An Interview with TweetDeck’s Richard Barley


If you use TweetDeck then you may have heard of or met Richard Barley ( @richardbarley ), TweetDeck’s Community Manager. What did you do prior to working with TweetDeck? It wasn’t long before Iain noticed my work and offered me a job as Community Manager.

4 Reasons Why Twitter Should Buy TweetDeck


Last week, the blogosphere was on fire with reaction to a report by the Wall Street Journal that Twitter is in talks to buy TweetDeck for $50 Million (registration may be required to read the post). All it has to do is turn off TweetDeck’s access to the Twitter’s API as was done to UberMedia.

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10 Features I Want to See in TweetDeck


Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Neal Wiser @nealwiser 10 Features I Want to See in TweetDeck 37 I have a love/hate relationship with TweetDeck.

Twitter Dashboard to Shutter Feb. 3

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In the future, we hope to bring the best features from Dashboard to the broader Twitter community. In the future, we hope to bring the best features from Dashboard to the broader Twitter community.


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12 Twitter Tips For Lawyers

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Over the past 5 1/2 years, I’ve observed, used, learned, created, made mistakes, built community, cringed, been fulfilled, and so many other scenarios and emotions too numerous to describe in this post.

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Tip of the week: Tweetdeck

Gemma Went

Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Tip of the week: Tweetdeck 08/04/2010 by Gemma Went Well this ‘Tip of the Week’ was a long time coming. It’s about my favourite social media tool, Tweetdeck.

Twitter’s Black Friday Signals an Exit Strategy


These third-party developers, along with the broader Twitter community, were the ones who implemented hash tags, RTs, @ replies and many of the features that Twitter now takes for granted. Friday, March 11, 2011 was a black day in Twitter history.

10 Surefire Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Twitter NooB

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3)Download Tweetdeck or sign up for a HootSuite account – Nobody really tweets from Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck make Twitter much easier to use and manage. TweetDeck has it’s benefits too, so try one and if you don’t like it, try the other.

Think Twice About Automating Your Social Media Efforts

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Good suggestions that came from the chat included using tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule similar messages throughout the day so all of your followers get the information, regardless of their time zone.

How to Produce Social Media Content for Your Business


You can schedule your updates with Hootsuite, Post Planner, Buffer , Tweetdeck. This leads to both community growth and increased opportunity for engagement as fans and followers react to the published content.

Interview with Community Manager: Lizzie Gold from The Social Practice

Social Media Citizens

Lizzie Gold currently works for The Social Practice as their Community Manager for a range of clients. Later, she went on to be the in-house CM for Global Radio before moving to Yelp UK , as their Community Manager for London. G: What are your top resources for community management? L: The community itself should never be underestimated as a resource. G: Who are your favourite community managers or community management case studies?

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management 2013


To succeed in today’s connected world, you need to build a community around your company, brand, and products. MarketMeSuite ($) | A dashboard similar to Hootsuite and TweetDeck, it can be used to manage and market on multiple social profiles, schedule messages, use geotargeting, and more.

6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: With Tips from Experts

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It helps us understand our community better so that we can identify those who support us and those who engage with us.” TweetDeck: Fast and Easy Twitter Monitoring. “My favorite monitoring tool is Tweetdeck.

[Artomatic Diaries] Getting started with Twitter branding and follow strategy


Artomatic’s mission: Artomatic works to strengthen the artist community; build an audience for that community and helps focus attention on the use of temporary space for its events and the community of artists. All it takes is showing you care about your community.

5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day)


Creating an account with social media management platforms such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are great tools for this. Put a bookmark on your calendar to check-in daily to your social media platforms to schedule out content (this is where platforms like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck come in handy!),

Managing Social Media Campaigns


Some of the best tools are HootSuite , Postano , TweetDeck , etc. This is one of the best ways to engage your social media community. Marketers need to identify their power users or their fans and followers who are very loyal and who are influencers in the community.

How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


I’m talking about engaging journalists, sponsors, and community leaders who are passionate about your cause. Import those lists into your Twitter app (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite), and judiciously cultivate and interact with your list using the app.

Association Social Media: The CFA Institute


Our goals in social media, broadly speaking, are to build audiences for our educational and editorial content, to communicate our key brand and advocacy messages, and to build community for our many stakeholder groups.

Your Definitive Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

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TweetDeck. You can’t make separate images for Twitter and TweetDeck, since they’re really the same social network. However, you still want to take into consideration the way that your Twitter header image will appear on TweetDeck because they do vary a bit in size.

4 Ways to Use Slack to Boost Your Social Presence

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Sure, that auto-alert on Tweetdeck is sweet…but what if you could pull in mentions of your company (or any specific keywords you choose) across Reddit, Hacker News, Twitter, Tumblr, and more? There are thousands of communities dedicated to topics of every size and shape.

