Is your Organization Capable of Unorthodox Thinking?


The New Competence of the Knowledge Age. The larger point here is that the need for “unorthodox thinking,” outside formulas and prescriptions, is not just for Bill Gates and his friends but, to varying degrees, for all of us doing business in the knowledge age.

Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein

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When you have a knowledge-based enterprise like the AMA competing in a world of open sourced innovation, a sharing economy, and lateral economies of scale, there are tremendous downward pressures on the costs of information. Knowledge is a fluid and perishable product.

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7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

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Today, however, between 7 percent and 8 percent of all marketers on LinkedIn worldwide identify themselves as storytellers based on their profile descriptions and list of skills. That doesn’t mean you have 10 goals all competing with each other at the same time.

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7 ideas on "knowledge work" " Dana's blog

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7 ideas on “knowledge work&# Posted in Uncategorized by danachandler on March 26th, 2008. Drucker originated the term “knowledge worker&# and knowledge work. The idea of a “knowledge economy&# and such concepts are becoming increasingly mentioned in the mainstream US media as the United States faces increasing labor competition on a global scale. The right answer will depend on the exact purpose for which the knowledge will need to be used.

5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

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CMOs at the largest technology companies report that building out content marketing as an organizational competency is the second most important initiative, only behind measuring ROI. ( Not utilizing the knowledge and experts you have.

Blog #6.2: Narrative Storytelling Enhances Sales Performance


Customers today are far more knowledgeable, and more demanding in demonstrating value. With the amount of product knowledge online, through web or video conferences, customers come to the sales professional informed with specific questions and prefer not to speak with a generalist. To survive, vendors must now retrain staff, retool sales processes, and allocate time in new ways to ensure that data is recognized as a powerful asset and competency for recognizing sales performance.

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Your say: Personal knowledge management - Inside Knowledge

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The original knowledge-management publication. Inside Knowledge. Your say: Personal knowledge management. Focusing knowledge-management initiatives on the individual should not be a groundbreaking move within an organisation. explicit and tacit knowledge ? exact.

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Information Literacy in the Workplace - Special Libraries Association

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Information literacy is rapidly gaining recognition as the underpinning for both knowledge management and learning organization initiatives. Knowledge management has been considered by many to be the solution to our information woes. But the focus on technology in most knowledge management programs has only contributed to the problem. As a corporate information professional, I believe it is important to focus on the "people" component of knowledge management.

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

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We have for the first time an economy based on a key resource [information] that is not only renewable, but self-generating. And those decisions need to be based on having a better insight than your competitors into how your business environment is developing. About Ross Dawson.

Looking Back at My 2009 Social Media Resolutions

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I know the importance of participating in these discussions and growing my knowledge base, but it was difficult to keep this elevated on the priority list when I’m also balancing client work, performance assessments, proposals and white papers, internal governance roles, etc.

The Social Web: Learning to Use a New Tool

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We sometimes do this ourselves—once you have a strong base of knowledge in a specific area, it is quite reasonable to look at others’ tips or code and be able to reverse engineer them quite successfully to meet your own goals.

How Do Logos Matter to You?

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He has a successful business and several white papers on the specialty of “credibility based logo design.&# Logos and clothes are important part of influencing because we don’t buy from someone we don’t trust and don’t feel is competent. “Trust&# and “competent&# work together and become “credible&#. “Credibility based logo design&# then is important if a sale of product or service is desired.

Personal Knowledge Management

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Personal Knowledge Management : Who, What, Why, When, Where, How? Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) attempts to utilize the computer to help the individual manage the information explosion in a meaningful way. What is personal knowledge management? s competencies.

Hawaii Musicians & Film Makers: SXSW Wants You!

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For web artists, developers and designers, there are over 20 categories to compete in for the SxSW Web Awards at [link] Shane and I plan to attend SXSW so even if you can’t attend the meeting leave a comment so we can connect with you about this event.

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The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research

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Since around 20% – 25% of searches in Google every single day have never been searched for before in the history of the search engine , you can conclude that many of the items in HotTrends are going to be based around current events. Compete. Compete Stats.

Confused? Consider Rox's 180 Rule

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As people and companies are learning how to participate on social networks, deciding what sorts of content to create, or even how to set pricing for web-based services, they initially experience that nervous pit in the stomach that comes from a lack of knowledge in the space.

Tourism: Festivals are Powerful Economical Tools | Bare Feet Blog

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So that means we have a long ways to go together to compete effectively. We are planning an unconference , Podcamp and Wordcamp combined, that we hope to use to bring together the tech leaders from around the world and connect them with locals to share culture and knowledge.

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

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102) Knowledge no. transmitting knowledge from themselves to their. without any detailed technical knowledge of HTML. knowledge becomes networked ? are] a means to organize and share knowledge. ? It is likely that given the knowledge distributed. cost-effective and readily adopted knowledge. communal knowledge. sheets; summarize readings, post project summaries, communicate with students and create knowledge bases. Search JOLT.

Pledge Your Weight Loss, Feed Others | Bare Feet Blog

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We are competing to get into one of the top 10 spots and get a bonus $10,000!

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Techlearning > > 21st Century Skills: Will Our Students Be Prepared? > October 15, 2003

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Central to the reports recommendations is a call for schools to focus on six key elements of 21st century learning: Core Subjects: The authors reaffirm the importance of the core subjects identified by No Child Left Behind but challenge schools and policymakers to expand their focus beyond "basic competency" to understanding the core academic content at much higher levels. SchoolCIO | K-12 Blueprint | 21st Century Connections | Model Intelligent Classroom | Digital Learning Environments.

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Paid Bloggers Still Get Google Downgrades

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To its credit, Google also penalized its own Japan division who used the pay per post tactic in an attempt to compete against Yahoo.

A Design Framework for Electronic Cognitive Apprenticeship

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This paper proposes a design framework for constructing a groupware-based. cognitive apprenticeship and case-based learning in designing a learning. of case-based learning is grounded in cognitive apprenticeship. base of cognitive apprenticeship provides not only more coherent guidance. but also opportunities to fine-tune the pedagogy of case-based learning. case-based learning. Based on this framework, a system titled "Using. Based.