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How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts

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But creating and maintaining a successful blog takes more than just producing helpful and original content; as social media expert Heidi Cohen recently wrote , “The most epic content will FAIL without content distribution. If no one sees your content, what good is it?” Which content promotion tools are most useful?

7 Insider Tips To Help You Get Noticed On Blog Directories


One way to gain visitors is to get noticed on blog directories. Photography, cooking, gardening, cycling, travelling, meditating and more, there are thousands of directories out there each catering to specific niches and interests. You see, a blog directory listing is not just a blog directory listing and there is more to listing on a blog directory than meets the eye.

33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips

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Content marketing represents the most fundamental and widespread rethinking of marketing practices in decades. Unlike other modifiers attached to the discipline (consumer marketing, b2b marketing, trade show marketing, digital marketing), the term “content marketing” doesn’t describe an audience, tactic, or channel, but rather a completely different approach to marketing.

5 Visual Content Curation Ideas to Ramp Up Your Blog and Social Strategy

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Fortunately for us, there are reliable visual resources to curate content from. This is a guide on where to find visual content resources and how best to use them. Most people appreciate the credit and may even help you promote the content featuring their visuals. Curate GIFs from directories like GIPHY, GIF bin and apps like DrumUp. Guest Post by Jessica Davis.

Eighteen Tricks to Save Time and Money On Content Marketing

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When we talk about content marketing, the conversation often moves to return-on-investment. If we want to talk about “saving” as it relates to content marketing, we must talk of both elements. Luckily there are some great tools and strategies that will put you in a much better “place” as you focus on engaging, unique, entertaining, and educational content marketing. .

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success

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There have been numerous models proposed for social media and content marketing (including the Four C’s of Social Media Marketing model previously published here), but when all of the complexity is stripped away, social media marketing success comes down to two core elements: content and amplification. Content is like singing a song. Content can be produced in a wide variety of formats: • White papers. But regardless of the format, the first key to getting your content amplified by others is to produce high-quality, share-worthy content. Case studies.

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The Ironic Beauty Of Google Indexing Tweets And Why Content Marketers Should Pay Attention

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The challenge, however, is that Google has clearly indicated that over-optimizing content with too many keywords can, and has, resulted in authors being penalized in the rankings. So, if we can’t over-optimize with keywords, what’s a content marketer to do to get their article more broadly indexed in Google without stuffing a bunch of keywords and risking a penalty? giant.

6 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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DirectoriesDirectories are still an important source of traffic for many websites. List your business in directories like Yelp and Angie’s List to get found by local people searching for you, and your customers can leave reviews of your business, which are important for generating more website traffic. Based on your personas, write content that is targeted for each of your market segments using keywords that are searchable and that are searched most often. So your first step to increasing your online business is to generate more traffic.

25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources

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Constantly generating newsletter content ideas is not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 25 powerful content ideas, plus a few additional resources to help you come up with even more ideas for your newsletter. With this handy list, you’ll never have to worry about what types of content to include in your next newsletter again. 25 Newsletter Content Ideas.

Article directories

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Article directories have a big job—every day, thousands of authors and want-to-be authors submit their articles to these directories. Many of the articles that are submitted to these directories are not articles at all, but rather blurbs of nothingness with little content and usually lacking readability. The revenue from Adsense for the article directory Web sites can be substantial, but only if they have quality articles posted on their site and if they can get it up quickly. It’s a scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours society.

Blog Authorship: Tools to Keep Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication


If you spend days and nights creating the most outstanding content ever, this post is for you. As a contributing writer, I know all too well how difficult it is to create content that strikes the right chord with editors and readers. Blog Authorship: Keeping Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication. Plagiarism Detectors Can Find Content Thieves. Bulkping.

Directory Submissions for Backlinks: Tips n’ Tricks to Get Some Love from Google

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The best way to get back-links is to create valuable content; create it and they will link! Yet another proven method is to submit your website URL to web-directories with decent Google page rank, ex: Yahoo and D’moz. This latter (directory submissions) link building method is a painful and tedious process…best done manually! It is authority by association.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data

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Three of the top 12 traffic sources for this blog were syndication or content aggregation sites: B2B Marketing Zone , Social Media Informer and Social Media Today. Don’t overlook smaller blog directories and RSS syndication sites that can collectively drive notable traffic (as well as providing valuable links for SEO purposes). Every blogger wants more traffic. How to get it?

