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Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

I don’t know a marketer out there that would say that influence in social media is not a commodity, if you know how to leverage it. I do however, know a lot of marketers out there, who struggle with determining and identifying influence in social media and because of that, can not leverage it; and that’s NOT a commodity! Discussions on influence in social have been around since social began. Do you have a social/digital mindset?

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Facebook News Feed Changes. Stay Calm. Don’t Panic.


#Facebook News Feed Changes. Here’s the gist: “Facebook is making significant changes to its News Feed algorithm in an effort to prioritize “meaningful” person-to-person interactions among friends and family over posts from Facebook pages. This goes into the News Feed. #7

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Social Media Live Streaming 101

Ignite Social Media

With fewer options for entertainment given the current global situation, brands, public figures, and users alike are turning to social media live streaming on these channels to pass the time. If your brand is considering social media live streaming, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t Sell Your Brand’s Soul to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm and Vanity Metrics

Pam Moore

By now we should know that when it comes to social media and digital marketing, the only guarantee we have is change. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the news feed algorithm will be changing in a way that impacts brands and publishers. He made it crystal clear that we all will see less brand content in our news feed. 10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content That Owns the News Feed Like a Boss. Optimizing conversion funnels.

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Mind Your Manners: Etiquette Tips for Your Social Media

agora pulse

Are you using your best manners on social media? Or do you need a little brushing up on your social media etiquette? And just like we sometimes need reminders about good etiquette at the dinner table, we may need reminders of the basic rules of etiquette in social media.

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5 Social Media Tactics to Enhance Your 2020 Holiday Marketing Strategy

Ignite Social Media

Not only are people using social media differently, but purchase behaviors have changed. 5 Social Media Tactics for your Holiday Marketing Strategy. Be Strategic with Paid Media. Another tip to keep is to try to get your brand out of the Facebook learning phase.

5 Social Media Time-Saving Tips for Businesses

A passion for people or innovations may have built your business over time, however social media silence and inactivity can sink it quickly. Your life’s work won’t fall behind the times when you use these five time-saving social media tips. Worse, unplanned social media posting threatens productivity and time management. However, time-consuming design scares most business owners into abandoning necessary social media efforts.

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Social Media Updates: July


Many new updates were announced in the world of social media in July! Changes to News Feed Ranking: Facebook announced another change to the algorithm that determines what people see in the news feed. Remember: the news feed algorithm regulates whether your fans see the content you post on your business page. One way to get your content higher-up in News Feed is to show people stories about things that are trending as soon as they occur.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for 2020

agora pulse

Shopping for your company’s first social media tool or needing to upgrade to a new social media management app? But with dozens of available options, how do you know which is the best social media tool? 10 Social Media Management Tools for 2020.

Top Benefits of Using Social Media for Business


“Why should my business be on social media? I hear this so often and just recently had this conversation with some business owners at a networking meeting. Here’s the thing: I believe that social media for business is no longer an option! .

Social Media Updates: March


March saw a few relevant new social media updates that will help you to be more effective, resourceful and efficient in your social media marketing for your business. Promoted Pins are viral and continue to drive conversions even after your campaign has ended. Instagram Introduces Feed Algorithm to Show Best Posts First : The inevitable has happened. Facebook has long had a News Feed algorithm , one that has drawn the ire of users and marketers alike.

Social Media Updates: April


Things happening at breakneck speed in technology these days, and social media service providers are doing their best to vie for the most popular, most innovative and most highly sought-after spot among their users. Here are the most important social media updates that you might have missed in April……. Facebook Messenger Introduces Video Calling : Now you can not only instant message people, but you can have one-on-one conversations with people who matter.

ALERT: Facebook News Feed Changes

Twenty4 Social

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of the News Feed has said, “There will be less video” and “there will be less content directly from pages.” Adam Mosseri , Head of News Feed said. One of the ways we do this is by connecting people to meaningful posts from their friends and family in News Feed. Well at the moment Facebook uses signals like how many people react to, comment on or share posts to determine how high they appear in News Feed.

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10 Instagram Grid Examples to Creatively Level-up Your Feed


With just a quick scroll of their feed, you can see that every 9-12 photos Ohh Deer changes up the color scheme but maintains a strong user-generated content (UGC) strategy even as the color palette changes. . TIP: Don’t forget about your Instagram Stories Highlights!

12 Quick Editing Tips for Social Media


Are you a social media manager , responsible for your social media posts? Better you control your keyboard, to control your message, to improve what’s said on the Net around your social posts. Simple tips to make editing quick and painless for your social, publishing routine. 8 quick editing tips for social media managers. In fact, build this into a routine for everyone that has something to say on social. Skills Socia

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5 Social Media Marketing Tactics That’ll Improve Your Conversion Rate

Rebekah Radice

Social media is one of the most powerful lead generation tools available today. Problem is, time and effort on social media doesn’t always translate into real leads. 5 Social Media Marketing Tactics That’ll Improve Your Conversion Rates.

