Four Easy Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Here are a few tips that will help to boost your company’s profile on LinkedIn. Your company logo and header banner are the very first things people will see when they land on your company page. Avoid writing a 2,000 word essay about the history of your company.

Seven Reasons Your B2B Marketing Should Include Cats

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Even with millions of cat photos and videos online, any content that features a cute or funny cat still has a good chance of going viral. Felines have made their way into marketing campaigns from companies like GoDaddy , Ikea , and many others. Cat Memes and Videos Go Viral.

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How To Use Memes to Promote Your Business

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A meme, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary , is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” ” Originally coined by evolutionary biologist and ethologist Richard Dawkins in the 1970s, a meme is something with which just about every member of a culture is familiar. For example, the simple act of swinging a hammer to drive in a nail would be considered a meme, or the way Bostonians pronounce the word “car.”

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Facebook Redesigns Pages as Reach Declines, 5 Fascinating Facts About Gen Z, the ROI of Meme Accounts, and More!

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” We’re also chatting about some interesting social media facts about Generation Z in 2018, the return on investment (ROI) on meme accounts, and lots more. Facebook Redesigns Pages as Reach Declines, 5 Fascinating Facts About Gen Z, the ROI of Meme Accounts, and More!

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Why TikTok’s Video Editor is Perfect for Instagram Stories


Everyone’s buzzing about TikTok’s addictive GenZ content — but did you know TikTok’s video editor is perfect for Instagram Stories? . TikTok is packed with cool video editing features and effects that make it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use editors out there.

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Why TikTok’s Video Editor is Perfect for Instagram Stories


Everyone’s buzzing about TikTok’s addictive GenZ content — but did you know TikTok’s video editor is perfect for Instagram Stories? . TikTok is packed with cool video editing features and effects that make it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use editors out there.

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Harambe Live: Secrets to blowing up your company’s social channels

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that became the biggest Internet meme of 2016, is now the subject of a tribute and viral marketing event. V iral marketer Vincent Dignan is on a 100-date world tour right now, teaching companies how to blow up their social channels.

Why Can't Facebook Do Better At Fact Checking Photos And Videos?

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We have the technologies to automatically verify many aspects of photographs and videos online, from examining their provenance to verifying their description and evaluating embedded memes. Why don’t companies like Facebook embrace them

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What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

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TikTok is a bite-sized social video platform that allows users to create, share, and edit videos with built-in tools the make it easy for anyone to add music, implement special effects, and join in on the latest trends. After the first 3 seconds, the video turns into the in-feed post.

9 Ideas for Creative TikTok Videos that Will Engage Your Followers


Bonus: Want to know how a viral social video creator makes millions of dollars in sales? 9 Ideas for Engaging TikTok Videos. Challenges use specific hashtags to encourage users to create videos on a theme, as part of a campaign or viral trend. Share an educational video.

Facebook Live Video: The Complete Guide to Live-Streaming for Business


Not only that but more than 2 billion people have watched a Facebook Live video. Facebook Live videos also get six times more interactions than regular Facebook videos. Facebook Live video ideas. How to create a mobile Facebook Live video from your business page.

7 Ways the Sharpest Brands Are Using Videos to Engage Customers

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As brands worldwide realize how to use video for business, the focus has shifted from integrating video to developing visual content that’s truly engaging. We’ve highlighted several of the sharpest ways to engage prospects online with branded videos: 1.

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Speakin' Like Them

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meme fun social media"If you wish to persuade me, you my think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words." - Cicero I've previously cited this quote by Cicero as one that demonstrates the timelessness and universality of human nature.

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Top Instagram trends from 2019 and what to expect in 2020

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Social media is always changing and evolving, whether it’s social media demographics , the latest trends and memes or new algorithm updates. All you have to do is toggle the on button for this feature when you publish a video. Create vertical video content specifically for IGTV.

Tamar Weinberg is a Media Snacker » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

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Watch this short video to see: Here’s the transcript for the video-phobes: Media Snackers. I’m not a meme-girl myself, either, but the viewpoints have been so interesting! Reply Lyndon Antcliff November 1, 2007 at 1:39 pm I hate memes too.