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Fresh Content Is Crucial To SEO

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One of the biggest things that anyone needs to know about search engine optimisation, or SEO, is that fresh content is still king. In order to use local SEO in Brisbane to your advance in order to stay on those top pages, site owners have to focus on fresh, high quality content as much as possible. Avoid this and get your site ranked naturally through valuable content.

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Top Tips for Creating Quality Evergreen Content


If you’re like most bloggers, you publish a solid combination of evergreen and time-sensitive content. But what does it take to write really compelling evergreen blog content? Evergreen Content: A Definition. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of evergreen content, it’s not hard to grasp. Of course, not every topic lends itself well to evergreen content writing.

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17 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

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Content marketing — like any other type of online marketing — is continually changing and evolving. Meaning, if your content campaign today looks just like it did in ‘07, then it isn’t as effective as it was in 2007. Example: one of my Internet marketing buddies’ content marketing campaign was built heavily around article directory submissions (think Ezine Articles ).

SEO and Content Marketing Specialist Job Opening – Dallas Texas Area

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Here at GlobeRunner , we have an immediate need for a Search Engine Optimization / Content Marketing Specialist. If you have some experience with SEO and understand content marketing, or have SEO knowledge and have Public Relations experience, we’d love to talk to you. The position is located in the Lewisville, Texas area (just north of Dallas). Pay is hourly and DOE.

SEO is Dead. Content Marketing = Guaranteed SEO

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While there’s been no official word that Google AuthorRank will be rolled out, it’s clear that Google is perfectly prepared to start using an individual’s expertise to determine content rankings. It’s a measure that allows every web user to vote on the quality of content, and it’s remarkably difficult for companies to game. Article Spinning and Low-Quality Content. Be Social.

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Why I am No Longer a Link Builder But Now a Content Publicist

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It’s now all about link earning , so I am officially going to call myself a content publicist. I am no longer a link builder, but am now an online content publicist. Directories – there are really possibly less than a half a dozen still worth getting “listed on” And even then, the SEO value of those are potentially questioned. Really. Why the change?

Directory of All Things Twitter – Finally!

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Facebook Tip: How To Choose Who Can See Your Friends New Tool Makes My Email Work Harder and Smarter Social Media Stats – It’s Raining Content! 5 Responses to “Directory of All Things Twitter – Finally!&# The Twitter website itself is fairly simple. That’s about it. I encourage you to take a look. What do you think? Does it Work? Appreciate the comment.

Directory of Social Networks for Learning Professionals

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WordPress Themes 101


Although WordPress began as a tool for bloggers, it has now expanded to include a sophisticated content management system. Backing up will save you costly time and energy rebuilding functionality and content lost in translation. Blog Social Media CNN Odesk Template tools WordPress WordPress Plugin Directory The statistics show it, too. Free Themes.

The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

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This couldn’t be more true for infographics, which became a highly popular and effective content marketing tool three or four years ago. While most brands were churning out generic blog content to gain visibility, infographics combined vibrant imagery with succinct text to help educate audiences on a wide variety of topics. Repurpose Old Content. Infographic Directories.

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How to Make Better Visualizations for Your Blog

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Do you ever run out of ways to promote your blog content? If so, then visual content may be the solution. In this post, we’re going to look at the tools, ideas, and distribution channels you can use to gain additional exposure for your content through the use of images and video. You could also choose to distribute all of your visual content slowly by type.

Maximize Your Online Visibility: The Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Framework

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Of course that means it’s imperative to produce relevant, compelling, optimized content for your company’s website and blog, but online visibility goes beyond that. Optimizing online visibility then requires the coordination of public relations (PR), content development, social networking, SEO, digital advertising and marketing communications efforts. How many conversions?

Why Article Marketing Will Never Die

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The True Meaning Of Content » Why Article Marketing Will Never Die A couple of days ago I wrote about Google’s recent algorithm change and how it is beating down the article directories. I’m not willing to say that article directories are dead. About Us What’s a Maverick? Consider it safe to say that I don’t think it will ever die. Not yet.

8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan


Inject your own special personality into your brand, and each piece of content. So many businesses don’t really take the time to get to “know” and speak to their target audience in their marketing content. Trend #3 – Provide Valuable Content! Trend #5 – Make Your Content Sharable! What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! It’s not the magic pill.

