5 Essential Diagrams to Make the Content Planning Easier

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5 Essential Diagrams to Make the Content Planning Easier. Reportedly, only 39% of companies had a documented content marketing strategy. As a result, many companies create ad-hoc content, which has a negative impact on its quality and on the overall content marketing strategy.

Reasons Why You Can’t Do Without a Company Blog


Tweet At the moment, we are beginning to see more and businesses running a company blog after having established a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, I think that a lot of marketers still might wonder whether it’s actually effective to run a company blog.

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#1: Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter TIMELINES VELOCITY

Laurel Papworth

on mistakes companies make when using Twitter for business. Anyway, I threw some diagrams to show the rather obvious difference in timelines between a traditional campaign and a social media one. In fact diagram 1. Diagram 3 can go either way.

Social Media for Training Departments in Companies

Laurel Papworth

The diagrams I used are on Flickr. I was invited to speak on social media in the Enterprise by Cadre eLearning to a group of corporate training people. Here are the slides for them. Training departments and social media. View more presentations from Laurel Papworth. The key points I covered: we can use social media internally to distribute (broadcast) our own training material, or we can use community tools to create the material right through to peer to peer training.

Facebook: Reclaim Privacy Security and Safety

Laurel Papworth

But the crowd is smarter than the individual company so ReclaimPrivacy have tools for you. Also a diagram on private to public social networks. Facebook keeps changing around what is private and what is public in the default settings.

7 Levels of Social Media Engagement

Laurel Papworth

I put together this diagram to show the steps from shallow engagement such as just monitoring to full engagement including co-creating products and services. At this point, the company has confused listening with engaging. Is your company ready for Stage 7?

The Truth About Social Media Strategy

Convince & Convert

The biggest problem with organic social media for business is that the majority of companies are trying to employ a social media strategy that hinges on making social media do something it’s not well-suited to do: create new customers from thin air. “My

Public Relations: Controlling the Uncontrollable

Waxing UnLyrical

Public relations research and analysis help in the crucial “message exposure” stage shown in the diagram above. Guest Post by Mark Weiner. What makes Public Relations unique within the communications and marketing mix?

It’s 2AM, Do You Know Where Your Organizational Information Is??

SocMed Sean

Does someone monitor searches on your company and products? Internal Information Stratification Wheel Incoming search terms: internal information social stratification diagram internal information diagrams. Tweet Sean R.

13 Reasons why you need to use EBooks for Lead Generation

OnlineRockersHub Marketing Blog

Companies with big budgets have senior-level executives flying to conferences discussing ways of adding more people to their clientele. It also contains diagrams and graphs wherever they are needed. Every page of the book must contain a picture of your company’s brand.

eBook 79

Can Social Business Reshape the Organization?


Slide 25 – However in an industrial company, forming a relationship is really the duty of the sales people, and maintaining the duty of the customer service people, not marketing.

Marketing Automation vs Sales Automation


For example, companies that use automation to manage their leads can expect a 10% or more bump in revenue within 6-9 months. Lesser people are required to manage the logistical and administrative aspects of the marketing operations, regardless of how fast the company is growing.

The Best Free Tools for Twitter Analytics

Adam Sherk

During a social media audit I like to run a company’s Twitter profiles through some basic analysis tools to set benchmarks and compare them to competitors. What are the best free tools for analyzing a Twitter profile?

The 3 Social Media Rules for Death and Tragedy

Convince & Convert

Many of these posts were either commercials wrapped in the false cloak of tribute, or the companies doing the posting were so far removed from anything to do with Bowie and his work that it felt disingenuous. But when companies get involved, it’s a mine field. Image via Unsplash.

5 Steps to Thinking More Socially About Communications

Dave Fleet

Just as most companies invest resources in media monitoring, online monitoring should be a core component of any companies’ online activities nowadays. Tweet Like it or not, “digital” is becoming a part of more and more marketers’ jobs.

CPM 423

How to Become a T-Shaped Marketer: What Marketing Career Growth Looks Like at Buffer

Buffer Social

The Diagram of a T-Shaped Marketer at Buffer. Feel free to grab a download of the Sketch file or Canva template we used to build this, if you’d like to customize it for your company. The marketing foundation at your company is likely to entail some unique skills of its own.

4 Little Known Facts About Startups in the USA


Are you dying to join the growing ranks of startup companies? Most startups are much more about hard work and dedication than instant riches and world-wide renown, but break-out companies have been able to prove that there’s always an exception to every rule.

Web Presence Optimization, Reloaded

Webbiquity SMM

It’s not only great for search, but showcases your (or your company’s) expertise, helps humanize your company (blogs are more informal and less promotional than corporate websites), and encourages reader interaction.

Change the Tone of your Conversation with your Members/Customers


To gauge how deep your understanding of members is and what gaps you must fill, we constructed a diagram that lays out the layers of factors and experiences that define a member as a whole person in concentric circles–with #1 representing the outer circle.

Why Investors Need to Use Social Media

Convince & Convert

Sensing a lucrative opportunity akin to the success of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings film franchises, these investors bought shares in Lionsgate, the company that had secured the movie rights. In the world of financial investment, timing is everything.

Better Strategy, Better Content, Better Brand

Convince & Convert

Many conjure up the terrifying image of a dusty binder on a shelf (usually one of many) filled with multi-colored tabs and diagrams that have not seen the light of day in many moons. Framing, Simplifying, and Getting Clarity.

