Compete Responds To Criticism

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I was pleased to see that Compete responded, multiple times — in a comment on my post; via a tweet and then subsequently in email. Given the interest I saw from other people, I obtained Compete’s permission to publish our exchange. Compete is based on a sample of 2 million, US based panelists. Think of compete numbers as an orange – a U.S. Compete Categories are groups of domains we organize for our PRO and Enterprise Level Subscribers.

4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

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While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group?

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Review of the Online Group Buying Industry


Group buying is a trend that had incredibly growth throughout 2010. Group buying, which refers to social buying or collective buying as well, is the buying an offer which has been significantly reduced, due to the fact that it is only valid if enough buyers are found.

3 Ways Social Media can Boost Sales Success

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But a new RAIN Group report proves otherwise and shows that sales people that truly “connect” with buyers in this “always on” environment we live in to win more often. Remember – when you’re there alone there is no one to compete!

How to Differentiate Your Content

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If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to compete. You can’t do that and compete successfully. Leaders usually talk about the same general group of topics, and miss trends that affect the industry. Image by Ksenia Krneychuk.

Twitter Users Are 68% More Likely To Visit Political Campaign Donation Sites

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A new study from Twitter and Compete set out to answer these questions. According to Compete’s data, the average Twitter user is 68% more likely to visit a campaign donation page than the average internet user. Twitter wants politicians to know that their tweets are effective.

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Business Lessons from the Woodtick Theater

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Likewise, your customers don’t expect you to be able to solve every problem under the sun, but to be competent (or better) at getting the basics right. For example, LEGO Group is known for involving its most passionate customers intimately in its new product development process.

The State of Community Management 2014


Additionally, this year’s research dives in to the eight competencies that The Community Roundtable considers critical to community success and identifies how best-in-class communities (the top 20% in terms of maturity) perform relative to the survey as a whole.

What Twitter’s Latest Move Says About the Industry Shift from Social to Messaging

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After ignoring DMs for years, Twitter has, over the last few months, opened the platform for group messaging, allowed people to upload photos, and reversed its (bizarre) ban on sending URLs. Last year, it launched Slingshot, an ephemeral messaging app meant to compete with Snapchat, and then a few months later made a stunning $22 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, which itself has over half a billion users.

5 Must Have Social Media & Productivity Chrome Extensions

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It’s a great way to get a snapshot of your sites and where they are, as well as competing sites. Xmarks & Lastpass – I group these together since Lastpass actually acquired Xmarks last year.

Smart Measurement For Creative People

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There are many competent, successful business owners who are afraid of numbers. The coffee shop may be group A, the record store group B, and so on. Next, record how much money each group spends when they redeem your coupon. Eliminate competing possibilities.

The Future of Association Management Systems


Though this group could have been locked in a room with no audience and had plenty to heatedly debate on the future of AMS, the conversation with the standing-room-only audience stayed cordial yet provided plenty for attendees to chew on in regards to the future of AMS.

Who Owns Content Marketing?

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That has given me the chance to work with a really diverse group of really smart people who are experts in their field. Why don’t we stop competing with each other to build a content marketing walled garden, only to realize that yes, successful content marketing isn’t done in a vacuum?

You Finally Have a Google Plus Business Page… Now What?


A Google Plus business page has many of the same features as a Facebook Page, but also include the collaborative utility of Facebook groups. This will be more important as Google Plus simply because you’ll have to compete with other organizations.

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3 Tools and 5 Tips To Help Your Employees Master Social Employee Advocacy


The app also provides news and industry related content based on keywords you set, so your employees could improve knowledge and competency with the latest developments.You can schedule content days or weeks in advance. What is Employee Advocacy?

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Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which Is Best for Your Business?

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Since the launch of Instagram Stories in mid–2016, Snapchat and Instagram have been competing at break-neck speeds to release hot new features and keep customers on their own platform. To compete, Instagram added Stories, stickers and Live streaming. This also gives companies the option to group similar images together instead of creating separate posts, i.e. at an event.

An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication

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That early morning is the busiest time for tweeting – everyone competing for space and attention – further resonates with this idea of bird communication. What group did I belong to? I can find examples of each group in my own feed.

The Best Free (or Cheap) Tools for Blogger and Influencer Outreach

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You can also sort and analyze your own followers to get a better understanding of the potential contact points you already have, or take a look at competing brands. So that’s a good group of tools to get you started.

Grow Your Twitter Following With Chats

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Twitter chats (AKA Tweet Chats) are simply a group discussion that takes place on Twitter. Sometimes the questions are selected in advance by a moderator, who poses 3 or 4 questions to the group or to the guest being interviewed.

6 Required Competencies for Social Organizations | Conferences and.

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Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 6 Required Competencies for Social Organizations February 24th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Now, marketing is the center of American business.

