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Viral video: Jim Carrey’s take on gun control

Sherrilynne Starkie

However, the overall sentiment of social media activity has been positive, despite Fox’s colourful criticism. Sysomos gives the sentiment a 68% favourable score. The role of artists in society has always been, in part, to provide social commentary as a reflection of our community and culture.

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Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Waze is the community-driven app that learns from users’ driving mannerisms to provide routing and real-time traffic updates. The algorithm also accounted for people with positive sentiment scores and those who avoided “foul” language. Each light color represented the sentiment coming from a different social channel.

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Missed Opportunities

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Whether you're using a more complex Social Media monitoring tool like Radian6 or Sysomos or using free tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Search , there really is no excuse not to know what people are saying, where they're saying it, how much of a network they're connected to, and what the overall sentiment is. brand loyalty.

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Know Your Hustle. Own Your Hustle.

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My friend (and current SVP of Marketing at Sysomos ), Amber Naslund wrote an incredibly powerful piece on her blog the other week titled, I Give You Permission To Stop Hustling. Amber wears her heart on her sleeve, and her sentiment will resonate with many people. community service. community service. amber naslund.

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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Bill Hartzer

Sentiment Metrics – founded in 2005, Sentiment Metrics has helped businesses listen to the growing world of social media. The tools provided by Sentiment Metrics enables customers and clients alike the ability to measure, and monitor the different aspects of social media while gaining valuable intel about the buying public.

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McLuhan, Socrates and Edith Wharton On Social Media


The second is that companies who understand social media and social networks can tap into an incredible wealth of consumer data and sentiment. This makes us valued members of an online community and others will want to be around us and will promote us to their friends. Traditional web metrics like page views, site visits, etc.,

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Several also provide features like competitive benchmarking, follower demographics, key influencer identification, sentiment analysis, campaign impact, and reporting. Curalate also has community management capabilities that allow you to discover uncovered conversations about your brand.” 13) Sysomos. 1) Socialbakers.