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22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community

Spin Sucks

In the past 12 months, the #PRstack community has created an app that has characterized more than 250 third-party tools. It has published 48 how-to guides written by more than 35 community members covering different areas of the public relations workflow. A lively community has developed and grown on Facebook and Twitter. The 22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community.

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Klout Adds WordPress But Not For Self Hosted Blogs?

Jason Yormark

A few weeks ago I noticed that Klout had added the WordPress button to the available channels to connect to which was encouraging. Besides the awful, short and careless community support responses implying nothing else is on the way, there was no official announcement or acknowledgement of this. Related posts: My 9 Favorite WordPress Social Media Plugins. But not so fast.

17 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Blog

Ari Herzog

One of the neat aspects about WordPress is nobody owns it. The blog platform, as an open source community, is collectively shared by anyone and everyone who contribute code and provide feedback about what works and what needs improvement. For example, writing Stephen @ Custom WordPress Plugins in the name field results in Stephen from Custom WordPress Plugins.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which CMS is Right for Your Site?


Two of the most popular packages are WordPress and Drupal. However, 60 million sites run WordPress making it by far the most popular free CMS package. In this article, we will explore what are the advantages and disadvantages between Drupal and WordPress, and which CMS should you choose for your business or personal website. First, a little bit about both CMSes: WordPress.

Anatomy Of A Blog Redesign: Meet The Standard WordPress Theme

Jason Yormark

I have to admit, I’m a WordPress theme junkie. I’m fascinated with the art of blog design, and I often find myself spending too much time browsing some of the industry leading WordPress theme sites. I wanted a theme with a strong community and support so I could have access to the help I needed with customizations and technical issues. After hours of browsing, I found what I was looking for and what I believe to be one of the finest WordPress theme frameworks on the web; the Standard Theme. The support and community are terrific. Wordpress

10 Vital WordPress Security Tips


10 Vital WordPress Security Tips. This article overviews a few key security tips for WordPress blogs. It might be seriously tempting to amend a blog post when you’re enjoying a coffee in your local café, but accessing WordPress on an unsecure network could seriously compromise your security. Ensure that your themes, plugins and WordPress itself are all updated regularly.

How WordPress Can Make Your Website More Manageable


For many online marketers, there’s no web development platform that’s as user-friendly, valuable, and adaptable as WordPress. The standard content management system for millions of websites, WordPress is one of the most praised and appreciated online development platforms out there. 1) WordPress has style in abundance. WordPress can do it. Tweet This!

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


While there are many platforms to choose from, I always suggest that if your purpose for blogging is anything related to branding, business, or making money online, then you want to go with WordPress on your own domain. Sure, there are other blogging platforms and content management systems you can use on your own domain, but none are quite as popular or powerful as WordPress. KnowEm.

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

Waxing UnLyrical

Regular WUL readers know that Shonali (a friend and former colleague at ) showcases guest posts about how to build, engage and sustain an online community, among other things. so that others might gain insights for their own community efforts. So we spent months creating an entirely new CMS (content management system) from scratch – WordPress didn’t have the firepower. So our small marketing team is now working to grow our user base and nurture our new community. Building a New Kind of Cruise Community is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

Why millions of WordPress sites are at risk


WordPress remains a popular content management system for many people, owing to both its ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything. As with any software, if it’s not updated regularly, WordPress can be susceptible to attack. On top of this, WordPress users tend to run a number of different plugins and themes, all of which need to be updated and maintained.

Interview with Community Manager: Emma Gannon

Social Media Citizens

Emma Gannon is currently a global community manager of Dove Facebook. Emma has experience of community managing blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages for international brands. G: How did you build your experience as community manager? . E: Either Twitter or WordPress. G: What are you top resources for community management? I think it is genius. It really is 24/7.

5 Ways To Spice Up Your WordPress Blog

Waxing UnLyrical

If you’re just getting started blogging (or maybe even if you’ve been doing it a while), here are some WordPress plugins I really really like. WordPress Editorial Calendar. WordPress Editorial Calendar is awesome-sauce. These are five WordPress plugins I adore. Mark as read Approve comment Sadly not being a coder or techie I am all thumbs on wordpress.

Prepare Your Website for Geolocation with WordPress


Many small business owners choose to use a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, for a hassle-free website and infinite customization options. With WordPress, you have access to thousands of free, professional themes, such as such as the WordPress Business Turnkey theme , which incorporates both a website and blog. How does Geolocation Work? How it Works.

How To Build Your Own Social Network On WordPress


I’ve touted before all of the different things WordPress can do as a content management system. It’s no secret that I’m a WordPress advocate, but I’ve just recently discovered one of the project’s most impressive features– running a social network. No, you’re not going to create the next Facebook or MySpace on a simple WordPress website, but it’s a great (and cheap) alternative to social network creation engines such as Ning or Grouply. Make sure you have a strong community that will be interested. Never.

