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Lessons from Failed Startups


It’s a simple spreadsheet of startups that failed, with reasons why. Associations are amazing at sharing knowledge, we do it every day and at every conference. I am totally fascinated by Remember Formspring ? Gowalla ? Secret ? Plancast ? Springpad ? Flud ? Sonar ? As an early adopter and avowed shiny toy addict, I tried all of these and even loved some of them.

10 rules of branding for your startup or small biz

L ast month I attended one of the most eye-opening startup marketing/growth hacking talks I’ve seen in years, so I wanted to share some highlights for you in a short multi-part series. (I I used to do this a lot more often before launching a startup !). He’s also available to speak at conferences, and I highly recommend him.). next year. (He’s It’s not.

33 Personal Blogs of Startup Marketers We Love

Buffer Social

Personally, I have benefited a lot from reading these blogs, especially blogs published by startup marketers. And today, I’d love to take you on a deep-dive into personal blogs of startup marketers. Here’s the list of my favorite personal blogs of startup marketers, recommendations from fellow marketers on, and great blogs I found from my research.

The 12 Startups I’ve Invested In and Why

Convince & Convert

I was having dinner with a friend at the National Speakers Association conference a few days ago. Great for a conference call, small meeting, a quick “breather” when you’re traveling, actors working on their lines, etc. I’m an advisor to another five or six startups, as well, with minor equity grants associated with that role. Addvocate makes it happen.

4 Conferences for Social Media-Aware Business Owners


As if there were any other kind of business proprietor these days, check out these four conferences for social media-aware business owners: 1. Touted as the place “where content meets commerce,” the New Media Expo aims to help everyone in attendance to learn the best possible practices in taking their blog, business, or startup idea to the next level via social media.

Storytelling For Startups

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We were both speaking during a three-day conference dedicated to corporate blogging. Since then, he's become the founder of a well known event called, mesh , and has become a full-time consultant that helps startups to tell better stories. With that, he most recently published a book called, Storytelling For Startups. But don't worry, if you're not a startup, this is all about story-driven marketing. storytelling for startups. Episode #462 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Yes, it was a long time ago.

Conference Spotlight: Build Grow Scale LIVE


If you’ve seen my extensive list of over 120 business, online marketing, and and tech conferences for 2015 , you know there are a LOT of events out there to choose from. Build Grow Scale LIVE is a conference for anyone who wants to earn their income online. Topics covered at this conference include the following. Build Grow Scale LIVE in a Nutshell. When and Where.

The People I Will (and Won’t) Meet at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Social Media Strategery

Conference in Santa Clara. I’ve attended many social media conferences over the years and have posted several times about my experiences at these events.While the vast majority of people I meet at these conferences are highly intelligent, ambitious, and well-meaning, I have noticed a pattern emerging among social media conference-goers. From Web 2.0 to Gov 2.0

Attracting Talent with an Internal Web Academy

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Piktochart, the tech startup found an innovative way to grow its own pool of talented people while building the local ecosystem. Related Stories Sexism is Alive and Well at This Year’s PRSA Conference Relentlessly Pursue Your Professional Goals: A Case Study Four Ways to Ask Your Boss if You Can Work from Home. Here is what they did.

10 Time Hacks to Design Your Dream Life and Business

Pam Moore

We all have 24 hours in the day. It’s how we spend each of those hours that determines the pulse, depth, happiness and quality of our life. Have you ever wondered why it seems that some people just simply have more free time? Yes, they may be busy. However, they seem to float through life a bit (or a lot) happier, while you feel as though you are stuck in a hamster wheel. iTunes. Stitcher.

Start-Up Marketing and Yourself: Don’t be a Swiss Army Knife

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: UOregon Conference Services via Flickr, CC 2.o. A tip: pretend you have less than three days to launch your startup. Business Career Daniel Cohen Guest Posts Marketing Networking freelance standing out start-up marketing startups Imagine you’re at a party. And imagine you’re a people person (if you aren’t already). Then you ask them the same question. It is.

Disruption Of Disrupted

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Still, everyone must not forget that this is Dan's opinion about the tech, marketing tech and startup world. Many of the major issues he brings forward are real (the age, gender, and multi-cultural challenges that these tech startups struggle with). startup. startup bubble. Opinions are not facts. Perspectives are not reality (they're personal). It's a real page-turner.

Breaking Through The Blockchain

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I have a handful of close friends who are betting big on it (startups infused with a lot of external capital). blockchain startup. startup. ted conference. alextapscott bitcoin blockchain blockchainrevolution blockchainstartup brand businessblog businesstechnology digitaleconomy digitalmarketing digitalmarketingagency digitalmarketingblog dontapscott jwalterthompson jwt marketing marketingblog mirum mirumagency mirumagencyblog mirumblog mitchjoel podcast startup technology ted tedconference tedsummit tedsummit2016 webbrowser whatsnext wppbitcoin. brand.