Time-Saving Tools and Apps for Social Media Management


increase exposure, build awareness, drive engagement and create a community around your cause. TweetDeck. Social media helps you boost traffic to your website (and your physical office!), But only when it’s done right.

44 Powerful Marketing Tools for Facebook Ads, Websites, CRM and More

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But my use of video these days is largely for my private community, so I want more control of branding and private embedding. Community Management, Customer Service and Internal Communication. TweetDeck : You may not know this about me, but I’m on Twitter a lot.

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9 Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business (and How to Track Them)

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To summarize, if you want people to see your social media posts, you have to produce enagaging content and respond to your community. Build a community around your business. How to track community building: There are many great tools that can help you track such data automatically.

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UberMedia, Mixx, And Twitter | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

If UberMedia actually does purchase Tweetdeck and competes directly against Twitter, will they incorporate Mixx into the fray as well? A partnership with Tweetdeck would undoubtedly increase their clout. About Us What’s a Maverick?

How to Get Insanely Productive with Social Media Updates to Scale Your Referral Traffic


Morning is my time to read all the emails and go through my favorite communities and blogs. Tools : I use Tweetdeck to be on top of Twitter interactions (here’s my detailed article on that ) without feeling overwhelmed. Tweetdeck keeps me very productive.

The New Twitter and Why Im Purging All 30,000 of My Friends

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The fact is, I'm getting more and more of a great experience on and having much less of a need to use Tweetdeck (my current Twitter client of choice) as a result. This way, I follow everyone who truly has a genuine interest in being a part of my community.

The State of Social Media Marketing – Summary of Annual Survey Report (Part 2)


Another interesting fact is that over 65% of respondents indicate that in addition to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they are using community plat­forms.

5 Supah-Cool Free Online Tools For Nonprofits


From the BigMarker website: BigMarker is a free web conferencing community. With unlimited access to live events, there are endless opportunities for you, your community, organization, business, classroom, and social network to grow. Unlike other web conferencing services, they offer a community to connect with. TweetDeck. TweetDeck is desktop, iPhone, Android, and Google Chrome application that lets you manage your social media outlets.

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The 10 Golden Rules Successful Social Media Managers Live By

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The word “communicate” comes from the latin word “ communis” which is also the origin of the word “community.” ” Communication and community are essential to social media managers’ daily tasks as it helps you to build a loyal audience.

The Top 5 Devious Lies You Hear About Social Media

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Social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are free (unless you have premium accounts) but you need to quantify the time invested in learning about these tools, and how to use them properly. It will increase brand mentions across the web, create communities based around your products or services and yes, it can bring in new business. By now everyone and their dog knows I love social media.

Big Research Smarts for Small Budgets

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Tweets which include a number (like ‘magnitude 8’) are excluded” Then he goes on to give you an example of how a pizzeria owner could do this using TweetDeck (to track people who love pizza, not earthquakes ). Happy Sunday!

How I Got My Job As Director Of Social Media – Step 1: Build Experience Then Blog, Tweet, Collaborate!

SocMed Sean

First Establish Your Area Of Expertise In Communities Contrary to the popular belief of some, social media isn’t really about tweeting, posting, or marketing.

Why Twitter Lists are Less Effective


And, in fact, short of a local community list and a humor list , I deleted the other dozen lists I’d managed. Image credit: Michael Hamburg. Twitter introduced the concept of lists about 16 months ago to enable the manual grouping of people into categories.

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List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Awareness Networks, Social Marketing Hub an enterprise class community platform has launched their own tool that has Facebook, youtube, flickr, Twitter, and of course connect with their own community features. Asian Bridal Makeup Tweetdeck is all you need!

How to Answer Twitter Questions Like the Pros Do

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It’s also a great way to grow your online community, and meet fellow colleagues in your industry. All you have to do is set up keyword searches via software such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. One of the best ways businesses can use Twitter for client acquisition and brand development is by answering questions people ask relating to their service and/or product. The concept is simple.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & New Search Engine Community


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup and a new search engine news community on 5 underused Twitter clients – beyond Tweetdeck, CoTweet, and HootSuite.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Community manager Jen Lopez explains how SEOmoz increased its total Twitter followers by 250% to over 27,000 people. Hint: it helps to have a community manager.

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No Keyboard, No Problem: How An April Fools’ Day “Setback” Brought Marc Jacobs and Staples Together

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Ultimately, @MarcJacobsIntl and its fan community succeeded in pleading to @Staples for help. Bring Your Community Into The Fun: Part of the reason why the @MarcJacobsIntl community responded well to the #nokeyboardnoproblem story is that the company included its fans.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

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Tac Anderson reviews seven of his favorite tools for saving time in social media consumption and management, among them TweetDeck , Twendz and Quora. Cohen describes how GE found success with a private social media community.

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