47 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


Social media statistics can be a useful tool for informing your strategy and planning your future content. Instagram is one of the best social platforms for growing a community, promoting your products and driving sales. Instagram Statistics: Shopping Trends .

5 Core Pillars for Your Ecommerce Marketing Stack in 2022 


There are many easy ways to integrate social proof into your marketing, including: Incorporating Ratings & Reviews or Community Q&A on your product pages . Showcasing user-generated content (UGC) from real customers across your most impactful marketing channels .

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User Generated Content 101


The definition of user generated content (or UGC) is any form of content including blogs, tweets, photos, videos, and beyond that was created by users of an online system or service and is available via social media websites. Integrating UGC into campaigns has become a popular -- and inexpensive -- way to develop brand awareness and loyalty. It’s been proven that consumers find UGC more trustworthy and authentic than content created by a brand.

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Create your social media campaign plan for 2019 (with editable worksheets)

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Plan out your best possible 2019 with editable planning worksheets to simplify the strategy-building process. Based on current statistics , the average person is spending more and more of their time glued to social media versus traditional sites. The organic content you share on social has a tremendous impact on SEO and the community-building process around your network. Empowering customers via user-generated content (UGC). Welcome to planning season!

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Use that as a starting point to build your own strategy. When you’re building your initial following, being active gives people a chance to build familiarity with you. You can get mentions by building relationships and networking, as well as guest blogging on other sites. Community building is also an important aspect of social media marketing. It offers advanced targeting, retargeting, custom audience building and much more.