Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning


According to a 2014 Gallup survey , only 11% of business leaders believe that college graduates have the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in the workplace. What is competency-based learning and how would it work? Post by Jack McGrath, President of Digitec Interactive.

QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

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For example, Food Should Taste Good is a small company focused on making healthy snacks that taste good (duh!). For example, restaurants are trading instantly redeemable offers for email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

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Best Social Media Examples Merge Two Factors

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Social media is the bridge to these two competing aims. Companies who can merge the consistency of values with the capacity of being many things at once.then they are the best social media examples. brand Social Media social marketing best social media social media examples social media social websites brand marketing"Sociality is the capacity of being several things at once". Words by GH Mead , the Amercian philosopher and sociologist.

Competing on the Field But Cooperating in the Office

Social Media Strategery

It’s not difficult to find examples of sports teams using social media. There are plenty of case studies of sports leagues and teams using social media for marketing purposes - where are the examples of using social media to improve league and team collaboration?

How to Cut Through Social Media Hype with Simple Math

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But Compete says Facebook gets 134 million unique visitors in the US each month. Another example is Yelp! Guest Posts How To Howie Goldfarb Social Media analyzing data compete facebook hubspot Marketing mobile Yelp

Nonprofit Technology Conference Session Hot Picks! #18NTC


We’ll share examples and lead you through an exercise to craft your own. In this workshop, we’ll define brand architecture and share insights and examples for how to organize your brand and express it in a clear, holistic way that your audiences understand.

Twitter, Facebook Suit Up for UEFA EURO 2016

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For example, simply include #ENG or #TogetherForEngland , and your tweet will be brought to life with the inclusion of a football containing the St. This exciting feature will be available for all competing nations (e.g.,

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2017 Social Media Trends Check-In

Ignite Social Media

In order to compete with Facebook, Twitter is opening their Live video platform with new features aimed at professional broadcasters. The social media industry changes rapidly and if you don’t keep up with the latest trends, you may be left in the dust by your competitors.

Three Reasons To Invest In Patient Feedback Management Solutions

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For example, a patient who leaves a negative review on Facebook may expect a timely response, whereas someone who leaves feedback on an online rating and review site may not expect one at all, but it’s just as important to respond to both.

4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy

Dave Fleet

That means, if you post 20 tweets (for example) per day, you have roughly two opportunities to insert your own POV into the stream. That means you’re not just competing for the top-ranked text; you’re competing for the top-ranked image too, and the top-ranked video.

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency

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The agency you select should have experienced staff that are competent and have an excellent reputation. You should ask any marketing agency that you’re interested in hiring to show you examples of their previous work and the results they obtained for their clients.

Living (And Working) In The Digital Age


However, how is a business to compete and survive in the digital age? For example, Blockbuster Video was caught unprepared when movie rentals went straight to the Internet. Businesses can compete, survive and thrive in the digital age. Guest post by Hilary Smith for SocialFish.

Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

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For example, during discovery, social media data can help uncover ideas for new products or product line extentions to existing product lines. Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies.

Finding Keywords: The First Step to Blogging Success

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Run a search and then refine that search to find a specific keyword or phrase that your site can compete for. The more times it’s searched, the more difficult it is to compete for that phrase. Guest post by Sean McGinnis. I’ve been a web marketer for a long, long time.

High-Performing Facebook Ads: It’s a Numbers Game

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Here is the most recent example of how they worked for my company, Boom! Bonus Tip: Don’t Compete Against Yourself! If you have multiple ad sets targeting the same group of people you are competing against yourself and driving your own ad costs up. Facebook Ads flat out WORK!

How to Eliminate Obstacles to Engagement and Retention: Call to Action


” In spite of the prevailing assumptions, what builds loyalty is not “exceeding their expectations during service interactions (for example, by offering a refund, a free product, or a free service such as expedited shipping).”

7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Social Media

Peg Fitzpatrick

You’re competing with millions of posts every day. For example, #socialmediatips connects posts that are about social media. Everyone wants a shortcut to social media success but sadly there is no “easy button.”

The Psychology of Marketing: 18 Ways to Use Social Proof to Boost Your Results

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For example: We think anything that experts use is great because they are probably more knowledgeable than us in their area of specialization. Examples: a Twitter shoutout by an expert or having an expert on your Twitter chat. Examples: the blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook.

How to Track Hashtag Campaigns with Social Media Analytics

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A current example of a widespread event-related hashtag is #FIFAWWC, the official hashtag of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada. When the USA and Japan were competing for the World Cup, buzz for the event was increasing all the time. Image via

How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ SEO Strategy

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Indirect: These competitors offer similar products and compete for the same customers but sell goods outside of your niche, too. For example, a supermarket and mobile phone brand are indirect competitors. Image via

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PPC For Small Business – Are You Attracting The Wrong Traffic?

