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16 am themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile Jump to Comments There was a time when mobile version of a website used to be a rarity. The trend appears to have changed now and today’s development-teams have to consider the compatibility of their website/blog with mobile phones. The process of creating a mobile version of your site/blog is pretty easy and takes less than 2 minutes – thanks to a company called MoFuse.

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Your Media Is Controlled By A Handful Of Companies (Yes, Even The Internet)

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Digital Marketing professional and venture capitalist, Darren Herman , ran some quick numbers and here's what he uncovered: " the digital media ad spend (search, display, mobile, etc) is controlled by Google , Yahoo , AOL , Facebook , and Microsoft. " You can read his full Blog post here: 64% of Digital Ad Spend Controlled by 5 Companies. flickr. What happened to The Long Tail ? What happens in a world after Here Comes Everybody ? Apparently, not much.

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Can Publicly-Traded Social Media Companies Survive?

SocMed Sean

During my career , I have worked for a couple of big Fortune 500 telecom companies and the challenge was always working to balance the wants and needs of the customer with the wants and needs of the shareholders. Working for any publicly-traded is a unique experience.

Flashback: What Social Was Like in 2010 vs. 2020

Ignite Social Media

Facebook becomes the 3 rd largest web company in the US behind Google and Amazon, where it still sits in 2020. The interface is completely revamped , allowing people to view photos and videos natively as Twitter enables YouTube and Flickr compatibility.

Protecting Children from Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

Share images on Flickr. They can use a mobile device. Understanding social media, becoming educated about it and learning how to use it and monitor it are things that companies of all sizes are currently wrestling with. How can you protect your children from social media?

Instagram Does the Two Step - And Steps In It

Social Media Marketing

It's not too long ago (okay, in social media terms, it was eons ago) that Flickr was one of the major social networks. A Timeline of Events With Marissa Mayer at the helm, it was clear that she was making Flickr a strategic priority (along with mobile and a a renewed focus on products).

Keep Yourself Alive

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Technology, connectivity and the great untethering of our society as we become more and more mobile is our own, personal responsibility. Someone I know was concerned about registering for a website because they were worried about what the company might do with their email address. This same person has been publishing pictures of their young family to Facebook and Flickr forever, for all to see. flickr. mobile.

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Google Buzz- Is there a hidden agenda?

Atom Thought

What happens if Yahoo also launches a social platform around it’s email service integrated with flickr? Which also opens another topic of discussion- Mobile Strategy for Buzz will define the way forward!). If you noticed, Google Buzz has already opened itself up by integrating Flickr, Picassa and twitter among other apps.So, the game has just begun, and may take a very different turn in future. Google’s mobile strategy is already giving jitters to iphone.

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How could your organization use Instagram?


It’s only been in existence 8 months – by comparison, Flickr took 2 years to hit that number of photos. Even more of interest to me, General Electric (who is turning into an awesome company to watch ) has been pushing their Instagram pictures to a Tumblr blog.

4 Ways To Tap Into Local Markets

Harp Interactive

Whether you are a business with brick and mortar stores or a company without borders, you should be tapping into the growing number of local audiences seeking products and services in their own locality. Flickr and Panoramio geotag and display these images in a mapping context.

Shanan & Kate’s Excellent QR Code Adventure

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Optiscanapp via Flickr, CC 2.0. Many of the groups were providing QR codes with links to non-mobile sites. There are a lot of pretty booths out there that tell you absolutely nothing about what their company does.

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101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Rapidly growing companies? The least popular major networks are Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. ( Furthermore–75% of social media users “object to major companies and platforms using their personal information for commercial purposes.” Facebook = mobile.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. If you are officially representing your company, you’d want to create an Official Page.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

As mobile browsers become more powerful, Google and its partners decided to do things their own way. I believe the mobile Web will eventually win, and that apps are here as a transitionary measure until we can sort out browsers that are good enough to emulate the Web experience on mobile.” This mobile version of Firefox is supposed to provide the fastest JavaScript experience for smartphones, also removing the barrier of coding for the various mobile platforms.

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Social Media & The Super Bowl


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read | Main | Teens & Young Adults Prefer Facebook Over Blogs » February 02, 2010 Social Media & The Super Bowl Companies love to entertain us with their 30 second spots during the Super Bowl.

Dentyne "Friend Request" Commercial: 60 Connections In Every Bottle


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Youtube Tuesday: Lost Generation | Main | 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read » January 27, 2010 Dentyne "Friend Request" Commercial: 60 Connections In Every Bottle Many companies now include a Facebook or Twitter URL in their television commercials.

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REVAi: Old Story in A New Bottle?

The Marketing Blog

I am basically talking about the launch of new REVAi from the electric car company REVA. To its credit REVA is the first company in India to come up with this unique innovative concept of electric cars. It can be charged just like a mobile charger. I would rather wait for a good car company to come out with an alternate fuel vehicle. Home About In the Media Linkedin v/s Facebook – Professional up Against Social CNG Auto-Rickshaw November 6, 2007.3:37

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Local/Mobile Search. How to Develop a Social Media Strategy: A Roadmap for Integration (Very Official Blog): Shannon Paul did an amazing job on this post that presents questions and answers that will help companies consider their goals for the creation of a social media strategy.

This Just In

Social Media Marketing

Companies that begin to adopt this thinking understand how different marketing practices can leverage each other and that this is how life works - it's not about how we interact with the world around us, not how we simply focus on a single channel. Image credit: SarahDeer (Flickr).

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What really ended EMAP’s golden days?

The Way of the Web

There’s an interesting article on the Huffington Post UK site by former EMAP Director Colin Morrison, in which he asks Who Killed Britain’s Best Media Company , and goes on to discuss the inner workings of the leadership of the company at the time, before it was split into a consumer business which was sold to Bauer, and a B2B business which continues the EMAP brand joint-owned by Apax and Guardian Media Group.