Poets And Plumbers And The Future Of Advertising

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The other week, the 4A 's hosted their Transformation conference in Miami. They are working in-house for brands, going to the major consulting firms, working for media companies, startups, digital platforms and more. startup. It seems like advertising is facing its Judgement Day. Advertising is not going anywhere, but like every industry, disruption comes. and it comes fast.

The ABCs of Startup Marketing

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking The ABCs of Startup Marketing Written on July 10, 2010 by Justin Levy in hubspot , inbound marketing , marketing strategy , social media , video 6 Comments - Leave a comment! Recently Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot spoke at Atlassian Starter Day in San Francisco about startup marketing.

The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As many of you know, I’m a work at home mom who operates as a consultant, ad sales manager for Mashable, and soon-to-be startup founder all from one single Dell laptop which I use as a desktop. I don’t have an iPad yet, but with my new soon-to-be-announced startup, it will be a necessity. However, that also means I’m working from morning until night. Gmail. Filter!

4 Ways To Lead With Authenticity In Uncertain Times

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Professionals will spends thousands of dollars each year to attend conferences where these specific topics are covered. Personally, I've had the great pleasure of being able to grow my business from a small startup in 2000 to being acquired by WPP (the world's largest marketing and communications network in the world) to turning that business into a now-global brand called Mirum. conferences. startup. There is something that all great leaders do. There is something that all great leaders do that we can all learn from. I get to see which ideas take flight. I see you."

Agile PR: let’s move away from big campaigns and constantly innovate

Danny WhatMough

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – Muhammad Ali” Yesterday I went to a Facebook Marketing conference organised by Chinwag and Our Social Times. It was really good (and I don’t say that about conferences very often). It’s similar to the agile approach in IT development and is very aligned to the way embryonic startups work. Agile PR.

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The Digital Reality

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At the TED conference (this year and the last one), I''ve had the opportunity to play with two technologies that fall under the nomenclature of " augmented reality " and " virtual reality." It was first announced that Google was pumping $500 million into this startup that was attempting to develop a new way for users to interact with technology. startup. ted conference.

The Airbnb Story

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Sometimes, the number, size and speed to market of these startups can blind us to the people who are building them. Prior to this past year's TED conference, I had not heard the Airbnb story, as told by one of its founders. startup. ted conference. Most people know Airbnb as the disruptive hospitality business that is valued at $24 billion. It's easy to think of these innovators and entrepreneurs as moustache-twirling evildoings, who are hoarding wealth and disrupting the status quo. More often than not, this is not the case. Joe Gebbia is the co-founder of Airbnb.

A Lesson From Facebook That Every Brand Should Learn

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We are actively acquiring startups and scaling our teams with new product launches and developments.". The real answer is, usually: "We're being disrupted by the competition, startups and those outside of our industry. We sit in these amazing day-long conferences watching all of these brands talk about how innovative and disruptive they are being. startup. How hard is it, really, for your brand to change and adjust to new times? The public answer is, usually: "If we don't disrupt ourselves, someone else will. We never expected it to happen so fast. It was limited.

Anything You Want

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This past week, Montreal hosted the first-ever International Startup Festival (from July 13th - 15th, 2011). Moving towards being a Founder of a Startup is the 2011 version of "take this job and shove it," but the journey can be long, hard and confusing. It's also the main reason why the majority of startups never succeed. In fact, listening to the opening keynote speaker at International Startup Festival, Dave McClure (a venture capitalist who has worked with companies like PayPal , Mint , Facebook and LinkedIn ) the sentiment was downright negative. startup.

Technology Removes Technology

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That was the cautionary message that Sherry Turkle delivered at the last TED conference in Long Beach last year (you can watch the video here: Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? ). or a smart startup will. startup. ted conference. What do you make of the meteoric rise of the iPhone and iPad ? Simple is as simple does. It's the hardest thing to do. It's almost sensual.

The New Marketing Hacker

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It seems like Judy Shapiro (Chief Brand Strategist at CloudLinux and blogger at Trench Wars ) was busy asking herself some very similar questions at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York this past week. In her Advertising Age op-ed piece, When Hacker Culture Collides With Business Reality , she sees some major opportunities for marketing companies that we're not only not pursuing, but allowing (and enabling) small startups to take on: " while the tech boys are breaking their toys - it is often the professional marketers (a.k.a. startup. startup culture.