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Manage and Distribute Business Profile Data Free to Online and Mobile Directory Publishers

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Better yet, Would you want to distribute that data for free to online and mobile directory publishers? (UBL) and Locationary have announced a strategic partnership to manage and distribute business profile data free to online and mobile directory publishers. Looking for a free way to manage your business profile data? Well, here is a great new option.

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


The university’s Social Media Directory is proof that university leaders are using the tools of their students and society to stay connected. Content Strategy From the Trenches Social Learning Guest post by Maria Peterson, an early education specialist who writes about advocating for head start schools. Duke University. Penn Foster College. Princeton University.

Obsolete SEO Techniques It’s Time To Forget

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Instead, the best way to go about it is to write user friendly content with a general theme in mind which will allow you to insert relevant keywords naturally into the text. Keyword rich content is just another word for spam these days, and the user experience is more important than ever, so focus on quality first and you’ll eventually get results. Mass Directory Submission.

Publishing Content Beyond Your Blog

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Most online businesses publish content in two places – their website and their blog – it’s a standard online marketing strategy. You will often see references to publishing content in article directories, Facebook, HubSpot, Squidoo and perhaps even on other blogs as a guest author. As your business grows, there are more opportunities to publish content – on site rather than off site, and by doing so, you deliver a more professional appearance to visitors. Content doesn’t need to be published in the same repository all the time.

The web articles directory – for submission and use of their articles!

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This is one place on the net that really has good content. The amazing benefits of this site are: Web articles directory is a SEO friendly portal and all URLs are easily crawled and indexed by the search engines. If you submit articles to the directory, you increase your website traffic and link popularity. Your article submission is analysed by one of their representatives and if it meets the quality guidelines (no dead links, original content, no errors), it is added in the directory. Article submission to the directory is absolutely free. [as

PR Departments Take Note: How to Find Relevant Journalists on Twitter


Just came across Press Pass , a directory of journalists on Twitter categorized by media outlet , by beat and by region. The site analyzes each journalist’s tweets, creating a profile based on that content – including what they’re reading, topics they’re interested in and who they’re talking to. BONUS: See also MuckRack , which is a similar (but paid) service. Implementation

Does Your Content Grab People’s Interest?

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The Google Panda update has really made people stop and take stock of the content on their website. Content for the sake of content is going out the door. What’s now needed is content that grabs a reader’s attention. The term ‘quality’ content is often bandied about – and it’s not a term I’m overly fond off since one persons view of ‘quality’ is going to be entirely different to someone else’s. Do you write engaging content? The kind of content that readers may share with others?

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)

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BuzzFeed mentions changes in behavior, greater use of social networks for content discovery, and a 52% increase in traffic from “‘Dark social,’ that netherland of direct traffic” (i.e., WPO is about creating valuable, highly relevant content and then leveraging across multiple channels. In early 2013, Google devalued general directory links for search rankings.

7 Local SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make


You overlook local websites and business directories. Online directories, review sites, and local blogs are great sources of local traffic and can significantly boost your visibility on local SERPs. You point all of your content’s links to the homepage. You copy-paste your content. Content and design goes hand-in-hand. Avoid these 7 local SEO mistakes.

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Taking the Mystery Out of Facebook Global Pages

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People who live outside regions you create specific content for will be diverted to the ‘Default page’ The number of Likes on a Global page is the sum of the people who like all the regional versions of the page. We can’t use Global pages so should we create a page fore each region we serve and produce localized content? We have a content plan for our social media.

Lawyers, It’s Time To Stack The Deck In Your Favor

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They might check you out on one of many lawyer referral services or directories. Let Your Content Guide Them You can do all of this through placing what is commonly being referred to today as your content ….in It can also negate their decision if you have no presence when they conduct their search, or if your competition is reading this and jumps ahead in the content game.

The Splintering of Content Marketing

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List your website in directories. Of course, there are also photo sharing sites, infographics directories, slideshare and webinar platforms, and much more. In a word, there are more ways to develop content than ever, and more are popping up all the time. Content marketing is not just writing articles and spreading them around the Web. What Is Content Marketing? The term “content marketing” came about in part because of the splintering in tactics. But not many content marketers would encourage you to just stick to one format.

The Name Game: ‘AAAA Taxi’ Won’t Cut it Anymore

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Then along came the Yellow Pages , an alphabetical directory of businesses by category. Another musician friend had to change his own last name by one letter as he became more famous, because Googling his real last name ended up delivering all sorts of…er…let’s just say unsavory content. Today’s guest post is by Ken Mueller. The name of your business is important. Probably not.