Even Yahoo! Gets A Redesign

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Even Yahoo! But the redesign itself should reflect your company’s values. Every now and then you have to take a second look at your website and decide if it’s time for a redesign. has redesigned its search results pages. When you redesign your website, you want to stay true to your brand and image. You don’t necessarily need to change the content, although that may be necessary as well. It should reflect your values from the header to the footer.

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Interview with Community Manager: Jonas de los Reyes from Yahoo!

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Jonas de los Reyes is a lead community manager of Yahoo! This eventually led to my involvement in a couple of major blogging events that our company organized because of the relationship that I was able to build with a lot of bloggers. You would often find me in our services like Yahoo!

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Change or Die | Fast Company

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Fast Company. Connect with Fast Company. My Yahoo Google Stumble Upon. The companys top executives had invited the most farsighted thinkers they knew from around the world to come together in New York and propose solutions to some really big problems. CEOs are supposedly the prime change agents for their companies, but theyre often as resistant to change as anyone -- and as prone to backsliding. Great companies run SAP, not just great big companies.

Should You Worry About Yahoo and Bing?


When the topic of SEO (search engine optimisation) is discussed many people automatically think about optimising for Google and do not really think about Yahoo or Bing. Of course Google commands the largest percentage and for this reason they do get the main focus of many seo companies.

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Yahoo! Unloads Delicious

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Unloads Delicious Yesterday, the Internet’s largest has been – Yahoo! And it might have had it not been purchased by Yahoo! They’ve already been a big part of two other Internet companies that achieved superstar status – PayPal and YouTube. Yahoo!

Rumor: Yahoo Sells Delicious | Small Business Mavericks

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Yahoo had originally said it was going to fold the site, but then the groans started. Nevertheless, if it’s true, it could be a big boon to Yahoo. Perhaps another company will take it and make something out of it. If it’s anyone with half the clout that Yahoo!

Your Media Is Controlled By A Handful Of Companies (Yes, Even The Internet)

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Digital Marketing professional and venture capitalist, Darren Herman , ran some quick numbers and here's what he uncovered: " the digital media ad spend (search, display, mobile, etc) is controlled by Google , Yahoo , AOL , Facebook , and Microsoft. Google generates approximately 364% more revenue from advertising than it's next closest rival, Yahoo! " You can read his full Blog post here: 64% of Digital Ad Spend Controlled by 5 Companies. yahoo.

How Fortune 100 Companies are Leveraging Social Media [Infographic]


link] Michael Borowiecki I'm a little surprised at how low the average number of accounts there are per company in each of the social media sites. link] reBlog from pamorama.net: How Fortune 100 Companies are Leveraging Social Media [Infographic] « [.]

The Arrogance Of Being Right

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The first is a response to Yahoo! Whether you are a manager, an entrepreneur, a solo PR pro, a 20-something worker who is a cog in the machine at this point in her career, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you are well served to always consider others thoughts.

Are You Working In Digital Marketing? You Have To Be Drunk Not To Pay Attention To This.

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Apple will be a trillion dollar luxury brand, and the pending release of their watch will make them the number one watch company in the world. Tumblr is a disaster for Yahoo. yahoo. Want to understand what the true digital landscape looks like?

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Every Piece Of Your Attention Is Being Monetized

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Look no further than the Yahoo news this week. So, even after Yahoo used their users to generate revenue from their attention, their personal data is now being spread out all over the internet, and available for others to buy and manipulate at will. yahoo. .

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The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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This year, colleague Cheryl Burgess and I changed things up a bit, opening the award to nominations but focusing specifically on outstanding men and women who work for technology companies and are active on social media. She was recently named CEO of Yahoo!,

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The Future of Digital Marketing According to the Giants

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Google, Yahoo! These companies have also made purchases that many people didn’t quite think were obvious, but perfectly made sense in hindsight. Companies using performance models for growing channels, such as mobile and video, will soon be a common sight.

What's A Yahoo?

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How much time do you spend thinking about Yahoo? I spend a lot of time thinking about Yahoo. Not the Yahoo you used to use as a gateway to the Internet (or for common searches), but the Yahoo of today. Yahoo is dead." This is the typical sentiment/eye rolls I get when I mention Yahoo (much like talking about MySpace ) to anyone, but I am left wondering if Yahoo's biggest challenge is how they communicate and market their own brand? yahoo. .