2 Google Demo Day award winners

Target audience: Startups, entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, businesses, digital marketers, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Two of the startups won the top awards and garnered special praise, and I got to interview one of the startup’s founders. JD Lasica Startupheadquarters on Nov. Beer or Coffee. BeerOrCoffee (tagline: “Meet people. CastBox.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #329

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What happens when those with success nurture and curate a new breed of startups. Can startups rule the world? startup. strata conference. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: . The most Trumpian and Clintonesque moments in the debate (according to a computer) - Tyler Schnoebelen - Medium. "I I know I'm a week late on debate topics. And I have nothing to say about the VP debate. But you know what this election needs?

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world! Startups 5 events for busy entrepreneurs event for entrepreneurs who love traveling events for busy entrepreneurs events for entrepreneurs events for traveling entrepreneursPhoto Credit: London International Meetup Group.

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world! Startups 5 events for busy entrepreneurs event for entrepreneurs who love traveling events for busy entrepreneurs events for entrepreneurs events for traveling entrepreneursPhoto Credit: London International Meetup Group.

Free Summer School For Marketers

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It''s the odd business book or conference and that''s the extent of our personal development. Kevin Rose (ex- Digg and currently at Google Ventures ) hosts this video podcast where he deep-dives into conversations with many startups from Silicon Valley. conference. Spoiler alert: I dropped out of university. It''s true. I entered university with the best of intentions. At the same time, I was already publishing a couple of music magazines that were becoming successful. Education has never been easier. and cheaper. for free (free of cost. Almost Timely. Marketing Charts.

Takeaways from Launch Scale 2016

Solid advice for startup founders, from startup founders. Target audience: Startup founders and teams, entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, businesses, brands, digital marketers, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Foundational advice for startup success. Even the chat with David Sacks gave no insights into why a startup might benefit from using Zenefits.

The Next Great Marketing Disruption

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If that isn''t strange enough, in the following days one of the great technology startup icons, Jack Dorsey ( Twitter and Square - at the same time) was also going to give a keynote session titled, The Receipt - A Communication Channel. Here''s the full description from the conference guide: "Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Chairman of Twitter, will discuss the power of human connection and the ability to see big potential in the smallest of moments. startup. Last week was a weird week. That''s weird, right? that he was sitting at a tilt with it in his back pocket?

Cool Social Tools: BigMarker


Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. ————-. BigMarker is a Chicago based, online webinar and video conference system. They can also host video conferences for organizations, company meetings and general online conferences. Read more about webinars and video conferences on our blog.

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How Content Marketers Can Incorporate Agility and Performance

Convince & Convert

highlight to tweet) She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Storyhackers, where they help build out content strategy and programs for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to growth-stage startups. She is also the Resident Storyteller for the Lean Startup Conference. How to apply the Lean Startup methodology to content marketing. Lean Startup Conference.

Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why is the up and coming community platform


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! is a startup SaaS company headquartered in New Orleans. With it’s unique approach to content sharing and collaboration, is a new one to keep an eye on. Individually,’s

30 Must-Read Growth Hacking Resources for Digital Marketers

Writtent Blog

Startup Marketing. This is a first-hand blog on startup growth and growth-hacking from the person who coined the term, Sean Ellis, the marketer behind DropBox and the CEO of Qualaroo (an awesome tool to collect insights we’ve just started using). Startup Lessons Learned. Six Steps to Growth: What I Learned as 500 Startup’s Growth Hacker in Residence. Andrew Chen.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Ideal for live blogs, breaking events, and conferences. It’s a great way to capture the buzz from the show floor after a tradeshow, event or conference.” — Maximize Social Business (Drive). Marketing Insider Group (Startup). Fortunately, content marketers don’t have to do it all themselves. Expert summary compilations (example: Soulati Media ). 1) Storify. 2) Pocket.

Power of One Live Blog – #p1event

Danny WhatMough

I’m at the Battersea Power Station today at Power of One – a conference focused on how the individual can achieve in the technology industry. He insists all this is coming back to tech and startups!]. Jason’s new book is called “A broken clock is right twice a day” If your chance of winning is one in ten, have ten startups! Hit F5! Jason Calacanis.

[Cool Social Tools] The Power of Breezio


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! One of the ways of doing so is launching a new campaign titled, ‘Heroes,’ centered around engagement pre, during, and post conferences and events. Optimal Community Engagement.

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Three Ways to Invest in Yourself through Learning

Spin Sucks

Attend conferences and trade shows. Find the tech startup scene in your city and attend events there. By Gini Dietrich. Earlier this week, Laura Petrolino wrote about the importance of professional development and keeping your skills fresh through ongoing learning. I have a friend who, at 4:00 every day, shuts down what she is working on and opens some sort of learning. For sure!

[Cool Social Tools] QiqoChat for Live Online Events


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! Hold large, online conferences with a high degree of peer-to-peer interaction and conversation. ————-. Private online communities. Getting started for free is easy.