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When competing for keywords, some business owners, especially those new to paid search marketing, head straight for the cheapest keywords. Using keywords that link to ‘how to’, ‘repairs’, ‘maintenance’ for example, will mainly attract visitors who are looking for that information – and that generally means they have already purchased that or a similar product.

The Social Side of Brand Management

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For instance, if my business was named Example, and I wanted to see what has been said about Example on Twitter, I would do the following: “Example”. How great is it to have your customers competing to provide your business with free word of mouth marketing?

6 mobile app trends to watch in 2017

This means that small businesses can finally compete with larger companies that have already been in the mobile game for a while. This is arguably today’s most typical example of location-based mobile messages. Post by Andrew Gazdecki.

You Finally Have a Google Plus Business Page… Now What?


This will be more important as Google Plus simply because you’ll have to compete with other organizations. For example, the Humane Society could upload a lot more cat pictures.

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5 Ways to Improve your SEO Today

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For example, being ranked #1 in the search engines for the keyword phrase “Blue Dog on Mars” doesn’t mean you’ll get an influx of visitors. For example, we’ve created a comparison between the keyword “newspapers” and the keyword “tablets.”. Originally posted here at

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3 Up & Coming Social Media Tactics Every Small Business or Startup.

Jason Yormark

This is especially the case when you offer a product or service that is provided by major players that are hard to compete solely on price with.

Monitoring What Others Are Saying About Your Organization


You should also be comparing your brand to competing brands, and you can’t do this if you aren’t monitoring both them and yourself. For example, let’s say you have a ceramic cookware brand.

Instagram is bringing the algorithm to its feed, but don’t panic yet


With fans now seeing only certain posts on their feed, brands will have to compete (read: pay up) to get their content delivered to more people. Take Cartoon Network for example. What you’ve been hearing is true; Instagram will soon be adopting the algorithmic newsfeed.

A Reference Guide for Social Media Scheduling – Tools and Tactics

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For example, there is a Chrome plugin called ‘Doshare ‘ When you schedule a piece of content, it holds it until the time is right and then delivers it. For example, you schedule content through their tool and when the time comes around a notification pops up on their mobile app.

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7 Brands Winning Social Media During the Olympics

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The first time that South Sudan is competing as a nation. The first American to compete in a hijab. Oiselle is an example of a smaller athletic brand making a splash on social to strengthen customer loyalty.

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How to Use the Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature

Jon Loomer

One example of this is split testing. If you select the “Audience” variable, you will need to select competing audiences. Some examples of audiences to compare: Different Custom Audiences (Website Custom Audience vs. Engagement Custom Audience.

Full Case Study Report from GiveToTheMax Day


But extrapolate that to this scenario – where you have a whole bunch of individual nonprofits who might normally either compete for fundraising dollars, or ignore each other’s work because they are so busy with their own. Remember Give to the Max Day, November 9, 2011?

5 Ways To Streamline Your Business and Improve Workflow

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An iPaaS cloud integration platform , for example, integrates your ecommerce site with inventory management, business reporting, planning tools, and even sales professional management tools through integration with Salesforce. 5 Ways To Streamline Your Business and Improve Workflow.

Why You Need a Business Strategy, Not a Social Strategy

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For example, improved customer service might require one set of tools and resources, while changing brand perceptions and building brand awareness may require a completely different set of tools, tactics, and resources. Another shining example is GitHub, the social network for programmers.

Poor Social Responsiveness Risks Tarnishing a Brand’s Image

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Now, small and medium businesses can compete with the big guys when it comes to getting their brand out there and establishing awareness where it matters. We live in a real-time world; monitor your Twitter feeds and Facebook page and have someone available who is competent to respond.

An Unkindness of Ravens: Thoughts on Twitter Communication

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That early morning is the busiest time for tweeting – everyone competing for space and attention – further resonates with this idea of bird communication. I can find examples of each group in my own feed.

Social Media Ostriches – The Corporate Hypocrisy Of Blocking Employee Access To Facebook and Twitter

SocMed Sean

Just look at Zappos as an example. Each day, I enjoy reading the updates of employees that I currently work with, as well as previous co-workers and even employees at competing companies.

Reflections on the changing digital agency environment

Dave Fleet

The dominant platforms then were largely the same ones as the previous five years, and while the evolution of those platforms required adaptation (Facebook introduced its news feed early in this window, for example) it didn’t feel like the same relentless barrage of constant landscape change.

An Introduction to Social Media for Business

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Social media allows smaller companies to compete against some of the larger businesses to reach more customers. The lower barrier to entry make it possible for any business to compete. In order to compete, businesses can’t afford to be inactive on social media.

7 Secrets of Super-Successful Video Marketing

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We looked at some of our favorite examples of video marketing and uncovered some traits they have in common. This means that branded content (advertising) competes with entertainment, rather than interrupting it. By now, it’s clear that video is an essential channel for marketers.

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