Client solves Ecommerce for WordPress via Open Source

The Way of the Web

I don’t often write about clients on my blog for various reasons, but I wanted to spread the word about Jigoshop, which is a great Ecommerce for WordPress solution that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. And there’s a growing forum community on the site which is worth checking out. So what makes Jigoshop so good?

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

As publishers continue to rely on the outside social web to foster their communities, they often witness dire consequences. Sites have experienced a dramatic decrease in core metrics and a dispersion of their most passionate community members. Today, the comment section provides a tool to build community engagement around a publisher. socialmedia longtailseo communities

Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?


Of the three, Joomlas the latest arrival to the CMS scene and occupies the middle ground between Drupal and WordPress, offering the best characteristics of each. WordPress: 20 Million and Growing. For those interested in creating a simple blog or getting their new startup online, WordPress will be a straightforward choice. Checking out the contenders. And the Winner Is..

4 WordPress Alternatives: the What, Where, and Why


As bloggers, we’re all familiar with WordPress, whether as a self-hosted setup, or via If you do a Google search for “ blogging software ,” WordPress will likely be among the first results you’ll see. Just like in the 90’s when Microsoft seemed like the only choice, but then we found alternatives like Mac or Linux, there are alternatives to WordPress too.

Secure Your WordPress Blog Without Touching Any Code


Right now WordPress powers 48 of the top 100 blogs online. More than that, WordPress actually powers 19% of the web as a whole. Such a strong community of users and developers means that the platform is sure to evolve even further and provide us with lots of cool features that are yet to be developed. Typical WordPress security problems. WordPress as a whole (a website management platform) is very well designed. WordPress plugins have a fair amount of power over how your WordPress installation works. Update WordPress. The basics. Karol K.

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Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Edwards and Telligent CTO Rob Howard are releasing a white paper today that delineates what these standard-setting communities of the future will look like. According to their research, here are nine steps businesses must take in order to make their online communities world-class. the article in full to learn more about building world-class communities. Have an account?

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How to Troubleshoot WordPress


This guest post was written by Neil Matthews, a WordPress consultant at WPDude. Over the years, I’ve developed a troubleshooting methodology while working with my WordPress technical support clients. My methodology helps to solve the majority of WordPress crashed sites I’ve come across, and I wanted to share it with you, the good readers of ProBlogger. This methodology isolates the various layers of a WordPress site one at a time, tests a layer by removing its component parts, and then, if the problem still exists, moves down to test the next layer.

What to Look For When Hiring a Community Manager

Commonly referred to as the “Community Manager,&# these brand ambassadors are a company’s direct link to its customers, owning the critical responsibility to grow, shape and respond to online conversations happening around that brand. Do You Need A Community Manager? Determining whether your brand needs a community manager comes down to efficiencies, trust and skill.

Are You A Social Media Channel Changer?

SocMed Sean

The challenge for those who are just getting started in social media is to take the time to understand how the channel works, who are the members of the community (humming the Sesame Street “ Who are the people in your neighborhood? Once you understand those elements, you can then determine the best way to engage and what valuable contribution you might offer to the community.

Introducing The Modern Blogging Masterclass

Spin Sucks

How to build community, like we have at Spin Sucks. It would be amazing if you also have access to your site’s content management system ( WordPress , Hubspot , Rainmaker , Squarespace ) and know your way around it. Communication Content earned media Google analytics HubSpot leadpages online course owned media Rainmaker squarespace unbounce WordPressBy Gini Dietrich.

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Should You Design Your Website Using WordPress?

Small Business Mavericks

More and more, I’m seeing small business websites using WordPress as a CMS. Even churches and community service organizations are using WordPress as a CMS and designing their websites using this free open source software. In a word, there is nothing wrong with using WordPress as a CMS. However, WordPress started out as a blogging platform and branched out from there. The reasons WordPress is such a good tool for building blogs and websites is because it is flexible, easy to use, and has natural built-in search engine optimization benefits.

Blog Smarter: 9 Ways to Make Money from WordPress … Without Having a Blog


You can still make a great living with WordPress. Sure, WordPress comes with a couple of stock themes, but they are so basic, few bloggers choose to use them, and the number of serious bloggers or entrepreneurs who will use them is approximately zero. And while the profit is larger per individual purchase for a premium theme, child themes allow you to leverage an existing community, meaning you can easily make up the difference in volume. This isn’t for everyone in the WordPress community, and may not be for you. WordPress users need support. Themes.

