Sysomos Acquired By Marketwire

Dave Fleet

Company. Filtrbox. So, while this is still – for now – a rumour, given that these confirmations were initially posted by the company (I saw the blog comment before its removal), I’m inclined to believe the reports and that a formal announcement is imminent. As Ray Wang suggests , expect to see more of this kind of activity in the coming months with other companies such as Alterian , BuzzGain , Cymfony , Radian6 , Viralheat and Visible Technologies.

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Start with your company name, brand names, competitors and add generic terms that describe your business and/or your product. Example: a skin care company should also listen for mentions of skin care, dry skin, aging, anti aging, wrinkle cream etc.

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5 Social Media Tools for PR Professionals

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And there are several good monitoring tools: Radian6, Filtrbox, Trackur, SM2 and eCairn. Networks, cable companies, marketers and technology firms are getting quite serious about online-video distribution. Our recent survey shows that about 65% of companies and agencies have some form of newsroom online. Social Media Tools For 2010. View more presentations from Sally Falkow.