Leading Companies for Customer Service, On and Off Social

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Recently I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Leading Companies for Customer Service, On and Off Social. You can also scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the Storify below.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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1) Storify. Pricing: free version; contact vendor for Storify 2 pricing.

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5 Companies That Made Us Smile On World Emoji Day

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On July 17 th , companies small and large came together to celebrate what’s become a mainstay in our digital communications: the emoji. While Victoria Secret is not the first company to do this, customized emojis offer a way to give fans something that they can enjoy— all for free.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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CommerceTools uses cloud-based technology to help companies streamline the distribution of products, supplies, services and content to individuals or groups by simplifying and automating order and fulfillment processes. The 5 Best Free Tools For Making Slick Infographics by Fast Company.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #65

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Jeff Jarvis Remembers 911 On Twitter - Storify. It's the best use of Storify I've seen yet, and it demonstrates just how much of media has changed in ten years. Any company, or country not on top of data - about their customers, competitors, their market and their future - is in for a tough time. He's recently completed terms on a non-compete agreement (an obligation to the last company that bought one of his products), and is back on the horse, making more data tools."

Private Community Management – #cmgrhangout


I was privileged to be invited to participate in a Community Manager Hangout this past Friday hosted by Tim McDonald, who runs My Community Manager , a great site chock full of resources for community managers for all kinds of companies.

How B2B Tech Marketing on Twitter is Changing (Research)

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Twitter offers some specific capabilities (such as lists ) that make it uniquely valuable for B2B companies. But to maintain its value to B2B companies, the leadership at Twitter needs to recognize the worrisome trends and take corrective action.

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Integrating Listening Into Your Platform for ROI

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We discussed nine ways companies have found to connect social media to revenue and ROI. You can also scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the Storify below.

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#LinkedIn GSK2014 was a Blast

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The entire event was wrapped in stories and insights about why this is one of the company values and why it matters (A whole blog post is to come about that). Click on the “read next page” link to expand the Storify updates.

Twitter’s Biz Stone speaks at CIRA’s AGM

Sherrilynne Starkie

Soon Twitter came to the attention of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who offered Biz and co-founder Jack Dorsey $500 million for the company, which was at the time valued at $25 million. This tactic proved to be highly effective as seen in these Storified tweets. Photo Credit: CIRA.

8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media


Storify: Sharing “stories” rather than content is all a rage now. The idea behind Storify is to do exactly that by curating content over social media. She currently works for a UK-based company offering help with university assignment done by experts.

Social Listening: Harness Marketing Insights from Consumer Conversations

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You can also scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the Storify below. This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Social Listening: Harness Marketing Insights from Consumer Conversations.

Social Customer Service Is the New Heart of Marketing

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Its simple shocking since its proven that customer are more likely to buy when you respond that still companies don’t get it. You can also scan the highlights of this webinar on Twitter by reading the Storify below.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

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Tung ( @ EricTTung ) Brand Ambassador for companies like Ford, Microsoft, Verizon and MasterCard, Kathleen Hessert (@ KathleenHessert ) CEO of Sports Media Challenge and Eric Berkowitz (@ tracx ) SVP of Global Services at Tracx.

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Social Media Optimization 2014: Twitter or Facebook?


But wise companies, organizations and businesses have no problem with utilizing the differing strengths of both Twitter and Facebook to round out their social media marketing strategy while appealing to users of either one or both. Guest post for SocialFish by Sarah Brooks.

Predictions for 2015: Start Off the New Year Knowing the Future of Social

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Cause Marketing will be in vogue in 2015 – Don cited several example companies (CVS comes to my mind when I think of good cause marketing). NOTE: 70% of companies that have social analytics are still not using it!

Share This: a Recap of #measurePR with Richard Bagnall (Pt. I)

Waxing UnLyrical

Also learned many things about global pr measurement in which Gorkana (the company Metrica merged with) now excels. He also created a lovely Storify of the chat. We had a terrific #measurePR chat last week.

10 Twitter Tools You’ll Actually Use

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A Twitter dashboard is a necessity for any business, but particularly for companies that have multiple people handling their Twitter profiles. Storify. Did your company host or attend a popular industry event? Try Storify. Twitter marketing involves a lot of moving parts.

No Keyboard, No Problem: How An April Fools’ Day “Setback” Brought Marc Jacobs and Staples Together

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The company humorously leveraged Storify to chronicle its #nokeyboardnoproblem experience. So, what can companies learn from this April Fools’ #nokeyboardnoproblem “fiasco?” Oh, April Fools’ Day!

Rebranding ‘Skins, Typos and Evil People

Jeff Esposito

Livefyre Acquires Storify. very cool news from one of the cooler companies that I know folks at. Another hectic week capped off by a lovely Friday. Looking forward to this weekend, how about you?

This Week in Social Media – 5/29/2013

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Storify is partnering with Adobe''s Typekit to help brands customize their curated stories. China’s largest Internet company, Tencent, is eyeing India for further growth for its messaging platform as it ventures overseas. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Klout, the Super Bowl, and Our Addiction to Shooting the Messenger

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Former reporter, now PR guy Tom Spalding is chronicling the blow-by-blow with regular Storify collections from the Social 46 trenches. Should companies also publish the rationale every time they send a targeted coupon in the mail to high efficacy consumers based on past purchase history?

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This Week in Social Media – 7/10/2013

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The 10 most innovative companies in Asia (according to Forbes) include online/mobile/social powerhouses Baidu, Rakuten and Tencent Holdings. Storify is adding more tools for brands with new collaboration and export features.

3 Amigos of Content Marketing and a Muy Bien eBook Strategy

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The way to make people care about your content and company. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. Collect and storify feedback from influencers on the ideas. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Lee Odden. Ann Handley.

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26 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Rebekah Radice

A5) Whether you showcase your company, product or service, images pack the one-two punch your post needs to gain attention. Make sure to connect with me on Pinterest and learn more about #PinChat through Kelly’s detailed roundup found on Storify!

This Week in Social Media – 6/26/13

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Two links to keep you interested, though: A summary of some of the content that came out of the Ford trends conference, captured on Storify. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

How to Grow a Twitter Chat to Reach 1 Million People: Learnings From Two Years of #bufferchat

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We are so grateful to have an amazing community who keeps coming back each week, offers a breadth of knowledge and drives us to be a better company and community. Afterward, Nicole would curate the tweets into a Storify story and blog recap and document the stats in an internal document.