5 Things I’ve Learned from Running BizSugar

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The not-so-great thing is that it’s not quite as user friendly as WordPress. Because it’s not as popular or widely used as WordPress, it’s difficult to find developers who know Pligg well. Work on Building a Community. A community does not build itself. Business Marketing Social Media anita campbell bizsugar community online community

Six WordPress Plugins to Install on your Site Today

Jeff Esposito

My favorite thing about the WordPress blogging platform is that outside of the backend system, no two blogs operate the same way. Livefyre also has a great community team who evangelizes the platform and assists with user questions with lightning speed. Blogging blogging livefyre nRelate Postrank Social SHare TF Social Share WordpressImage: Wikipedia.

How I Tweaked my WordPress Blog to Rank Better in the Search Engines


It is almost as if SEO gives us esoteric super-powers that are only fully understood by a small community of internet marketers. Using WordPress features for SEO. For example, for hypertension, I had the URL [link] on a static WordPress page. . By default, WordPress category pages contain the word “category” in their URLs. I did this by using a WordPress plugin called WP No Category Base. Grow your traffic with WordPress. WordPress gives us the flexibility to do many things with our blogs and it allows us to stay organized while we’re at it.


Is Facebook building the new community-driven question-and-answer.

Social Media Citizens

Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Is Facebook building the new community-driven question-and-answer platform? June 15th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share Is Facebook building the new community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) platform? I think it is. Economics? Skydiving?

Tactical Tips for Building an Online Community


With all the wonderful feedback on my guest post about how we utilize WordPress multisite and discussion forums to build community for our rather niche market, I thought I might offer some detail about specific tactics and network plugins we use to keep members informed, active and increasing in number. How to build community on membership sites. Here’s how we did it.

WordPress Feature Review: New Features You Missed in 2012, Part 1


One of the great things about WordPress is that it never stands still. WordPress used to release small updates frequently, but at the end of 2009 they changed this policy. Today I’d like to walk you through the new features which were introduced in 2012, in WordPress 3.4 New features in WordPress 3.4. Released in June , WordPress 3.4 WordPress 3.4

Announcing the New Sticky Top Bar Plugin: A ProBlogger WordPress Plugin


A couple of weeks ago we launched the new – a private membership site that not only has a community/forum area for bloggers to network, collaborate and learn but one which provides members with regular webinars as well as exclusive access to some tools that my team have been developing for my blogs. Announcing the New Sticky Top Bar Plugin: A ProBlogger WordPress Plugin.

The ProBlogger Infinite Scroller WordPress Plugin


Last week we made out first plugin available on the ProBlogger Community: an Infinite Scroll Wordpess Plugin. With each of these plugins we release we want to share why we’re using it on our own sites, and also give you some options on how you can the techniques yourself (community member or not). So how do you add and infinite scroll on your WordPress blog? General

How to Build Community for Niche Site Success


But then again, I never expected the little website I created to keep friends and family informed about Jerry’s progress to become the largest online community for canine amputees and their people either. We considered a number of different ventures during our three years on the road, but that thing turned out to be right under our noses, and the Tripawds Blogs community was born.

How to start and manage your community

Social Media Citizens

Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio How to start and manage your community April 2nd, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share Just wanted to share this short brilliant talk about leadership and community management by Dere Sivers. Thanks! Please see: [link]. Valid XHTML 1.0

Media Relations: A Quick Test to Pitch the Right Outlets

Spin Sucks

Almost anyone can quickly create a Tumblr or WordPress blog, write a few quick articles and voila! This has allowed people to create very specific and involved niche communities with great publishing platforms and content, but it also means there is a lot of garbage. By Matt Sommer. You’ve taken the first step to becoming a media magnate. Media Relations and Placing Stories.

Got Community? 5 Ways To Foster It On Your Blog

Ari Herzog

We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found the answer is community. If you have community, you have a lot. There is no better feeling than building a growing and interactive community of readers on your site. Community must be fostered. Here are 5 ways to foster community on your blog: 1. Commenting is the #1 way community is built on a blog.

Why WordPress Rules

Small Business Mavericks

Because John’s blog, Searchblog, is not on WordPress. WordPress, however, has emerged as the industry leader in blogging software. There is a strong support community. There are tons of free themes as well as premium themes on the market for WordPress. A virtual marketplace of free and premium plugins make WordPress infinitely more robust. A huge development community is always at work to make WordPress better. WordPress has natural built-in SEO benefits. Go straight to WordPress. OK, so why should you care? Woops!

Have we got our head in the clouds about the value of online community?

Janet Fouts

If it’s not yours, or if it is, please– for the love of community –pitch in and SAY something! We were talking about how to build community on a Facebook page and whether or not that’s really even possible. Now, I’m one of those old school community people. Community requires involvement and a certain amount of passion or the discussions are pretty shallow.