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The Resources Mashup. Klout for Business Aims to Help Brands Reach Social Influencers – At long last, Klout has rolled out its social-scoring service to businesses, allowing companies to better understand who their top influencers are online. Using social media can be very rewarding: it can get you lots of traffic, it’s a great way to build a community of engaged users and it’s a great marketing tool.

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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & My Arizona


The Resources Mashup. New Freelance Writer Community: About Writing Squared – Interview with Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer, the founders of About Writing Squared: The Supportive Community for Freelance Writers and Other Creatives. As you will see, the majority of images are quite personable, while some are used for branding and marketing of their companies, brands and web sites. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Follow Friday, & DoFollow Resources.

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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Within Two Worlds


The Resources Mashup. 21 Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Company – Learn what you might be doing that makes leads and customers distrust your company so you can stop! 5 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing – Discover these 5 free tools to grow and manage your community and maximize your visibility. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Follow Friday, & DoFollow Resources.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Happy Holidays


The Resources Mashup. The Power of Persuasion: Storytelling & Personas in Content Marketing – What many companies are in need of today is understanding social technology adoption, social communications, knowledge transfer, community and collaboration. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Old City Bar & Happy Holidays. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Follow Friday, & DoFollow Resources.

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The Resources Mashup. 10 of the Smartest Things Said About Building a Thriving Audience Online – From providing value, to distinguishing yourself in a crowded niche, to the kinds of company you keep, I’ve looked for a breadth of tidbits from some very smart audience builders to help you stay on the right track. This post examines how to craft content marketing for this highly influential community.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Landscapes Volume II


The Resources Mashup. Link Evaluation Survey 2012 – We know what we look for in a link for our clients but we wanted to survey as many members of the SEO community as we could to get a real idea of the kinds of methods and metrics that SEO professionals all over the globe are using to assess the quality of a link. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Follow Friday, & DoFollow Resources.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Journey Through Canyons


The Resources Mashup. How Google Makes Liars Out of the Good Guys in SEO – Every day we tell our clients to build good content and Google will reward them we know that it’s a white lie most times, because the other side of that coin is and ALSO build anchor text links so you can actually rank well, because community building is not enough of a factor yet. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Journey through Boliva.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & How to Generate Good Ideas


The Resources Mashup. 10 B2B Companies That Create Exceptional Content – Examples of B2B companies that create great content and get inbound marketing right. Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile to Generate Leads – In this three part series, we’re going to look at how to utilize your personal profile, company page, and analytics to their fullest extent to generate quality leads for your business.

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The Resources Mashup. How To Start Getting Reviews From Your Customers – 52% of people are more likely to purchase if a company has positive reviews. Companies of every size can benefit from having a clear outline of its main concepts. 5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Quora – Small businesses can benefit greatly by actively engaging with the Quora Community.

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This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, key takeaways from Social Media AZ, and jumping otters on kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. Build online community. Have a cool company name with descriptive product names that get searches.

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The Resources Mashup. Google+ Optimization vs. Community Building: Pros & Cons of Google SPYW – There’s been no shortage of commentary about G+ and SPYW but the author thinks there are a few pros and cons that are worth exploring. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing – Learn everything you need to know about incorporating Pinterest into your company’s social media strategy.

Fetching Friday – The First Resources Mashup of 2010


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a humorous Happy Holiday, and the week in review at kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. Why comments build community on a blog. How to use a company blog for your personal branding strategy. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & a Cute Cat Commercial. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Best Week Ever & Timelapse.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Meerkats


The Resources Mashup. 7 Steps For Getting More Instagram Followers – After over a year managing one of the most active Instagram communities and starting a company based on Instagram, I’ve learned some key strategies and best practices for a new brand interested in connecting with people on Instagram. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Monkey. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Blogger on Board.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Facebook Summit and Hamsters with Soul


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup (a shorter version for this week), the 2010 Facebook Success Summit, and some funky hamsters on kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. How B2B companies utilize Facebook.

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The Resources Mashup. How to Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships – Discover how this Twitter management tool can quickly and effectively help you build an engaged community of influencers and brand advocates. All About Reddit – In this webinine, or short form webinar lasting around nine minutes, we explore Reddit, a social news sharing site with a loyal community and growing following.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Best Keynote at Blog World


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup and the best keynote at Blog World Expo 2010 on kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. I’m happy to nominate @meet_meme for the category Most Promising New Company in the Mashable Awards.

