Bringing on a Fundraising Consultant: A Nonprofit’s Hiring Guide


Are you considering hiring a fundraising consultant? Before beginning your search for the perfect consultant, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the hiring process. Compare consultants. Communicate with your consultant. Compare consultants.

If Your Agency Is Not Consulting, Then What Is It Doing?

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For marketing agencies to survive, they must start looking more like the consultants. This is one of the bigger themes that seems to be cropping up lately in the marketing industry. In this world of consolidation, the major accounting/consulting firms ( Accenture , Deloitte , etc.) Those who have been exposed to both sides of the consulting and agency space are keen to have these ad agencies look much more like consulting operations. consultant.

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5 Great Hashtag Campaigns From The Hospitality Industry

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Here are 5 great examples of hashtag campaigns from the hospitality industry that will inspire your social media strategy. Why should you bother creating your own hashtag campaign ?

What Marketers Need to Learn from the Entertainment Industry

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Whatever business you think you are in, you are now in the entertainment industry—and most marketers are ill-prepared. ” This question seems simple enough, but it will change an entire industry as we move from a “Force them to watch it” model to a culture of the willing.

10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Consulting Firm

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With this rapid growth in social media uptake, the demand for social media training and consulting has risen tremendously. The question however remains, “what do you ask when seeking to hire social media consultant s?” The same case applies to social media consultancy.

Will The Marketing Agency Of The Future Look Nothing Like The Agency Of Today?

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This doesn't downplay their critical importance, but saying that your marketing agency has the best creatives or the best strategists rings hollow, in a world where these talents are shifting from agency to brand side to consulting firms to platforms to publishers to competitors at a dizzying pace. There does not seem to be a lack of talent, skill and knowledge in the marketing industry these days. consultancy. consultant. consulting firm. forrester consulting.

Blog Business Model 6: Sell Consulting Services


And really that’s the first step in building a successful blog that sells your consulting business—wrangling some attention. My blog is entirely responsible for my success in the copywriting industry. Selling consulting through your blog.

Congratulations to Higher Logic!


And most importantly of all, what this says to me (along with other acquisitions and investments in this industry) is that online community matters and should be part of every forward thinking workplace (both nonprofit and for-profit). From the Trenches Industry Insider

Do You Know the Value of Your Website?


But the thesaurus I consulted does not list them as such. Someone is hired (as a consultant or an employee) to run the website. Content Strategy Debunking the Hype Industry InsiderThis post originally appeared on the Tanzen Blog.

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The skinny on the Small World Labs – Personify merger


Small World Labs has been the most open online community platform in the industry. Culture That Works Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Open CommunityYou will have heard about the Small World Labs/Personify merger that was announced two weeks ago.

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A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


Social media shouldn’t be out there alone; it should be integrated and aligned with your strategic goals and target audiences,” said Beth Kanter , Nonprofit Consultant and Author of Beth’s Blog , one of the longest running and most popular blogs about nonprofits and social media.

You’re Never Going to Sell Content Strategy


———– Carrie Hane is a content strategy consultant with over 15 years’ experience in web and content strategy, usability, and digital transformation. Debunking the Hype Featured Industry Insider

Are You Ready to Get Started on Content Strategy?


With a combination of in-house and consulting experience, her approach to web content management focuses on clarity, consistency, and common sense. Hilary Marsh is a content strategy consultant, speaker, and professor. Industry Insider Mark Your Calendars

Treat Digital Like Real Property


This post originally appeared on the Tanzen Consulting Blog. Book a free consultation call with me here. Content Strategy Debunking the Hype Industry Insider—— I am planning to sell a house soon.

Change Happens. Are you ready?


Well, we’ve worked with leading consultants and thought-leaders in the association space to develop a Change Readiness Challenge. Case Study Cool Social Tools Culture That Works Featured Industry InsiderGuest post by Stuart Easton. —————-.

How to Measure CRM ROI for Your Nonprofit


Across the industry, CRM initiatives have reported failure rates between 18 and 69 percent. Vendor support fees (for implementation services, consulting, or premium support). Debunking the Hype Featured Implementation Industry Insider

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Capital Campaign Marketing Strategies for the Tech-Savvy


Along with these tech-savvy marketing tips, you might need additional assistance in the form of a capital campaign consultant to help you market your campaign. Featured Implementation Industry Insider Potluck

Humanizing a Critically Important Industry, From the Ground Up

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CACC was assisted by the communication consultants at AdFarm , an agriculture speciality agency (disclosure: Convince & Convert client). Tweet The public dialog about agriculture in California and beyond is largely negative, with tales of agribusiness nefariousness commonplace.

Content Marketing for Professional Services: Does It Cannibalize Your Business?

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In my second trip down to SXSW , I had the distinct pleasure of presenting with Jay Baer , my good friend, a CMI consultant , and one of the best social media minds in the game. 6 concerns/myths about consultant’s content marketing. Does Free Content Cannibalize Your Paid Consulting?

