Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

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In order for real estate agents to succeed online, it’s essential to develop a strong online presence and produce content that’s informative, engaging, and fully optimized for search. First of all, you’ll want to focus on creating great content that enhances your brand.

Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

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Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. For example, we grew our Facebook reach tremendously with high-quality content from third-party sources. With our community’s help, we put together an ultimate list of content curation sources across multiple industries. I hope you’ll find some great websites for your content curation strategy. The big list of content curation sources across multiple topics.

Trending Sources

7 Types Of Awesome Social Media Content Your Brand Can Be Creating Right Now

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This principle of variety definitely applies to social media content: It’s easier to surprise and delight your followers when you’re not always serving up the same things. However, creating your own guarantees you’ll have unique, eye-catching content.

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Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King

Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King Steve Rosenbaum , | Jun. Ok, I hear all the content-makers sharpening their knives to take me on. First, why content is dead: Content used to be the high quality media that came out of the very pointed end of the funnel.

Google+ for Your Business


Google treats your Google+ content like another website page. Basically, when it comes to SEO and social media, Google+ content trumps content on any other social platform. Your audience may find your Google+ content through a standard Google search.

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PB136: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Content for Your Blog


Why Evergreen Content is the Best Investment of Time for a Blogger. “If you could only write one type of content on your blogs – what would it be?” I also think writing this type of content is why I have had success over the last 13 years.

15 Common Social Media Questions & Answers

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If you can’t create content that people on the network want to see, put your efforts elsewhere. Today it’s not only domain names that matter; usernames are just as, if not more, valuable in terms of digital real estate. What Type of Content Should I Share?


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The Florida Bar Association continues to encroach on lawyers’ digital real estate. Required Content, we find out what must be included in all updates on Social Media: (a) Name and Office Location.

18 Tweetable Twitter Tips for Newbies

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Use a real photo of yourself for your avatar. (I Use your real name, or some iteration thereof, as your Twitter handle. This gives you more “real estate” to use when actually tweeting. <tweet

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8 Simple Tweaks to Boost Website Conversions

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Since I discovered the sheer power of releasing premium content on opt-in landing pages in 2011, we’ve released over 40 marketing templates, e-books, and cheat sheets. The call to action was much more obvious and occupied way more of the above-the-fold real estate.

5 Surprising Reasons To Reconsider Google+ (That You Can Act On Today)

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I’ve always known that Google+ is good for SEO reasons, personal branding, and content sharing; I just found myself moving more naturally toward Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook — networks that I could use Buffer to manage all of my posts and share similar content.

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13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used

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Copyblogger has long been one of the most authoritative blogs on copywriting and content marketing. If you could rank them by how many backlinks those articles have, you’re left with foolproof solution for finding content ideas that attract links and comments.

Content Aggregation For Links, Traffic And Buzz

If you’re a content producer of any variety, researching, collecting and then putting together the best material you can find is huge, especially if you’ve got an eye for top content in your niche. This includes aggregating content.

RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser

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For those unfamiliar, RockMelt takes an interesting approach to web browsing by integrating social media directly into the browser making it much easier to communicate with your Facebook and Twitter networks, and to also share web content more quickly and efficiently. I love how they have the left and right rails to integrate social media as this makes the best use of screen real estate. Share Button – It couldn’t be easier to share web content.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics

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Other applications are available for specific industries, including Legal Updates, Real Estate Pro and Lawyer Ratings.” ” LinkedIn To Launch Targeting and Analytics for Company Pages by The Content Strategist.

17 Ways to Get More Views, Engagement, and Shares for Your Facebook Videos

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Square videos take up 78% more real estate in the News Feed on mobile than on desktop. Add a quote from your content. At the end of the video, you could have a text overlay or a static image with a CTA and let the video play for a few seconds after the actual content ends.

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10 SEO & Design Mistakes That Could Get You in Trouble


That way visitors can enjoy your flashy content (no pun intended), and the spiders are appeased. Dynamic URLs. It is bad practice to have a page whose URL ends with a string of nonsensical characters; use terms that are at least relevant to the page’s content. This satisfies search engine spiders, and site visitors can more easily recall the URL. Say you set up your blog’s robots.txt file to tell Googlebot to not visit a certain URL.

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How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

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What you can do, however, is take advantage of that full 200×600 real estate and get your brand in front of the eyes of your fans. Let’s add some content to it. To add content, click on “Edit Page&# again on the left below your Page image.

How to Build a Billion Dollar SEO Empire

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Quoting from their own site “We provide unparalleled (and real) access to Google’s massive network of employees and alumni.” I know with Bitly you can easily track how many clicks a URL received by adding a + to the end of it, but this seems a little odd to me.

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90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

Sometimes we need to find that inspiration to write that next post or optimize the blog so that maybe one day you will be able to monetize your expertise and content and retire to the Bahamas. Publish content on what not to do! Use Alltop to promote your content.

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5 Tips for Preparing for Blog World Expo (Or Any Other Conference)


That could include your name, blog URL, email address, Twitter handle, Facebook fan page, Skype handle, etc. Here we are, four weeks out from Blog World Expo in Los Angeles starting November 3rd. Is it too early to start getting ready? Some would probably say yes, but I don’t think so.

