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Social media and hospitality: How 4 brands are serving 5-star experiences

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These experiences extend to all customer interactions, especially those on social media. New generations of consumers choose social as their communication channel of choice, and turn to their favorite networks to plan everything from their next restaurant reservation to a complete travel itinerary.

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Free Social Media Strategy Template For 2023 [+ 5 Brand Examples]

Creating a social media strategy takes time to research and write, but not all digital marketers have enough hours in the week. Download our free social media strategy template to help develop a plan with more ease and speed. Altering existing strategies can be difficult, too. Identify: One or Two Primary Audiences.


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Common Social Media Questions and Answers All Marketers Should Know


What are the most common social media questions marketers get asked? We put the question to our LinkedIn community and based on the responses one thing is clear: There’s a lot of people out there who don’t know what social media marketers do. Can social media really be a full-time job?

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How Government Agencies Can Keep Their Communities Engaged in Creative Ways [VIDEO]

Social Media Strategies Summit

Government agencies can leverage social media to share (sometimes critically) important information with their communities. Led by Emily Allen Lucht , the Director of Communications for the State of Maryland, this panel answered some of the most common questions we hear from social media marketers in government.

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Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Synonymous with Community-Driven Marketing


Social media marketing is a powerhouse for brands, but to be successful it takes more than just sharing ads and branded content across social platforms. But what is community-driven marketing and how can brands use it successfully? What is Community-Driven Marketing? What’s the Difference?

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How to Become a Social Media Manager: 18 Experts Share Advice

agora pulse

Learn from these gifted and experienced social media managers about what it takes to be successful in the social media industry. Are you hoping to become a social media manager, either for your own business or as a consultant to others? What is one thing every new social media manager should know?

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Social media management services: 9 agencies your brand should check out

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You get as much out of your social media channels as you put in. So it’s never been a better time to explore social media management services. When we say social media management services, we’re referring to the social media agency world—organizations that live and breathe social media.