High-Performing Facebook Ads: It’s a Numbers Game

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Bonus Tip: Don’t Compete Against Yourself! That means that all of the people targeting specific audiences compete against each other with the winner being the one who not only has the highest quality and most relevant ad, but who is also willing to pay the most.

Why is the Customer Experience so Hard to Deliver On?

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Sure, they might have done the occasional test/focus group or survey but those were never a large enough sample size. Customers should not have to compete with a brand. You’d think brands would know what the customer wanted at this stage of the game, right?

7 Brands Winning Social Media During the Olympics

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The first time that South Sudan is competing as a nation. The first American to compete in a hijab. Oiselle has been using the hashtags #TheBigEvent and #freebird16 to reference the Olympics and generate fan support for its athletes competing.

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10 Things Epic Copywriters Do

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If you’re already a competent professional at your craft, you’ll need to consider making yourself into a true epic copywriter by acquiring some new content marketing skills. Make Quora, LinkedIn groups, and HARO a regular part of your research to stay ahead of everyone else.

[BREAKING] LinkedIn Ventures Into Video

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In a Facebook group I’m in, Cathy Hackl alerted us to this developing story. ” Influencers First As I have watched on other platforms with new, shiny features and apps, LinkedIn video will initially only be available to a select group of 500 “influencers.”

What is no longer working in social media: 2014 edition


Pick some non-competing colleagues (or even the competition if you’re confident) and share their most helpful content 6 to 8 times for every time you talk about yourself. This post by Tinu Abayomi-Paul originally appeared on AGBeat and is reprinted here by permission. ———-.

Avoid Scams: Buy Safe YouTube Views From a Trusted Provider


With so many people getting into YouTube marketing, the platform has become very crowded with competent video creators. All of this competition has led to another group of people seeing a market: Scammers.

Top 5 Signs Your Business Should Not Be Using Social Media

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Like most things in life, success comes with focus, competence, passion, a unique vision and, yes, work. Beware the hidden dangers of social media. Social media is all the rage. All the cool kids are using it; at least, that’s what the cool kids on the internet are telling us.

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5 Ways CMOs Can Master Their Online Customer Experience

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If they can’t find a product in-store, they can easily and quickly type, click, tap and purchase away on a number of competing online sites. Better yet, it also satisfies all those internal groups that are clamoring for exposure on the website.

Social Media Ostriches – The Corporate Hypocrisy Of Blocking Employee Access To Facebook and Twitter

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Each day, I enjoy reading the updates of employees that I currently work with, as well as previous co-workers and even employees at competing companies.

Change or Die | Fast Company

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Find Groups. Its the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world, says John Kotter, a Harvard Business School professor who has studied dozens of organizations in the midst of upheaval: "The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems. Recently Active Groups ? Omaha - Company of Friends Welcome to the Omaha COF group. This group is. Tampa Bay - Company of Friends Welcome to the Tampa Bay COF group.

Why You Should Tweet on Black Friday


The study included two control groups: one group of U.S. Internet users who used Twitter but were not exposed to retailer tweets, and another group who represented the average Internet user. Did you know that the first brand on Twitter was a retailer?

5 Sure Fire Social Media Tactics To Jump Start Your Job Search

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I was competing with thousands of other job applicants with my traditional cover letter and resume, and regardless of my qualifications, was often buried in an inbox of competition. Get Active With LinkedIn Groups – Linked In Groups are an often unknown resource that can pay big dividends in a variety of ways.

Preparing Your Online Community for the Digital Generation


You may have either content or people in a particular industry vertical that are worth Millennials’ time, but you’ll always be competing with any number of other groups that may be cooler, more fun, more technologically advanced or simply more recommended by their peers.

5 Instagram Audience Development Strategies From The New York Times

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This group of #raccoons living by the Pond in @centralparknyc has become a sort of tourist attraction. One woman offered the raccoons a snack: cherries, which tempted the group pictured here to emerge. When was the last time you held a real physical newspaper?

Hot Association and Nonprofit Social Media Jobs This Week – April 5


Must be a strong writer, with demonstrated competencies in public relations, social media marketing, and promotional content. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand

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It is gratifying to be so trusted as an information provider that this group believes it is in their best interests to automatically redistribute what I write. By automatically sharing all of my content, this group of people is indirectly saying that my C game is still meritorious.

Baby Boomers Get Connected with Social Media


From the table above, it can be clearly seen that there is little room for growth for social media in the Millenial and Generation X age groups. As social media networks have been assimilated by younger generations, it was only a matter of time until the older generations would catch up.

The Case for Building a Fiercely Loyal Community


There is just so much out there competing for the attention, and for the heart, of your members that doing things the same way you’ve always done them will no longer yield the results you are after. This is a guest post by Sarah Robinson, President and CEO of Sarah Robinson Co.

An Introduction to Social Media for Business

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Social media allows smaller companies to compete against some of the larger businesses to reach more customers. The lower barrier to entry make it possible for any business to compete. In order to compete, businesses can’t afford to be inactive on social media.