QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

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Recently named #108 on the 2011 INC 500 report, you can get more great insights from Signal on Twitter , Facebook and on their blog. [ QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ].

An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication

Waxing UnLyrical

Twitter. ” So #4 got me thinking about #3 – how “Twitter,” as an anthropomorphic name, perfectly describes that chaotic, disparate, competitive, showboating raucousness of #1. I can find examples of each group in my own feed.

20 More of the Best Twitter Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2012

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As the fourth-largest social network, and the fastest growing in 2012 , Twitter has emerged as a serious platform for business professionals to share breaking news, promote thought-leadership content, and engage with customers, prospects, peers and industry influencers. ” Twitter Tools.

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Pledge Your Weight Loss, Feed Others | Bare Feet Blog

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For every pound you pledge, General Mills and other partners will donate 14¢ I love this idea – lose weight while helping to feed others; there is a perfect balance in this equation. The Pound for Pound Challenge lets anyone help feed Hawaii’s hungry.

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UberMedia, Mixx, And Twitter | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

The Changing Face Of Article Marketing » UberMedia, Mixx, And Twitter Remember the social media website Mixx ? Not long ago Twitter announced that some third party apps weren’t going to work any longer. About Us What’s a Maverick?

Twitter Changes the Social Data Ecosystem

Net-Savvy Executive

Today''s announcement that Twitter is buying Gnip raises big questions about the market for social media data. Twitter has bought other companies in the social media analysis space— BackType (2011), Bluefin Labs (2013), Trendrr (2013)—but Gnip is a bigger deal.

Etsy's PR Nightmare: Greeting Cards Making Light Of Rape

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Walking the transparency talk I WAS going to write about something to do with online integrity, but, like many well-meaning bloggers, I got side-tracked by my Twitter feed. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email.

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Are You About To Lose Your YouTube Presence?

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Can you imagine competing against the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey for attention? If you think this is no different than competing against the Big O and the Big A on Twitter, think again. About Us What’s a Maverick?

How to use Twitter effectively & grow your brand

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Twitter is home to 330 million monthly active users. That means that if you’re not already active on Twitter, you could be missing out on some serious leads. Unfortunately, while there are many brands tweeting today, many of them don’t know how to use Twitter effectively, to help them grow their business. Scheduling tweets and making sure that you use a couple of hashtags with every post doesn’t mean that you’re a master of Twitter.

How to Replace Twitter With Facebook

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I just wrote about how Twitter is becoming much less necessary for me. In this post, I’d like to show you how, with just a few steps, you can get exactly what you’re getting on Twitter and more with just a Facebook account and a Page you administer.

How to Replace Twitter With Facebook

Stay N' Alive

I just wrote about how Twitter is becoming much less necessary for me. In this post, I'd like to show you how, with just a few steps, you can get exactly what you're getting on Twitter and more with just a Facebook account and a Page you administer. Looks a lot like Twitter, huh?

How Two Brands Generate Hundreds of Thousands in Revenue on Social Media, Big News from Twitter, New LinkedIn Ad Formats, and More!

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Big news on the Twitter front. How two brands generate hundreds of thousands in revenue on social media, big news from Twitter, new LinkedIn ad formats, and more [complete podcast transcript]. Part IV: Twitter allowing users to switch to a chronological timeline.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Launches FB Newswire, Acquires Motion Tracking App Moves

The Realtime Report

Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest: Facebook. Twitter. Social Media News Ticker Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter

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Social Media Tools, Apps, Resources and Plugins

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Twitter Tools: tagwalk. Provides a snapshot of your Twitter account including your latest tweets, who you talk to, your links, mentioned by, interests, stats and more. Taweet (beta) is a social calendar and event promotion application for Twitter. Twitter Directories.

How a social media consultant can help your business

Sherrilynne Starkie

It can seem like social media is a waste of both time and resources in a world of competing priorities. Facebook Blueprint certification and Twitter Flight School demonstrate mastery in major social networks.

A Dying Breed

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If the story is not in your feed, or you're being forced to leave wherever that feed may be, it's getting harder and harder to get those readers to click out of their native environments (the places that they want to keep thumbing through). I also miss their desire to create something unique, rather than something that might compete better against a Buzzfeed listicle. news feed. the tao of twitter.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

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I get a lot of questions via Facebook , Twitter and my email contact form and many of the items listed below come straight from those questions, my experience in social media strategy, years of researching platforms and best practices and…well…tinkering with social media.

What I Learned from My TestMasters (And TheGreensheet) #SocialMadness Experience

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SocialMadness assesses social media performance using a proprietary algorithm based on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn engagement, as well as direct votes in the name of specific companies at the #SocialMadness website. Can you have a competition that measures how “good” your social media is?

Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

particularly Twitter. By the way, that’s the description of an actual person on Twitter that brands and sells themselves as an influencer. Do you get the sense that they don’t even pay attention to their feed?

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55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

According to a HubSpot study, 71% of marketers viewed Twitter as a useful marketing tool last year, up from just 39% in 2009. Facebook added more than 200 million users last year, and Twitter more than doubled in size, adding 115 million.

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5 Reasons Social Media Measurement is Making You Lie to Yourself

Convince & Convert

million followers on Twitter, most of which were bots and fake accounts ? How much do you think we’d be talking about twitter followers or Facebook likes if how many you have wasn’t attached to your public profile like a goiter?

Color Clash: Pink or Purple?