The Future Of Google

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No company is perfect (so I won't profess that they are not without sin and challenges), but I'm fascinated by those who think that Google is a one trick pony and that this pony is called, "search." htp company. yahoo. Do you think that Google is a one trick pony?

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Interview with Social Media Manager: Layla Sabourian-Tarwe from Yahoo!

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Layla Sabourian-Tarwe is Senior Social Media & Online Community Manager at Yahoo! L: The ingredients of a successful social media strategy would vary based on your company’s objectives, just as the 3 main ingredients of a recipe would vary depending on what you are trying to make!

The Fleeting Value Of Content

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The Wall Street Journal published a fascinating article yesterday titled, Content Deluge Swamps Yahoo , that focused on how Yahoo (and other big online publishers) struggle to make money because, "As Web traffic explodes, Internet companies are struggling to profit off ads shown next to the articles, videos and other content offered to viewers. " Strangely enough, I was reading this article at the airport having just attended Yahoo's upfront event. yahoo.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

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Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. 90% of companies with 100 or more employees use social media in their marketing mix. Fortune 500 companies tend to be antisocial.

Do You Need A Degree In Digital Marketing And Social Media?

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My general train of thought was that it would be easier to go back to school should my career in media not work out than to stay in school and try to manage the workload of running my own publishing company while attempting to secure a degree. If you can't find out information in a general search (on Google , Bing , Yahoo or whatever), leverage your online social networks ( Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , tumblr , etc.) yahoo.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. If you are officially representing your company, you’d want to create an Official Page. Answers Yahoo!

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Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to searchmonkey

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to SearchMonkey by Adam Sherk on August 31, 2009 On Friday Yahoo announced new additions to its SearchMonkey enhanced results, including options for news content. SearchMonkey allows sites to use structured data to include additional information in their Yahoo search results such as addresses and phone numbers, review scores, pricing, etc.

The Lying Game

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The article is all about former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson and the recent unraveling of his short tenure as head of the beleaguered digital media company. If we want to work for companies that can deliver a solid product that surprises and delights consumers, why do we all lie so much and oversell ourselves on resumes and on LinkedIn profiles so desperately? If a company doesn't hire me because I don't have a university degree, it's their loss. digital media company.

The Power Of Dealstorming

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After Yahoo acquired the company, Tim was tapped to lead their ValueLab, which enabled sales teams to close hundreds of millions of dollars of new business through rapid collaboration. By 2001, he rose to the position of Chief Solutions Officer and later, the company's Leadership Coach. In 2005, he founded Deeper Media , which provides consulting and training services for leading companies, trade associations and government agencies. yahoo.

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Mobile Breaks Search. And Your Brand

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Each new generation of technology - each new ecosystem - is a step change in scale, and that new scale makes it the centre of innovation and investment in hardware, software and company creation. to a handful of Web portals ( AOL , Yahoo , etc.), yahoo. Mobile could well be the last true computing platform. Not smartphones, but mobile. The ability to be connected (with high speed and consistency) anywhere and everywhere. This is nothing new. This is not an original thought.

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Bashing Google+: Fashionable, but not Smart

Geoff Livingston

When competing against a dominant leader with no major differences in technology, distribution or product, most companies cannot win. Ironically, Google is one of those rare companies who has knocked out a market leader. In the 1990s Yahoo! Image by Monkey at Large.

Crush It, Marissa!

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At this point, I hope she crushes it at Yahoo!, and forever shuts up the media and all the old bastards who think women can’t manage companies. Pop Philosophy bias facebook feminism gender leadership Marissa Mayer media sheryl sandberg Yahoo Image by Tilak Bisht.

The Billion Dollar Branding Play

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What is Yahoo going to do with Tumblr? What is Tumblr going to become with Yahoo? After it was announced that Yahoo would be acquiring Tumblr for a little over a billion dollars, the online channels (and traditional media outlets) went crazy in an " Instagram just got bought by Facebook for a billion dollars" kind of way. The future of Tumblr isn''t Yahoo. yahoo. Those seem to be the billion dollar questions, these days.

