8 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Live-Streaming

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Live-Streaming isn’t a new tactic, it’s been around awhile now with companies such as Live Stream and UStream just to name a few.

10 Social Media Tools To Help With Your Crowdsourcing Efforts

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Crowdsourcing has become more and more popular with private companies, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies. GetSatisfaction provides a way for companies to do that.

7 Social Media Trends You Need to Add to Your 2017 Strategy

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My 7 predictions that will rapidly transform how your company uses social media. Regularly walk through how a customer perceives your company. So how do you harness this technology for your company? Or you can use a video host like Ustream or Lifestream.

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Facebook: Iceland Constitution and Gov 2.0

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I don’t mean that negatively – some individuals and companies rise mightily to a challenge, show what they can do in the hot seat and earn a tonne of social currency. Iceland have turned to social media to ask the population to crowdsource writing Iceland’s new constitution.

Finally Convince and Convert Gets All Effed Up

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To point out bloggers and companies and resources and people that don’t get the attention that I do here at C&C. Yep, I finally did it. After years of holding out, I launched a fan page for Convince & Convert on Facebook. “Oh great,&# you’re thinking.

The Most Overlooked (But Simple) Ways to Use Live Streaming Video

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new in comparison to UStream and other pioneers). Live streaming apps can give you the real time ability to share company news or jump on a trending story. Company leaders. Nearly two million words. That’s the value in one minute of video. Let that sink in for a moment.

Wow Online Influencers With An In-Person Experience

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UStream! I love giving tech advice, and it's what I'm doing at my new website…this week I'm going to try inviting people into UStream if they need support or want to chat about issues there having…authenticity is the only way to go. UStream! Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies.

5 Tools I Am Willing to Pay for [And Recommend] to Improve My Blogs


Ustream Producer Pro. I’ve used it more for private resources that I’ve developed for a couple of companies in consulting but it is a very cool way to show what’s on your screen in video as well as insert a view from a camera.

Blog World 2010 Recap – My Notes and Experiences


Adsense – if you’re positioning yourself or company, remove it. If you missed the keynote sessions, they are up on Blog World’s USTREAM account. Ok everyone.

The Unfortunate Investment of Social Media (and its Consequences)

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Using Digg as an instrument to get Digg’s attention has never clearly had an impact until last week’s “revolt,&# and the only reason why it had an impact then was because it was done off Digg’s site (in this case, Ustream ) and had plenty of press people standing behind it. Obviously, when they were on Ustream last week, they were put in a tough place, but their responses, as I said, were “expected.&#

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Latest Online Video Data Shows Strong Growth in Internet TV | Bare.

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If you are a larger company, you have tremendous assets at your fingertips, not to mention stories to be told, brands to be built, and customers to be educated and entertained.

Social Media is Scary - How to Address Junior Employees

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Now, anytime anyone in my company searches the terms “social media&# or “Web 2.0″ panel discussion in Denver this past weekend where the session was shared live on Ustream and had people ‘tweeting in’, I made a late New Year’s resolution.

7 Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog


Of course with all of these options you’re really at the mercy of other companies who have control over the hosting and upkeep of your community. A number of years ago I experimented over with using Ustream to connect with my readers.

New Media Expo 2008 Wrap up & Ideas

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If so, why were so many of the key podcasters and the podcast companies missing? I loved being interviewed on TWIT, Web Pro World, and Tech Zulu, along with Sunny’s live uStream. Thinking About Quitting the Trade Show Business @Colin Devroe – Yes, i do believe this is the podcast event, but could have been more direct by asking, where were the rest of the podcasters, the podcast hosting and support companies, the podcast networks, the advertisers for podcasts, etc.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Sure, you can tell your company story ad infinitum in social media, but ultimately you’ll benefit so much more if you can make your customers part of your marketing team. Show them aspects of your company that they didn’t already know. One of the local Twitterati here had Chris Brogan up to Maine for a social media conference, and I caught it on UStream. a customer needs to be able to trust in the company's product.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Your company needs to be part of that conversation. It’s about having a strategy for making your company or organization more like a person and less like a machine. If your customers and prospects feel like your company is more human and actually cares about them, they’ll want to be part of it. link] seo company, high wycombe, buc Just thought i would Stumble upon this ideal opportunity to link build!