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How SparkNotes is winning the pop culture game on social


SparkNotes is a company that provides study guides for literature, poetry, films, and more. And there are handles like this one which share screenshots of brands participating in memes to appeal to the youth on social. Have a sensitive team to screen your memes.

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How to Bring Humor to Community Management

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They’re on the front lines of your social media and digital channels each and every day as the voice of the company. Tasked with driving engagement while ensuring fans have a good experience with your company, they see it all—the good, the bad, the ugly.

Praying and piggybacking: Who is Nesamani and why are brands talking about him?


The world yesterday realized that meme culture is well and truly alive in South India, for all of a sudden, social users everywhere were praying for a fictional South Asian character. A user on a Facebook memes page asked a harmless question about hammers, leading to a Tamil user making a reference to Nesamani. An innocent reply from the OP (original poster) praying for Nesamani exploded into a social media meme, with users and brands alike pitching in and praying for Nesamani.

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6 Creative Marketing Techniques to Boost Business

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Companies that opt for creativity grab prospect’s attention faster. Viral campaigns are more about a highly amusing message, video, song, or game. For instance, you can use relatable memes for your business marketing. 6 Creative Marketing Techniques to Boost Business.

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Everything Marketers Need to Know About TikTok


merged into TikTok in late summer 2018, leaving TikTok as the current dominant platform for short-form video sharing. In 2016, a new video sharing mobile app named Douyin launched in China. Open the TikTok app, and you will see short-form looping videos on the “For You” home feed. The videos are vertical and take up the whole screen. Swipe up on the video and you’ll be taken to the next one. If you like someone’s videos, you can follow them.

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7 Steps to Jump-Start Your B2B Instagram Presence


And since Instagram can seem especially daunting for a B2B company (because, let’s face it, a photo of a product or service is boring), we’ve put together a few starter tips that can have a major impact on your Instagram effectiveness. Tip #5: Highlight Company Culture.

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How to Rock TikTok Just Like the Cool Kids Do (and Even Do It Better)

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The short-form video app launched in 2017 seems to have catapulted itself into our lives—and left us struggling to find a place for it in our social marketing plans. TikTok videos are around 15-seconds, but users can string clips together to make stories of up to 60 seconds long.

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Funny Business: The Best Digital Marketing Humor, 2013 Edition

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One of the greatest aspects of being a marketer is that, in most professions, sitting around the office thinking up bad puns, penning snarky double entendres, or storyboarding cat videos would be considered goofing off. Thanks to the ‘What I really do’ meme, everyone gets a voice!

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Using Social Media Humor Can Benefit Your Business, But Be Cautious Of The Pitfalls

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Click To Tweet The goal might be to get them to re-share a pretty photo or like an informative video, or maybe laugh and share a funny meme but the outcome has to be measurable, otherwise it doesn’t have much value to the business.

What is viral marketing (and does it actually work in 2020)?

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Well, much of modern viral marketing on social media can be illustrated by the popularity of memes. Although not necessarily tied to a specific product, how memes spread goes hand in hand with the principles going viral. Maybe it’s a video. Perhaps it’s a meme.

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What brands are missing by sleeping on TikTok

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Trends are the currency of the Internet and TikTok is the breeding ground of today’s most permeating trends and memes. It has its own language, one you only learn after weeks of consuming Doja Cat dance videos. Every video published publicly becomes a searchable, usable sound.

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Winners of Mashable Awards


Best Internet Meme sponsored by Dynadot : Bed Intruder. Most Promising New Company: Best Web Video: Jay Park. Companies Embrace Social Media. Tweet The 6th of January, Mashable held the event of Mashable Awards Gala.

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Never, Ever Post These Things on Social Media

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One last note on original content : Remember that copyright extends not only to images and videos but also to text. Having a clear social media policy signed off by company decision-makers is crucial. If you are an agency doing social media for other companies, know what rules apply.

10 Reasons Celebrities Are Better at Instagram Than Brands


Fame obviously gives celebs an edge over companies on social. Within days of a Peloton exercise bike ad going viral, Reynolds posted a video response ad that put a deadpan spin on the original. They know how to work video on social. This concept applies for companies, too.

