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How to Maximize and Humanize Your Investment in Professional Speakers for Your Next Event

Pam Moore

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker, breakout speaker, emcee, or workshop trainer for your event or conference is not an easy task. I spent 15+ years working in corporate America before starting my own company 9 years ago.

2018 Content Marketing Trends, Predictions + Editorial Calendar Template

Pam Moore

2018 content marketing trends, statistics and predictions. Smart marketers and leading brands both big and small know that content is at the core of every social conversation with prospects, current customers, online community members and more.

Awesome Community Management Playbook


I love this Community Management Playbook from Yammer. “Online communities have taken hold among businesses, to connect employees, customers and partners. However, community management as a profession is largely misunderstood and inadequately resourced.

Social Media Workshop Here in Honolulu

Bare Feet Studios

Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Social Media , Speaking > Social Media Workshop Here in Honolulu Social Media Workshop Here in Honolulu by Roxanne Darling on September 30, 2008 Social Media Workshop is an exclusive event for people in organizations who want to learn how to use social media communications.

Your CEO Hired a New Social Media Agency? Here’s How to Partner With them and Not Get Fired

Pam Moore

If you work in any size organization as a social media manager, community manager, content manager, digital marketing manager or any type of role and have been shocked to find your superior(s) have hired an agency without you knowing, this podcast is for you. It's Monday morning.

How to Determine and Prioritize Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

Pam Moore

In addition to running a busy social, branding and digital agency, Marketing Nutz , I also do a ton of international keynote speaking, training and workshops. Know how to not only build community but build real relationships with human beings built on trust and authenticity.

How to Create Exciting Social and Digital Content for Unsexy, Boring and Regulated Industries

Pam Moore

I can remember launching programs with images which highlighted communities and humans long before Facebook was ever a thought. Marketers working in any size company wanting to succeed in 2018. Give us a shout and let's get a custom workshop scheduled for your organization.

Content Marketing for Regulated, Boring and Unsexy Industries

Pam Moore

I can remember launching programs with images which highlighted communities and humans long before Facebook was ever a thought. Marketers working in any size company wanting to succeed in 2018. Give us a shout and let's get a custom workshop scheduled for your organization.

Social Media Success Requires a Marriage, Not a One Night Stand

Pam Moore

I remember the early days of social media and watching the tweets fly by looking something like this… Free marketing with social media, join my workshop! They optimize their LinkedIn company profiles. As humans, instant gratification is in our DNA.

15 Reasons You Need to Stop Random Acts of Marketing & Social Media (RAMs) Now

Pam Moore

He or she has a new idea that is going to “save the company.” Give us a shout and let's get a custom workshop scheduled for your organization. Social Profit Factor Training System + Member Community.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

Buzz Marketing for Technology

From shared databases to communities of practice: A taxonomy of collaboratories. From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories. The types are: Distributed Research Centers, Shared Instruments, Community Data Systems, Open Community Contribution Systems, Virtual Communities of Practice, Virtual Learning Communities, and Community Infrastructure Projects. Community Data Systems. Virtual Community of Practice.

Life After the News Feed: Why Facebook is Shifting to Stories (And Why Your Business Should Too)

Buffer Social

In a post on his Facebook Page back in January the Facebook founder noted : “Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands, and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.”

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The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

It takes a community to build a community. So much of building a community requires understanding people and engaging with them. Now you may wonder, “ How do we build a community? Senior Analyst at Forrester ( @TomGrantForr ) “You don’t build a community.

Content Marketing for Regulated, Boring and Unsexy Industries

Pam Moore

I can remember launching programs with images which highlighted communities and humans long before Facebook was ever a thought. Marketers working in any size company wanting to succeed in 2018. Give us a shout and let's get a custom workshop scheduled for your organization.

213 Days as an Insider

Koka Sexton

InsideView had an amazing end of year and they awarded the company a trip to Whistler Canada for a weekend ski trip. (I Building a social media plan for the company was, or is a challenging task. It’s an open field and its very rewarding to see these communities coming together.

SM2 79

Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World

Webbiquity SMM

FailChips , JailBlimp and KaleLimp to SnailPrimp, MaleCrimp and MailShrimp , fictitious products that ranged from potato chips to fashion and beauty trends, were created and promoted through short films, social media buzz, and even a music video. Guest post by Cheryl Joy.

B2B 252

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Good Instagram Captions


The “micro-blogging” caption trend is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your followers, which in turn can boost brand loyalty. Join me in this completely free, 25-minute workshop to learn how to:? ? The pearl trend isn’t going anywhere.

HR Reinvention: A Strategic + Interactive Conference for HR Leaders


BREAKOUT WORKSHOPS. All of the following breakout workshops are offered at 10:00 a.m. What they may not know, however, is how exactly global trends are making the role of HR even more essential in tomorrow’s organization. Guess where Jamie Notter and I will be on May 22?

How to Use LinkedIn Live: The Complete Guide for Marketers


Through live streaming, it lets marketers connect with their communities in real-time. You can also grab ideas from LinkedIn’s monthly blog series on trending content. Try the Communities Hashtags feed. The Communities panel is on the right-hand side of your Page admin view.

Charitable giving on a global scale: Sprout Social Philanthropy Week 2019

Sprout Social

It’s hard to say you’re a values-driven company unless you dedicate time and resources to advancing those values outside of your four walls. During this week, we leverage our privilege and resources to support, engage with and improve the communities in which we live.

