Tips and Best Practices for Enhancing Your Social Media Community

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2020 has created many challenges for the average person, but it may have created even more challenges for social media community managers across the nation. The Importance of Community Management. 5 Tips for Enhancing Your Social Community.

Five Observations Gained from Starting an Online Community

Waxing UnLyrical

In October of last year, I launched an online community called Agree, Disagree, or Qualify. Building an online community doesn’t happen overnight. Some of these claims can get… heated, so ensuring a strong moderation core is a key part of keeping the conversation from devolving. Discussion builds communities. The community builds upon itself by testing claims and commenting on those claims. Communities co-create their own culture. Hey there, #WUL.


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How to Build Creativity and Self-Expression with Your Community

Convince & Convert

In celebration of 100 years of its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes, Converse recently debuted the “Made By You” campaign, which pays homage to the artistic spirit of the people who wear them. Image via Converse. This sentiment is brought to life in a video, where Converse tells the story of how Chuck Taylors are an extension of its customers and what makes them unique, noting, “Every scuff, stain and doodle all help shape their story.”. Image via Converse.

Digital Communications Conversations Continue To Evolve

Dave Fleet

Tweet The maturation of the conversation about social media-driven PR continues. As the “digital communications” industry (read: somewhere in the intersection of owned, earned and paid media) grows beyond the niche and towards the mainstream, the conversation at the leading end of the industry is shifting more and more from the “why” to the “how”. Conversion. Conversions are key within that bracket. Why do conversions matter?

MoMA Creates @Art140 To Stir Up Conversation

The Realtime Report

MoMA will post 6 pieces of art , representing “a wide range of work,” and then add information about each piece designed to get conversation rolling. Art140 (note: if you’re searching for it, it’s actually @artoneforty) is meant to be highly interactive; Victor Samra, the digital media marketing manager at MoMA, told Adweek that “We’ll do our best to respond to people’s opinions on Twitter and try to get more conversation going that way.”

How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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After all, if everyone seems to be having a conversation about the same topic, shouldn’t their brand be a part of it? What is the sentiment behind the trend? It was an important, emotional conversation that highlighted the complexities of abusive relationships. Naturally, a brand decided to jump on the conversation, without researching the hashtag’s origins. Does everyone on your Twitter timeline seem to be obsessed with a new movie, television show, or mobile app?

Four Ways to Combat Audience Negativity on Social Media

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Trust me, we’ve all been there before on the community management team — audience negativity is an inevitable part of being in social media. But what ultimately sets a community manager apart is not just how she handles normal or positive engagements; the greater challenge is finding a way to respond appropriately to negative feedback. Such insights are critical to best in class community management. Take The Conversation Elsewhere.

Stay informed about the coronavirus conversation with Sprout Listening’s New Featured Topic

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We know that social listening is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding broader conversations around major events and crisis situations. During times of crisis, it’s important for brands to keep a finger on the pulse of the conversation. Analyze sentiment.

Celebrate Community Managers Day in 2021

agora pulse

What’s a community manager? And why should community managers have their own special day? Find out more about this special social media role and tips for celebrating Community Manager Day. And we will also look at how to perform great community management for your brand.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Webbiquity SMM

That means if you are only monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, you’re missing most of the social conversation about your company, products, and services. Several also provide features like competitive benchmarking, follower demographics, key influencer identification, sentiment analysis, campaign impact, and reporting. Curalate also has community management capabilities that allow you to discover uncovered conversations about your brand.”

Tools 182

4 experts on the social customer care metrics that fuel their top goals

Sprout Social

This happens even before a human agent has to step in, which reduces the back and forth, said Carollyn Montales , SEC’s Online Community Management Senior Specialist. Improve customer satisfaction and sentiment. Key metrics: Positive and negative sentiment.

VenueSeen: New Monitoring Tool Brings Customers and Brands Closer Together


Yet, brands are still trying to grasp exactly how to best reach their customers and community on the go. VenueSeen , a new monitoring tool, can potentially bring brands with a physical location, like coffee shops or shopping destinations, closer to their community. Community Management Foursquare Instagram Marketing & Communication Branding Brands community engagement location based Social Media VenueSeen

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Good, Better, and Best Strategies for Customer Service on Social Media

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Our team of Community Managers has created 3 tiers from Good to Best to help you determine what level of customer service on social media best fits your business strategy. Have Community Guidelines Already in Place: Don’t just ignore/not respond to comments/questions.

