Diva Marketing Talks About Social Media Communities With Liz Strauss & Nancy Whie

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Today's Diva Marketing Talks takes a dive into Social Media Communities or social networks. If there is value in social communities then how do you build and nurture them? In other words how do you get the "community" into communities? Topic for April 2, 2009: Social Media Communities: Real Relationships or Illusions of Friendships? Liz Strauss Liz ( Successful Blog ) is a social web strategist and community builder.

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MUST WATCH: The state of the internet and group-forming


Featured citizen community datalicious digital divide Gov 2.0 I pointed last week to the latest Pew Internet research study about internet users and groups which found that the users most engaged with social media are also the most engaged in groups. Clearly directly relevant to associations.


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TODAY: The UN International Day Against Torture


The IRCT Through the last 8 months we at Mindjumpers have been working closely together with a very dedicated team of people at the NGO, International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims.The IRCT is a global organisation that is the umbrella for more than 140 independent torture rehabilitation organisations in more than 70 countries.

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Charitable giving on a global scale: Sprout Social Philanthropy Week 2019

Sprout Social

During this week, we leverage our privilege and resources to support, engage with and improve the communities in which we live. Charities included organizations that provide access to healthcare, fight for LGBTQIA+ rights, address the homelessness epidemic, increase educational opportunities for underrepresented communities and so much more. I love that they encourage being active and the community of support that comes with the daily/weekly meets!” – Team Back on My Feet.

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Some tenant-landlord agreements make special arrangements in this case.

Writtent Blog

Absolute Community of Property – kung saan ang lahat ng property na napundar ng bawat isa at dinala nila sa marriage, regardless kung sino ang nagpagod ay 50/50 nila na paghahatian. In 2000, renewed efforts from the European Union resulted in a Community Patent Regulation proposal, sometimes abbreviated as CPR.

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How to Make Pinterest Your Brand’s Own

Convince & Convert

They’ve been pinning to the Sony Pinterest page largely within three winning categories: direct product pins from their web store (which have been surprisingly popular, Callan finds), brand affinity pins of Sony-related artwork, and community acquisition pins where they try to reach out beyond the tech-type people who interact with the brand on Facebook. The Sony social communities are very active, with many users creating content on a regular basis.

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Is Social Media Changing the Political Climate As We Know It?

Josh S Peters

Despite heavy censorship of Internet Service Providers by the government, protesters staged an effective protest not only in the streets, but also in the global community. These drops represent a relative minority who have always been present, maybe as brick and mortar non-profits and NGO’s prior to social media. If you ever played the game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, you know that Albert Einstein invented a machine to change the weather.

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Chasing the Human Web

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Chasing the Human Web Written on October 11, 2009 by Justin Levy in chrisbrogan , community , guest post , human web , social media , web 2.0 AJ is co-founder of The LaC Project , a regular contributor to work shifting.com (client project) and spends a lot of his time traveling the world helping impoverished communities.