email is offering “search engine submission services” and the service, which costs a hefty $75.00

5-Step Process For Finding Your Perfect Content Marketing Partners

Convince & Convert

You know that promoting your business using useful website content and social media is a great way to build your audience and generate more customers at a relatively low cost. Copy and paste each of the domain names from the top 10 organic search results into a PageRank checker like [link].

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps


Secure a domain name and get hosting in place. Keep in mind that WordPress offer two tools: WordPress.com – where they host your blog, look after the back end, and give you access to have it on their own domain. Step 2: Secure a Domain Name and Get Hosting in Place.

The Complete Solo Build It! Review - An Insider’s Perspective

The Social Media Hat

If you knew that your idea for a business was going to be a success, then by all means, grab a domain and start building that beautiful website. You can't get to their sitebuilder or any of the other tools until you have worked the process and developed a domain name that ticks all the boxes.

How To Build A Successful Business Blog (a Getting Started Guide)

Rebekah Radice

Not only is it a cost-effective way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, but it also becomes a magnet – attracting prospective clients in an organic and natural way. One of my most recent achievements is being named a 2015 Top 10 Social Media Bloggers by Social Media Examiner.

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Easy Tips for First Time Business Owners


You’ll also want to make sure to have a performance management protocol in place – the worst thing to do is to have employees that are just sitting around and costing you money. Choose a domain name and build a great website.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


While there are many platforms to choose from, I always suggest that if your purpose for blogging is anything related to branding, business, or making money online, then you want to go with WordPress on your own domain. Choosing a Domain Name. Purchasing a Domain Name.

51 Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate with Low Competition

Viper Chill

In two of the search terms above, exact match domains are performing very well with very few backlinks. I was able to pick up a few exact match domains myself so they’re definitely still available. how much does it cost to ship a car: 4,400 monthly searches.

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Simple and Affordable Resources for Creating a Website


If you’re looking for affordable web hosting for your domain, then you might want to check out Hostt. They offer free web hosting when you register a domain with them for three years. With Hostt, you will register your.com domain and pay $41.85