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business


Facebook Groups are an effective way to create a community, drive engagement, and improve customer relations for your brand or business. Control who is part of your community and create a safe space. Monitor audience sentiment. Looking to build a strong community on Instagram?

Why Your Brand Needs a Social Listening Strategy in 2021


Put simply, social listening refers to analyzing conversations and trends that are related to your brand, your competitors, and your industry as a whole. You can: Gather general sentiment around specific campaigns in real time.

Creating Engagement in B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

With all this create content both in object form and recorded form from the virtual event we were really able to ramp up the number of conversations we were having out on the socialsphere as you can see from the snapshot taken from our Networked Insights dashboard which is comparing the month of December to the month of January. So one of my team’s objectives this year is not only to create more social content but also to move the needle on engagement and sentiment.

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Successful events start with social

Sprout Social

As social media professionals, we are constantly tuned in to our audience… not just from managing our channels day-to-day, but by using Listening to uncover the conversations our audience is having in real time. Alysha: Thanks for the conversation.

Crisis Management: How to Prevent a Crisis and How to Respond if it Occurs – Part 1


People spend a large part of their time engaging in conversations on social media channels – and therefore, brands cannot ignore social media in their crisis management. Also, people expect to participate in a conversation about the issue with the brand in real-time rather than just reading a company statement in the newspaper. You should never leave a question on Facebook or Twitter unanswered – whether it’s a negative or positive sentiment you must always reply.

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Top Three Takeaways from Finding Readers Week: What Can You Do Today to Create Community?


The universal sentiment was honour your reader. She says that she’ll start the conversations, and watch them develop – even seeing readers chat with each other. She dedicated hours to doing this, and in turn, was rewarded with a highly-engaged readership who have a real sense of community. Mrs Woog is active on Facebook, using it as a tool to converse with her readership as well as a place to promote her new posts.

How To Gain Value From Social Media Feedback


Moreover, the feedback is real-time and organic – the amount of feedback and the timing of it can give you a sense of prevailing trends and sentiment in relation to your business. The more interaction, engagement and conversations you have in general surrounding your business, the bigger the potential is to extract valuable insights. Handle hot topic conversations by engaging in dialogue and making responses to critical voices.

Why We Still Love Twitter


Community Management/Customer Service. Since many of these interactions are spurred by complaints, this is an enormous opportunity for brands to right wrongs, build consumer trust, and change sentiment. To a certain extent, brands used to be able to establish a broad social tone of voice, and be confident that a generally casual, conversational style would carry across platforms with ease. Uncategorized Best Practices Community Management Real-Time Strategy Twitter

Social media crisis plan: What to do when things go wrong

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It was never our intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. Social media and community managers serve as the sort of mouthpiece for their respective brands online. We’ve been working non-stop to get to the bottom of what’s happening with some members of our community.

How to Achieve Grade A Customer Care in 2017

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Try addressing people by using their first name in the conversation. Responding to customer issues and questions in a timely manner can greatly improve the reputation and sentiment around your brand. In turn, these advocates will spread the word about you to their networks and even help answer questions from others in your social media communities.

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5 ways to build a better reputation online with reviews

Sprout Social

While reviews and conversations surrounding your brand may feel out of your control, there are certain tactics that will help you build trust with customers, influence sentiment and stand out from the crowd. Community Management Social Strategy

Power Of An Update: How Nikon Got Into A Crisis & Averted It!


Tweet When running a community on Facebook, there’s a great reason to be careful while posting updates. We all know that conversations on social media can be seen and read anywhere, which leaves a lot of room for interpretations. With renowned camera manufacturer Nikon, we saw that word actually travels fast in social media and can provoke sentiments -both positive and negative even for well known brands with great products.

The Top 25 Social Media Monitoring Tools [Updated for 2021]

Keyhole is a social media analytics solution allowing you to track hashtag (campaign) performance and monitor relevant conversations online. It’s an affordable tool that keeps everyone in the know about ongoing conversations, brand health, and competitor performance.

Tools 83

Viral video: Jim Carrey’s take on gun control

Sherrilynne Starkie

Both Swift’s essay and Carrey’s video serve to spur conversation and debate of important political issues. Most of the online conversation is being fuelled by Fox News’ vitriolic reaction. However, the overall sentiment of social media activity has been positive, despite Fox’s colourful criticism. Sysomos gives the sentiment a 68% favourable score.