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October 25th, 2010 Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my friend Kim Wells was sporting a purple ribbon on her Twitter avatar. If you liked what you saw and read, Id love you to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe by email.

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How to Start your Social Media Strategy


Take a look at your competitors As with all things in marketing, your competition are your surest signs of your ability to compete. Do they have live Twitter feeds? Twitter: Is also visual and will benefit from the same approach as Facebook above.

New Research: Americans Hate Social Media Promotions

Convince & Convert

Your Company Needs to Be Human Because You’re Competing with Humans. Now look at Twitter (public feed of the people you follow, not lists).

13 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competition

Sprout Social

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in–marketing is a game of competing for the attention of your audience. From figuring out a competing brand’s messaging to how often they’re pushing content, a brand’s social presence can be a goldmine of data. Feedly.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #396

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A big part of these functions is the underlying game systems that make parties co-operate or compete. Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People? - How about an oldie (but goodie): can we feed a global population that is expected to be twice what it was in 1987? twitter.

5 Great Social Media & Community Job Resources

Jason Yormark

Mashable Job Board While you’ll be competing with quite a few people for these, they still post quality opportunities that are worth a look. Social Media Jobs on Twitter I’ve found following @socialmediajobs to post some unique and worthwhile listings.

Optimizing Facebook for Business: Tabs, Tags & Sharing

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When it comes to Facebook, your brand is competing with rants, life events, link suggestions, pet photos, Mafia Wars, Farmville & other businesses vying for attention! It takes a lot to cut through the clutter and stand out.

Your Content’s Missing Ingredient is You

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Lately, our digital selves have packed their bags, moved happily over to Twitter and Instagram, and no longer bother showing up beyond 140 characters. Content must compete with the aforementioned flood of communication storming through our respective social media feeds.

The Best Free (or Cheap) Tools for Blogger and Influencer Outreach

Adam Sherk

Followerwonk from SEOmoz is a great tool for researching Twitter users. The Twitter bio search allows you to easily find and evaluate users in specific areas. Twitter is often the easiest social gateway to finding bloggers since people with a blog tend to be on Twitter too.

Native advertising is here to stay

Sherrilynne Starkie

Twitter and Facebook have a similar offering in ‘sponsored stories’ and ‘promoted tweets’. Participants looked at native ads 53 per cent more frequently than banner ads, and one in four looked at in-feed native ads.

Reflections on the changing digital agency environment

Dave Fleet

Companies realized the opportunity presented by engaging with their customers through these new channels, but we were still in a time when simply creating a Twitter or Facebook account would make headlines. Twitter is following closely behind.

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The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

Buffer Social

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter steal headlines. Just like we’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a lot of social media users browse their feeds with the sound off. Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to pick a strong cover image to show up in the feed.

Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google Plus

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My initial, abbreviated take is that Google’s new social toy is essentially a Facebook Twitter hybrid with outstanding ease-of-use and eye-popping potential. Google realized that whether or not Twitter ever made real money, its true value was as a scorecard for ranking social content.

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How Companies Like Bored Panda, REI, and Vox Are Growing Their Organic Reach on Social Media

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For example, in the first half of 2018 alone, Facebook reported five major changes to the News Feed (and there are probably many more small tweaks that were not reported). Timeliness: Recent posts will tend to appear higher in her feed than older posts. Twitter algorithm.

The Meme-ification of Instagram

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Staged Instagram photos are achieving mass scale, and it’s harder to compete for attention. And you can use memes in your feed and in your Stories, in DMs, and anywhere else you communicate with your customers. Here are some examples of memes in the Instagram feeds of top brands.

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The 23 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Webbiquity SMM

Sample reviews: “We have so much information and media available at our fingertips that it can be pretty tough to resist the urge to check our email, take a ‘quick’ look at Twitter, or see what’s happening over on Facebook. Post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Going Programmatic to Get Your Content Seen

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To compete in today’s hyper-competitive online media world, you can’t sit back and wait for the traffic to come to you. Often, you can’t even rely on your social feeds if you really want a specific article or video to go viral. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

The Biggest Social Media Scandals, Fails, and Blunders of 2013


The music chain HMV forgot who had access to their Twitter feed. An unpaid intern originally created the Twitter account, which left access open to other employees. Guest post by Yazmin Gray. ——-.

5 Data-Backed Social Media Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Buffer Social

Hailley : One of the key parts of that trend is that we’re predicting that stories will become the primary way to share content on social media, overtaking the News Feed. With more brands competing for people’s attention on social media, ordinary posts just aren’t going to cut it.

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5 Sure Fire Social Media Tactics To Jump Start Your Job Search

Jason Yormark

I was competing with thousands of other job applicants with my traditional cover letter and resume, and regardless of my qualifications, was often buried in an inbox of competition. Get Serious About Twitter – Many people just stick with Facebook and never think Twitter is worth their time. If used properly, Twitter can be a great tool to establish yourself professionally, grow an audience, and network.

4 Social Media Mistakes Easily Prevented By Common Sense


A common fallacy that people really believe is that all they have to do for their brand is set up a Facebook fan page or Twitter feed and get instant success! Facebook and Twitter are arguably the top ways right now to establish customer trust and loyalty.

Back From The Dead: Updates From The Blog Grave

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So I decided to work on launching AdultAthlete.com , a website that will be dedicated for adults who continue to compete in the amateur ranks. Those that love sport, compete, and live a life of activity. Be sure to visit the site for more info, or follow on Twitter and/or Facebook.