How to Manage Issues on Social Media


What are your company’s or product’s weaknesses, who will speak up for it and why? Sometimes you don’t have to have enemies to get issues. Documented complaints, well written stories, photos, videos, and writers with high reputation are most likely to start the issues.

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It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue

Waxing UnLyrical

Yet, despite our increased awareness, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported as recently as April 2014 that many companies still lack diversity training, budgets and metrics. It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

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When your Customers Become an Issue

Dave Fleet

How does a company respond when its own customers, not its products or services, become an issue? Tweet All my life I aspired to own a particular car brand. Where I grew up, there weren’t many around (it wasn’t the most affluent area) and I’d always loved the way they looked.

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Facebook Business Manager: Common Issues Explained

Jon Loomer

Over time, many of its tasks were simplified, many bugs fixed, and now Facebook has created good support platforms and groups to help marketers with the issues they find. Just as an agency always has an owner or head of company (CEO, President, etc.)

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Annual Social Media Budget Planning For Companies And Bloggers

SocMed Sean

Whether you work for a Fortune 100 company or a blogger who relies on revenue from your content to supplement your income, it’s important to think about what goes into your social media headcount.

Selecting an SEO Company in 2019

The Realtime Report

Selecting an SEO Company in 2019. How to select a company for SEO services. There are five essential factors to consider when choosing an SEO company to work with in 2019. There are three important reports that a high-end SEO company should offer.

It’s a Personnel Issue! – NLRB and Social Media


Most of the rulings applied to overly broad provisions in the company’s social media policy resulting in improper terminations. You have the opportunity to know what’s going on and address the issue(s) before it festers and erupts.

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5 Issues to Consider to Increase Website Traffic


Here are 5 issues to consider. Facebook reports more than 400 million active users as of March 2010), flock to social media networks to chat, flirt, swap photos, and talk with each other, companies have the chance to tune into these conversations.

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How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your Company


Maybe you’ve skirted some social media issues already. Will it live on your company intranet, or shared drives? The post How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your Company appeared first on Hootsuite Social Media Management.

4 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy

The Realtime Report

4 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy. In a world where everybody has constant access to their smartphone, it’s vital for marketing professionals and companies to keep up with this rapidly evolving, dynamic industry.

Evaluating and Improving Your Company’s Reputation


A company’s ultimate success does not rest only on the value of its products and services; image and customer satisfaction play a large part in growing and maintaining profits. Ignoring your company’s reputation and the customer’s needs and desires is one way to ensure failure.

How to Build a Company Culture That Works


Jamie Notter and I have developed a set of workshops through our new consulting firm, Culture That Works , to help our clients with their culture change issues. The post How to Build a Company Culture That Works appeared first on SocialFish.

Abandonment Issues – What To Do with Content Archipelagos

Convince & Convert

There are at least three scenarios where content archipelagos are bred: They were created by a previous regime or an agency that no longer has the company’s business. Alter your organization’s presence on LinkedIn to take advantage of more Company Page features.

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Penalized or Banned in Google? Don’t Issue a Press Release Like IGXE Internet Gaming Exchange

Bill Hartzer

IGXE the Internet Gaming Exchange , a company that specializes in selling MMORPG currencies, items, power leveling, and CD-keys, such as World of Warcraft gold, apparently got penalized in the Google search engine for buying links.

NowThis And Time's Up Are Partnering To Highlight Issues Facing Women In The Workplace

Forbes Social Media

The video news company NowThis announced an exclusive media partnership with the advocacy organization Time’s Up yesterday. NowThis is publishing news videos across its social platforms that feature policy initiatives affecting women in the workplace and challenges and successes of working women

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

The Realtime Report

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line. No company could stay in business long if it doesn’t realize a profit. The higher your company’s profit margin, the larger you can grow and that is of course a given.

A Sustainable Future: How This Renewable Energy Company Found the Perfect Side-Kick

agora pulse

Yet that’s exactly what Siemens Gamesa , a renewable energy supplier, had to do when the wind power business Siemens merged with the wind energy company Gamesa in 2017. So when they began the search for a social media marketing tool, they needed something that supported the entire company yet was lean enough to let them start small. It’s even harder when you are handling the merger of two companies.

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Why are more companies seeking group leadership coaching? Because it works!

Janet Fouts

A client may have some difficult issues to work through, and prefer one-on-one coaching for personal reasons. For some, it’s the right fit because they want to touch on personal issues as much as corporate ones. Group coaching can be quite rewarding for the company and team.

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Bad Grammar Can Affect Your Brand, Your Career, Your Company


There was an article in the Australian Herald-Sun last week about how poor spelling and grammar can negatively affect your career, company, and personal brand. If you can’t write or spell worth a damn, your career can be adversely affected.

Why Tech Companies Must Be Careful About Change

Convince & Convert

” According to Twitter’s blog , the company made the switch because: “We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. It has been a big week for the company formerly known as RelayRides.

Why Most Companies Can’t Yet Handle Great Marketing Technology

Convince & Convert

Pam had lunch the following day with several representatives from a large insurance company, and they inadvertently ratified this thesis (which I also witness consistently in our consulting practice here at Convince & Convert). Image via Unsplash.

Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the.

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the Canonical URL Tag by Adam Sherk on April 30, 2009 Really you shouldn’t need it. This means that publishers can append tracking codes to URLs as needed while avoiding the duplicate content issues that place the content at a competitive disadvantage.