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Tips for Engaging with Social Movements as a Brand

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What’s the sentiment? If there is a clear tie-in to the ethos of your brand, you have a better chance of successfully entering the conversation. Community Management PR Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy social media Social Media Movements Social MovementsGone are the days of social media networks simply being fun places to post pictures, emo song lyrics, and connect with friends (or make them upset by not putting them in your Top 8 on MySpace).

All Filler. No Killer.

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That was the general sentiment around the rehearsal spaces when I studied music in college. Forever in blue (or black) jeans and Converse. . While it''s not a zero-sum game, there is a sentiment that brands are chasing the one hit wonder. converse. marketing community. Everyone wants a hit. . Some dreamed of that "hit" moment happening, once they received a letter accepting them into a symphony orchestra, others imagined that moment as being asked to join B.B.

We Are Not (That) Social Media

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The anchor quote from that book was, "markets are conversations." Would you agree that if you were to split up your marketing efforts by traditional media and social media that your social media activity acts like a conversation? Still, can anyone truly argue with this sentiment? I did not have faith that a true community or conversation was actually taking place. A community is not having a lot of followers. Is that actually a conversation?

Social Pros 29 – Lauren Vargas, Aetna

Convince & Convert

Lauren is one sharp cookie; she used to do social media/community management for Radian6 among others, and is also noteworthy because she has something like 5,000 pairs of eyeglasses, which is pretty awesome. I actually heard David Meerman Scott echo similar sentiments a few months ago, and he told me in his consulting practice he never uses the words “social media” He refuses to actually utter the phrase because it actually doesn’t help with executive attention.

Why P2P Texting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

Social Media Strategies Summit

Isolation and physical distancing have forced us to embrace technology now more than ever; newfound importance has been infused into community building; growing support for local businesses has emerged. 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

A behind-the-scenes look at Twitter’s #ExtremeWeather project

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From initial alerts and warnings to disaster assistance and community responses, Twitter played an invaluable role in keeping the public connected during this time of uncertainty. Social listening is the key to understanding the expansive conversations happening on Twitter every day.

Share of voice: Measuring it for social media, PPC, SEO and PR

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Does your brand come up in relevant conversations about the type of products you sell? Social media share of voice metrics extract insights from authentic conversations that are happening on social media. Which brand is dominating the conversations in your industry?

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How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

Laurel Papworth

Which Covers: Purpose vs Values, Tribes & Customer Avatar (Targeted Comms),Spaces and Platforms, Roles and Personal Brand Gamification, Engagement Life Cycles & Call To Actions, Key Influencers, Voice & Etiquette, Campaign & Activities, Rituals & Conversation Diary. Community management is moving people through from Visitor to Lead to Customer to Engaged Customer through a series of Call to Actions. Without this, there is no re-engagement back to the community.

The Twilight renaissance: Why retailers need social media for trend forecasting

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More than half of these messages (54%) have a positive sentiment, 25% neutral and 21% have a negative sentiment (mainly held by skeptics of the trend’s longevity). The topic holds the power to create conversation, with over 54,000 engagements and an overall engagement rate of 161%.

Listening mailbag: Your burning questions answered with social listening

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Social listening helps brands tap into those readily available conversations to extract unbiased feedback and perspectives, allowing you to quickly spot key trends and discover new opportunities to connect with your audience. . Do you have burning market research questions?

The Top 16 Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers

A range of Facebook analytics tools competes for the same market, forcing marketers and community managers to decide between similar products. Try Brand24 to track metrics surrounding conversations across Facebook.

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

Not community driven content. But they are also about COMMUNITIES OF INTEREST and linking your content to groups that would be interested. Easy to track a conversation on a topic, conference or emotion by #DoctorWho, #TEDx #Love if you can click on the word. Jump In on One-off #hashtag threaded conversations (one time, temporary community). Join Hashtags that are community weekly meetings (regular occasional).

The Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools [Updated for 2021]

Did you miss our previous article on the best Sentiment Analysis Tools? And if you ever want to know the demographics of your hashtag users or account interactors or followers, Keyhole shows you those as well — including the percentage of positive and negative sentiments of your followers.