Framework for Corporate Social Media Ethics and Compliance


Where does a company draw the line between risk and reward when trying to get the most out of its social media marketing or PR? Every behavior signals something about the company, and affects a variety of measures. And most companies do get caught.

Do You Have an Online Sales Funnel?

Small Business Mavericks

Which Sales Funnel Diagram Is Right For You? The sales funnel is simply a way to visualize how customers interact with your company from the lead generation process to the final closing question. Every business has a sales funnel. Even if yours isn’t well-defined, it’s there. It could be more efficient by defining it and graphing it a little more clearly. Nevertheless, your sales funnel shows how you generate and develop leads and turn them into customers.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


As more features emerge on Microsoft’s text and spreadsheet management tools, many companies want to compete with it by releasing free software available to everyone.

Crowdsourced Laundry – Innocentive NASA

Laurel Papworth

Innocentive is the crowdsourced wiki where companies throw up patents, business problems and technical issues that you can wile away a weekend solving, such as “Synthesis of a Nucleotide-Selective Label for Single-Stranded DNA&# and other fun projects for the whole family.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Marketing

Razor Social

You can sit back and wait for the marketing world to get smarter and change around you, or you can embrace AI now and be proactive in creating a competitive advantage for yourself and your company. However, not all software companies really have AI that say they do.

Is Social Media BS?

Webbiquity SMM

This diagram from HubSpot illustrates the relationship visually. Blogging makes you and/or you company more interesting online. Companies can enhance (or damage) their brand image based on how they respond.

4 iPhone Apps for MBA Students


Research news about financial companies. Last but not least, Keynote provides useful tools for designing the best presentations, flow charts, and diagrams for your business classes. To be a good student it takes effort and planning.

iPhone 159

12 Tips To Become The Perfect Technical Writer


Unfortunately, companies have different yardsticks while working with technical writers. While some companies involve writers from a project’s beginning stages, others don’t include them till the project is almost over.

Tips 112

Nine B2B Marketing Lessons from College Visits

Webbiquity SMM

This can be more challenging for smaller b2b companies, and particularly for startups. In other words, communicate not only about what you sell but also about what kind of company you are, and why prospective buyers should want to do business with you.

B2B 219

Social Media Exercise: Hoyts Cinema

Laurel Papworth

Hoyts and social media – what do you do when someone names and shames publicly issues with your company, like this Twitter discussion I initiated about Hoyts Cinemas? Use the diagram covered in 8 ways to deal with negative comments as background.

45 Free or Super Cheap Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content

Writtent Blog

Venn diagrams, visual resumes, and other options are also available. This platform supports the creation of complex diagrams and flowcharts that are ideal for explaining technical processes.

How to Increase Your Content Visibility in Google Knowledge Graph

Convince & Convert

In order to learn and evaluate the companies in their area, customers often turn to local search. As a digital marketing expert, I inevitably find myself struggling to keep up with the happenings around the world.

Google 114

Freelancer – $25k in Australian social media competition

Laurel Papworth

Freelancer has a very active community so I’m sure they are not concerned but if you are a company developing your customer community for the first time, 20 days will net you oh about 3 entries (just videoing and editing will take some ppl 3 weekends!)

Anecdote: What's real work at your work?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Company Profile. These two questions are reflected in the two columns in this diagram, motivation and ability. Consulting Services. Keynote Speaking. About Us. Workshops & Seminars. Whitepapers. Anecdote Associates. Clients. Contact us. Categories. Anecdotes. Blogging. Books.

Nine B2B Marketing Lessons from College Visits

Webbiquity SMM

This can be more challenging for smaller b2b companies, and particularly for startups. In other words, communicate not only about what you sell but also about what kind of company you are, and why prospective buyers should want to do business with you.

B2B 142

Paywall for News.com and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth

Media companies have been known to enforce copyright on original source content – suing the original person who posted the original story online and having it removed. In fact a distribution company’s “products” is audience/channel not articles or widgets.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

But fundamentally, 1) there are now far more online venues than just your website or blog where you and/or your company be found (social media pages and profiles, articles, videos, etc.), product photos, diagrams, infographics, trade show pics etc.),

Lifestyle Marketing 101


And for many companies, it can seem like a battle just to be heard above the noise. Imagine your brand as a venn diagram where the two—unique selling proposition and clientele—intersect.

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

Laurel Papworth

And Zynga are just ONE Facebook game company. More than 90% of the company’s revenues come from users converting real cash into proprietary virtual currency. Typically the company pays less than 10% of that to a third-party transaction handler such as PayPal and keeps the rest. (In

22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

Laurel Papworth

Looking at the diagram here they are one by one . An ongoing service of account managers advising companies wanting to be Dell or Zappos would also be a nice sideline investment. Trial Affiliates members get additional benefits if they trial another companies product.

The future of groupware in the interactive workplace. | Technology > Software Services & Applications from AllBusiness.com

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In the past year, groupware companies have started looking more critically at their products and services to see how their. Imagine that the process of hiring a new employee is displayed to a hiring manager as a flow diagram. The hiring manager clicks on the "second interview" box in the flow diagram (where the document is waiting); highlights the "skip this step" option; and types in, "Agreed with HR that candidate doesnt need second interview."

The Marketing Problem Is Simple: There Are Too Many Ads

Twist Image

Google didn't invent the advertising network and many other media companies have jumped on that train and turned it into a significant business in the online spaces. On July 15th, 2012, Business Insider ran a new item titled, This Diagram Explains Facebook's Next $10 Billion Business. The media companies are going to pounce on this. media company. As a brand, do you find it hard to put your message in front of the right audience? This used to be the major challenge.