Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. The white paper throws some light on the following: How to define social analytics as a discipline.

White paper on Social CRM for associations


We’ve just published our latest white paper, Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. The white paper deconstructs Social CRM into its basic parts and applies the concept to association management. Communications coordinates with government relations, publications, and other departments to coordinate participation in public conversations on blogs and Twitter. Who owns Social CRM?

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How Bloggers Can Create and Use White Papers


A white paper is a cross between a magazine article and a corporate brochure. How Bloggers Can Use White Papers. Bloggers can use white papers for various purposes including the following. White papers are mainly written to directly generate leads from them.

Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In a recent conversation I was having with the Bloom Group they believe “the practice of publishing white papers must come to a close because of the utter proliferation of white papers, and the poor content contained within so many of them.” Kill the white paper!”

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How to Drive Business Value with Social Marketing Funnel [white paper]


Tweet Today, a white paper called “ The Social Marketing Funnel: Driving Business Value with Social Marketing &# has been published. Other contributors to the paper are David Meerman Scott , Jason Falls , Jeremiah Owyang , Nathaniel Perez , Erik Qualman , David Berkowitz etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization – 20 Factors Impacting Your Sales and ROI

Pam Moore

Learning how to increase conversions is often a top goal of smart and internet savvy marketing and business leaders. Unfortunately most digital marketers lack even the most basic foundational skills to truly optimize their conversion rates. Conversion rate definition.

Social Marketers, CMO’s Are Most Worried About These Things

Simply Measured

The first step beyond purely transactional digital content is to find out what your target audience is discussing organically and use this as the generative source for creating content that will authentically become a part of this conversation.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Attribution

Simply Measured

Conversations to Conversions: How to Measure Anything on Social Using Simply Measured Download. Social media is left out of most major marketing conversations, because most major marketing conversations focus on revenue.

Two important SocialFish announcements…


Our brand-spanking new free SocialFish white paper on Social CRM for Associations is here! Featured SocialFish News White Paper Think TankTwo important SocialFish announcements for ya: 1.

Growing your Email Subscriber List: Seven Tips (and Some Social Media)

Social Email Marketing

Email marketing B2B marketing choice clarity confirmation mail content conversion-oriented interactive marketing CRM cross-channel customer-centricity data data-driven e-commerce email list email marketing email subscriber list frequency interactions mini-form opt-in rules privacy policy relationship relevant content subscribing subscribing process support tickets timing trust unsubscribe unsubscribes white papers“The money is in the list”.

Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5

Join in as we discuss marketing, conversion rate optimization and the art & science of landing pages. You’ll be celebrating your social media goal conversions too! You should setup your Goal Value to be the average amount of the common conversion.

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Growing your Email Subscriber List: Seven Tips (and Some Social Media)

Social Email Marketing

Email marketing B2B marketing choice clarity confirmation mail content conversion-oriented interactive marketing CRM cross-channel customer-centricity data data-driven e-commerce email list email marketing email subscriber list frequency interactions mini-form opt-in rules privacy policy relationship relevant content subscribing subscribing process support tickets timing trust unsubscribe unsubscribes white papers“The money is in the list”.

5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Buying Cycle Conversion Conversion Optimization Customer Customer Experience Personalization Strategy. The bottom line is, any small change, addition or update to your site can negatively or positively impact conversions, but if you aren’t testing, you will never know.

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Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

Webbiquity SMM

As those headings suggest, this isn’t a book about “engagement,” conversations, shares, likes, followers or any other soft measures of social media success, but rather is focused on using social media to generate a high volume of qualified leads, the top priority of B2B marketers.

Your Content Isn’t as Influential as You Think It Is

Convince & Convert

According to the survey, 29% of marketing technology buyers say that all vendor content (including the website, blog, reports, and white papers) are very influential in their research. Content marketers like to think we are important.

The Social Media Lifecycle [Infographic]


These tools empower companies to start and maintain conversations, deliver first-class customer service, and drive sales — immediately, at the click of a button. The purpose of any piece of data you use in your business is to help you make better decisions.

3 Keys for Conversion Optimization Success

Shift Digital

Efficient conversion optimization is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business successfully on the web. Conversion optimization allows you to answer the following questions: Is your website engaging? Here are three keys for conversion optimization success: 1.

7 Simple Secrets to B2B Lead Generation Titles that Convert like Crazy


Many content marketers seem to miss out on a key aspect of success – the title of your white paper, eBook, guide, webinar, etc. I’d better download the white paper to find out. We find that a mention of your company or product in a title spells much lower conversion rate.

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5 Expert Tips for Converting Your Webinar Audience

Convince & Convert

Now it’s time to do some very important housekeeping to keep the conversation going with your audience. Using online polls helps engage the audience and provide them a way of joining the conversation.

Measuring Your Content Marketing Success [Infographic]


Keyword-optimized blog posts, white papers, press releases, articles, and social media content create brand awareness, inspire audience engagement, and move customers through the sales funnel from initial consideration to purchase. Why does content marketing drive conversions?

