The Meme-ification of Instagram

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In particular, we’re noticing an embrace of memes — that historically unpolished, yet highly relatable category of social media content. Recently, we’ve picked up on the proliferation of memes across many major Instagram profiles, and we’d love to share how brands are making the most of this form of visual marketing and what it could look like for you to give it a try with your brand. Memes included. Memes are … Relatable.

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How To Use Memes to Promote Your Business

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

A meme, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary , is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” ” Originally coined by evolutionary biologist and ethologist Richard Dawkins in the 1970s, a meme is something with which just about every member of a culture is familiar. For example, the simple act of swinging a hammer to drive in a nail would be considered a meme, or the way Bostonians pronounce the word “car.”

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How to Bring Humor to Community Management

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Community managers have a challenging job. They’re on the front lines of your social media and digital channels each and every day as the voice of the company. Tasked with driving engagement while ensuring fans have a good experience with your company, they see it all—the good, the bad, the ugly. Each meme is different, personalized to the question or comment, and includes a link to the relevant Ikea product page.

IFundWomen's Guide to Cultivating an Inclusive and Engaged Digital Community

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Their strength is in their community. They’ve identified a powerful marketing channel to help these women bring their visions to life: digital community. I manage our digital communities through social media strategy, Slack engagement, and e-mail marketing.

Facebook Redesigns Pages as Reach Declines, 5 Fascinating Facts About Gen Z, the ROI of Meme Accounts, and More!

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” We’re also chatting about some interesting social media facts about Generation Z in 2018, the return on investment (ROI) on meme accounts, and lots more. Many agencies and brands are switching their attention from influencers to meme accounts to run native advertisements on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Redesigns Pages as Reach Declines, 5 Fascinating Facts About Gen Z, the ROI of Meme Accounts, and More! Hailley: Let’s talk meme accounts.

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Community management and content creation

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Community Management Isn’t Content Creation. (go Now, I don’t 100% disagree with him that not all community managers are suited to create content. To tell great stories you have to stop having your community managers produce your content. How does that relate to community managers and whether or not they should be creating content? I work with a talented team of community managers and I know many more through speaking, conferences and social media.

Journalism Is Not Content Marketing

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Real journalist (and, yes, I knew many back then) were doing the work of the community. They were spending hours at the public courthouse or at local community meetings, and asking the very smart, tough and better-informed questions that the rest of society wasn't bothered with. They, in fact, were acting on all of our behalf to make our communities much more transparent. community. I'm a rare breed. I started off my professional career as a journalist.

Two Key Questions for Every Community Manager


Online Community Management is a profession that has seen a huge boom and evolved over these last couple of years. For Community Managers, this has happened fast; we’re still trying to develop key concepts that will help current and future Community Managers do the job. I believe one of the most fundamental concepts is that Community Management is made up of two parts, the community and the organization (your brand/business/the thing that has the community).

10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

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It happens in all industries, but lately I’ve seen retail companies keep their “Consumer Insight&# group focused on traditional insight like mall traffic patterns and planograms. But those same companies need to leverage, not ignore, that insight available when fusing social media into the marketing mix they already have. They Have the Ear of the CMO There are many arguments on who should own social media , but the research arm of the company usually rolls up to the CMO.

How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

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Some trends, such as #Sharknado3, make a lot more sense for a tortilla chip company than they do for an insurance company. While some social media trends are family-friendly, such as #FirstDayOfSchool, other trends are decidedly less so, like memes relating to Harambe. Some hashtags, trends and memes, while popular, have the potential to be lost on – or offend – your brand’s audience. Is your brand a worldwide company and does it speak to an international audience?

Winners of Mashable Awards


Mashable Awards is made to recognize the best online communities and services, and it was hosted by comedian Baratunde Thurston. Best Internet Meme sponsored by Dynadot : Bed Intruder. Most Promising New Company: Companies Embrace Social Media. Technorati Tags: baratunde thurston , Cirque de Soleil Zumanity stage , communities , event , January 6 , Las Vegas , Mashable Awards , Mashable Awards Gala , services , Winners.

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Tamar Weinberg is a Media Snacker » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Industry News , Internet , Personal , Social Media > Hi, My Name is Tamar, and I am a Media Snacker Hi, My Name is Tamar, and I am a Media Snacker by Tamar Weinberg on November 1, 2007 Share I’ve been tagged against my will by Jane and Jason in one of the latest memes: do you respect media snackers? I’m not a meme-girl myself, either, but the viewpoints have been so interesting!

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9 Predictions to Fuel Your Social Media Strategy in 2021


Social responsibility: 70% of Gen Zers try to purchase from companies they consider ethical. “We’re We’re 3x more likely than older generations to believe a company has a role in improving society,” adds Larry. Take Action in 2021: Experiment with Memes on Your Feed .