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The Resources Mashup. 10 ways to build your blog readership – if you’re looking to grow your blog’s community, take a look at these tips! 21 real blog metrics your company needs to track – great for both business and non-business bloggers. Fetching Friday – Share Your Choices for the Resources Mashup. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Follow Friday, & Happiest Turtle.

Taking the Next Step: Going From a Grassroots Enterprise 2.0 Community to an Official One

Social Media Strategery

As your grassroots community takes the next step to becoming an official one, what challenges will you face? That started a three-year journey into the world of Enterprise 2.0 , including growing our Yammer community from 1 to more than 7,000 when I left, consulting with dozens of organizations and government agencies, managing our official award-winning collaboration community , attending and speaking at Enterprise 2.0

The Little Big Things

Twist Image

Today, Fast Company had a fascinating article titled, Instapaper Founder Marco Arment's Journey From Bagel Jockey to Publishing Pioneer , about Instapaper's creator, Marco Arment , who left his job as the co-founder of the micro-blogging service Tumblr to work alone on a very small idea. Little pieces of valuable content each day, slowly build up over time and when you look back you have a mountain of content and a mountain of followers/community members. fast company.

22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

Laurel Papworth

Whenever I present or give classes on monetizing social networks and online communities people usually have two questions. Twitter could mashup with TED. An ongoing service of account managers advising companies wanting to be Dell or Zappos would also be a nice sideline investment.

API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Companies that open their business databases and stream that data out, can have an army of hundreds of thousands (mostly) unpaid developers creating Facebook apps, iPhone apps and blog widgets to help sell their products and services.

Web 2.0 Expo – cool stuff seen on the floor of the show

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Here are a few companies in alphabetical order I thought had shown some real promise at the Web 2.0 They are the nexus of a digital marketing company mixed with a technology firm that does Microsoft CRM, Business Intelligence and Analytics to provide creative solutions for brand perception and instantiation. HiveLive – Platform for building unique communities I spoke to the CEO John Kimbel and visited with HiveLive crew on the Expo floor and was very impressed.

Digital grassroots: the Internet fights back

Sherrilynne Starkie

People can now create mashups without fear of reprisal. Hundreds of Facebook groups started cropping up indicating the issue was finding space in local communities. People will increasingly seek to influence policy, companies and communities. Michael Geist (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Yesterday, Michael Geis t presented a keynote address to the IABC 2012 Canada Business Communicators’ Summit which was held in Ottawa.

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8 Tools to Help You Make Stunning Instagram Collages


Mashup your social game with these Instagram collage tips. There are some instances where high volume is called for—say, to convey the size or diversity of a community. Sometimes a simple mashup of images is all you need. So far, over 7000 of our images have been downloaded in over 40 countries and counting, by 938+ companies… This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see more ????

Building a People Centric Organization

The Marketing Blog

Lastly, treat work as a mashup of fun & seriousness. Subscribe to Blog Updates Feedburners Stats Email Subscription My Company About Hi, I am Daksh author of themarketingblog & co-founder of Iffort, a web-strategy & digital marketing consulting firm. Home About In the Media Facebook and India 3 Ways to Analyze Facebook Fan Page Traffic August 19, 2010.8:20

Fetching Friday – Resources, Easy Tweet Sharing Tool & Maru Meows


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, an easy tweet sharing tool, and Maru, the box sliding cat, meows on kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. Facebook community pages – how to protect your brand while building your reputation. Create a link building team in your organization – how everyone in your company can play a part in link building.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

Buzz Marketing for Technology

community is uniquely prepared to solve. Ross Mayfield is the Chairman, President & Co-founder of Socialtext , the first wiki company and leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 mashup. Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings.

List of 8 Social Media Anti Advertising Ads

Laurel Papworth

Now that the customer has access to most of the same channels as companies, what happens when they decide to create anti-ads? Everyone from time to time has made a teensy little negative tweet on Twitter or status update on Facebook or some other online community against a company. Lesson : You may not know what your product or service is being used for by customers, but the “ignorance is not a defence” applies when widespread harm is perceived by the community.

The Power of Consumer Choice Drives Social Media Importance

Convince & Convert

I don’t disagree with the premise, but We Are All Weird reads like it was written in a weekend, and is primarily a mashup of the preferable The Long Tail and The Paradox of Choice with a heavy dose of Godin one-liners. ” This is precisely the way companies need to think about their social media initiatives, most especially anything in the brand community (Facebook and otherwise) category.

