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Personalization vs. UGC: Which Resonates Better With the Modern Shopper?


Personalization and User Generated Content (UGC) are integral parts of any ecommerce marketing strategy. While Personalization involves using data to create a tailor-made experience for users, UGC gains the trust of potential buyers because of the authentic content your historical customers share. With UGC gaining popularity in recent years, the dilemma that marketers face is which works best with modern shoppers, personalization or UGC? UGC Advantages.

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7 Brands With a Killer Social Media Campaign


Looking for social media campaign ideas to take your marketing strategy to the next level? 7 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Inspire Your Strategy in 2021: Knix ’s Community-building. 1: Knix’s Community-building Campaign. UGC is a great way to humanize your brand.

5 TikTok Campaigns You Need to Try in 2022


With the growth of ecommerce and short-form video in general, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms for brand marketing and building an engaged audience. Feature User-Generated Content (UGC). Keep this in mind while developing a TikTok marketing strategy.

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5 Strategies to Increase Consumer Retention Rates in 2020


The fact remains, retaining customers is core to creating a sustainable and thriving community-driven brand. Marketers should ideally utilize a combination of technologies and practices to truly connect with their target communities and drive sales. eCommerce Marketing

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Three Artificial Intelligence Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2019


But AI’s presence is already ubiquitous and it’s being used in ways that have serious implications for marketers. Amid these ongoing breakthroughs, it’s important for your company to stay ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to building a community and marketing with your customers. Here are three AI advances to look out for in 2019, and how marketers can seek to leverage them.

What Gen Z NEEDS From Brands


For years, the focus has been on learning how to market to Millennials, but Gen Z is now “the generation to watch” as these individuals come into their own. Here’s what Gen Z needs from brands and marketers: . Brand Marketing

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The Brand’s Guide to Getting Verified on Social Media in 2021


The coveted ‘blue check’ or verified symbol can play an integral role in a brand’s social media marketing strategy. Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings. Social Media Marketing

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10 Social Media Predictions for 2019

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This could soon be viewed as an invasion of privacy and even discrimination. Organic social media marketing remains largely unaffected by GDPR but paid social media marketing methods will continue to evolve. Marketers relying heavily on paid ads will need to keep an eye on the latest rules regarding customer consent and data protection. Shape your social media stories around your supported charities, community activities and local causes.

Going Beyond Loyalty Programs: 7 Ways to Create More Loyal Customers


Repeat buyers are an ecommerce marketer’s dream. Traditional top-down marketing strategies and sales pitches will fall flat with modern audiences. . Engage Your Broader Community. Apart from that, you should regularly engage with your community.

The Social Media Manager’s Top 5 Priorities for in 2019


In recent years, brands have increasingly put social media and social media managers at the center of their overall marketing strategies — and for good reason. Social media allows brands to build strong communities and drive sales, fine-tune campaigns and get insight into market trends. Isle features UGC of their customers in blog posts. This unique bond gives their words a heightened sense of word-of-mouth marketing. Embrace Community Marketing.

How to build your social media marketing strategy for 2019

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Do you have your social media marketing strategy squared away for 2019? Because 2018 was a whirlwind year for social marketing to say the least. Facebook was shrouded in controversy due to its algorithm changes and privacy concerns. Last years happenings combined with this year’s emerging trends have left marketers with a sense of analysis paralysis. Many brick-and-mortar businesses are on the hunt for a social media marketing strategy that drives in-store sales.

Social Media Stories: What Brands Need to Know About Ephemeral Content

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With the content capabilities across social showing no signs of slowing, many brand marketers are wondering how these new features may be beneficial. While some marketers have strayed away from activating on this platform due to the younger user base, others have found success on the channel.

How to Make Money on Twitter


Twitter is a go-to platform for connecting with your community, sharing breaking news, and showcasing your brand’s personality. She shared her partnership with retailer HomeGoods , and asked her community to send her UGC should they see her work in-person.

Create your social media campaign plan for 2019 (with editable worksheets)

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For social marketers, this is the most exciting time of the year. Because coming up with a social media marketing plan means making some big decisions well before the new year gets into full swing. Thanks to Facebook, social media at large received some serious mainstream attention in regard to consumer privacy and the crusade against “fake news.” Oh, and we also saw a notable shift in social content marketing. How to use this social media marketing plan.

Social Media Lawsuits Protect Yourself From Them | Guest Posts.

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A recent presentation at the PRSA Counselors Academy, by Michael Lasky , Partner and Chair of the Public Relations Law Practice at the law firm of Davis & Gilbert in NY, provided a wake up call to those in attendance about how the law is slowly creeping into the social landscape and why responsible marketers had better pay attention. Marketers have a responsibility to ensure that bloggers are providing disclosure and that statements are not misleading or unsubstantiated.

The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


How to Use Twitter Analytics: The Complete Guide for Marketers. When Instagram wanted to shut down the shady “growth-hacking” apps people were using to grow their audience artificially, they shut down their old API and launched a new one with much tougher privacy controls.

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