Tips for Engaging with Social Movements as a Brand

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Social media is now a massive world full of brand advertising, memes, news, influencers, and even movements to demand social change. For instance, if you want to get involved in #EqualPayDay, a movement promoting equal pay for women and people of color, you better make sure your company is doing their part to have equal pay itself, or you’re going to get called out.

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

Not community driven content. But they are also about COMMUNITIES OF INTEREST and linking your content to groups that would be interested. Jump In on One-off #hashtag threaded conversations (one time, temporary community). Understanding Memes #PoopTweet and random stuff. Random Joke Memes. Consider Company Campaign Hashtags that are created for Branding. Some companies try to get people to use a #hashtag as a brand awareness exercises.

The Importance of Off Channel Social Listening

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People voice their love and disappointment for products or companies openly and for the most part they desire for the brands to notice them. Tweet how horribly upset you are with a meme and tag the brand? It’s quite easy for brands to know what their customers want by seeing what they are saying on their social channels. Say you get a product in the mail, perhaps a pair of new headphones that you’ve been patiently (or not) awaiting.

How to Create An Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

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However, some B2B companies still utilize standard methods like paid advertising and cold calling. Having your goals set gives you the roadmap to observe how your B2B company is performing. Catching attention through content is mostly attributed to B2C companies.

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LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which Will be Better for B2B in 2021?


According to LinkedIn’s internal stats , four out of five or their members are decision-makers at the companies where they work. To understand where you should be and with what message, you must map out the buyer groups within companies in the industry you’re targeting.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Her company Audience Audit provides strategic marketing support and audience segmentation research that helps organizations understand their customers better. True relevance grows from a deep understanding of what motivates your customers, and ensuring that every contact they have with your organization shows to what degree your company values their reasons for choosing you. According to Jamie Grove, the company’s Director of Evil Schemes and Nefarious Plans (i.e.

7 Steps to Jump-Start Your B2B Instagram Presence


And since Instagram can seem especially daunting for a B2B company (because, let’s face it, a photo of a product or service is boring), we’ve put together a few starter tips that can have a major impact on your Instagram effectiveness. Once you have crafted your ideal audience profile, you can start exploring your Instagram community. Connect with other B2B companies in your industry with a similar audience profile. Tip #5: Highlight Company Culture.

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Energize Your Social Media Agency: Ideas for Experienced Social Media Managers

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In a study by Horizon Media, 81% of millennials expect companies to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship. Gear up to help a community or charity this December for a feel-good factor that will benefit everyone.

Top 10 Brands Killing It on Instagram

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They aim to inspire people to think about everything they could do with a suitcase, positioning the company as more of a travel brand than a luggage one. With 400,000+ members around the world, the coworking brand has a global community of users built into their business model. WeWork uses their Instagram to engage that user base online, emphasize the strength of the community, and raise awareness for the creativity that stems from their members.

7 Brands Achieving Killer Results on Facebook

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TAKEAWAY: By making themselves vulnerable and creating fun, relatable content, the NPD has been able to build a “brand” that their community (and the Facebook audience as a whole) can engage with. #2 They considered what would appeal to the childhood cancer community, and tapped into the emotional reality of those affected by cancer. Posts spotlighted both the childhood cancer community and company initiatives in a way that made viewers want to keep watching.

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Ugly Drinks’ Four Secrets to Disrupting a $392 Billion Industry

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And now, Ugly Drinks is creating a new, healthier future for the $392 billion soft drinks industry, challenging giants like The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Red Bull head on. The founders were sick of seeing brands selling sugar-filled products, made appealing by marketing that masked what you’re actually drinking,” Brittany Zenner, Ugly’s New York-based Social Media and Community Manager explained to me. The team also keeps a close on on Reddit for the latest memes and trends.

How to Increase Facebook Saves for Your Posts GOOD

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Memes. When people take action on your posts; like it, react to it, comment or save it, Facebook takes notice; these in turn increase your organic reach, growing your Facebook community. Here is a template you might want to try: “ We would love for you to join our online community by connecting with us on Facebook. We offer specials, highlight the latest news of our company and share the latest and most relevant information about our industry.

All the Social Ladies: Advice From 18 of the Smartest Women in Marketing


With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, social media has served as a powerful platform for people and brands to take a stand against systemic racism in support of the Black community.

How to own the social media game in 4 simple steps!


We’ve listed some goals you might have below, so you can begin by giving this a proper thought: Increase community engagement. Aside from posting regularly , it’s very important to make an impact and to enhance the social media image of your company. We know many starter businesses don’t have much time to work on their content, so remember you can also work with user-generated-content, memes and beautiful images created easily.