On Weirdoes, The Long Tail, Seth Godin And You

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Along with being one of the biggest business Bloggers in the world, most people know him as an author and a thinker (and people like that tend to speak their minds having never really done the physical labor of growing a company). Along with selling one of his first companies, Yoyodyne, to Yahoo! yahoo. Here Comes The Weirdoes.

Why the Twitter-NFL Deal Is a Hail Mary That Will Work

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Reporting that several companies have backed out of acquiring the social network has certainly not helped the company’s share price. When the NFL tested the idea last year by streaming a game on Yahoo, that game drew 15 million viewers. There’s a sub-genre of videos in which children react to technology relics like rotary phones, Walkmans and typewriters and reveal how foreign such concepts are.

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Calm Down, The Name "Oath" Ain't That Bad

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People are very upset with the new company name, Oath. . Oath is what the Verizon -owned AOL and Yahoo will be known as going forward. and "why would you ever call a company, Yahoo!?" With that, it's hard to argue that words like "apple," "amazon" and "yahoo" did not, in fact, already have meaning before they also became commonly known as technology, retail and search engine giants. . Verizon is a smart company. company. company name.

The Internet Could Be Closed For Business

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Back then, the majority of people still used one of the major ISPs and portals as their destination (think AOL , Yahoo or whatever). While companies like Google may argue that closed is bad, it's important to realize that human beings seem drawn to closed environments - especially for more nascent products and services. yahoo. Once upon a time.

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The Problem With Time Spent

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This is the question that publishers must answer to media companies. This is not about Google vs. Facebook vs. Yahoo vs. Microsoft. media company. yahoo. How long do people engage with your media and content? The longer people spend with a media property, the better it is for the brand, right? Not always. Long before Google existed, I worked for a search engine selling Internet advertising.

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Media Outlets Will Tap Facebook Live During Republican, Democratic National Conventions

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Hadas Gold of Politico reported that media outlets including C-SPAN , CNN , Yahoo , Fox News , The New York Times and local outlets. Those media companies will live-stream from “Facebook Lounge” studios at both convention venues. More than 20 media outlets will live-stream elements of their coverage of the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention via Facebook Live.

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27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting

Writtent Blog

Copywriting is how companies sell things online. Want to be able write high-converting copy that Google, Bing, and Yahoo will actually notice? Company News Image source. And offline.

The Marketing Problem Is Simple: There Are Too Many Ads

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the old portal model of Yahoo , AOL , etc.) Google didn't invent the advertising network and many other media companies have jumped on that train and turned it into a significant business in the online spaces. The media companies are going to pounce on this. media company. yahoo. As a brand, do you find it hard to put your message in front of the right audience? This used to be the major challenge.

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A Life Without Technology

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The reason why this particular school is getting so much attention is because it is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and hosts children whose parents work at companies like Google , Yahoo and Apple. yahoo. There's no doubt that technology brings with it some scary things. The scariest of them all is of the uncertainty. Human beings are creatures of habit and any introduction of anything new typically raises an eyebrow (at least) or pitchforks (more often).

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Is Google Becoming The Display Ad King?

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At one time, it seemed that no one could topple Yahoo! Yahoo! But don’t take from this that Google is taking Yahoo!s Yahoo!s More companies are interested in the display advertising channel (this one is interesting because online display ads have been on the decline in recent years). The competition means that you have choices, and it also spells lower advertising rates as the companies compete for your dollars.

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Poke, Poke. Who's There? It's Seth Godin

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He currently runs Squidoo.com along with his latest business, The Domino Project , a new/disruptive book publishing company powered by Amazon. When Godin stopped working at Yahoo (after his company was acquired by them), he made a conscious decision to change the way he works.

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Are You Living In A (Filter) Bubble?

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In fact, their losses are getting uglier, almost tripling from 2013 when the company lost $68 million. Basically, we shifted from a world where Yahoo and AOL were our homepage (curated by editors) to a place where Facebook and Twitter are our homepage (a place where we, mostly, see what our family and friends think). yahoo. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base).

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Welcome To The One Screen World

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There was this episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice this season that revolved around each team''s ability to create a television ad for the consumer electronics company, LG. While most people are busy paying attention to the fact that Yahoo just bought Tumblr for over one billion dollars , they''re forgetting something profound about the last acquisition of chaotic proportions (when Facebook bought Instagram for close to one billion dollars as well). yahoo.