Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2010

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The brilliant Joe Pulizzi shares his list of 35 “common and some uncommon&# methods for promoting a blog, from putting your blog URL on your business cards and leveraging Twitter hashtags to showcasing employees and using the blog as your customer FAQ.

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11 Signs Your Business is in Dire Need of Blogging

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If you’re not convinced that your company stands to benefit, here are 11 surefire signs that you desperately need to start business blogging: 1. HubSpot research has found that 93% of brands using outreach that includes business blogging see fast returns on website visitors: image credit: HubSpot. Your company could have the best products, pricing, quality, and customer service in your niche – but it doesn’t matter if no one’s heard of you. Blogging Company New

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22 Exceptional Business Blogging Guides, Tips & Tactics

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Why the Company Blog is More Important Than You Think by Business2Community. ” As if that isn’t enough, this post details four more “benefits an authentic company blog can deliver to the organization, beyond the top line” that make the effort required to maintain a high-quality, relevant blog presence worthwhile. Take a look around and see how you can re-purpose emails, FAQs, presentations, etc.”).

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21 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Tools and Rants of 2012 So Far

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Dennis Yu provides an outstanding set of techniques to use in various circumstances, such as when you hosting an event, promoting a video, or if your customers are other businesses: “If you know the names of the actual companies you’d like to have as clients, include them in the your list of workplace targets. Simple Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign by HubSpot. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing With Facebook’s Social Plugins by HubSpot.

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32 Blog Post Ideas for Your Next Article

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What are the most popular and well-respected professional organizations your customers or company is a member of? Answering customer FAQs is effective, but what about asking your audience to share their advice as a new blog post idea? It’s a tactic that’s worked well for HubSpot. Image source. Feeling a little stumped about your next article? Never fear, for you’ve come to the right place.

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29 Content Strategy Offers Ideas You’ve Never Dreamed Of

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Is your company currently surveying your customers on a regular basis? Surveying isn’t for the faint of heart, which is why we recommend HubSpot’s How to Design a Marketing Survey that Yields Legitimate Results. Your company’s contacts at all stages of the buying cycle can benefit from a thorough tutorial which details the ins and outs of how to solve common problems, or demonstrates real usage of your product. FAQ Lists. Showcase Your Company. Pssst.

47 Things to Tweet That Will Electrify Twitter Engagement

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If you’re a brand or agency, use tailored trends to find a cause or topic important to your company. Show your followers that you care about their opinion by asking them for feedback about your company or business. According to Hubspot , these posts get a lot more engagement.

30 Low-Cost Ideas for Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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Are you truly taking advantage of your company’s current store of custom content? HubSpot’s culture code , a slideshare presentation created by Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah, has recently gone viral. Put an Interesting Twist on Customer FAQ. If you ever want to really annoy a marketer, tell them that content is low cost marketing. While the thought isn’t entirely false, content certainly isn’t cheap.

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Top Tips for Creating Quality Evergreen Content


HubSpot draws a distinction between “timeless” and “sustainable” content for this very reason. If you’re tired of receiving the same questions over and over (or you anticipate that you’ll receive a certain question), place it on a FAQ page with your response. Or has your company overcome a major obstacle to achieve a goal? You’re sharing exactly how a specific company or individual accomplished something great. This is a guest post from freelance writer Anna Johansson.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

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This year, I am pleased to bring back our Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011 thanks to an excellent sponsor, HubSpot. HubSpot has recently launched a most amazing Marketing Grader tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your website. Top 10 Attributes of a Successful Blogger : If you like writing, have good grammar skills, are creative, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might make a great blogger for yourself or your company!

The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

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Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Helpful Tips : A short section to answer some questions you might have about Instagram ads. For example, here’s the naming convention that HubSpot uses : Company Department | Content/Offer/Asset Being Advertised | Date | Name of Creator. Tip: Facebook has a great resource and FAQ site for carousel ads. Privacy policy (As you will be collecting user information, you need to include your company’s privacy policy).

Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion


Shoppers are no longer limited to searching for an outfit by scrolling through endless studio photos on a company’s website. They include a mix of products, behind-the-scenes shots, FAQs, HQ life, and more to give their viewers a well-rounded look at their business. Sharing the why behind your company helps separate yourself from the crowd and create a personal connection with your audience.