7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

To be sure, though, solicit feedback from a group of trusted peers not directly involved in your company or marketing objectives before going ahead with publishing the video, since you need an unbiased opinion. It shows the power of mashup.

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Fetching Friday – Resources, Guest Blogging Contest & Rocket Timelapse


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a great guest blogging contest, and an amazing timelapse video of the Discovery prepping for take off. The Resources Mashup. 52 questions to ask when hiring a social media company – great way to find out if who you are hiring knows what they are talking about. Marc Duquette of Scribnia, the blogging community. Fence Philadelphia, a Philadelphia fence company.

15 Key Facts about Content Curation

Writtent Blog

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz has joked that we’re in the midst of a content arms race; companies across all industries have realized the power of custom content , and are actively competing to produce better-quality materials. For many companies, it’s no longer enough to blog three times a week and release a white paper once a quarter. 79% of marketers use social media to find content for their curation strategy, whereas only 63% rely on company newsletters and subscriptions.

Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Weve written about a number of companies that employ crowdsourcing to produce their product or service here on ReadWriteWeb, but in this post well specifically look at companies that allow you to leverage the crowd to get something done. The official definition of crowdsourcing from Jeff Howe, is "the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call."

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Be it MySpace or Facebook or whatever network works for your target demographic, companies and individuals interested in maintaining their personal brand need to establish and maintain a presence on social networks - especially if youre looking to connect with the younger crowd. mashups.

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eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Hence, they prefer the more limited view of PLEs as a configurable extension to a VLE, especially when they continue to see themselves as the monopoly technology service providers for their learning community (eg online enrolment, email addresses). A PLE could be implemented as a mashup.

Social Media isn'ta Prerequisite for Open Government

Social Media Strategery

You don’t have to wait until you hammer out a Twitter policy or get legal approval for your blogging guidelines to start this transformation.You don’t need to create all kinds of widgets and mashups with your data. Offer extended hours, offer limited service offices in places like Wal-Mart, allow bill payments in various locations like the utility companies currently do (i.e. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

People do not want to hear from companies as represented by marketers, they want to hear from other people. You can also not use the tools correctly or not behave appropriately within communities around the tools and market poorly.

Fetching Friday – Resources, SEO Blogging Contest & Sheep LED Art


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a new SEO blogging contest, and some creative sheep LED art on kikolani.com. The Resources Mashup. Jump start your company Twitter account – from setup to acquiring followers and building community. Sponsors are already rolling in, including the popular web hosting company Hostgator.

The FASTForward Blog " Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? : Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

Buzz Marketing for Technology

s companies can use technology to place users in control of information, and is home to ongoing discussion about the user revolution and Enterprise 2.0 Community. mashups. John Marshall, VP Global Product Development for McGraw-Hill/ Platts, will discuss how his organization was able to significantly increase revenue from its online industry community by boosting the number of subscribers â?? Future of Communities.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008: Social Media, SEO, and More " techipedia | tamar weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

4 Reasons Many Big Brands Downplay SEO : Why aren’t all Fortune 500 companies engaging in SEO? Jill Whalen has been active on forums and online communities for 10 years now. How Does a Company Dip its Toes in the Conversation? : Is your company on the list?

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Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

They will have to fix this or risk really turning off their core community and fall into the, "oh, no, another annoying spammy tool" category. I use it, have my "100% profile", nice network developed which helps me stay peripherally connected with colleagues who switch companies or move, and use "Questions" occasionally with good response. mashups. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise.

13 Reasons Why I Am an Obsessive Compulsive Facebook User Â?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

But over the past few months, the Facebook community has become a huge success and is continuing to flourish, and my classmates are slowly beginning to join the network. That desire to invest in the community and to address the community is proving to be extremely effective.

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How to Steal the Next Billion Dollar Website Idea: A Case Study

Viper Chill

I’ll cover a little later why this kind of purchase not only makes sense for the company doing the acquiring, but makes a lot of sense for you as a potential startup founder as well. The original title for this post was ‘How to Pivot Off Multi-Million Dollar Website Ideas’ and was based on weeks of my own research collecting data into the various companies that have successfully pivoted off ideas which had sent investors wild.