This Week in Social Media

Social Media Marketing

The new layout will have a universal design, regardless of device - mobile, tablet or laptop - and was described by Mark Zuckerberg as "a personalized newspaper." Fast Company has a look at the redesigned News Feed, what they're calling " an algorithm's band-aid."

Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

Waxing UnLyrical

via Flickr, CC 2.0. Live event social media generally involves a social media person or standard event-goer using a mobile device to put content online. Retail companies the world over are taking to holistic commerce and everything it brings to the table.

7 steps to shutting down a social media site

Laurel Papworth

Nearly five years ago–back when Flickr was still in its infancy, and Facebook was on just a few college campuses–we founded Tiny Pictures with a view to helping people share experiences as they happen. White Paper: Social Networking Primed To Go Mobile (0).

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Seven Key Categories of Social Media Marketing Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Savvy B2B marketers put significant effort into developing a professional, attractive, and highly functional website design —as the company’s website is often the first impression prospective buyers will get of the business and its offerings.

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Engaging the Right Audience on LinkedIn

Adam Cohen

Several weeks ago, LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn Follow Button allowing followers to follow a company page on LinkedIn directly from owned assets like web pages and blogs. This week LinkedIn launched two new products that allow companies to more effectively engage the followers they have.

Communicators Must Lead

Waxing UnLyrical

Leaders have always had to be great prognosticators to be effective, so that they could help their companies strategically plan for a future that wasn’t yet clear. Image: chrisperriman via Flickr, CC 2.0. Guest Post by Ken Jacobs.

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How to Grow Your B2B Facebook Community

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: goiabarea via Flickr, CC 2.0. As a B2B company, your customers know the angles, and they know the game. These should be “thought leaders” or other people with large Facebook communities that appeal to your company personality and image.

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8 Free Smartphone Apps that Earn You Money

Waxing UnLyrical

Image: Jewels Globe URL via Flickr, CC 2.0. But the following apps are real, legitimate ways to make some extra money right from your mobile phone. This is a great way for companies to find re-sellers that are putting out the wrong prices.

5 Apps To Enhance Your Brand


With the growth of smartphones, companies are focusing to increase their brand visibility and sales through smartphone apps. Here are some innovative apps that can legitimately increase a company’s brand presence as well as sales.

Content Marketing Is More Than Just Writing


People share photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Gentlemint, and even Flickr and Picasa. They can take them on their mobile phones and share them with friends, which also makes them a valuable tool for content marketing and Internet marketing campaigns.

Brand Haiku: Ford

Social Media Marketing

As someone who works for a large company, I'm accustomed to seeing tweets, blog posts, videos, photos and even entire sites built to convey a strong reaction. A great mobile app. Image credit: funkandjazz (Flickr).

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Why The Term “Social CRM” Is Just STUPID!

SocMed Sean

Photo by Andres Rueda on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons For those of you who don’t know what CRM stands for, it’s Customer Relationship Management and it’s a term often used by software vendors like to describe their products.

Saying Goodbye to Digital Marketing: Meet the New Me

Ari Herzog

I managed online footprints for nonprofits and a Fortune Global 500 company. Looking back at my blog archive my answers were staring back at me: diluting social media , using the telephone , changing blog layouts , leaving Flickr Pro , unfriending , unlinking , and going dumb.

On Facebook and the Death of Etiquette

Adam Cohen

Email etiquette arguably doesn’t exist – in a business context, companies have a culture around when people turn to email and when they don’t. Photo credit: fdmount via flickr. Let’s face it. Etiquette is a lost art.

5 Helpful Social Search Articles


It comes down to fundamentals and I suppose the following Four pieces of the Social Search Engine Optimization puzzle can help companies of any size get started in a more meaningful way on their journey towards becoming productive on the social web.

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Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

2005: Flickr. Do I want to treat Flickr as a serious base for showcasing my photographic works? I was the creative director for a company doing online video and games. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story.

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4 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Outreach


Many companies, especially small businesses, might rely on Facebook while letting other social media outlets slide. In the time that it would take you to post exciting news about your company to Facebook, it’s now possible to spread it to Twitter and Google+ as well.

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Firebelly at Brainstorming & Social Media Optimization Summits


In today’s competitive environment, it takes a fierce marketing strategy to position your company and communities ahead of the competition; and this session will equip you to make-over your existing marketing plan into a Super Model of success.

Content Creation? Curation? Focus on Publishing Instead


The B2C marketer will take advantage of mobile video consumption among Gen Y while still reaching out on laptop and desktop users who want to read text. So they lose out on all the search traffic to the companies that keep up with what the audience talks about.

Weekly Roundup: What’s Buzzing?

Waxing UnLyrical

I also think it’s probably easier for AOL mobile-execs to get TechCrunch’s attention since they’re sister companies, but it’s still a smart idea. Image: Teia 2010 via Flickr, CC 2.0.

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50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

Harp Interactive

Not every company needs a blog. YouTube worked for BlendTec, but it might not work for your company. Help companies participate in existing social networks, and build relationships on their turf. Check out Twitter as a way to show a company’s personality.

This Week in Social Media – 7/24/2013

Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s Q2 earnings show mobile growth, U.S. Most companies focus on customer acquisition and not conversion or retention. Few companies are strategic about content planning and development. Image credit: drew domkus (Flickr).

The Marissa Mayer Era is All About Product

Stay N' Alive

If Marissa's smart, she'll kill just about everything except a few core projects the company is good at, and start over. Flickr? You can probably say most programs outside search, social, and perhaps mobile will go.