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Main | Jakes Take: Comcast Cares & You Can Too » May 27, 2010 BP Facebook Sentiment I spent some time evaluating sentiment towards BP on Facebook based on the number of 'pro' and 'con' pages.

Is Sentiment Making Brands Stupid?

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Most often they end up with a tool that monitors for them brand mentions and breaks them into bite sized chunks of data and ranking them by sentiment. So I ask you again – is Sentiment Making Brands Stupid?

Is It Time To Reconsider Sentiment Scoring?

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To some’s credit, they do state that sentiment alone is not enough information to derive any conclusions. With sentiment there is no such thing as accuracy, there is only agreement. And, “sentiment&# does not mean the same thing to all people in all situations.

6 Potentially Wildly Inaccurate Observations about Tostitos and Social Sentiment

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Sentiment Graph for a Talking Bag. Sentiment may even out in short order. Business has wanted to eavesdrop on customer conversations since the time of Pompeii, and now they can. Sentiment scoring remains an inexact science.

The importance of social media sentiment analysis (and how to conduct it)

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Enter the world of sentiment analysis. In this guide, we’ll break down the importance of social media sentiment analysis, how to conduct it and what it can do to transform your business. What is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis is the process of retrieving information about a consumer’s perception of a product, service or brand. If you want to know exactly how people feel about your business, sentiment analysis can do the trick.

The sea change in Twitter sentiment

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I thought it was just me and thus I wrote about the rise of the transactional conversation of Twitter on Monday. All of these posts and reports and what have you, alluded to something that may be occuring before our very eyes and that’s this: Conversations on Twitter have deteriorated into flat out unadulterated pimping of one’s wares, or the company they work for. The conversation and ensuing relationship. Who needs conversation?

MoMA Creates @Art140 To Stir Up Conversation

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MoMA will post 6 pieces of art , representing “a wide range of work,” and then add information about each piece designed to get conversation rolling. The Museum of Modern Art wants to get more people to talk about art — and is turning to Twitter to make that happen.

6 Potentially Wildly Inaccurate Observations about Tostitos and Social Sentiment

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Sentiment Graph for a Talking Bag. Sentiment may even out in short order. Business has wanted to eavesdrop on customer conversations since the time of Pompeii, and now they can. Sentiment scoring remains an inexact science.

This weeks #SocialMedia Tweetchat Topic: Sentiment Analysis-Opinions Matter, If Only You Knew Which Ones

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There is a word in the industry called “ Sentiment ” that is used when trying to determine a person’s attitude. So the sticking point here is whether or not you can use automated analysis to provide sentiment or if it has to be all human interface. For any local or small business, human processing of sentiment might be reasonable. If you ask 10 people how to measure sentiment, you will most certainly get 12 answers (yes 12). Q1: How do you define positive sentiment?

How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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After all, if everyone seems to be having a conversation about the same topic, shouldn’t their brand be a part of it? What is the sentiment behind the trend? It was an important, emotional conversation that highlighted the complexities of abusive relationships.

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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That means if you are only monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, you’re missing most of the social conversation about your company, products, and services. Monitor groups, topics, the sentiment surrounding the conversation, and the influence of each post.

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Digital Communications Conversations Continue To Evolve

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Tweet The maturation of the conversation about social media-driven PR continues. As the “digital communications” industry (read: somewhere in the intersection of owned, earned and paid media) grows beyond the niche and towards the mainstream, the conversation at the leading end of the industry is shifting more and more from the “why” to the “how”. Conversion. Conversions are key within that bracket. Why do conversions matter?

Keeping a Pulse on Stranger Things: A Look at Trends in Social Conversation

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If you didn’t spend the weekend bingeing the latest installment like me, it’s become almost impossible to avoid articles, conversation, and spoilers related to the show, as online conversation surrounding the show has blown up in the last week.

How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations

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Discovering social content at the venue can help marketers find user-generated content to share, analyze event sentiment, and identify any safety or security threats. Marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach their target audiences. They are faced with challenging questions.

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Four Metrics for Measuring Social ROI


Additionally, analyzing real-time social media sentiment, by using social media management systems to track down all mentions of the brand’s name, will provide insights on the brand’s reputation and how its name is being perceived. Social media is all about interactions.

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Four Ways to Combat Audience Negativity on Social Media

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Take The Conversation Elsewhere. This way, you get to continue the conversation in a less public space and you avoid drawing unwanted attention to the issue at hand.

What’s the Best Social Media Monitoring Tool? It Depends

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and where they are talking about it), sentiment analysis, and collaboration tools for acting on the information. The Radian6 Dashboard enables you to monitor conversations in real time, while the Engagement Console lets you respond directly or route posts to appropriate individuals or teams and analyze the results of social media interactions. Until fairly recently, keeping track of your organization’s online presence was relatively easy.

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How to Build Creativity and Self-Expression with Your Community

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In celebration of 100 years of its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes, Converse recently debuted the “Made By You” campaign, which pays homage to the artistic spirit of the people who wear them. Image via Converse. Image via Converse. What do your shoes say about you?

How Social Media Gave True Blood a Transfusion

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But counting the number of conversations won’t by itself tell a producer or network executive that a show is going to continue to attract viewers and remain popular.

Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

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Here’s a recap of a few of the key sessions and conversations from the summit. Buyers are open to sales conversations when 1) they are the right buyer and 2) their “digital body language&# indicates they are actively engaged in looking for a solution right now.

Creating Engagement in B2B Marketing

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So one of my team’s objectives this year is not only to create more social content but also to move the needle on engagement and sentiment. A recent Cone Inc.’s

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Killing The E-mail Marketing Myths

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I’d like to echo their sentiments. In this myth, you are encouraged to send fewer e-mails because that is allegedly going to result in more conversions for you. But if you send 4 e-mails a month (essentially 1 per week), then you are way more likely to get more conversions than if you send just 1 per month. The latest statistic is that 4 e-mails per month doubles the number of conversions as 1 per month. The more conversions you get, the higher your revenue.

Viral video: Jim Carrey’s take on gun control

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Both Swift’s essay and Carrey’s video serve to spur conversation and debate of important political issues. Most of the online conversation is being fuelled by Fox News’ vitriolic reaction. Sysomos gives the sentiment a 68% favourable score.

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Best Brand Monitoring Tools – At Any Price

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Given the increasing importance of reviews, not just for consumer brands but B2B offerings as well—plus backlinks, microinfluencers, and social media conversations—it’s vital to track online brand mentions.

[SOLVED] How Do I Clear The Facebook Messenger Notification When I Don’t Have A New Message?

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When you switch over to the conversation in mobile, however, viewing that sentiment doesn’t register as having read the message, which causes the sentiment to remain in unread status, causing the new message icon to recur over and over.

What’s your social listening strategy?

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Rather than making decisions based on parsing the big data, we can listen in on conversations about our product, our competitors’ products, and the needs of the consumer. It’s not entirely accurate to use tools that judge sentiment as a data point either.

3 Ways to Incorporate Social Listening into Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Social listening can be a great source of information when researching audience conversation and sentiment around your brand. Isolate Key Influencer Conversations.

11 best social media listening tools


Social media monitoring is the process of gathering information on your brand’s mentions, share of voice, sentiment, and more. Instant alerts of your brand mention along with sentiment analysis help you react to them with real-time insights.

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50+ ways to search Twitter

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Hashtags, people, conversations, topics, etc.

All Filler. No Killer.

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That was the general sentiment around the rehearsal spaces when I studied music in college. Forever in blue (or black) jeans and Converse. . While it''s not a zero-sum game, there is a sentiment that brands are chasing the one hit wonder. converse. Everyone wants a hit. . Some dreamed of that "hit" moment happening, once they received a letter accepting them into a symphony orchestra, others imagined that moment as being asked to join B.B.

What My Podcast Is Not

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It''s the conversation as it went down. Thinking about the person that I am going to speak with, researching the areas of conversation, and then spending the time cracking open the walnut with them keeps me super inspired. It''s a conversation. I consider the people on the podcast someone that I would like to have a conversation with. I write down things that I''d like to have a conversation about. A conversation should have differing opinions.

Think Globally, Act Locally: Introducing Advanced Geolocation

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Our new geolocation function lets you see exactly where conversation about your brand is coming from, right down to street level*. For example, the above map shows sentiment towards the recent launch of Apple Pay in the UK by region.

6 best social media monitoring tools 


Imagine the volume of conversation taking place across multiple social media networks by billions of people daily! This is why you need a dedicated social media monitoring tool to help you manage and keep an eye out for conversations that are relevant to your business.

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Our Favorite Agorapulse Social Media Hacks

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Conversation follow up. Track sentiment. Add a few saved replies that have a similar sentiment: “Thanks so much!” In today’s busy, modern world, we’re constantly on the hunt for “hacks” to make our lives both better and easier.

#ELECTION2016: A Look into the Presidential Candidates’ Social Behavior

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Content and commentary from the candidates remained relatively consistent throughout the first half of the year, with conversation spiking around key events (largely debates and conventions). Using Brandwatch, we identified trends in their conversation, as well as sentiment.

Memorial Day & Social Media: 5 Must-Reads


Customers Bullish On Travel, Spending This Memorial Weekend, Says Social Sentiment Index [STUDY]. Here are your 5 must-reads on Memorial Day and social media that we don’t want you to miss. Memorial Day Thoughts From Social Media Explorer.

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

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Our kids are texting, our heads are buried in our laps and we can hardly hold a conversation for more than five minutes without a ringing, vibration or desire to look at our smartphones to see if someone has emailed, tweeted, texted or pinged us. A theme of anti-Web sentiment (or a digital connectedness unplugging) was pervasive. anti web sentiment. conversation. Is your head buried in your lap?

How Recent LinkedIn Updates Can Be Leveraged to Engage Your Audience

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Brands can leverage this feature by including calls to action for members to share their sentiment around an update by tapping the reaction most relevant to them.

Measuring what matters in communications

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A couple of weeks ago, IABC Ottawa asked me to facilitate a conversation of special interest group that is focused on major trends in communications measurement and social media evaluation. The conversation moved on to the types of goals that we should be setting.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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Disclaimer – these are my opinions formed by my conversations with these firms). SENTIMENT BASED ANALYTICS. And they don’t use sentiment analysis they use human analysis to provide “derived sentiment”. They have “automated sentiment” based on relevancy.