How Reliable Are Energy Comparison Websites?

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How Reliable Are Energy Comparison Websites? Energy comparison websites can help you find a new utility provider without the hassle of having to do it on your own. To help you decide if you should use a utility comparison site, you should understand how it works.

Auto Brands Comparison Report


One of the interesting factors about these brands’ Facebook communities is that most of them recently merged their car model pages into their parent company page - except Honda. Social media content of the auto industry is perceived to be fueled by vanity shots of vehicles.

Klout and Kred – Social Influence Comparison

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We’ve seen companies begin to offer perks of varying value ( the much vaulted KloutKlub in LasVegas kicked that off) and we’ve seen a continuation of people obsessed with measuring themselves through some unknown algorithm .

Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison)

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Home About In the Media Moving One Step Closer to Dream Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study March 3, 2010.10:02 02 am Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison) Jump to Comments With over 40,000 tweets per minute and new-user registration growth rate of 1500%, you would expect Twitter to give a close fight to the social networking giant Facebook.

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Here are a few tips that will help to boost your company’s profile on LinkedIn. Your company logo and header banner are the very first things people will see when they land on your company page. Avoid writing a 2,000 word essay about the history of your company.

Comparison of 100 Top Companies on Social Business and Corporate Culture

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Whether it’s Charlene Li’s Open Leadership , The NOW Revolution from Amber Naslund and me, Humanize from Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter , Smart Business, Social Business from Michael Brito , or Olivier Blanchard’s Social Media ROI , there is a chorus postulating that people make your company social, not tools and technology. For each of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, I matched up their Social Business Index ranking (where applicable).

Think Globally, Act Locally: Introducing Advanced Geolocation

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Such data can help companies find high potential locations to open up new stores. Comparing the sentiment towards a brand between different countries allows brands and companies to detect general themes and address them.

Differences Between Facebook and Google+


Facebook’s layout is way more chaotic in comparison to what Google+ provides. This article was contributed by 360 Online Marketing, a Boulder web design company. Image Credit: Fortune. Google+ provides easier access to options for sharing information than Facebook does.

Google 149

Coffee and Community: Foster Coffee Company on Growing Their Social Media Following and Business

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” This Foster Coffee Company credo isn’t just a brand statement. Foster Coffee Company now has two thriving locations in Michigan, where people gather to drink great coffee, work, converse, celebrate the local community and build relationships. Foster Coffee Company: Key Stats.

Today Is Facebook IPO Day – Does The Company Have The X-Factor?


All things considered, this Friday night entertainment is not that far from the ordinary talent show in comparison. Keep in mind, that we are talking about a company with a yearly revenue of just below $4 billion – to accomplish this valuation, a company has got to have a huge X-Factor.

New Report on Social Media Management From Altimeter– Reading it Will Save Your Company’s Money!


Tweet “Like a disease, social media proliferation will leave companies crippled — unless they develop a strategy to manage now. 1 This comparison indicates that many companies think they are achieving goals, often without having defined goals or determining how they will be achieved.

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Analyze Page Performance With the New LinkedIn Company Pages Report

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As an official LinkedIn® Certified Company Page Partner, analytics are a key component of Sprout’s integration. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the LinkedIn® Company Pages Report to our suite of network reports.

Today Is Facebook IPO Day – Does The Company Have The X-Factor?


All things considered, this Friday night entertainment is not that far from the ordinary talent show in comparison. Keep in mind, that we are talking about a company with a yearly revenue of just below $4 billion – to accomplish this valuation, a company has got to have a huge X-Factor. Facebook and Zuckerberg have been on the road talking about the future and current state of the company for the past month too.

Why clever companies stop selling and start helping

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Why do some companies make it so hard for you to do business with them? Give them product comparison tables, answer their questions, supply them with whitepapers and other collateral that can help them justify their purchase to senior stakeholders.

Why Fans And Followers Are Breaking Up With You

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This time, the comparison is between Facebook and Twitter and the reasons fans and followers cite un-Liking and un-following you. About Us What’s a Maverick?

The risk of silence on your company news page or blog…

The Way of the Web

Obviously there have already been a number of examples, such as Eurostar , but technology companies are no better. If that was followed by future transparency, would that alter your opinions of the company, in comparison to your views after reading the NYT piece?

Why Should You Invest in SEO?

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It helps to engage someone outside of your company, like an SEO Agency to acquire a better perspective on the status of your content. About the Author Michelle Phipps is an SEO Services provider and the co-founder of digital marketing company Business Buddy Inc.,

SEO 95

Social Networking Stats: Comparing Top Brands (Big vs. Small) on Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Top Brands on Twitter: Enterprise Brands Vs. Small Companies. 92% of brands tweet at least once daily; the average Interbrand company tweets 12x per day. Interbrand companies average 43,100 engagements per month. 54% of Interbrand companies send less than one @reply per day.

Why I Switched Blog Hosting Companies (and Who I’m With Now)


While I’m sure you can get cheaper services, for the features you get , I find this service very reasonable in comparison to what I was paying. Why I Switched Blog Hosting Companies (and Who I’m With Now).

Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010

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43% of employees at the largest companies in the US use LinkedIn for professional reasons, compared to 11% on Facebook. LinkedIn New Feature – Follow Company by Success CREEations. LinkedIn Launches ‘Company Pages’ by MediaPost Online Media Daily.

