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Sports : the Olympics provided a good deal of content, as well as golf, tennis, the MLB All Star game, and even the return of the regular season referees to the NFL. Real-time memes and news : a heat wave, births of animals in captivity, the deaths of Nora Ephron, Neil Armstrong and Phillis Diller, the discovery of a lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting, the reports of a "lion" roaming around Essex (note the non-U.S. Your marketing team and agency has just been put on notice.

The Power Behind Social Media

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Some of the business ideas that are in development at WEOP ranged from financial services targeted to moms to an online resource center for divorced women to a community for women in non traditional jobs like construction. Or we may see a sports team pennant on the wall and realize we are both fans of the same team. One way to do that is through the meme games. Some memes ask for your favorite books, some for places you traveled.