NGO 64

Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion


A fashion-forward Instagram strategy can drive traffic, make sales, and attract a loyal community of followers. It makes sense – the highly-visual platform is the perfect place to inspire new trends and promote a lifestyle beyond the rack. “By Hand-painted in our San Francisco Workshop.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Conferences of 2018 (Part 2)


At MozCon, you’ll connect with our amazing community of industry leaders, chat with Moz staff and high-level speakers, socialize at the Monday night pub crawl, and enjoy the Wednesday night bash complete with bowling and karaoke. Attendees at Digital Summit are influencing the future of their company’s digital marketing and strategic success. They are the movers and shakers across the digital marketing spectrum, and come from a wide variety of companies and organizations.

3 Ways to Keep Your Social Media People-Powered

Convince & Convert

Lauren Teague, strategist and sports maven, led a workshop on creating real-time content during live events. “How social is staffed and organized inside companies is changing fast and is a concern/consideration for many people.” ” – Christin Kardos, Community Manager.

Instagram Inspo: 10 Brands We’re Crushing On


If you’re looking to grow your following this year and built a community of brand evangelists, you’ll definitely want to take notes from Supergoop. . Hand-painted in our San Francisco Workshop. Is your Instagram in need of a little love right now?

We Studied Our Top Social Media Posts of 2017. Here’s What We Learned.

Buffer Social

This week’s #BufferSpaces inspiration via Community member @markjardine. A huge THANK YOU to our community for making our 1st class a “Top 3” in 2017 If… – You’re interested in learning about Social Media Advertising.

Study 104

4 Ways your Brand Can Get Festive This Holiday Season


One of the trends that I noticed compiling these pieces of content, is giveaways around the theme ’12 days of Christmas’. This Post advertises a DIY workshop that Home Depot will be conducting a couple of days. These kinds of content builds a sense of community and brand loyalty.

Brands 106

10 PPC Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

Convince & Convert

That is exactly the same as 100,000s of companies around the world, who by the looks of things are better than you at it. Specialization: PPC Training + Community. Certified Knowledge is a comprehensive, membership-based community for PPC insight.

5 Strategies to Cure Chasing Digital Shiny Object Syndrome in 2019

Pam Moore

This is something we teach in custom workshops with clients and also include as a full comprehensive course in our online digital and social marketing training academy. Your community on Facebook? Do you get a serious fear of missing out? FOMO… it happens to the best of us.

88 Expert Content Marketing Posts Worth Another Read

Webbiquity SMM

Slideshare is the largest Powerpoint sharing community on the web, but it is so much more than that. Jordan Harbinger launched his popular show The Art of Charm in 2007, making him an elder in the rapidly-expanding podcast community. Content marketing is more than a trend.

Point of View Marketing: How Taking a Stand Wins Raving Fans

Buffer Social

This trend is only being proven further as the Millennial generation grows up and into its full power. Here is some more information on the Millennial connection, from a SlideShare from The Futures Company : Why point of view matters.

Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial?

Waxing UnLyrical

It was something to the effect of “Would/should companies do this with big bloggers in their spaces?&# Alas, the issue is even stickier for bloggers than it is for companies. The small community of readers I have built up and learned from would shun me, rightly perhaps.

Is Social Media Inherently Viral?

Small Business Mavericks

If one person can achieve top Twitter trends status with fake news, how much easier should it be to do with real news? About Us What’s a Maverick?

How a Small New York City Hotel Put Itself on the Map through.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Now known as the “social media hotel&# of NYC, Roger Smith is attracting a really incredible bunch of people who have raved about the ambiance and the company’s approachability online. Twitter, he says, “became my way of talking with a community of people.&#

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Trends. Workshop at Bentley - Upload a doc Read this doc on Scribd: Web 2.0 Workshop at Bentley. Soon-to-be sophomore and official Yale blogger, Sam Jackson , puts this concept to work on his own site, where he blogs about higher education marketing trends. trends.

Class 280

The Bamboo Project Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This is the first time Ive done this and it added a depth and dimension to my workshop learning that I simply have not experienced before. Companies that didnâ??t Facebook or LinkedIn) or other communities of practiceâ?? Services for Companies and Organizations.

Good Writing Remains a Core PR Skill

Proactive Report

I read a post in today about 5 trends for 2012 that will affect your PR resume. In 1906, when the first press release was issued, the purpose was to give information about a company (and an incident that occurred) to the press. Join our Digital PR community on Facebook.

Skills 113

Social Media Events Calendar and Advice Guide

Convince & Convert

Where this gets particularly important is when companies send multiple attendees. If you and your co-worker(s) are going to the same event, act as though you ARE NOT from the same company. You’ll see big companies showcasing actual results.

Doug Johnson Website --Skills for the Knowledge Worker

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Top Ten Secrets for a Successful Workshop » Skills for the Knowledge Worker. Business analysts predict: “The offshore trend is not a fad, but a mega-trend.” Is the educational establishment addressing this trend? Doug Johnson.

Skills 194

107+ Blog Post Ideas for a Rocket Start

Writtent Blog

Writing a successful blog requires you to be in the loop, following other bloggers, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, gaining more experiences. Share Your Company Story. What are your company’s rituals? What are the great things you do as a company?

List 56

Managing in the Virtual or Network(ed) Organization: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

Buzz Marketing for Technology

· Filed under Collaboration , Communities , Distributed Work , Enterprise 2.0 , Talent Management. Communities. Communities. Small Business Trends. About |. Contributors |. Contact us. Managing in the Virtual or Network(ed) Organization by Jon Husband.