Content Marketing for Professional Services: Does It Cannibalize Your Business?

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In my second trip down to SXSW , I had the distinct pleasure of presenting with Jay Baer , my good friend, a CMI consultant , and one of the best social media minds in the game. 6 concerns/myths about consultant’s content marketing. Does Free Content Cannibalize Your Paid Consulting?

Do You Need a Pinterest Consultant? Interview with Jade Craven of dPS


We thought we’d go behind the scenes with Darren’s own Pinterest specialist, Jade Craven, to find out what Pinterest consultants do, and how they can help bloggers. So how did you land a job as a Pinterest consultant, when the network’s so new?

Pros and Cons of your Social Media Team Structure

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The services usually handled by the agency include: strategic consulting, community management, content production, reporting, and paid media. We are able to apply learnings and insights from other clients and stay current with the industry.

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

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Hint: it’s in the approach and communication, not in the fact that viability isn’t possible in some industries. Social Media Consultants, Experts, and Gurus, Oh My! It’s my birthday and I have some great news!

[Cool Infographic Friday] Linkbuilding through Outreach


Fast forward to today and digital marketing agency Click Consult are using blogger and social media intelligence software, GroupHigh , to help build strong, ethical and long term relationships with industry leaders. Content Strategy Industry Insider This one tickled my fancy.

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9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

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Running coupon campaigns on Facebook can be very effective for most industries and has proven to yield results. According to Digital Strategy Consulting : Facebook promotions that perform the best are from brands that are getting increasingly more ambitious and sophisticated when coming up with new and creative ways to engage consumers across social media platforms and influencing their path to purchase through the use of coupons and vouchers.

Is failing fast failing you?


Schedule a training or consultation with us by visiting: www.epicprgroup. Debunking the Hype Featured Industry InsiderGuest post by Adele Cehrs, CEO at Epic PR. ———– Among executives “failing fast” is all the rage. But, what does that really mean?

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1 Minute Insight: Data is Top of the Agenda for Digital Transformation

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Identifying and tracking the top themes for a particular industry or topic helps you to be at the front line of the discussion and work with useful background information.

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The 2014 State of Digital Transformation


MOST IMPORTANTLY – see slide 36 – the number one challenge facing digital transformation is “changing company culture” That’s the core of the work we do through our new consulting practice, Culture That Works. Industry Insider

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


Featured Industry Insider Social Learning Useful Data I asked Jeff Cobb to share a summary of his great new report on social learning, a topic which you know is dear to our hearts. Download!

[Cool Social Tools] Hot Online Community Platforms for 2015


With a new consulting division, Socious is positioned to offer an end-to-end community solution to its clients. Cool Social Tools Industry Insider Guest post by Teri Carden and Ben Martin of Online Community Results. ————— Due diligence. It’s a real thing.

How to Influence People in Online Communities


Here’s the latest post in our “INDUSTRY INSIDERS” column. Industry Insider

Gamification: Much Less Scary Than What’s Under the Bed


Here’s the latest post in our “INDUSTRY INSIDERS” column. Every Monday, we’ll be bringing you the inside scoop from several awesome association technology vendors and consultants who will share the insights they have gleaned from years of working in our association industry. Industry Insider

Don’t Miss AMS Fest!  Sept 17 in DC


AMS Fest is a one-day event where you’ll be elbow-to-elbow with other association executives, Association Management System consultants and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS. From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Mark Your Calendars

2017 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial

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Regardless of your industry, niche, age of company or primary communication medium used, you better have a content marketing strategy to connect you and your brand with your target audience, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Clowns, Charlatans, and Social Media Name Calling

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True, there are people out there (including many “name brand&# social media consultants) that don’t have a lot of business expertise. Social Media Marketing gary vaynerchuk social media consultant social media consulting

The End of the Web Consulting as We Know It

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There was a time when website owners would hire a consultant or spend weeks in meetings trying to guess what changes to their site would give them the biggest impact for their users. Now that this tool is in the hands of the site owner will there be less of a demand for web consulting firms?

Should Consultants Compete or Cooperate?

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But at the time, I feel that business professionals should work more closely with peers in the same industry. Many social media marketing professionals consult in the greater Boston region. Or, is consulting focused more on the sale and less on building relationships with peers? I grasp that business 101 is about selling something, and that it is important to do whatever is necessary to secure that client.

Social Media Hashtags in a Nutshell

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How to identify top industry hashtags. For years many social media savvy marketers have tapped into the power of hashtags to grow their brand, community and even generate leads and sales. Hashtags are a big part of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Calling all online community software vendors


As you know, Online Community Results is the world’s largest online community consultancy focused exclusively on the association and nonprofit sector. Implementation Industry InsiderIs your community software company serious about the association market?

Conference Season: Learning for More than Members


This is the inaugural post for our BRAND NEW “INDUSTRY INSIDERS” COLUMN. Across the association industry, staffers are packing supplies, charging mobile phones, and polishing their “Trade-Show-Walking-Shoes.”. Industry Insider Social Learning