A Quick Guide to Social Media Advertising


If you’re looking to reach new audiences, social media advertising can be the quickest and easiest way to achieve your goal! With the right social media ad strategy, you can build your following, get website clicks, and drive sales for your brand or business. Understanding Different Types of Social Media Advertising. Knowing how to spend money on social media advertising can be overwhelming — especially when you’re just starting out.

Social Media Updates January


There have been some important social media updates in January. These updates will keep you informed of the latest changes to social media channels, and in turn, give you the knowledge to help you optimize and improve social media marketing for your business. Read more detailed information from Social Media Examiner. This new feature makes it easier to increase your contact base and fill your feed with useful content from people who matter.

Social Trust Factor: 10 Tips to Establish Trust and Credibility for Your Brand

Pam Moore

Many marketing and business leaders spend months developing an integrated online platform, brand architectures, message platforms, social media strategies and plans, logos, and more. 10 Tips to Establish Credibility and Trust. Social media is far different than handing someone a business card. Your content on all social platforms must scream results. Social proof. Social proof should be instantly available within one or less clicks on your site.

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Tips for Executing LinkedIn Groups

Ignite Social Media

Social media groups have become a popular way for communities to stay connected, and with the rise of branded Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups (along with new features), brands have new opportunities to connect with their audiences. LinkedIn, the leading social media network for professionals to connect, currently has over two million groups on their platform. Monitoring Group Conversations. The CFA Institute is a client of Ignite Social Media.

Social Media Scheduling with Later: 5 Tips & Tricks


If you manage social media for your brand and business, you probably already know how important forward planning and social media scheduling is for success. . Not only can it help you save time and increase your productivity, but it can also help you better optimize your social content, drive more traffic, and grow your business faster. Social Media Scheduling Tip #1: Organize & Plan Your Content in Advance.

Social Media Best Practices to Help Guide You During Any Crisis

agora pulse

Most of us social media managers operate and plan for businesses to continue to succeed, and everything to be good in the world. What Social Media Managers Need to Do First in a Crisis. ” Social media messaging during a crisis. Social Media Management

Top 20 Questions You Must Answer for a Content Marketing Strategy that Converts to Customers! [podcast + free ebook]

Pam Moore

Take a listen to episode #274 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 20 Questions You Must Answer for a Content Marketing Plan that Converts to Customer ! Understanding what conversation you want to OWN. Tips to connect with your audience emotionally and as humans. How to Subscribe to Social Zoom Factor Podcast . SocialZoomFactor · Content Marketing: 20 Questions You MUST Answer for a Strategy that Converts to Customers.

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared: How to Manage a Social Media Crisis

Convince & Convert

The worst time to start planning for a social media crisis is when you’re in the middle of one. Pre-crisis planning is key to successful social media crisis mitigation. It’s hard to deal with a social media crisis you can’t find. Who is listening to social?

What Makes Successful Social Media Content Different?

Ignite Social Media

While some may think of social media marketing as, “playing on Facebook all day,” those of us in the industry know that it’s so much more than that. From content, to community management, to strategy & metrics, there are many important facets to social media. However, the one that will really make or break your brand’s social media presence is content. But what makes a great piece of social media content different?

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

agora pulse

Brush up on your social media terminology, and even learn some new lingo via our helpful social media glossary. New to the world of social media? This glossary can help you better understand all the different social media terms. Or maybe you’re a seasoned social media manager … but you still come across new words now and then in your workday. And to be ironic when used in emails or offline conversations.). Dark social.

Should We Be Worried about the Facebook Explore Feed?

agora pulse

Could the new Facebook Explore feed be the end of organic reach? What on Earth is the Explore feed? The Explore feed is a new tab on Facebook. The Facebook Explore feed shows you posts from pages and people similar to those you follow. It was when the feed was officially launched on Desktop that the trouble started. All posts from pages had been moved to the new Explore feed leaving the main Facebook feed for posts from friends, groups and adverts.

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4 Emerging Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

Social Media Strategies Summit

We don’t have to tell you that social media is an industry that changes almost daily. At any given moment, there are new tools, platform updates, improved tracking, and several 2020 social media trends are emerging now that point to our industry being one of constant movement. Trend” can often feel like a four-letter word when it comes to social media, but it is critical that we keep an eye on the future. 1 Ephemeral content disrupts social video.

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Start Monetizing Your Social Media Right Now

agora pulse

Can you make money from your social media? Social media is time-consuming. Can all the hours you spend posting, commenting, and interacting on social media really turn into solid sales? I’m going to show you eight ways that you can turn social media into money. Audience building needs to become a key part of your social media strategy. Knowing your customer will also help you with tip number 2.