Facebook Ads Research Tool: Test and Learn

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Essentially, you are able to create two types of tests: Campaign Comparison Test. Campaign Comparison Tests allow you to compare two campaigns (obviously) to determine which results in the lowest cost conversions. Campaign Comparison Test: Overview.

How Your Competitors Will Shift Their Digital Marketing Strategy in the Next Two Years

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More than half of companies with revenue under $50 million already spend the majority of their marketing dollars online. But the channels they focus on change as their companies grow. Which Channels Companies Will Invest the Most in Over the Next Two Years.

Looking for info on social media consulting fees?


Launch a new presence on Twitter and then provide ongoing training for company – $1,000-$6,000 a month. If you are wondering what our SocialFish fees are in comparison to this (we’re in line with the average), here they are.

[DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy

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On the other hand, the PPC is the strategy that most companies use to create an immediate presence in the best positions on search results pages and only pay for their advertising when users click on the link to their landing page.

SEO 221

Why You Should Thoroughly Audit Your Social Media Presence

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Comparison of similar posts to see how the differences between them affect success. The alignment between your social media campaign and your brand / company goals and stated values. Your company’s reputation is can be significantly impacted by its social media presence.

Using Social Media in a Brand Marketing Campaign

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The goal is to associate the company with it’s services and offerings. Testimonials, comparisons, 3rd party verifications, reviews, news stories, etc. Things like “welcome tweeps&# and having your current tweets or tweets about your company going on the page will help with that.

Google+ vs Facebook: A Turf War? [Infographic]


Tweet Searching the web, I found this interesting infographic by , which gives a feature by feature comparison of Google+ and Facebook. When Google launched its +1 Button two months backs, there were instant comparisons to Facebook’s Like Button.

Google 271

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Social media relies on the premise that we’ll believe what people tell us more readily than if we were told the same thing by a nameless, faceless company. world-wide shows that just 25% of respondents said their friends and peers are credible sources of information about companies – a decline of 20% since a similar analysis in 2008. That’s why it’s more important than ever for companies (in social media or otherwise) to embrace the truth.

Best Brand Monitoring Tools – At Any Price

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” This is a worthy competitor for comparison with Newsdesk, particularly for public relations (PR) agencies and brands who invest significantly in PR. Future direction remains to be seen as Sysomos is no longer an independent company.

Finding Marketing Inspiration

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You want a point of comparison so that you know what they are doing that works, and what you can do to compete with them. Even successful companies have strategies to observe their competitors and come out on top. Finding Marketing Inspiration.

3 Reasons Email is the Coolest Vampire Today

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A driving force behind the company’s SUBSCRIBERS RULE! Great post and comparison of the media phenomenon, vampires [link] Jane Cooke It is still the most convenient medium for typing out private conversation.

B2B 93

5 Steps to Thinking More Socially About Communications

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Just as most companies invest resources in media monitoring, online monitoring should be a core component of any companies’ online activities nowadays. In comparison, the final episode of LOST drew 13.5

CPM 423

How to Create Effective Competitor Campaigns Without Pointing Fingers

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We include a comparison chart for easy scanning and highlight a few benefits we offer our customers. On our Google Forms alternative page , we outlined the comparison, so users could easily see the differences between our tools. Image via

Forrester: Email and search drive online sales, not social

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Relatively few companies have achieved any kind of reach in social media at this stage; those who have, have mostly done so by paying for it.

No More Copied Content on Facebook

The new changes were spurred on by a recent survey the company did which showed that the platform’s users disliked content that was copied and scraped from other sources. The algorithm works like this: 1 – Comparison of text with other texts to spot exact matches.

The Top 10 Professional Services Firms on Social Media

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McKinsey received 78 retweets per post , the most engagement per tweet of any of the companies examined. Professional services and social media may not seem natural bedfellows in the eyes of many. The Big 4 and consulting giants like McKinsey and Bain & Co.

Internet Marketing Tips - Latest Trends Deciding Success

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Also Read Digital Marketing is a Necessity Why Businesses Should Hire an SEO Company? An average user would any day prefer watching videos in comparison to reading paragraphs of text.

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How to Save Money on Business Expenses

While many business owners are timid about asking for discounts, many businesses are more than happy to offer deals to other companies. Some companies have even started working with other businesses, even direct competitors, to pool money and save on supplies by buying them in bulk.

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Four Metrics for Measuring Social ROI


But is the quantity of data a strong enough KPI/metric to justify the time and resources companies dedicate to their social media efforts? This metric refers to measuring the effectiveness of a brand’s own social media activities in comparison to that of its competitors.

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How Do You Measure Social Media Success?

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This is a solid strategy for a primary success metric if you are: A brand new company that wants to add legitimacy. To make comparison easy, Agorapulse has a wide range of tools available. My very first social media marketing client was a service company.

Discover Student Loans


This company has no processing fees, low-interest rates, and forbearance options. Their rates may be higher compared to their competitors, but it is the only company you shall find offering to refinance your loan for a 10 – 20-year repayment period.

PNC Student Loan Review


This is much higher compared to most other companies that will only give you ten years to pay back their money. is one of the highest you shall find in the market because most companies offer only 0.25%. Comparison with other lenders.

Review 130

How could your organization use Instagram?


It’s only been in existence 8 months – by comparison, Flickr took 2 years to hit that number of photos. Even more of interest to me, General Electric (who is turning into an awesome company to watch ) has been pushing their Instagram pictures to a Tumblr blog.