PB136: The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make as a Blogger


Why Evergreen Content is the Best Investment of Time for a Blogger. “If you could only write one type of content on your blogs – what would it be?” I also think writing this type of content is why I have had success over the last 13 years.

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Social Media Optimization 3 Steps to Tweeting with a Purpose

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Perhaps not a direct financial cost, but a real, and at times considerable labor cost. In this hypothetical case, a real estate developer builds multiple campaigns to create silted social analytics for his posts about trends, financing, news, and owning a home.

How to Write a Must-read Product Review


Reviews are one of the more common types of content on the internet. Craft the core content. Setting all the issues with purpose and honesty aside, now let’s focus on the core contents of your review. Simply hooking up your affiliate URL to the product name is usually enough. Currently, he’s all about providing blogging advice to real estate business owners, and getting the word out about las colinas real estate.

The 9 Conversion Habits of the World’s Most Successful Bloggers


Whatever content you place above the fold is the first thing your visitors will see when they land on that page. As Peep Laja of ConversionXL writes, “Content placed above the fold grabs our 80% of attention”. They make it easy to share content. Sharing might sound intuitive to us marketers and bloggers, but your average reader might never share your content unless you make it seamlessly easy to do so. Set the tone for the rest of your content.

44 Blogging Questions and Answers


But since we all seem to use shortened URL’s these days, does it really make a difference? I am concerned about losing the existing followers that I currently have if the URL changes. We blog about content marketing and social media (very broad topics and very widely covered).

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

It takes up a lot less screen real estate that Tweetdeck, and I always use Tweetie when conducting my live, Twitter 20 interviews. It works like, but incorporates all URL shorteners into the data mix. URL to see how many times it’s been clicked on, and by whom.

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Heavyweight Help: The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest


You can put a URL in the description, but it will display as text and not as an actual link unless you verify your website through Pinterest. The best way to use your Pinterest account is to share lots of content that complements your own content. Just enter your URL.

How Interview Blogs Work [Case Study]


TJ: We focused on three things: Producing really good content. And we also like to produce really good written content. So when it comes to a blog post, whether it’s one of our team members writing it or it’s a guest post, it needs to fit certain criteria and be useful in our eyes to be considered good, quality content. Also, we’re constantly working on ways to promote our content in a higher way. Everyone says content is king.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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It takes up a lot less screen real estate that Tweetdeck, and I always use Tweetie when conducting my live, Twitter 20 interviews. It works like, but incorporates all URL shorteners into the data mix. Apture is a handy plug-in that finds photos, videos, links and related content that you can embed or link to within your posts with a single click. The dominant URL shortener is also the best – in my opinion – at tracking and analytics.

35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far)

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As Mari Smith explains, “There are two primary components to Facebook fan page engagement: 1) Sharing quality, relevant content and 2) inciting comments. In this article I’ll tell you how to best engage with Facebook fans.&# Tactics include tying your post frequency to number of fans, creating an editorial calendar and varying the types of content posted. Facebook is an extraordinary phenomenon.

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5 Commonly Misunderstood Things on Twitter


Putting your Twitter profile address in the URL field All Twitter users have a few profile fields they can use for information like name, location, a short bio and website. Honestly, I never reply to RTs unless they are a RT of specific content I posted.

10 social sites you might have missed

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It’s essentially a mobile advertising and lead generation tool for real estate sales and marketing professionals. Get your personal profile and custom URL to display your availability, and let others schedule meetings with you (without having to sign up).

Help! My Baby is Sick and Someone is Stealing My Money!


OK, don’t worry; I’m not talking about real children. But this fictional disease does represent a very real threat to something very precious to me; my young, fresh-faced blog. Content. Find out if you can configure your theme to display sidebar content to mobile users.

18 reasons a social media snake oil salesman might want out

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What might be your reasons for getting out and jumping into real estate short sales or something? 4) Stealing other peoples content was hard work. 12) You never figured out what that Facebook vanity URL thing was.


Ayan Sen on Making Money Online

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Your website URL at is clearly taking advantage of search engine optimization. Why did you decide to create that URL? Like there are real estate agents or insurance brokers and etc. But I mostly point out to those bloggers who list their affiliate links irrelevant to the contents. You can sign up for affiliate websites such as Clickbank and Commission Junction , choose a product, then your specific url.

13 Facebook Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About


Because Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform for online businesses, it features a tremendous volume of content, making competition fierce. Enable High-Definition Photos and Videos to Enhance Your Content. Enter the URL for your website. Add a website URL.

6 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging 4 Years Ago

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7 months of producing the best content I could, utilising Twitter, commenting on other blogs and everything else you can think of hadn’t produced results. It makes total sense that people visit your site first and foremost for the content you provide. Home What the F ?

Musings on Joining New Social Media Sites, Site Recommendations.

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In fact, I set up a writer account for myself as a Real Estate Resource and separately as a Social Media Marketing Resource. To avoid social site abandonment, keep an excel spreadsheet with the name of each site, access information, and profile URL. Are you open to the idea or are you content riding the big waves of Facebook , Twitter , etc.?

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Giveaway Winner


10 publishing options for your blog – take your content and make it go further! Using up your leftovers: the link building edition – how to use leftover content, contacts, and time. Link building with infographics – building content driven links.