Start Monetizing Your Social Media Right Now

agora pulse

Can you make money from your social media? Social media is time-consuming. Can all the hours you spend posting, commenting, and interacting on social media really turn into solid sales? I’m going to show you eight ways that you can turn social media into money. Audience building needs to become a key part of your social media strategy. Knowing your customer will also help you with tip number 2.

Social Media News & Updates: February


2015 is rolling fast, as are the changes in the social media world. Here are the most important social media updates that you might have missed in February. Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, etc. Place Tips in News Feed: Place tips will show you fun, useful and relevant info about the place you’re at and will show at the top of your news feed.

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How to Set Your Instagram Ads for Better Website Conversion

agora pulse

With more than a million advertisers currently competing for users’ attention on Instagram, it’s no surprise that some businesses are struggling to get Instagram Ads conversions. Competition aside, Instagram Ads is an incredible platform that yields relatively high numbers of engagement and conversion, including website conversions. If you want more Instagram ad conversions, this is absolute best tip that I can give you.

Social Media Updates: October


As the year speeds to a close, social media networks are continuing to release exciting new updates for marketers and general users as they vie for the top spot in our campaigns. Boomerang is great, because you get to share awesome videos at the push of a button, which should increase engagement on your feed. The in-meeting experience is also better than ever, with larger icons, the ability to mute conversations, add participants and manage the call.

Social media and Montreal’s student protests

Sherrilynne Starkie

AT a recent IABC Ottawa professional development event, speaker Melissa Carroll, the person behind the Montreal Police Service ’s (SPVM) Twitter account during the 2012 student protests against tuition fee increases, explained that social media can really move people. As a communications officer for SPVM Melissa had had no specific social media training before taking on the responsibility for the police service. Related posts: Social media: how to handle feedback.

How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis During COVID-19


While clearly, the main focus continues to be mitigating the disease itself, for many companies brand management and communication on social media is becoming even more strategic. With each new unanticipated twist being thrown your way, your social media management platform provider should have basic Social Media Crisis Management capabilities to help you prepare for any situation that may come your way. Social Inbox.

How to Measure Your Social Media Performance

Rebekah Radice

When was the last time you clicked over to Facebook or Instagram and scrolled through your feed? It can be a scary proposition to analyze your social media performance, but without an audit, there’s zero room for improvement. I’ve broken down 8 steps to help you measure each aspect of your social media performance. How to Measure Social Media Performance. That’s where qualitative and quantitative social media data comes in.

Stop Your Dream Customer in their Social Media Thumb Scrolling Tracks with Intent, Trust and Attention

Pam Moore

Your biggest challenge as a digital marketing, social marketer or business leader is to stop the digital scroll. How can you stop the scroll as your dream customer is browsing the web, scrolling their social media news feed on their mobile device? Every where we turn, every device we turn on, every social network feed we scroll, there is noise. Some of them may not know better as they are not savvy on the new ways of social and digital marketing.

Social Media Updates: November


Before everyone winds down for the holidays, let’s pause for a minute to catch up on November’s social media updates, which were significant. You can now use the share button to share content and immediately engage in conversations about it. This new development is great for people who collaborate on projects and wish to share content and ideas instantly via Skype before adding their own comments and instructions and conversing on the topic.

Social Media for Your Business: Quality Over Quantity


We all want to see our followers on social media skyrocket in numbers. Don’t fall into the social media trap of being obsessed with getting over 100K followers, especially if you are a small business. When you have a quality fan base and can start meaningful conversations that your followers care about, you become. Tip: Never buy followers, however tempting this may be! If there’s a photo, would you want to share it if you saw it in your News Feed?

6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: With Tips from Experts

Talkwalker SM

Social media monitoring (often called social listening) is increasingly becoming a key part of a brand, company or organization’s business strategy. In a time where people of diverse ages and backgrounds take to social networks to post tweets, upload photos and write comments, it makes sense to track these public opinions for reasons ranging from reputation management and market research to customer service and campaign tracking.

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7 Awesome Hacks to Promote Your Social Media Posts

Convince & Convert

Every day, the average social media user is inundated with a ton of posts. Considering each link posted to social media enjoys a half-life of around three hours , brands must search constantly for novel ways to promote their posts to keep them relevant for longer. Social media still is a great native distribution channel, and if we can master its complexities, we can generate more attention for our content. Image via Unsplash.

Best Practices for Managing a Crisis on Social Media

Ignite Social Media

With recent current events and tragic news in the media each day, it’s time to talk about best practices your brand should use when it comes to social media during a crisis. But, if you are an individual who manages a brand’s social community (like a Community Manager), this message is for you. While it may be tempting to “pay tribute” to someone’s death, or even create a social post “in support of” a particular tragedy as a brand, resist the urge.

Use Social Media to Be Human: Tips from Michael Brito

Almost Savvy

Monitor our conversations? Recently, at BlogWorld in Las Vegas, one of the nicest guys in Silicon Valley, Michael Brito , shared some of the principles he feels are central to effectively using social media for business.

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