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How to Increase Facebook Saves for Your Posts GOOD

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Whether it is a cool video you found in your newsfeed, a movie review a friend left of a movie you want to go see this weekend, or a restaurant your neighbor visited and bragged about, finding a quick way to reference back to these posts for curation purposes is essential if you are a marketer.

Facebook 101: What Every Smart Social Media Manager Needs to Know

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Do you need a hand creating your first content strategy for your company? So you’ve created a Facebook Page for your client or company. From photos and stock images to graphics and memes, experiment to find out what types of images work best for your audience. Videos.

The Internet Will Break Your Creative Block

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Pushing beyond memes, Buzzfeed and Upworthy. Look no further than your Twitter or Facebook feeds for hours and hours of animated GIFs, useless YouTube videos and Reddit randomness. I can''t imagine going back in time to a day and age when I found myself waiting at the local newsstand/magazine store for a new issue of Fast Company magazine to show up in the pre-Internet days. fast company. memes. Writer''s block? Creative block?

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Her company Audience Audit provides strategic marketing support and audience segmentation research that helps organizations understand their customers better. True relevance grows from a deep understanding of what motivates your customers, and ensuring that every contact they have with your organization shows to what degree your company values their reasons for choosing you. According to Jamie Grove, the company’s Director of Evil Schemes and Nefarious Plans (i.e.

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

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A brand advocate is literally “a helper” that shares positive reviews about your company, extols its virtues, shares excitement about upcoming events, posts content about your brand, and, at the core, cares about your brand’s well-being. Branding will include a company’s design, logo, colors, brand voice, tone, abbreviations for the company name, and style. Carousel ads combine various videos and/or images into an ad. That meme on Instagram that everyone knows?

WhatsApp Limits Forwarding Messages to One-Contact-at-a-Time


The company is all set to impose the latest restrictions on how often you can share the messages on WhatsApp platform. What Company Thinks About The New Initiative? Because, the company is not trying to please anybody here.

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5 actionable strategies for social media branding

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While social media has technically been around for about 40 years, it wasn’t until after Facebook launched a little over a decade ago that companies began paying attention it as a powerful tool for marketing. Create photos and videos that keep your brand’s aesthetic and color choices in mind.

Top 8 Viral Social Campaigns of the Year

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Rather than invest in the high price tag of a Super Bowl TV ad, Dietz & Watson ran this shareable video on digital and social channels. Dietz & Watson created pop-up stores, in-store elements, and merchandise to support the virality of the video. #2

Ugly Drinks’ Four Secrets to Disrupting a $392 Billion Industry

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Netflix made video rentals a thing of the past, and disrupted the Oscars. And now, Ugly Drinks is creating a new, healthier future for the $392 billion soft drinks industry, challenging giants like The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Red Bull head on.

Get Ahead of the Holidays with Your Social Media Strategy

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I just saw a meme that said there are 15 Fridays until Christmas. Is Black Friday the biggest day of the year for your company? video, image, link post, canvas ad, etc.). Crazy, right?

10 Social Media Predictions for 2019

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Studies show that 92% of consumers have a more positive image of a company when it supports a social or environmental issue. Watch the video. Embrace 360 video and AR technologies to tell your story in the most engaging way possible. Will you get one video?

The Key to Writing Must Read Blog Posts for Your Business

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And while that’s all well and good, some companies need more from their blogs. The good news is, if you do so, you can transform your blog into a mecca for interested customers to learn about your business, the products you offer, and any new developments around your company.

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Where is the Instagram Aesthetic Headed in 2020?


From the “no-edit edit” to homemade memes and the obsession with carousel posts, your Instagram feed is about to become more creative than ever. . Instagram Aesthetic Trends #7: Adding Video and Motion to Your Grid . But it’s not just about videos,” says Micah Heykoop of Matte Black. “It’s

How These 5 Brands Are Acing Storytelling on Social Media

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Why should we care about the company that makes our washing powder or bakes the bread we eat? This character came to light when an agency creative realized that the name of the insurance company sounded like a duck’s quack. These can then be used later for your blog or a video.

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