How to Incorporate UGC Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy


This disconnect results in underutilization of their UGC, leaving money on the table. However, mapping out your UGC assets to your marketing processes, and operationalizing it into your team’s workflows will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your customers’ content.

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Travel Brands that Are Doing Social Right

Ignite Social Media

From these pieces of user-generated content (UGC), they are able to populate their main feed with picture-perfect posts that ladder up to other marketing messages. A key part of our social strategy is the curation of UGC. All employ a strong UGC curation strategy.

How To Translate Your Company Purpose Into Slick Visual Branding

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Look at other companies in your field that you aspire to rival, and think carefully about how they describe themselves, then relate that to the imagery they use. Ideally, your visual branding should be broadly familiar, but just different enough to give you an edge over those other companies.

How Big Brands Get Permission to Use UGC

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They are excited to have an e-commerce company that thinks digitally first. The challenge for Pet360 has been finding a way to gain explicit permission for UGC on such a large scale. Tweetable Moments We do so much talking.

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UGC and Social Hubs: #DigitalPR Chat with Alicia Whalen

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Alicia has been an advocate of using consumer-generated content (UGC) in the PR and marketing mix for the last ten years. Q & A on UGC and Digital PR with Alicia. A3: @CMIContent reports 78% of B2C Marketers plan to use #UGC in their mix in 2016.

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3 UGC Marketing Trends on the Rise in 2018


As more and more brands realize that their core market is more likely to respond to social and digital messaging over more traditional means, more attention is being given to UGC marketing. Innovations in AI and machine learning will make it easier for brands to identify influencers, recognize images, and source the best UGC that can be used across all marketing channels. One use case for AI in the UGC marketing space is in influencer marketing platforms.

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How Pixlee Powers UGC Marketing with AI and Machine Learning


When it comes to marketing, a lot of companies throw these terms around to create allure, but for many, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors. Pixlee uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ingest the data behind UGC and organize it in a way that maximizes the content’s impact. Our custom AI functionality helps brands to quickly surface the best UGC, display it intelligently across marketing channels to scale revenue, and optimize displays of UGC over time.

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Content for the Customer Journey – Phase V: Loyalty & Advocacy

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Asking for user-generated content (UGC) from fans and sharing recommendations & reviews should be considered for customers in this stage of the journey. Ask for UGC. Collecting and repurposing UGC is a low cost, highly effective content strategy.

Bloggers suing the Huffington Post – the outcome for UGC?

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As someone without a legal education, but with an understanding of the legal departments of large media companies, I can’t imagine the legal case will result in any significant financial reward for Tasini. Digital Publishing journalism Magazine Publishing Media newspapers user generated content class action exposure free content huffington post quality journalism quality writing ugc unjust enrichment Writing

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What’s More Important: Social Media Fans or User Generated Content?

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There’s a new dilemma among social media professionals: S hould you focus on increasing your following or maximizing your user generated content (UGC)? It all depends on your company’s marketing strategy. We want our companies to outshine the competition.

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Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

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Retail companies the world over are taking to holistic commerce and everything it brings to the table. While customers have always held the dollars that controlled your company, the last decade has brought far greater control into the hands of consumers than ever before.

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Three Key Reasons Why User Generated Content Works for Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing and user generated content (UGC) are rapidly becoming the most widely-used online marketing strategies. UGC Drives Purchase Decisions . UGC is Credible. Credibility is also a major reason UGC posted by influencers is key. How-To Find the Best UGC.

#SproutChat Recap: Company Culture Content

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More and more brands are incorporating company culture into their social strategies. This week at #SproutChat , we discussed incorporating company culture in a business’ social content strategy. Ensure Consistent Employee UGC.

A Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content Rights and Ownership

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Brands from all sorts of industries, from Starbucks and Burberry to Chobani , have developed marketing campaigns that benefited from UGC. UGC not only showcases the relationship that consumers have with a brand or product, but it also provides a massive endorsement of it.

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Transform Events into Meaningful Experiences: Lessons in Real-Time Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Amber set the stage with a discussion of Real-Time Marketing (RTM) and some examples of companies doing it right. This set the stage nicely for Greg and Adam to discuss their companies success in RTM. They also created a “digital brag board” in store to showcase some of the create UGC.

How to Repurpose Influencer Content for Your Brand

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Many companies, like Carusele , have recognized the power that lies in influencer-generated content – encouraging brands to feature this content on their own channels.

Why Your Brand Should Create Less Content

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My favorite recent example of this is from a software company I use. Digital Marketing content creation UGC user generated content social media strategy influencer relationships brand storyQuick! It’s time to audit the amount of content on your social channels.

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Introducing Talkwalker Image Recognition: The Future of Social Listening

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User generated content (UGC) can improve just about every digital marketing strategy. According to Salesforce data , UGC can improve campaign engagement by 50%, increase e-mail click-through by 73% and boost conversions by 10%. Online crisis management is essential for companies.

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The Biggest Success of Nike’s “Just Do It” Campaign May Be User-Generated Content


More than 15 million Instagram posts currently carry the #JustDoIt hashtag and much of this User-Generated Content (UGC) can help Nike spur social media followers and comments, additional inquiries into the brand, store visits, and sales. The “Just Do It” campaign’s seismic cultural impact, combined with the brand’s huge marketing expenditures, means that there’s more potential for UGC this time around. Companies like Pixlee can improve the efficiency and outcome of such efforts.

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7 Tips for Reposting Instagram Stories & User-Generated Content


Reposting Instagram Stories and sharing user-generated content is a great way to fill your feed with beautiful content, but did you know that UGC is 50% more trustworthy than any other type of media, too? . User-generated content is the word-of-mouth equivalent on social media, meaning that every post or story about your brand that is created by your customers is UGC gold. So why is UGC so valuable? This makes it easier to create branded, themed stories around UGC.

