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Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki

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HP Communities. Search: HP Communities. Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki. Use email, threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis to share what you know and think, ask questions and solicit help, and build credibility and a good reputation. KM Books Wiki created by Matt Moore. This is a wiki page for annotating and discussing your favorite books related to Knowledge Management. Communities of Practice. Your URL.

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A Community of Practice Is More Than a Website

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A community of practice (CoP) is, according to cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger , a group of people who share an interest, a craft, and/or a profession. Over the last year or so, the term communities of practice has entered the social media buzzword lexicon along with virtual collaboration, engagement, platforms, and Enterprise 2.0. Nowhere in the definition above does it mention the words website , wiki, blog, or social network.

Mopsos - Social bookmarking as a core knowledge sharing approach for companies

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You are here: Home > November 2007 > Friday 30 > Social bookmarking as a core knowledge sharing approach for companies. Social bookmarking as a core knowledge sharing approach for companies. Connectbeam raises a few IP questions as usual with respect to who owns what, the company or me. We still are in a world where corporate people do write short blackberry e-mails and client deliverables, but do not publish what they know in the form of blog posts or wiki pages.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

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Its time to elevate the conversation beyond features (wiki, blog, RSS, social networking, etc.), community is uniquely prepared to solve. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. URL: Remember personal info? James Seng on Wiki Universal Edit Button.

28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2012 (So Far)

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62% of the Fortune 500 companies have at least one Twitter account, and the average Fortune 100 firm maintains 10 separate Twitter handles to support different product lines, divisions, functional areas and geographic regions. Mart Prööm explains half a dozen things companies can do with Twitter brand pages, such as using calls to action and promoting limited time offers, and includes 12 examples of famous brand pages including Disney Pixar, Audi, Pepsi and Red Bull.

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Indians in Social Media (2009) «

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Here are some handy references which collate the names & links of Indians involved in the social media space (please feel free to add to the list below): Google docs spread sheet – A consolidated google-docs spread sheet listing the names of Indians in social media, their profession and URLs. Ignore the ranks ] Next Steps I would propose creating a Wiki of active & influential Indians in Social media. I think it would be great if we get this over on one wiki.

The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog: Five Moves of Power Users in Enterprise 2.0

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Inside a company, same rules apply. There are two benefits to developing your own community: You can learn a variety of information and viewpoints from others. In Connectbeam employees will see bookmarks, wiki entries, blog posts, etc. But having the talent to spot useful information shared by others accomplishes two things: Raises awareness for valuable information that will help co-workers and the company. Be it in web bookmarks, wiki entries, blog posts, etc.

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70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


The above companies also offer hosting plans, but I’d like to focus on ones that have easy WordPress installations. Be sure to look at which hosting companies: Offer plans that allow you to have multiple domains, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Thirteen Tips for Effective Tagging

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Community. Choose from over 240 products from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec. links on Canadian politics by entering the URL "[link] into your browsers address bar. A wiki can help do the job. Go to Community Discussions. Community.

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How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

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There is a large reference of these tags on their developer wiki. I have a couple set up for books that I work for the publishing company. Reply Devin Mason December 3, 2009 at 10:25 am Farghana, As long as you have 25 fans on your page you can change the vanity URL.

Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

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Updated: Community and Social network Vendor Blogs. I know its Friday, but can I have an online community by Monday? Day: Peripheral Vision: Detecting the Weak Signals That Will Make or Break Your Company. In effect, these individuals bridge the lacunae between distant groups in the companys social structure. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. URL: Remember personal info? Tagging Community Collaborative Thinking.

Are You a Productive Reader? - Stepcase Lifehack

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Or keep a collection of chapter-by-chapter notes — maybe on a blog or wiki. Trackbacks/Pings ( Trackback URL ). Continue your discussions at Lifehack Community. Today: Danny Bader of the David Allen Company. Web Designer Company: Opera Software. ABOUT. HOWTO.

Social Media is Driven by the Person, Not the Position

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This blog, my presentations, my internal blog, my wiki pages, etc. Use you as an example – you’ve made some really good traction at your company with what you’ve actually accomplished, not with what your title is. web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email!

Top 10 Ways to Use -

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The community of Instacalc: A powerful online calculator Interior Paint Calculator Free Event Wiki voiceNote for Backpack. Trackbacks/Pings ( Trackback URL ). Continue your discussions at Lifehack Community. Today: Danny Bader of the David Allen Company.