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Change or Die | Fast Company

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Fast Company. CURRENT ISSUE. ISSUE ARCHIVES. Connect with Fast Company. The companys top executives had invited the most farsighted thinkers they knew from around the world to come together in New York and propose solutions to some really big problems. Continued Levey: "Even as far back as when I was in medical school" -- he enrolled at Harvard in 1955 -- "many articles demonstrated that 80% of the health-care budget was consumed by five behavioral issues."

Community Un-Managing: Cheat Sheet for Community Managers and Tips for Companies


Companies need to have procedures for terminating employees who manage company social media accounts. . I don’t imagine most companies have a contingency plan for social media accounts when terminating the social media manager.

What Happens When the Mega Personal Brand Leaves the Company?

Direct Marketing Observations

The biggest reason is that we, the social media community lose our poster child/ case study of how one person with one tool/platform can transform how a company operates in the social media spectrum of customer service. What does the company do?

The Company Saves Money When HR & Accounting Work Together

The Realtime Report

The Company Saves Money When HR & Accounting Work Together. Today, businesses are encouraged to bring these departments together in order to tackle new tax law changes and payroll issues. This will help avoid financial discrepancies between employees and the company.

Fast Company Pulls a Fast One

Janet Fouts

Fast Company has been a darling of the geek set since it first launched. The magazine is full of the coolest gadgets, the hippest companies and really good information and the website is a vibrant community. Like Fast Company’s reputation.

70% of Companies Ignore Customer Complaints on Twitter

Convince & Convert

Despite increasing numbers of customers using Twitter to publicly complain about brands, the vast majority of companies respond in the exact same way….with The Maritz study found that 83% of the complainants that received a reply liked or loved the fact that the company responded.

Use Social Media to spot issues before they hit the Contact Center!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Firey laptop batteries, defective chips, tainted foods, toothpaste that stains teeth – these are just some real examples of issues that struck companies recently that might have been headed off at the pass by Social Media.

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Why Did a Russian Weed Company Just Buy for $200,000?


Jacob Davidson from put it best: A newly renamed, Russian weed-related company bought using shares of a medical marijuana business run by a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate who thinks that pot should be used to treat Ebola.

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Why Growing a ‘Teaching Company’ Improves Your Bottom Line

Convince & Convert

“I think there’s a real issue with when things become very trendy in marketing—people grab onto those and think that that’s the career path they need to go down. The Art of Learning. Mike McGrail joins the Content Pros today all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Social Pros Podcast – Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company

Convince & Convert

This episode features Scott Monty , the global head of social media for Ford Motor Company. A very special guest on the show today, Mr. Scott Monty , Global Poobah of social media for a little startup in Detroit called Ford Motor Company. Special Guest: Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company.

How To Improve Visibility, Communication & Accountability of Social Media Within Your Company

Justin Levy

Do you want to improve visibility, communication and accountability of social media within your company? Though email is a critical and preferred communications tool for most companies, we’re still drowning in too many emails.

Company Settles with FTC for $250,000 Over Misleading Online Reviews

Bill Hartzer

A company that sells guitar-lesson DVDs online has settled with the Federal Trade Commission for a whopping $250,000 over charges that the company “deceptively advertised its products through online affiliate marketers who falsely posed as ordinary consumers or independent reviewers&#.

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Target's PR issue

Jeff Esposito

The PR and corporate team at Target are taking lumps right now that I would not wish on anyone; however how they are dealing with them can help set future precedence for other companies. If favorable policies don’t exist, note what is being done to incorporate them into company policy.

What You Should Put in Your Brand’s About-Bio Section

Ignite Social Media

If your company has a tagline, slogan, or unique positioning statement, be sure to add it in the case, consumers are searching for you through keywords they know may be associated with your brand.

The Long Tales - The Best In Marketing Innovation Content - Issue #1

Twist Image

Here are some of the best examples of how marketing innovation continues to shape brand narratives and change the marketing landscape: The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies - Fast Company. Every year, Fast Company pulls together a fascinating list of the most innovative companies. Here's why that's fascinating: Out of five companies that made this list, the financial services sector had ten brands that made the Top 50 (a very high concentration, right?),

How a Content Marketing Company Does Content Marketing

Convince & Convert

On today’s show, Randy introduces himself to listeners by shining the light on his background, his team, and the challenges he faces leading a content marketing company. Solutions to these issues were developed with in-house content teams, content agencies, and platforms where you can purchase content. Content Marketing at a Content Marketing Company. Tweetable Moments Content no longer is a buzzword. It’s here to stay. randyfrisch Tweet This.

The Long Tales - The Best In Business Innovation Content - Issue #3

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What are the major marketing and communication holding companies doing? The big holding companies are not relics treading water driven on traditional models. Being a (small) part of the largest marketing and communications holding company, I can tell you this: WPP is not just one big marketing company. It's naive to call P&G a simple CPG company. It's would be equally naive to call WPP a traditional advertising company.

Social Pros Podcast – Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company

Convince & Convert

This episode features Scott Monty , the global head of social media for Ford Motor Company. A very special guest on the show today, Mr. Scott Monty , Global Poobah of social media for a little startup in Detroit called Ford Motor Company. Special Guest: Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company.