Why Hotel Brands Need to Curate Experiences to Drive Business


UGC provides a seal of approval from guests that an experience is worthwhile. UGC can also help a brand differentiate itself from competitors by drawing on the unique perspectives of guests. Hotel brands are uniquely positioned to benefit from this approach because of the volume of UGC connected to their properties and the preference future guests have for viewing the authentic experiences of their peers. Brands can gather UGC in a number of ways.

7 Powerful Ways to Boost Conversions on Your Ecommerce Site


A brands website is a huge part of a company’s success. With that in mind, a pleasant customer experience when visiting your website is crucial to your company’s success. Airbnb shows off inspiring UGC to entice viewers to travel to new locations.

The 50 User Generated Content Stats You Need to Know


UGC and Brand Influencers. UGC and Brand Loyalty. UGC and Millennials. 59% of millennials claim that they use UGC to inform their purchase decisions about major electronics. Millennials (ages 25 and above) are the biggest content drivers—contributing over 70% of all UGC.

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3 New Trends in Retail Customer Acquisition


Companies that don’t keep up with the latest trends will have difficulty reaching their goals. Many of today’s consumers prefer buying products from companies that they consider socially responsible. Companies should support causes that they truly believe in, and that are aligned with their mission. Expect to see user-generated content (UGC) become even more common in 2018. Effective UGC includes a mixture of positive and critical perspectives.

Does Influencer Marketing Work with Baby Boomers?


Here are three tips for using influencer marketing and UGC to reach baby boomers. Brands can also work with influencers to solicit UGC or product reviews from fans and then do round-ups that reinforce engagement with followers.

15 Innovative Brands Using Technology to Power Their Content


The apparel company uses AI for purposes that extend beyond product innovation. This makes Under Armour more relevant to their customers and encourages more UGC that the company can then use later to market their products.

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Think You Can Apply a SWOT Analysis to Social Media Marketing?

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The SWOT framework is traditionally used to analyze the internal and external factors that help or hurt a company’s success. Maybe your brick-and-mortar stores have great lighting so user-generated content (“UGC”) always looks fabulous.

This Overlooked Marketing Strategy Can Help You Succeed in 2019


Whether they’re called followers, nanoinfluencers , or simply vocal customers, a company’s top customers have always been crucial to expanding brand awareness and driving sales. When brands involve communities in an authentic and transparent way, they can boost company loyalty on the whole.

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What You Need to Know About Advertising on TikTok


However, several months after the company launched a beta of its ad offering, the platform alone is still new and unclear to many marketers. This ad campaign heavily encourages user-generated content (UGC) by asking users to participate in a challenge, which are immensely popular on TikTok.

How (and Why) You Should Attract Pet Owners to Your Brand


Whether your brand is selling products intended mainly for pets or not, attracting this potential audience to your company could unlock hidden revenue that your brand would otherwise miss. Scroll through any social media feed and you’re likely to see at least one picture of someone’s pet.

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Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Synonymous with Community-Driven Marketing


Consumers want authenticity from companies, particularly if they plan to purchase a product or service and social proof is a key tactic that helps address any worries or concerns a potential customer might have about making a purchase.

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Content-The Struggle is Real

Direct Marketing Observations

The short definition of a content strategist, is essentially the person who is charged with keeping the company interesting. Content resets every day and UGC (User generated content) is the clear winner.

How to Create Instagram Stories that Will Help Your Brand

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Reposting User Generated Content (UGC). Camping with Dogs uses their story to re post UGC from their followers – making their story an interactive showcase of the people that have supported them & helped them build their brand into what it is today.

“Nanoinfluencers” are Nothing New – It’s Just Word of Mouth on Steroids


Consumers have always been recommending products, experiences, and companies to their friends and family. Whereas in the past, these micro trendsetters worked independent of brands, companies can now leverage, shape, and measure their influence. Savvy brands will unearth this flavor of ‘influencer’ in the form of user-generated content (UGC) to amplify the authentic voice these individuals lend to their content. Brands can gather organic UGC in a number of ways.

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The Brand Marketer’s Back-to-School Reading List


She’s helped numerous Fortune 500 companies utilize the latest technology to develop marketing strategies that are smart and effective. UGC goes a long way toward establishing a relationship between your brand and your target customers. That being said, UGC isn’t utilized nearly as much as it should be for most brands. Summer might have been a slow news cycle, but top brands were firing away excellent customer-driven campaigns.

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How to Get Free Imagery for Your Business on Instagram using Tack

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We all know that UGC is far more believable than content produced by brands. UGC is so powerful because of its authenticity. So if UGC has so much influence on your customers’ decision-making process, how do you use this to your advantage?

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Four Ways to Develop Amazing Social Media Content

Ignite Social Media

Because of this, our two companies, Ignite Social Media and Carusele , partnered together to host a webinar covering various ways that marketers can create meaningful social media content on their own. Finally, there’s User-Generated Content (UGC).

5 Different Ways to Weave Earned Content Into Your Marketing Mix


When Burberry launched their “The Art of the Trench” site in 2009, allowing users to upload pictures of themselves wearing the company’s products (or just interact with them), they saw a 50% increase in ecommerce sales. Place UGC On Your Site.

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What a Modern Ecommerce Stack Looks Like


According to , companies can increase sales by 62% after improving their ecommerce design. Luckily, with UGC inspiration galleries, you can make your top content shoppable, creating the best content for your customers that also boosts conversion.

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10 Social Media Predictions for 2019

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Studies show that 92% of consumers have a more positive image of a company when it supports a social or environmental issue. It’s time to get key stakeholders in your company behind live streaming. Takeaway: Invest in UGC.