The Bamboo Project Blog

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I was playing around with TagCrowd this morning and put in the URL for The Bamboo Project. Dont show me 10 possible wiki tools. We can wait for our companies or organizations to do something for us (enjoy that) or we can do something about it for ourselves. As a theme in my life, issues of inclusion/exclusion and creating community have loomed large, so its no surprise that some of the big questions I tend to explore always come back to those themes. Wikis.

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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LinkedIn Gathering all the email addresses of users you are connected to — even locating email addresses of LinkedIn Group managers — and utilizing this mailing list to promote your own company or service off-site. FriendFeed is a service but it’s also a community.

An Open Letter to Facebook

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With the initiative for Facebook to be open and to empower businesses to host pages that celebrate their business, offering deals and giving the community the ability to converse directly with the business or entity these pages represent, you forgot about accountability.

Micro Persuasion: Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader

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So if your boss calls you up and asks you how many times The New York Times used the name of your company in a headline, you can easily give him or her an answer. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Community. Wikis. Micro Persuasion.

The Bamboo Project Blog: De-Grading the Workplace

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TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. In fact, the desire to help, the joy inherent to crossing barriers, the sense of belonging to a community, the awareness that the meaning of whatever we praise and respect may be deepened by our common effort, all those are priceless values clustered in the heart of human beings. URL: Remember personal info? Wikis. Services for Companies and Organizations. The Bamboo Project Blog.

Doug Johnson Website --Skills for the Knowledge Worker

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Social Responsibility Standard 7 The student who contributes positively to the learning community and to society is information literate and recognizes the importance of information to a democratic society. Doug Johnson. Writing, Speaking and Consulting on School Technology and Library Issues.

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At the Gov 2.0 Expo – Who's Making You Successful?

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Site Url:-[link] blog comments powered by Disqus « Previous Entries Next Entries » Popular Comments Featured Tags Identify the Right People to Manage Your Social Media Initiatives The Evolution of the Social Media Evangelist Twenty Theses for Government 2.0,

What Makes Government 2.0 Different from Enterprise 2.0? | Social.

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From wikis in the Intelligence Community to internal blogs at IBM , many of my clients see these articles and want to use social media to realize these same benefits, but don’t know how to do it. The first thing that I have to tell them is that just because another organization, company, or agency implemented blogs or wikis or whatever else, they won’t necessarily see the same results, especially if they compare themselves to case studies in the private sector.

What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

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People do not want to hear from companies as represented by marketers, they want to hear from other people. You can also not use the tools correctly or not behave appropriately within communities around the tools and market poorly.

Social Pros 18 – Ike Pigott, Alabama Power

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Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft , Janrain , and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. They asked B2B companies, “What was your best social media format?

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BMJ blogs " Blog Archive " Richard Smith: Get with Web 2.0 or become yesterday's person

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Either copy this feed address and paste it into your news reader software or click the relevant one-click subscription button: Feed URL: One click: Close. RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking sites, mash up technology, etcâ??but None of that undermines your assertion that the medical community need to embrace this new technology - and I think the idea of sharing high quality knowledge into the poorer world has enormous potential. Search the BMJ. BMJ Journals.

Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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Note that the Google Toolbar automatically inserts the source URL. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Companies spend tens of millions of dollars on IT infrastructures, communications technologies and intranet platforms, yet ask employees what tools they would prefer to use at work and what will they tell you? Its called "toread"; their URL is [link]. The cached version should be what youve read, even though the URL may require a paid subscription. Community.

The Bamboo Project Blog: 21st Century Workplace Literacy: What Does that Mean and How Do We Engage More People in the Discussion?

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TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. regarding us as "individuals with needs" while we function "inter-dependently within communities. They will speak of how learning and work gets accomplished by communities, networks, linked nodes, virtual teams. URL: Remember personal info? Wikis. Services for Companies and Organizations. The Bamboo Project Blog. « A Primer on Pecha Kucha for Learning | Main. |

Wordpress SEO: The Only Guide You Need

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Permalinks Permalinks are simply the URL’s for your posts. p=38 but if you look at the URL for this post you will see [link] I’ll let you decide which one you think looks better. Not only does this new format tell someone what your page is about before clicking on it, the words in the URL will also be highlighted in search engine results if your post is relevant to the search query. It will move your old URL’s properly and in a search engine friendly manner.