15 Innovative Brands Using Technology to Power Their Content


The apparel company uses AI for purposes that extend beyond product innovation. This makes Under Armour more relevant to their customers and encourages more UGC that the company can then use later to market their products. Old Navy is a clothing and accessories retail company that focuses on giving customers stylish looks for affordable prices. HYLETE shows off UGC on their product pages and features reviews to connect the brand to the community.

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Using Social Media Humor Can Benefit Your Business, But Be Cautious Of The Pitfalls

SocMed Sean

Engagement with your community should be the ultimate goal. Click To Tweet The goal might be to get them to re-share a pretty photo or like an informative video, or maybe laugh and share a funny meme but the outcome has to be measurable, otherwise it doesn’t have much value to the business. They like cat videos, they like funny memes, they like social media because it entertains them. Try injecting a little humor around your company or products.

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

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A brand advocate is literally “a helper” that shares positive reviews about your company, extols its virtues, shares excitement about upcoming events, posts content about your brand, and, at the core, cares about your brand’s well-being. Branding will include a company’s design, logo, colors, brand voice, tone, abbreviations for the company name, and style. Community management. 13 YouTube Community-Building Hacks You Never Knew About.

What brands are missing by sleeping on TikTok

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Trends are the currency of the Internet and TikTok is the breeding ground of today’s most permeating trends and memes. The way communities converge is part of TikTok’s ability to spread influence farther and faster than any other social platform. The community is a self-sustaining ecosystem. Many savvy brands have picked up on meme culture and run with it.

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Your Guide to TikTok Marketing and How to Use It for Business

In a few words, TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that has become popular with Gen Z and younger Millennials through its micro-videos all about dance challenges, lip syncing, and other viral memes.

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How 3D Modeling Works In Tandem With User-Generated Content


To produce top-notch low-poly 3D models for an AR app, a brand only needs to find a 3D modeling company to work with. This, in turn, means that buyers will be more likely to share their experience and leave positive reviews about a product or a company.

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How to Rock TikTok Just Like the Cool Kids Do (and Even Do It Better)

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TikTok is for sharing fun, meme-related videos. (It’s Challenges are an essential feature of TikTok’s community and probably the best known of all the marketing techniques. A super-successful TikTok marketing campaign I loved was #YouOwnIt developed for cosmetics company MAC by ad agency Pulse Advertising. They always focus on a message, funny meme, or engaging challenge. Show a different side of your company. No, TikTok isn’t just for teens anymore.

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7 of the Best Social Media Campaigns (And What You Can Learn From Them)


In this uncertain time, communities like ours have come together to navigate the challenges we’re facing. Specifically, they want companies to lead on issues of diversity and community. The Spotify Wrapped format is so recognizable, it even became a meme.

How to use social media in sports to keep fans engaged

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Highlighting team-related community events and news. As noted in our #BrandsGetReal survey, companies shouldn’t shy away from taking a stand on social and political issues. Embracing memes and humorous content. Showing off support in local communities.

The Complete Guide to Recruitment Marketing


Wherever competition exists, there will be a need for companies to increase their revenues by communicating what sets them apart and makes them stand out. On the other side of the hiring desk, 73% of these candidates are passive job seekers, expecting to be approached and courted by interested companies. The simple definition of recruitment marketing is that it’s marketing for the company itself—its values, benefits, culture, and other positive attributes.

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Search Engine Optimization THEN Blogging THEN Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

I did a website analysis and custom demonstration for a local IT recruiting company recently. This is a very successful company. They need a pipeline of companies that want to hire them to recruit on their behalf. But, at the end of the day, they need to generate “leads” that get fed into some kind of offline sales process—just like most b2b [and many b2c] companies do. By Peter Caputa.

The Winners From This Year’s SXSW Interactive Awards


I’ve been following “Get Satisfaction&# since I wrote about them on our blog for the first time in October, 2009, and I think that in a time where companies need to involve their community on a larger scale, “Get Satisfaction&# has made a great product and is a honorable winner. Humor, memes, games, interesting destinations and all the stuff that is weird for the sake of weird. Community.

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3 Key Takeaways from Advertising Week New York 2019


Diverse speakers from companies like Hulu, Bumble, Spotify, and Burger King led and participated in thought-provoking sessions like The Value of Diversity in Advertising and Inside the Zeitgeist: Conversations Shaping Culture , and there was a ton to be learned about different facets of the industry. Advertisers often feel the need to constantly create content, or “hot takes,” that are relevant to what’s happening in the moment—whether it’s politics, holidays, or viral internet memes.