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Everything Social Marketers Need to Know About Generation Z


Your boss is about to ask you how to market to Generation Z. But how do you start marketing to them? And the answers will help you do more than just market to Gen Z. They’re protective of their privacy. You’re in a meeting with your boss when it happens.

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Need-to-Know News from Facebook F8 2018: The Digital Marketer’s Essential Takeaways


Why does this matter to digital marketers? This can help savvy marketers be the first to take advantage of new features and tools. CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent time at his keynote outlining the steps his company is taking to address issues with fake news and data privacy.

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How to build your social media marketing strategy for 2019

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Do you have your social media marketing strategy squared away for 2019? Because 2018 was a whirlwind year for social marketing to say the least. Facebook was shrouded in controversy due to its algorithm changes and privacy concerns. Last years happenings combined with this year’s emerging trends have left marketers with a sense of analysis paralysis. Many brick-and-mortar businesses are on the hunt for a social media marketing strategy that drives in-store sales.

How to Be Great at Social Media for Financial Services

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Online marketing for finance across multiple channels is not easy, however. And with the markets affected by everything from political tensions to Trump tweets, staying on top of the news is a must. In fact, the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to $10 billion by 2020.

10 Social Media Predictions for 2019

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This could soon be viewed as an invasion of privacy and even discrimination. Organic social media marketing remains largely unaffected by GDPR but paid social media marketing methods will continue to evolve. Marketers Will Invest Heavily in YouTube Influencers.

Top Five: Social networks invest in quality news

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This week’s must-know social media news for marketing and communications professionals includes headlines about Facebook’s attempt to clean up, support for journalism from Twitter and Google, the continuing importance of links in SEO and some new, clever features from LinkedIn.

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Mind Your Manners: Etiquette Tips for Your Social Media

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Facebook is one of the places that most people have their privacy settings very high. If you feel you want to still reach out to them with a personal Facebook friend request, send them a message if their privacy settings allow for it. Stop abusing hashtags.

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The Social Media Manager’s Top 5 Priorities for in 2019


In recent years, brands have increasingly put social media and social media managers at the center of their overall marketing strategies — and for good reason. Social media allows brands to build strong communities and drive sales, fine-tune campaigns and get insight into market trends.

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This is All You Need to Write the BEST Social Media Bio

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Are you using hashtags where relevant? Hashtags don’t work on all social channels, but where they do – you should incorporate the most relevant one. Use hashtags to get found on each social channel. The positioning of your marketing message.

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business


Social media guidelines are also different from community guidelines, which set the rules for public engagement with your account or group. To combat online abuse, the Royal Family shared its own community guidelines last year. Privacy.

What If Instagram Got Rid of Likes? Plus Even More Social Media What Ifs

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Listen to the podcast audio above or keep reading as we cover the big ideas that could shape the way that you do social media marketing for your brand or business. How will marketers be affected by these moves? So what might this mean for marketers?

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18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business

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Despite the reputation Google+ has in some circles for being the social network that everyone has joined but no one uses , marketers are increasing viewing it as a vital platform for branding and engagement. The 2013 Google+ Marketing Guide by KISSmetrics. ** 5 STARS.

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Why Can’t Social Media Tools Post Directly to Instagram?

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In this instance, the Instagram API tells Agorapulse how many likes a particular user’s hashtags received over a 30 day period. For example, Agorapulse is an official Instagram marketing partner.

How to Run the Best YouTube Contest in 10 Easy Steps


Marketing on YouTube is all about building community, and YouTube contests are a great way to do that. Pick a contest hashtag. If you do decide to ask viewers to create their own videos, make sure you use a contest hashtag.

33 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner


From knowing how to add line breaks to your Instagram captions, hiding hashtags in your Instagram Stories, or how to respond to Instagram DMs in just two taps — we’ve got tons of great Instagram hacks to help you work faster and smarter! . Posts with hashtags get 12.6%

Instagram or Snapchat: Which is the Best Fit For Your Business?

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Here’s how we came to the decision, according to Brian Peters , our Digital Marketing Strategist: For a long time we were on posting unique content to both Snapchat and Instagram at Buffer. Through hashtags and @-mention tags, people can discover and check out your Instagram profile.

How to Plan a Pride Campaign on Social Media


Pride Month is a global celebration, one where many collective voices come together to support a wonderful cause every June and honor our LGBTQIA+ community. We’re sharing the top tips we’ve learned from members of the LGBTQIA+ community (both here at Later and beyond!),

Instagram Year in Review: Top Trends from 2018


What about the most popular hashtags of 2018? As we’ve said before , using ultra-popular hashtags isn’t always the best strategy for getting more engagement on your posts and stories. But in 2018, it was the app’s other branded hashtag, #VSCOcam , that took first place!

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Create your social media campaign plan for 2019 (with editable worksheets)

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For social marketers, this is the most exciting time of the year. Because coming up with a social media marketing plan means making some big decisions well before the new year gets into full swing. Thanks to Facebook, social media at large received some serious mainstream attention in regard to consumer privacy and the crusade against “fake news.” Oh, and we also saw a notable shift in social content marketing. How to use this social media marketing plan.

Government 2.0 Camp - What I Loved and What I'd Like to See Next Year

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Very few sales-y marketing types (that I came across). Most of the session leaders did a good job of identifying a Twitter hashtag to track that sessions’ notes, but identifying a willing live-blogger for each session was hit and miss (mine included).

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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In case it isn’t obvious, Facebook wall posts are completely public to all your friends (unless you tweak your privacy settings). Abusing Twitter hashtags during a crisis. FriendFeed is a service but it’s also a community. It’s about building community.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, #FBCLContest Update & Funny Tennis


7 reasons NOT to do content marketing – no strategy, no consistency, and no advertising are just a few reasons. Pros and cons of outsourcing your social media marketing – I consider the cons more of considerations including ways to ease your worries. Dear Facebook friends, you’re doing it wrong – great commentary on the use of personal profiles, fan pages, groups, and the new community pages. Making Money Online / Online Marketing.

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The “Getting Started with Government 2.0” Guide | Social Media.

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Become Part of the Online Community Get on LinkedIn. While the following resources will help educate you on the privacy policies and best practices of social media, I always tell people not to post anything online that you wouldn’t want your boss/mom seeing. community as Gov 2.0

6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

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It doesn’t have anything to do with email marketing. The reason it can work so well is because it doesn’t have any kind of negative connotations that you’re ‘marketing’ but instead providing a lot of value to a loosely defined target-audience.