How to Leverage Social Media for Successful Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Change the conversation away from the tools (“we should be on Facebook”) towards how you’re applying social data to membership management; then it becomes part of everyone’s job, not some annoying frivolous thing on top of everyone’s already full plate.

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A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing [Plus Infographic]


Every day, people form impressions of brands from many touch points: Ads, product experiences, tweets, Google, Facebook, blog posts, websites, and conversations with family and friends. White papers. Content marketing has changed the way consumers research and buy your products.

The ROI of Social CRM


Take away two white papers which explain the strategic value of building a social CRM practice. Here are the slides* for a presentation I gave recently to the CESSE Association Leadership Through Partnership program, hosted by Plexus Consulting.

Humanize It: 10 Tips to Make Your Tweets More Human

Pam Moore

Digital Body Language: 105 Factors Impacting Your Personal and Business Brand (white paper). Conversion Rate Optimization: 20 Factors Impacting Your Sales and ROI. Are you speaking to your audience in a way that they understand? When you tweet do people listen?

Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In particular, manufacturers are tapping into social conversations as they explore new product ideas in order to learn what consumers are interested in and talking about. Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies.

7 Top Personal Branding Goals To Develop Your Social Brand Strategy

Pam Moore

Download our 105 Factors Impacting Your Digital Brand white paper. The social web is really one big fat social conversation and relationship, made up of many micro-conversations and relationships. 10 Reasons Personal Branding is a Requirement Not an Option (white paper).

How To Use Influencer Marketing To Launch A New Product

The Realtime Report

First, define the online conversation you need to be a part of using keywords. Try getting out of the box by considering lifestyle-related conversations. Use those keywords to find the people who are leading the conversation you are interested in and create your list of influencers.

Social Marketing Analytics: a great report from Altimeter

Gemma Went

This white paper from Altimeter looks at this in detail, exploring Altimeter’s framework for measuring results in social media. I’ve shared stuff from Altimeter a few times and this white paper is one of the best.

Google Analytics: Your Free Goldmine to More Leads, Sales and Human Connections

Pam Moore

Why you should setup the goals and conversions feature within Google Analytics? Why you must enable and setup goals and conversions feature within Google Analytics. 10 Ways to Stomp Random Acts of Marketing (white paper).

Is Social CRM the key to growing membership?


We’ve also written a white paper on Social CRM for Associations, which is out very soon. Sign up here to be notified when the white paper is available !

20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Example: Offering a free white paper download to someone likes you on Facebook, and the download consists of 200 words of common knowledge. It’s hard to have a conversation with a logo. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr.

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Social Media Success Requires a Marriage, Not a One Night Stand

Pam Moore

You also need to understand things like conversion funnels, social listening, engagement, influencer or micro-influencer marketing, KPIs, content marketing strategies, and the list goes on. Supporting Resources: How to Get Your Social Marketing Budget Approved (white paper).

#LetsAskNancy 004 – Lawyers, How Can You Be More Sticky?

Myrland Marketing

Perhaps this is a white paper, a video series that summarizes recent developments in legislation your clients might care about, or an audio recording of a recent presentation you made (even if it was 10 minutes ago sitting in your office). Facebook conversion tracking.

How to Create Better Content for Any Point in the Funnel

Simply Measured

Themes will also help you breakdown the macro-level conversation into bite-size chunks, so you can determine the underlying, well, themes, of the conversation. Sort your content by pageviews and time-on-site to see which blogs, white papers, etc. Conversion.

Influencer Marketing 101: Definitions, Benefits and Success Tips in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

This episode is part of a series of conversations that will cover influencer marketing in detail. 8 Steps to Develop a Social Business Plan (white paper). How to Build a Social Business Strategy & Plan (white paper).

Social media in call centres

Sherrilynne Starkie

Research and analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has published a white paper, Enabling Successful Social Media Customer Care , which examines challenges, opportunities and how best to use social media to monitor and take action within the contact center.

Influencer Marketing: How to Co-Create Content with Top Industry Influencers

Pam Moore

There is not a lack of Facebook Live Videos to watch and engage in, webinars to learn from, Instagram stories to laugh at, Tweet chats to converse in, blogs to read or podcasts to listen to! This is the second in a series of conversations that will cover influencer marketing in detail.

Community management and content creation

Janet Fouts

Some are great conversation wranglers, s**t-disturbers even. Many have a passion for the topic of conversation central to the brand they manage. I was part of a discussion on Twitter this morning around this post of George Snell’s.”

The State of Social Media Marketing– Annual Survey Report


In 2011, 78% were monitoring social media channels for brand mentioning at least a few times a week and 73% were monitoring industry conversations with the same frequency. Similar Posts: 2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions [White Paper].

10 Facebook Tips Every B2B Marketer Should Know

PWB Marketing Blog

What really matters on Facebook is not the number of fans, but getting fans to have a conversation with you. Know your buyer personas and their buying process, then develop content (white papers, ebooks, webinars, etc.) The best pages create a community, encourage fans to interact with one another, and participate in conversations in a meaningful way. Are you one of the 41% of B2B companies acquiring customers through Facebook? If not, don’t be discouraged.

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